16 Jun



They broke apart after a breathless moment and he kissed the tip of her nose, “you know what… you  are crazy…”

She hugged him tightly, “yes i probably am… deewani hun tumhari… kuch bhi kar jaungi but i won’t let any harm even touch you…”

He blinked away his tears and held her in his arms, “tum pagal ho geet…i love you… “

“i love you maan..and i want you to take me away from everything here..i want to live a normal life… take me away…”

The next morning was the most beautiful mornings in their lives. She woke up in his embrace and a smile automatically crept on her lips. He was still asleep, holding her close in his arms. She felt her head hurt a bit and she relaxed quickly. she just watched him sleep for the first time. She had in fact never seen him sleeping. He looked so much at peace. She caressed his face feeling so light today…she didn’t have to get herself ready for another day full of anxiety and hurt and business. She would step down and give up everything just to be with her maan. He never spoke but she knew how much he wished to be with her all the time, keep her locked in his embrace and never let go. She had nothing to be happy about in her past. She wanted to make her present beautiful. She recalled their cute moments in London and smiled. She leaned closer and pressed a soft kiss on his lips. He didn’t flinch. She smiled realizing he was in a deep sleep perhaps.


He woke up like almost after an hour and didn’t find her around. For a moment he panicked and rushed out to look around. He checked the washroom and ran towards the stairs calling out to her, “geet… where are you?”

“geettt…”, he called louder and then sighed hearing noises from the hall.

“am here…”, her voice echoed in the house, “in the hall…”

He sighed…she was fine, she was here! He shook his head and went to freshen up. He quickly changed into a fresh pair of tracks and a tee and rushed down to check on her. he stopped on his way, unable to hold his smile. His jaan stood b the kitchen counter, trying to make pancakes!!!


She was wearing her shorts and a white top and a long apron over that, covering her front. He walked stealthily and hugged her from the back, making her jump. He laughed and pressed a kiss on the nape of her neck, “its me jaan…”

She eased immediately and sighed, “you scared me…”, and slapped his hand that rested on her waist.

“and what are you doing here?”, he asked watching that pancake on the pan, looking everything but a circle.

She sighed and turned around in his embrace, wrapping her hands around his neck, “am making breakfast for us.. but ye pancakes tho round hi nahi ho raha…”

She made a baby face, complaining as if the pancake itself was refusing to shape round from her hands. He sighed and pulled her closer by her waist until their foreheads touched, “you are cooking?”

She nodded softly, “umm.. trying to learn…”

He pecked her lips softly, “i love this improvement sweety..”


he turned her around again making her face the pan. He held her hand  while the other hand rested comfortably on her waist, tickling her a bit, and helped her hold her ladle and spread the batter on the pan, just like he always did. She was so overwhelmed with his love that she just couldn’t stop blinking her eyes to evade the tears that formed.

He laughed at the shapes she had made making her angry and when she made faces, he gulped them down, only to realize they were half cooked.

“jaan..i don’t think my stomach can take anymore uncooked pancakes..”, he spoke honestly. She didn’t reply. She just got up, gathered all those that she had prepared and binned them. He watched her curiously as she sat by him quietly and ate whatever he prepared. Her phone buzzed breaking their cute moment. He noticed she looked a bit irritated seeing the name flashing on the screen. Without much thought, she just disconnected the call and got back to him.

“who was it?“, he asked gulping down his water.

She shrugged and continued eating, “no…it was no one..”

They spent the entire day together, cuddled up to each other, talking, laughing and relaxing. She didn’t even want to get out of his arms and he didn’t even let her go. She was feeling alive after days.. ages perhaps. Her head was aching by afternoon and she didn’t understand why it was so. He helped her with medicines but the ache was too bad. She couldn’t take it anymore and decided to sleep.


It went on for a few days.. them being together. He worked from home and she just couldn’t help being in his arms. He took her to Dr Seema and got her medicines. The dr strictly asked them to refrain from coitus until she was okay. He looked at her worried but she was grinning like a fool..she had already broken the rule in her madness. These days maan remained careful and she just blindly followed him like a small kid. They just didn’t need anyone right now. They had created their own little world in that farmhouse.

Maan was sitting with his laptop when his eyes fell on her desperately try to get rid of the continuous calls she had been getting all these days. She never received any one of them.

