12 Jun

Alright… two updates within a span of 24 hours.
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She was feeling drowsy after centuries. She had taken pills or drank herself to sleep… but this time, she felt tenderly drowsy. She turned and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his hands around her. there was no exchange of sound made. He caressed her, kissed her and held her tight until she slept off in his embrace. Once she was asleep, he tucked her properly in the spread and walked out talking to sasha about the reports. 


She woke up feeling a little better. She had slept almost the whole night which was so unlike her. she checked the time… umm 9 it was. She had to get back to work. She looked around for her phone and walked downstairs, unable to find it. A sweet aroma of something delicious hit her nostrils as she walked down and she felt hungry for a change. One day with him seemed to change so much in her. she smirked…what right she had on him and his love now? She slowly walked towards the kitchen only to see him cooking something. For a moment she wanted to smile, recalling the days he had helped her in making her pancakes round. But then staying here was next to impossible. She d do nothing but pain him in every possible way. She didn’t trust herself anymore. She turned to leave when he hugged her from behind and pressed a loving kiss on her cheek, “good morning geet… am making your favourite pancakes. So freshen up quickly so that we will have breakfast together.”


She closed her eyes controlling her anger and pushed him away, “no thank you Mr Khurana. I might just get back to office.. thanks for your help anyways..”

She walked a step ahead and he grabbed her hand, not letting her go, “i meant it when i said you are staying with me forever!!!”

She glared at him, fuming.. damn! Why doesn’t he let her go! He returned the favour with equal intensity.

“don’t be a fool maan.. and free me before i do something drastic..”, she warned very well knowing she means her words.

“if keeping you with me makes me a fool… then be it! I don’t care..”

She grew angry at his baseless talks, “just stop all this drama and give back my phone. I have to go..”

He jerked her closer holding her hand and looked straight into her eyes, “listen Ms Handa.. you are no ways in hell going outta here. You wont be working anymore.. until you are fine. I have made all the arrangements. You are going to stay with me 24/7 and you have no choice…”

She didn’t waver. Rather, she retorted back, “then i will make sure those 24/7 of yours is made unliveable… Mr Khurana..”


She pulled away her hand and walked back into their room. She closed the door shut and sat on the bed, thinking how to get out of this place. She dreaded herself. She won’t be able to bear hurting him more again. She heard a knock on the door but she cared a damn. She pulled off her clothes and walked into the washroom, deciding to take a bath.

She walked out in his shirt, for she hadn’t any clothes here. She could care a damn now. It didn’t matter if she had no underwear beneath that baggy shirt she wore. She walked downstairs only to see a maid working her way around. She looked around the place like it was her paradise. But she can’t stay here.

She looked around for maan but he wasn’t there.

“where is maan?”

The maid came rushing to her, “ma’am..sir got an urgent call and left. He said he will be back in the evening…”

She smirked. It was better this way. The maid looked here and there and then asked meekly, “shall i get your breakfast?”

“no.. just finish your work and leave..”


He collected her reports from sasha and checked them thoroughly.

“so… we should get back to her doctor?”

Sasha sighed, “i am afraid we have to. I had been with her that whole year…so as much i have come to know, she is completely a changed personality post her accident. She takes things to heart and over thinks and Dr Richard had strictly warned about her being too much stressed out…”

“thank you sasha… i will take things from here. You have done your job well. I will contact her doctor.. may be all she needs is just a check up…”

Sasha nodded and told her about nisha. He sighed wondering what to do now. He thought quickly and spoke, “convey her my message sasha.. tell her i will bring back geet completely fine and she needn’t worry!”

Sasha thanked him and went off. She was finally relieved. Geet wasn’t someone cut out for handling the world. All she needed was a little bit of love and care. Thats it.


He entered the dark house wondering if she’d be alright of her own. He had tried to tell her that he’d be out the whole day but she didn’t even listen to him. It was just 6 in the evening and the dark house scared him. His heart beat faster as there was no sound…not even a bit. He quickly turned on the lights of the hall and looked for her.

“geet…where are you? Jaan…”, he rushed to check the living and then the kitchen. Her food had been left untouched. He fisted his fingers..what is she upto!! But the silent in the house scared him.

“geet..answer me…”, he called out louder. May be she was in her room. He rushed towards the stairs when something hit his feet. He looked down  and was shocked to see that empty wine bottle rolling there. He dared to look up and stood stunned seeing his jaan in such a pathetic condition. She sat on the topmost stair, leaning against the wall, wearing his shirt. Her bare legs, she had spread across the length of the stair and held herself stable by the wall. Her hairs were dishevelled and she looked drunk. Worse, she was blowing smoke out of that damn white stick, stuck between her lips. She looked like a ghost right now… a pathetically sick ghost.

