09 Jun



He checked the time.. he had his flight in the next 2-3 hours. He pushed off the girl who was literally on him and walked out of the disc, gulping down his drink. Adi was already waiting for  him in the car. He sat in the car and put on his glasses. The trip was going to be a tough one. They were finally back to the beginning now. He would never ever let her get away with whatever she did to him. Her confession was something he just couldn’t forget. There was definitely something she was running away from and he’d not let her off the hook easily.


She stood at the same place once again, by the road, right in front of the same shopping mall where she had met maan. Everything came back afresh in her head, telling her of the most beautiful moments she had spent with him here..he had stolen her first kiss. She smiled weakly when sasha tapped her shoulders, “whats wrong?”

Geet shook her head, “nothing sasha.. just reminded of something from the past…”

Their car came and both of them got in. Sasha kept her files properly, “would you mind sharing? Its something related to maan sir..right?”

Geet gasped and looked at sasha, “how do you…”

Sahsa cut her in between, “you don’t smile at all geet..except when it comes to him these days..”

Geet looked out, trying recall that time and smiled, “it was way before you started working for me sasha… we met in paris and he took me out for dinner for the first time on my bday…and honestly, i didn’t even know him..not even a bit but agreed to go..”

Sasha smiled hearing geet. She had tried to convince geet to speak to maan at least but she always shut her up saying she wouldn’t want herself to see maan unhappy.


Geet lost herself in her memories as she slowly walked towards her room and the same hotel she stayed- La Tremoille. Sahsa’s room was right next to hers. Geet stood by the door, trying to unlock her door but she was somehow finding it difficult. All she had to do was insert the card and press it down but suddenly even that seemed a laborious task. She felt dizzy and her head spun. She let go of the card and was about to fall down when sasha held her, “geet..are you alright?”

She supported geet with one hand while unlocked the door from the other and led her in. She made her rest on the bed and got her some water. Geet felt heavy in her head and thought of sleeping. She had the conference in the afternoon. She might take some rest.


She woke up with a start, panting furiously and sweating. She couldn’t believe she dreamed of him yet again. She looked around and then realized she was shamelessly wet. Ohh god..not again! She was breathing heavily..she was aroused and she hated it. Its been almost like two weeks she was facing this sort of trouble. Initially she thought she was missing him badly but this had been too frequent now. She felt giddy and rushed to the washroom. She threw up whatever she had eaten and took a shower. Eating these days seemed impossible now. She looked herself in the mirror…she had lost so much. She was nothing but skin and bones. Her sunken cheeks made her look ugly along with those dark circles. She sighed and changed into her formals for the meeting. She almost drowned in her regular sized clothes. Her jeans came loose and her shirt looked bad on her. She sighed and changed into skirt and a tight fit short (which was again lose) and pulled on her jacket.

She walked out and found sasha waiting for her. Sasha checked her temperature, “you are running slight fever geet..after the meeting we are going to the doctor.”



She sat aghast in the conference, unable to believe her own eyes. He was here..ohh god, he was here in Paris now!! A wave of want hit her so damn badly. Her eyes her craved for his one grace look..her lungs craved the air that he breathed in… her fingers ached to touch him but she wasn’t even surprised when he didn’t even give her a damn. He didn’t even look at her. She felt bad.. he sat on the other corner of the table,  and she was just blankly staring at him. Her heart ached to see him so cold but her lips had a smile. She deserved it. But she could at least drool on him. She didn’t know if he had actually turned a bit more handsome or she was just feeling it.  He talked to the clients and delegates with such ease…she could just go breathless by that.


He had never expected to  see her here and in this state!! She looked dark, tired and she looked malnourished. In short, she looked sick! For a moment he just wanted to run to her and take her away but he held back. He was hurt and angry and that combination was deadly. He knew her gaze was completely on him but he ignored. He had had enough. He wouldn’t give a shit to her! She’d better understand what she did. He saw her walk out just before the meeting got over. He wondered if anything was wrong with her. It was going to be six in the evening and she really didn’t look well.

Geet rushed out to the ladies’ room and puked. She had too less of her lunch and her stomach was in a bad shape right now. She washed her face feeling better. And with maan being around, she knew she was getting high. Her chest tightened just by the thought of him. She was restless..something was wrong with her. Tears rolled down her eyes…she craved for him. She washed her face again and decided to just go to the bar and drink herself off. This had been her regular refuge now.


She walked out towards the conference room and saw sasha waiting for her, worried.

geet..are you alright? What happened? Lets go to a doctor…”

Geet had managed to put up extra makeup to show off that she was fine.

“ fine sasha. You go back.. I will just be in the disc for a while..”

“ are going to rest…”

“sasha.. i am fine. You need rest. Go! I will be back early..”

“am not letting you are not well..”

“sasha shut up and mind your own business…”, geet screamed and walked off. Sasha was about to stop her when her eyes fell on maan, standing a few feet away from them, looking intently at her. Needless to say, he had heard their conversation. Sasha wanted to say something but then may be geet needed some time alone. And seeing maan there, she was sure they needed a good confrontation. She shrugged and walked back to her room. Luckily, their conference was being held in the same hotel. Geet had been quite clever at this.