“geet..kya baat hain? Who is calling?”, he asked finally.

She looked at him with her twinkling eyes.. some emotion in them he just couldn’t understand…like she was scared. He pulled her closer and made her sit on his lap, “jaan.. who is bothering you?”

He was worried seeing her scared and restless about something. She looked here and there thinking something when he raised her face holding her chin by his fingers, “bolo na.. “

“Its nothing important… really!”

She sighed and smacked her lips on his instead. Her tongue darted out desperately to taste his fiery delicacy. He opened his mouth to let him in. She deepened the kiss, letting her entire weight fall on him. His arms snaked around her waist, pulling her close. It was really tough to stay away from each other. Her phone rang again and she broke apart irritated. He narrowed his brows at her. she quickly disconnected the phone and switched it off, placing it away and went back to his lips.

He had seen her quiet restless. He broke the kiss and cupped her face, “who was it?”

She shook her head and placed her head on his chest. He held her close b one hand and brought her phone lying beside and switched it on. He was shocked to see so many calls from office and sasha.. some important clients. It hit him hard…he had forgotten that she had an entire industry on her name…she was the sole heiress to the handa properties. He sighed.. she had been trying to get away from what was rightfully hers.

He held her closer, “geet… they are important…”

She kissed his heart and cupped his face, “not as much as you… it took me a long time to make a correct decision and this time i know what i want..”

He hugged her…she was indeed into extremes. She said no…and she meant it. He knew he just cant see her letting go what she had earned. He had to do something about it.


The next morning, he decided to go to office but he was worried about her. she helped him get ready, held his coat while he slipped it on. Ohh she had always dreamed of something like this.. it sounded stupid and so cliche but that was what she wanted now.

He kissed her hard once done and placed his forehead over hers, “will you be fine jaan?”

She smiled and wrapped her hands around his neck, “more than you can imagine…”

But he was still unsure, “if you want..i will call the maid for you or ask sasha to be here…”

She realized he was insecure. She cursed herself… damn, she brought it all upon herself. she couldn’t have seen her life so devoid of confidence. She cupped his face and looked straight into his eyes, “maan.. i will be fine. Promise. You don’t have to be scared.. i will never do something that would hurt you…”

“alright.. but if anything happens.. you will call me right away… ok?”

She nodded cutely and saw him off. She sighed and looked back at their house. Oh it was just a dream come true for her. her house… it was hers… her little world with maan!


She giggled to herself and went on to do stuffs. It was so weird seeing Geet handa go so homely and so girly but that is what she has secretly wished for all this time. She was putting the dishes when the doorbell rang. She hummed a tune and went ahead to open it.

Sasha stood there..with a wide smile adoring her face, “did you by any chance miss me geet?”

Geet was so happy to see sasha..she had been her sister, parent, guide, her secretary, everything all these years. She had unknowingly found a friend in sasha! She went ahead and hugged her, breaking free from all the complications of being Geet Handa… she wasn’t GH anymore.

Nisha joined them, “gudiya… its not fair.. even i am here..”

Geet was so so so delighted to see her chachi in front of her. gosh.. she had missed her. she went ahead and hugged her tightly, “am so sorry chachi… am sorry…”

Nisha wiped her tears and kissed her forehead, “its okay princess… i am so glad to see you happy…”

They went in and admired the house. It had a warmth and cosiness. The ladies went into chatting and they were indeed surprised to see this tremendous change in geet. She was more of a warm person right now. Geet thought of ordering lunch from outside when nisha stopped her, “why don’t i cook for all of us?”

They had a very relaxing day as nisha and sasha got back to teasing geet about how she changed after advent of maan in her life. And surprising it was that she blushed. Nisha was so happy to see her so normal.


It was evening and none of them realized. The doorbell rang and geet just ran out, surprising nisha and sasha. They exchanged looks and burst out laughing, seeing geet behave like this.

She knew it was him… don’t know how, but she just knew. She opened the door and pressed her lips on to his, making him smile.

“do we have someone home jaan?”, he asked, walking in, looking around.

She clung to his arms and led her to the room where nisha and sasha waited for her, “yes.. we do and i have something to tell you all..”

