14 Jun

@sunshyn: he didn’t foresee it… but he realized because she had mentioned to him that he hates her enough to let her go.
and whatever she is doing is just sheer madness to break free

@jasraj123:he did care and shower his love but he was mad at her for pulling that suicidal stunt. so he just did everything for her
just that he added silent treatment to the recipe.

@Dillikudi: welcome aboard dear. and yes its madness because i believe there has to be sheer madness in love

@sdlife19 very correctly said that knowing the truth he will be more pained and this is why geet lied to him that she killed the baby.
this updt has the confrontation.

: my goodness tabby you have that much patience to spamShocked!! hats off yaar and thanx a lottt

@suyoha: thanks for the lovely comment. yes, maan has his ego too.. i am trying to keep things as much close to reality as possible.
every person has a one is born perfect right!! she has flaws and he does too..but the way they overcome them is what the story is about.

@BrainEaterOwl: omg i love typing ur Username. lol thnx for the lovely comnt once again. truely, its rare to find such a love in real life.
maan here is like a dream for everyone who is reading this story. and yes they are insane…mad for eac other. maan just simply shows his craziness
for her while she does things in her own way to prove her madness.

i don’t know what to say yaar. ur comnt made me senti. thank u for making me ur fav. thank u so much.

@ALL: ANA has like more 2-3 parts. See you all with the new updt in the next threadBig smile


He was determine and pressed the knife harder into his wrist, making it bleed. She watched him in horror as he pressed the knife harder and then slid it away. Blood gushed out like water soaking the carpet red. She looked at his bleeding hand with wide eyes and then back at his face.

He looked straight into her eyes and threw the knife in front of her, “go die! But remember.. i will never leave you alone even in death!”, and he just walked into their bedroom, letting his blood leave a trail behind.


Love is merely a madness: and, I tell you, deserves as
as well a dark house and a whip, as madmen do: and the
reason why they are not so punished and cured, is, that
the lunacy is so ordinary, that the whippers are in love too.

-William Shakespeare


She stood numb trying to gather the facts around. She was stilled by his words and act that made her cold in fear. It took her a couple of minutes to realize that she was trying to kill herself again and that he had cut his own wrist to be with her. she felt her body so stiff. He was in  their room..bleeding…bleeding to death… he was dying… he was dying…

Death- the word is scary but the easiest way to end all the sufferings. You take one step ahead and then you are free. How easy could it get? Madness in what you live every moment dying just for the sake of your love. Madness is rejecting death… madness is living your pathetic life for the one you love.. madness is forgetting your own self for the sake of your love… and she was madness herself.


He was dying… he was dying.. she mentally kept on repeating the words..he was dying for her until it hit her numb brain hard. She wanted to die just to make his life better and what did she do… made him give up his own life? Did she bargain her life for that? Hell NO! She will risk everything..she meant it, her everything but her maan’s life. She’d never ever compromise on his life. And again it hit her–he was dying!

She gasped in fear.. no he can’t die on her! he was going away… and just because of her, he had taken this extreme step. Tears rolled down her eyes..not him. She’d make a pact with the devil but make him live. She’d go to hell but let him die. She gathered all her courage and managed to run up the stair, screaming for him. She barged into the room and saw him lying on the bed with his eyes closed, just like she had done! Ohh! she d die if something happens to him. She rushed to him and cupped his face, trying to wake him up, “maan… maan please utho na… maan open your eyes…”

He was feeling a bit dizzy with the loss of blood so it took him time to understand what she was saying. She ran across the stairs and brought the first aid kit and threw it on the bed. She shook him violently crying her eyes out, “just open your eyes maan… you can’t leave me alone like this… open your eyes…”


He flinched a bit hearing her cries. Ohh god,..she was crying. He slowly opened his eyes only see her sitting by him, holding his head on her lap, trying to wake him up. Her warm tears fell on his cheeks making him smile a bit, “jaan… I..”

She didn’t let him speak. She lowered her head and pressed a desperate kiss on his lips, crying into his mouth. She broke apart after a second or two and blinked her eyes to get rid of those tears, “thank god you are fine..”

She quickly got the first said kit and bandaged his wrist tightly to stop it from bleeding. Only she knew what went through her when she saw the blood dripping out. It felt as if someone was painfully squeezing the life out of her. once done, she sighed in relief and kissed his face all over. He was fine.. she tried to convince herself..he was fine.


He smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist but she seemed to be in a hurry. She quickly fished out his phone from his pocket.

“jaan what are you doing?”, he whispered.

She glared at him, “shut up…”, and continued tapping away from the phone.

And within no time, sasha was there with the doctor, checking maan up. Geet paced restlessly outside the room with tears in her eyes. She didn’t want to go in and see him now. She had her own thoughts. After like 30 minutes sasha left with the doctor, giving her a warm hug. Geet barged into the room and saw him standing by the window, and looking far into the night. He was fine.. she thanked god and rushed to him, hauling herself in his arms.


He hugged her tightly as he felt her warm tears wet his shirt.

“kyun kiya aisa?, she shouted braking the hug, “kya socha tha.. itna asaan hain ye sab? You know what went through me…kyun kiya aisa maan??”, she screamed louder hitting him hard on his chest and cried.

He just watched her lovingly as she let out her anger on him and held her hands in the air, “tumne bhi tho wahi kiya tha na jaan… not once but twice! How could have i lived without you?”


She stilled hearing his words as she looked deep into his eyes. She felt paralized with the amount of love she saw in his eyes, just for her. a drop of tears escaped her eyes…making her remember every damn thing that has happened till now and another drop escaped and another..making her realize what had actually been happening. It hit her with so much force that she just couldn’t stop breaking down. She can’t take this anymore… no! She’d give up everything. Her legs couldn’t support her anymore as she fell back. He held her tightly by her waist, shocked to see her breaking down, “jaan.. kya baat hain?”

She looked at him through her tears…only he was real. She raised her hand and caressed his cheeks softly..he was fine.

“i…i am sorry…”, she choked her words and closed her eyes, “i.. i couldn’t take care of our love… i killed it maan…i am a murderer…”

He was pained to see her opening up. She had kept so much in her. he held her tighter in his arms, “no jaan.. you didn’t kill our baby. it was a miscarriage… shh…please..stop blaming yourself..”

But she was nowhere near listening. She fell on his feet, breaking down completely. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had no more courage to fight and let him go. He sat besie her on the floor and took her in his arms, “jaan please.. you know i can’t see you crying..”

But she could hear none. She hugged him tightly, hiding herself in his embrace, “i..can’t take this anymore maan… take me away from here . I just can’t take this anymore. I want to go away from here..very far away with you… le chalo mujhe yahan se.. aur ladne ki himmat nahi hain mujhme…”

He watched her pleading him to free her from all the guilt and responsibilities, helplessly.

“i want to step down maan… please. I will give up  everything.. i just don’t want to be here anymore..take me with you please…”

He hugged her tightly, realizing how much she had held back within her. and now, she was finally breaking free. He held back his tears and cocooned her in his embrace,  fine.. we will go… we will go away far from here…but tonight..i just want us to talk! Will you jaan?”

She nodded still crying her heart out. She let out all those pain that she had held back..she let out the pain of losing their baby, she let out the pain of hurting him, her father, her family, insulting his love, being a bitch..she regretted her life. Come to think of it, till now, she had nothing to rejoice about her life is she looked back.. it only had remorse and guilt. She didn’t want to live that life anymore. Her long lost wish came alive in her heart once again-she wanted to be a normal girl with a very normal life with a small loving family of hers.

He held her in his embrace until she was feeling better. He lifted her up and carried her down the stairs as she rested her head on his shoulders. He made her sit on the kitchen counter and leaned closer to wide off her tears with his thumb pad.

“enough crying.. i want you all fit and fine right now..”, he spoke smiling.

She just looked lovingly into his eyes. She was scared if she blinks, then this might fade into a dream.

“i want to go away maan..please..”, she requested.

“and we will go away… i will take you away but you need to be fine before that…”

She just nodded and placed her head on his chest, not letting him go. He watched her so weak right now..not the Geet Handa he had ever known. She was at her most vulnerable state… she was just geet and not some big shot bitch like that of the past. This was her real face… this was who she actually was from inside. She clung to him like a baby all this while, not letting him to work.

“jaan… let me cook.”, he spoke smiling after they stood like that for a long time. Her soft breaths fell on his chest and it was then he realized she had dozed off. He sighed and laid her on the couch, letting her rest until he finished cooking.


She heard his soft voice calling out to her, “geet…wake up.. open your eyes..its dinner time..”