She danced like a maniac the whole evening just to get over him. Being so close to him yet not even able to be close enough was disturbing. She tried to lose herself in the music and screamed in anxiety. After like almost an hour, she threw away her jacket somewhere and got to the bar. Some guys were competing for a number of shots.

“hey.. you think you can beat me? Bring it on suckers..”, she screamed in anxiety.

He watched her feeling disgusted how she was sticking with the guys and how she was losing herself in the drinks. He had followed her into the bar and now he was getting angrier by the time. What the hell was she trying to prove now?

She grinned ear to ear and licked her lime and gulped in a tequila shot…and another and yet another until she felt dizzy and won it. She lit her cigarette and stumbled her way to the bar. He felt like crying seeing her in such a pathetic state.


She ordered another of her champagne cocktail and waited with her cigarette. Only she knew how much she was burning within. He was near yet so far. She felt so low of shameless could she get?  There was nothing right between them yet she was maddened by the desire for him and him being around was too much to bear. Her body felt heated. She needed to get rid of this. She felt someone caress her arm softly and a velvety voice spoke out, “you seem lonely beautiful… do you think i can help?”

One glance at him and geet knew he was a hooker.  In a city like paris, hiring male escorts was not that big of a deal. She breathed in sharply.. would he help her? He was very handsome and he looked genuine. He kissed the back of her palm, “you can share you know.. pretty girls like you shouldn’t be alone…”

Geet gulped down her drink quickly deciding to just let go and get rid of this problem. She blew out the smoke and clipped, “how much for the night?”

He smiled and he indeed was charming or it may be the alcohol content perhaps. He leaned closer and pecked the corner of her lips, entangling his fingers with hers, “Its Daniel Ma’am and I promise i wont let you down. Its 500USD for you pretty lady..”

Geet giggled as his fingers traced her neck, feeling ticklish. She closed her eyes and  imagined maan touching her that way. She cared less about Daniel whatever crap but she needed a cure… at least for this night. She burned another cigarette as he led her towards her room, as she instructed. He was too soft and gentlemanly and she realized he might have been with so many women before. she felt even more guilty..but what the hell.. she had already lost all rights on him. She wanted to forget everything for once..though she hated Daniel..and his touch, she had to get a cure for herself or else she’d go mad.


He kissed her once as they stepped in front of her room and she just stilled. She couldn’t… ohh god! She hated arjun so much and here she was allowing Daniel to touch her. Tears rolled down her eyes. Daniel dragged her in and gently laid her on the couch and came on top of hers. She couldn’t do it.. no..! if it wasn’t her maan… there would be no one! She’d bear the pain but she wouldn’t let anyone else touch her. a sob raked her body as she felt his lips on her neck. She just can’t do this. He had unbuttoned her shirt and was about to kiss her when she stopped him and pushed him off her.

“i can’t do this… i will pay you but please stop.”

“hey hey…its okay dear…”, Daniel tried to pacify guessing she might have had a break up and she was unable to come out of it.

“..beautiful women like you need to be loved and cherished.. “, he cupped her face and tried to kiss her again. She pressed her hands against his chest and turned away, “no.. Daniel..i can’t! Please go. I will pay you..wait..”

Daniel sighed and stepped back, “alright… i wouldn’t! Do you wanna talk? You are paying me for nothing you see..”

Geet sighed and passed him the green bills, “no.. er..thank you Daniel…”

He leaned closer and pressed a kiss on her cheek, “you need to be happy my dear…”


And the next moment, he felt someone pull him away and thrust a punch right on his face. He fell on the floor, wincing in pain whilst she screamed, “Maan…”

He looked at her, fuming, his eyes blood shot and the fury in them scared her. He charged at Daniel again but geet held his hand, still shocked to find him in her room, “noo… stop!! Its not his fault.. i got him..”

He looked at her if he knew. He was just unleashing her anger on poor Daniel.

Daniel stood up, holding his nose, “hey..whats wrong buddy? Ouch…”

“get out…”, he screamed, “get the f*ck outta here, before i kill you…”

“hey hey easy man..i was just going..” and he rushed out, carrying his money. The moment he was out, maan locked the door and turned towards her, angrily. He was mad right now…so damn angry that none could fathom the depth.


She could feel herself getting cold with fear. She knew he got angry but never had she seen him really mad. He had always been soft to her and this was something that scared her. When silence became unbearable and his look incinerated her, she, with trembling lips, dared to speak out, “…”

Her own voice was so filled with fear and uncertainty. And the next moment he screamed, scaring the hell out of her, “what the hell were you doing geet?”

And the next moment he marched towards her and towered over, “why did you get him here? To satisfy your desires just because i am no longer of any use to you?”

She trembled like a leaf with his voice that was deafening and anger so damn visible, “no… maan..”