Maan was surprised to see nisha and sasha. Nisha hugged him and blessed them. Geet held maan closely by his arms and looked straight at the ladies, “i have something to tell you all…”

Everyone looked at her wondering what was in her mind now. Nisha looked encouragingly at geet, kind of guessing what she might do next.


Geet looked straight at nisha, “i want to step down chachi…i don’t want to be The Geet Handa anymore..i have had enough..”

Maan was shocked to see geet taking such a huge decision, “jaan… what are you saying? You can’t leave what is rightfully yours…”

He was very much against geet giving up everything… her career, her properties and most importantly her father’s dream.

“you can’t jaan… it was your father’s dream…you can’t give up your career right?”

She looked at him lovingly, “no maan… that was not daddy’s dream. He wanted me to step down if i couldn’t take it more.. “

Nisha had never felt this emotional. She had held herself from breaking down during mohinder’s demise just for the girls and now, things seemed to fall exactly the way mohinder had wished for.

“geet is right… bhaisahab’s dream was to see his daughters happy and today, he will finally rest in peace… i am so happy for both of you…”

She cried and hugged geet, remembering the past. Maan was so stunned seeing geet this emotional. She never showed..she just made the world believe that she could take on the world but she was like a delicate flower from within.


After everyone had calmed down, nisha took geet’s hand and placed in on maan’s, “i have a surprise for both of you…”

Maan and geet looked at each other and then at nisha until nisha gestured towards the door.

There stood Avantika Khurana with something on her face that none could understand. Her expressions were totally unreadable and her gaze on geet actually scared her. maan was surprised too. He went and hugged his mother, “mom… aap yahan?”

She kissed his forehead, “you think you wont tell me so i wouldn’t know anything?”

Maan couldn’t understand but geet seemed scared. His eyes met hers and she did look so scared. He didn’t know where all this was leading to..he hadn’t expected his mother to be here all of a sudden and the last thing he wanted was his mom and geet having troubles between them.

Before anyone could say anything Avantika went straight to geet and announced, “I want to speak to geet…alone…!”

More than maan, geet was scared. She had laid herself bare… she was scared right now. Would she accuse her? or take her away from maan?

Maan was about to say something when nisha stopped him, “let them go maan.. all they need is a little bit of talking… just relax..”


Geet was not very sure as to what kind of thing they would be talking about. She was here, with maan’s mom in the lawn and she had no idea what was to happen now… but she was scared. She had never liked geet from the beginning.. well actually it was all her fault.

They walked silently for a while in the lawn not knowing what to say. The rustling of the leaves were the only sound until Avantika spoke up, “you do realize that you have hurt maan…don’t you?”

Geet dipped her head in shame. How much ever she denies, it will always come back to her. she had wronged him and she has to bear the brunt of it.

Avantika stopped on her tracks and looked at geet, “I know you both lost your first baby… and i can really understand that pain…”

Geet felt the corner of her eyes burn… maan never spoke about the baby anymore, just because he didn’t want her to cry and feel guilty. She wiped her tears which didn’t go unnoticed by avantika.

“geet… look at me..”, she commanded and geet couldn’t refuse.

Avantika saw tears of remorse in her eyes and thought about what nisha had told her over the phone. She knew geet tried to commit suicide and the state of mind she was in.

“as much as i have come to know, my son wasn’t happy with you in the past…”

Geet felt something hard hit her chest as avantika’s words pierced her but the lady remained unaffected. It was the truth..there was no running away.

“i.. i am so sorry…”, she choked on her words.

“.. and its also true that he wouldn’t be happy without you in future as well…”

Geet’s lashes dropped in shame. She had to bear this…because she was the one who did everything stupid.

Avantika sighed, “are you willing to marry him and take up this whole responsibility of this relationship on yourself?”


next: Last Part..and it was Toxic, Yet Again!Wink


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3 responses to “PART 76

  1. Ayushi

    16/06/2014 at 12:10

    finally a happy ones are coming.. thank you very much…..

  2. tania900

    16/06/2014 at 13:16

    Y geet is leaving her company yr she cant quit like this
    I agree she is tired but how can she leave everythingg

  3. abc48

    16/06/2014 at 23:28

    sorry dear,last week i was so busy thats y could not read it which is one of my most fav ff.according to me,geet should leave everything bcoz she suffered alot,now she needs only love from maan.loved all update


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