“geet…ohh god…”, he gasped and rushed towards her. he pulled away that cigarette from her lips and crushed it beneath his heels and shook her, trying to get her back into her senses, “geet..what the hell are you doing? Whats wrong with you damn it…”


He made her stand up. She was wobbly and he had to pin her against the wall to stable her. she had that crooked smile on her face as she whispered out his name sexily, “maan… “

He was relieved to see her responding but her condition was so worse. He hugged her tightly, making sure she was fine. He carried her to their room and made her lie on the bed. He tucked her properly and turned to leave, deciding to call her doctor when she held his hand, surprising him. He immediately turned and sat next to her, taking her in his arms, “han geet… am here..bolo.. kuch chahiye  tumhe?”

She shook her head and leaned towards his touch, closing her eyes, “i can’t stay here anymore…its suffocating”

He pressed a kiss on her forehead, “but why jaan… why can’t you stay here?”

She didn’t open her eyes. She got up and he let her. she slowly walked downstairs and he helped her, ma be trying to walk around or do something to engage herself.


She surprised him as she went to the bar and took out another bottle. He was enraged. He held her hand and shook his head, warning her. she giggled like a mad person, “what.. you don’t want to have a drink with me?”

“geet… leave that bottle.. i am going to get all these thrown away tomorrow first thing in the morning. “

She stumbled as she walked towards her favourite floor to ceiling glass window, “come on maan… stop being a spoil sport.. have a drink with me..”

He was so angry. She was killing herself and wasn’t even realizing it a bit.

“geet..stop that…”

But she had already opened the bottle and tried to gulp it down in one go. She was so wobbly and disoriented..her hands trembled as the wine poured on her, making her giggle with the chillness she felt on her body. Her shirt got wet and stained with the wine, sticking to her bare curves, making him even angrier. He barged towards her and tried to pull that bottle away.

“geet…leave that bottle i said…right now..”

She gave him a cheeky smile and dropped the bottle right in front of him, shattering it into peices.

“oops.. i left it…”, she gave that sarcastic look and looked for a way to get out of the mess. There were shards scattered all around and she was barefooted. The smell of the wine filled her nostrils intoxicating her. he quickly rushed to her and picked her up in his arms and walked towards their room once again.


She laughed like a lunatic in his arms and tried to kiss him. But he moved his head back, not letting her. she frowned and tried once again and he resisted, “stop it! You are not in your senses…”

She made a face and this time managed to kiss the corner of his lips as he walked upstairs, “who the f*ck wants to be in her senses with you being around hotshot…”

He ignored that comment and placed her on her foot as they reached their room. He turned back and locked the door lest she tries something stupid again.

He turned back to check on her and stood shocked to see her stand completely naked in front of her. she had dropped his shirt on the floor and the room smelled of wine.

“what is wrong with you?”, he screamed at her. she was insane right now. She walked towards him seductively and ran her finger on his jaw line, “didn’t i say hotshot.. i will make it unliveable for you..”

Without further ado, she clutched his collar and pulled him into a soul searing kiss. She reeked and tasted of wine. He tried to stop her… stop himself but she held his hand and guided up to her curves. He breathed into that kiss as his hold tightened around her.


“this is so wrong geet…get back to your senses…”, he spoke breathlessly.

She bit his lips and parted, looking cruelly at him, “if whatever happened in Paris was not wrong.. then how could this be…hmm maan?”

Ohh could he forget what he did to her.. he felt terrible with her words. His heart ached to see her this cold. But she didn’t even let him think. She pushed him on the bed and straddled him.

“stop thinking hotshot… make my stay worthwhile here…”

She leaned over and kissed him hard and long, taking her own sweet time.  She unbuttoned his shirt, kissing everywhere possible. He tried to stop her.. but she was like a drug to him. He was merely a human. She rubbed herself on him ever so slowly and sensuously..he just couldn’t hold back.


And what followed next was something the stars couldn’t have even imagined. He was extremely slow with her… taking his time in worshipping her body while she laid beneath him, moaning in pleasure. He was so soft.. very unlike the last time they did it. He gave her all the time to adjust. He kissed her lovingly as he slipped within her. she felt the corners of her eyes burn with this much love. She, amidst the bursting stars beneath her eye lids, felt truly loved. She smiled as he gently set the pace, making her feel like a delicate princess in his arms. She called out his name however she could… as she came along with him.