“answer me geet… one whole low can you get?”

warning: mature content


He was right. She had stooped so low. She had no answer to it. She felt his finger dig right into her bone.. for she was nothing but a skeleton now and pushed her against the wall. She hit her head and cried in pain but he was nowhere near sanity. She was seeing the extreme of his anger.

“look into my eyes and speak damn it…“he pressed himself harder on her.

She gasped feeling his body press so hard on her…just the way she had been craving. Ohh F*ck…she was already panting. His fingers dug into her cheeks and made her look at him, “you wanted f*ck right.. then have it your way.. I will give you what you need…”

He held her hair and dragged her to the bed. She cried in pain as his hold was really tight, almost pulling her hairs out. She bit her lips to stifle her cry. He was angry..and why wouldn’t he? How dare his jaan do something like this? How could she let another man replace him even if it meant just for a night! And whatever he had seen in the bar..her pathetic condition, he was more mad. She couldn’t even take care of herself. He hated her.. he hated her so bad now. And he had promised himself he wouldn’t give a  shit…he wouldn’t think. She had done enough. He was the lead now.


He literally threw her on the bed without a warning. She was rendered speechless with those bloodshot eyes on his. What could she possibly say now? He straddled her in one swift movement and tore off her shirt…not take off but literally tore off her shirt, followed by her skirt.

“maan…no..”, she tried to stop him, seeing him so much in anger. He wasn’t thinking. But he was too far now. He pulled off her panties, parted her legs and thrust his finger right into her, without a warning. She screamed in shock and ecstasy, hitting her on the right places. She forgot to breath as she remained stunned with that assault of his. She had been so sensitive these days…and here he was with her, filling her with senses. He pulled out all of a sudden and this time thrust in two of his fingers, deeper and harder, not giving her time to react she felt her body go limp with her each cell exploding in arousal and happiness. He fell on her with a thump, not even caring that she might hurt and lingered over her lips, “so… is this how he’d have f*cked you? “


She felt her mouth go dry as his words hit her physically. She was so damn aroused and his words..ohh god, she wanted him to f*ck her right now. They were so mean yet hit her with so much sensuality. He pulled out again and went into her deeper than ever. Everything went hazy around her as her lips craved for a wild lock with his. But with her heightened senses it was being difficult for her to hold back. Her muscles tightened around him and her wetness was beyond her will. She closed her eyes unable to hold back. With one more thrust, she came violently, screaming his name out. Her nails dug into his biceps through his shirt.

“would he have touched you like this.. han geet?”, he bit out coldly.

He watched her face go red as she came so quickly, surprising him. He didn’t even waste a second. He took off his shirt and pulled out his pants along with his boxers while she took her time to recollect herself. The moment she opened her eyes, he dipped his finger into her mouth letting her taste herself. She was so damn lost in him… her heart notched up beats as she lovingly licked off his fingers, making him sigh. His other hand pulled off her bra and cupped her breasts, squeezing them. She moaned out loud and pulled him for a wild kiss.


Ohh that exquisite feeling of his lips against her.. his body crushing her.. his hands roaming shamelessly on all the right places and soon replaced by his hot wet tongue..she couldn’t ask for more. She gave into that craving happily as she kissed him like a mad woman, biting, suckling, licking his saliva off his lips. He grunted with need seeing her so desperate. It had been so long that he had even touched her. But in all this, he didn’t forget he was mad. The fact what could have happened if he hadn’t stopped her or Daniel..he could never bear. He’d have killed her right there.


He channeled all his anger into his passion. He built in his force and unleashed it right on her. He grinded his hips with hers while she moaned out his name, so sexily, so much and so loud that her voice grew hoarse. He thrust in mindlessly, giving her all. She had never felt this happy or excited in the whole one month. But she had underestimated him perhaps. He was angry.. his anger filled passion aroused her but as the time passed, she realized he had more to give than what she had asked for or what she could bear.

None realised how long it had been but he was nowhere near stopping. His sharp bites had started to hurt now, making her skin bleed at places. She didn’t even remember how many times and how violently she came until she realized her bargain was no cakewalk. A blissful night turned scary as she cried in pain.

“maan… stop.. hurts..”, breathless she was as she tried to stop him..but he would listen to none of her talks. He went on and on with his onslaught until she cried and begged for mercy and came once again simultaneously. She was panting..she was tired but he wasn’t. He had never heard a bit of what she said. He went on lashing her inside out with his passion until tears rolled down her eyes…or until she fainted out of exhaustion.



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4 responses to “PART 70

  1. Ayushi

    09/06/2014 at 13:05


    can’t think right now…

    don’t know whether should be happy that that are still connected or be sad, that things are turning painful for both…

    in last update u said that its gonna finish in some parts… please don’t give any sad endings…. please….

  2. tania900

    09/06/2014 at 13:47

    Yr I am really getting confused with the story i am not understanding whts the end of the story

  3. CMif

    10/06/2014 at 11:59

    loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. abc48

    10/06/2014 at 12:50

    What a part.just love maaneet pain.can’t understand why geet wan leave,maan is so desparate to get.wan c what ll geet do now bcoz she is pregnant.can’t wait for next


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