She made a face, rubbing her eyes. She felt so sleepy and he just wouldn’t let her sleep until she had something to eat. She made faces and he shoved a spoonful of  rice into her mouth. She pouted savouring the simple rice and dal as he fed her, the whole of it, eating away from her plate itself. Once done, he went to clean up and she just hugged him from the back.

“geet… go to the room. I will be back in a while..”, he spoke keeping away the dishes.

She just shook her head, “no..i want to remain like this.. please…”

He sighed and worked his way while she led on to him. He turned off the lights and led her back to their room. He tucked her properly in the duvet and slipped beside her. she rolled on to his side and hugged him. His arms wrapped around her and he closed his eyes, for a peaceful night for the first time in ages.

It was way past midnight but none of them were able to sleep even being in the most comfortable embraces of each other. There were lost of questions unasked and unanswered and they just didn’t let them sleep.


She was restlessly changing sides even in his embrace when he just spoke up, “why did you lie about the baby geet?”

She stilled…he was as much sleepless as she was. Her heart clenched in pain but she had to confide in him. She had decided to give up everything for him and she would. There would be no more hiding from him. She breathed in to gather courage and turned to face him. Her  moist eyes met with his as she placed her hand on his cheek, “i.. didn’t want you to blame yourself..”

“what? But why geet?”, he couldn’t believe she was thinking on those terms but they had to open up and it was going to be tonight.

She blinked a couple of times and eased when he kissed her palm, encouraging her to open up.

“i never knew i was pregnant in the first place… that night i wanted  you so badly to be with me and you came to me..In Paris…”, she spoke the last two words in guilt.

He just closed his eyes recalling that night…how badly he had been with her.

“am sorry jaan… that night..i am so sorry..i just couldn’t see you with someone else…”, he tried to undo the damage but she smiled and kept her finger on his lips, silencing him.

“shhh… i don’t blame you. You were never at fault. I loved that night as well because “you” were with me… “

“but i hurt you so much..”, he spoke guiltily.

“no.. you didn’t. You can never hurt me maan… and even if you did, i would always take it as a part of your love. That night.. i did the same too.. it was your love and nothing else and i was happy… you were with me..”

He leaned forwards and pressed his lips on her forehead realizing she is far deeper than what she shows.

“i got to know i was carrying our baby the next day…the day you left for India..i was so happy and so excited but i couldn’t go back to you… i had played with your life and your love..what right did i have to even go back and show you my pathetic face?”

She closed her eyes letting her tears fall. He was so pained to hear her side. And he thought it was him all the time. He pulled her on top of him and she rested her head on his chest hearing his heartbeats.

“i missed you.. craved for you.. the doctor said i was too weak to sustain this pregnancy.. when i got back to India, i realized i had played with my health. I bled that night and just…”


She stopped choking on her own words her tears fell on his chest and he didn’t speak a word.

She lifted her head and pressed a kiss on his heart, “you are not angry at me are you maan?”

She felt him breathe sharply, “fine.. if not the baby..then what about arjun and your memories? Why did you hide that from me?”

“because i didn’t want to push you into harm’s way.  Knowing Arjun, i couldn’t have gotten you involved. He could do anything to get what he wants.  And i knew you would have fought him and he wouldn’t think twice before harming you. i… i just couldn’t push you into this deliberately because if something happened to you maan, i swear i will lose all my sanity…i didn’t want you to hate me for i had wronged you enough..”

He trembled with her confession…she tried to take it everything on her own so that it didn’t affect him. He rolled her over and came on top of her, pinning her hands above her head, “you are so mad geet…tum pagal ho”

His breath fell on her lips as she smiled through her tears, “bahut pyaar karti hun tumse maan… koi agar mujhe pagal bhi kahe tho bhi koi fark nahi padega kyunki i love you.. to the extent of madness…”

He crushed his lips onto hers, unable to hold back. He was crazy about her and she seemed even crazier. The only difference between them was he showed it openly…he confessed openly but she did everything on her own. Making it obvious with her actions.

They broke apart after a breathless moment and he kissed the tip of her nose, “you know what… you  are crazy…”

She hugged him tightly, “yes i probably am… deewani hun tumhari… kuch bhi kar jaungi but i won’t let any harm even touch you…”

He blinked away his tears and held her in his arms, “tum pagal ho geet…i love you… “

“i love you maan..and i want you to take me away from everything here..i want to live a normal life… take me away…”


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    Finallyyy she confessed her inner feelings to him I am so happy for them


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