He slumped on her, breathless and kissed her exposed skin on her shoulder, when he felt her push him. He lifted himself up, keeping his arms on either side of hers, supporting himself. Her eyes had a certain coldness now..not the softness he had seen a little while ago.

“do you still want to be with a murderer like me? Free me maan… and i will give you your freedom..”, she spoke as if it was a deal for her.

He glared at her..even after all this, she could say something as such??!! He dipped his head and kissed her madly, punishing her for even thinking something this stupid. He bit her lips, making them bleed and then spoke back, “shut the f*ck up. You are imprisoned here..forever…”



She could here him moving around in the room but she was not in a mood to wake up or open her eyes for that matter. She just didn’t want to. She felt the bed dip beside her and stilled, not making it obvious that she was awake. She felt a certain pain hit her when he kissed her forehead and then slowly caressed her face, pulling down the duvet and kissed her stomach.

She clutched the sheets beside her tighter, as he caressed her empty stomach now and felt a drop of warm liquid fall on her tummy. She bit her lips tighter as he softly kissed her empty stomach again.

am sorry baby..”, his voice choked, “we both were so mean to you. But mumma isn’t well enough to carry you baby…so we decided to bring you sometime later. Will you forgive us?”


She knew how badly she wanted to cry right now seeing him breaking down like this. He never questioned her about the baby but the hurt he carries in his heart. Its been almost 5 days since she was here…she did all kind of madness to make him hate her, let her go but he held on to her. in those five days he never left her alone. He took care of her like she was a delicate baby,. He made love to her as if she was the princess of his life. Yet she smoked deliberately to infuriate him. He had the bar removed but she even bribed the watch man to get her one bottle of whiskey. He had been so mad that night seeing her senselessly drunk. He had thrown away that bottle and made her stand under the cold water to get her back to her senses. But this was more painful than she had imagined. Is words pierced her already dead soul like anything.


He went to his office, talking to dr Richard on the phone. He had told her about her condition and her behaviour in the past few days. Dr Richard wanted to see her once but maan didn’t want her to travel in such a condition. He even told him about her pregnancy and her subsequent abortion.

“she is stressed mr khurana… i have seen such patients earlier. She regained her memories..everything all of a sudden and  thats why her behaviour is drastic. She is doing whatever she thinks will take her away from everyone. I still suggest, talk to her doctor once…i want to know how she was during and post her abortion..”

He made a few calls and headed towards Dr Seema who had treated geet. He took the details from sasha and knocked the cabin.

“Hello Dr Seema..this is Maan khurana… I am here to talk about Geet handa…”

Dr Seema had heard about MSK but wondered what relation could he have with geet.

“i am the father  Dr… it came  as a shock to me that she aborted the baby but still.. i’d like to know about her state.. she isn’t keeping well..”

“excuse me Mr. Khurana…yeah she did sign you as the baby’s father..”, Dr seema spoke looking into geet’s file, “but who told you she aborted.. she didn’t abort mr. Khurana..”

Maan was shocked… she had signed him as the baby’s father and she didn’t abort??

“what? She said she aborted…right?”

Dr seema sighed sadly, “am sorry Mr Khurana.. you have been wrongly informed. She had a miscarriage… she never aborted the baby…”


She stood by the kitchen counter, looking for something to eat. Maan’s confession just rang in her ears. She couldn’t take care of his baby… she killed his baby… she was a bloody pathetic murderer. Her vision blurred as she picked up the knife kept there.. he wouldn’t set her free. Fine! She’d free herself  from this guilt and maan from the pain of getting hurt again and again. She placed the knife on her wrist and thought about her baby… she just couldn’t live in this pain anymore, of killing her own love.. and hurting maan. She loved him like crazy and for him to live free from all the responsibilities and pain she has to let go.


Drops  of blood fell all the way on the floor as she slowly walked up the stairs and fell on the bed, deciding to give up, once and for all. She smiled..geet handa…giving up…sounded pathetic! but this was good. At least he’d live.. not very happily but yes, free from a burden like her who pains him in every step he takes.


next: Abhi nahin Aana


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2 responses to “PART 73

  1. kaurparamjit32

    12/06/2014 at 15:22

    Brilliant and heart wrenching just knew she wouldn’t abort his baby she loves him to much that’s why she’s trying to leave him to keep him safe please hurr y with next

  2. goyalkalpna123

    12/06/2014 at 20:10

    Yaar kya kr dita
    yeh toh galat h
    This geet is nt good
    Isse toh pehle wali hi achi the


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