05 Jun

I just realized the reason why writers are leaving GF.AngryOuch
Though Upset, I wouldn’t complain of the poor response in both my works.
ANA has a few more more parts to go… may be like 10-12 updates at max.



She cried silently in his arms, not making it obvious. He was weakening her resolve. He was weaving dreams of a life with her.. she was so happy when he said her and not asked. She would only dream of this day… but she has to leave and she wondered if maan would let her leave without questioning her. And if he does..would he understand her reason like he had always been?


She was having a hard time digesting the fact that he had called the registrar already. She clutched her heart and cursed herself for umpteenth time to have been doing this to him. She sat in front of the mirror trying to apply kohl in her eyes. One dash of the black fluid and a drop of tear wiped it off. She tried again but it happened  the same.. defeated by her own tears, she threw away her kohl and walked out, carrying her luggage.

She drove to her office and first thing she did was get to her cabin. Sasha smiled weakly seeing her early. Geet had noticed her very quiet. She didn’t even question  her when she asked about booking two tickets for india. In fact sasha hadn’t spoken to anyone over the past few weeks.

“we are ready to fly ma’am… here are our tickets..”

She handed two tickets, one for her and one for geet. Geet looked at the tickets in her hands and kept one in her bag. She carefully looked at the other ticket and tore it apart, shocking sasha to hell.


“ma’am…wh..what did you do?”

Geet smiled and handed her a letter, “here..this is for you…”

Sasha was surprised and confused. She quickly read the letter and looked at geet in disbelief.

“this…no..this is my…”

Geet cut in, “…your resignation letter…i prepared it myself…is it nice?”

It was like a huge blow to sasha.. after all these years all she could do was fire her? Tears welled up in her eyes as she struggled to speak, “ma’…how could you do this to me? Wh…where will i go now? I have no one in this world to go to…”

Geet felt the similar ache in her heart. Her smile softened…pretense is such a tough job. She looked towards the door and called out, “you can surprise her now..”


Sasha was almost crying when the door creaked open  and raj stepped in, with an apologetic smile on his face, “ really sorry sasha…i was being such a jerk.. i hurt you for no reason… please forgive me…”

Sasha looked at geet and then back at raj, confused. Raj walked towards her, knelt down and held her hand, “i know i was being selfish but trust me… i just realized how important you are to me. I will take care of my family.. but i want you by my side forever. Will you marry me sasha?”

“i just don’t care about the world.. i want you in my life…i need you. And am so truly sorry for the pain i gave you… please say yes..”


Sasha was overwhelmed… she couldn’t believe her ears. Raj.. ohh god, all these months of pain and sadness was finally subsiding. Apparently, raj’s mom didn’t like her and had filled crap about her in his mind. They were on rough roads with raj misunderstanding her…but now, everything seemed fine. Raj apologised again and agreed that his mother had lied to him about her.  It was geet who had contacted him and cleared all his confusion and also talked to  his mother and she agreed as well, realizing she had been wrong.

Sasha nodded for a yes and hugged him tightly. This was like the happiest day for her. Geet watched them, happy yet sad. Her heart cried for maan. He’d be waiting for her today. She blocked her mind from thinking about maan and cherished the view in front of her.


Sasha was still in his arms when she opened her eyes and saw geet, watching them lovingly, with tears  in her eyes. She knew geet must have done something about this. She quickly came out of his embrace and walked towards geet to thank her.

“i.. i just don’t know how to thank you ma’am.. I had…”

“ are free sasha..”, geet couldn’t believe her own voice choked!

Sasha stilled hearing her words, “what? Ma’am..are you alright?”

Geet smiled through her tears, “you heard it right. You don’t have to thank me. Its me who should thank you for whatever you have done for me and my family. You took me in when i couldn’t find a way and  stood by me when i was at my worse..i know thank you is not enough.. but freedom might be. You are a free bird now sasha.. go and live your life with him.. “

Sahsa had never seen geet this emotional..she could recall the day very well when she used to take care of geet’s every needs..starting from her ABC lessons to teaching her how to count and tie shoe laces. She had seen geet as her little sister…


“i can’t leave you like this are not well enough..”

Geet sighed and looked down, “you can’t leave me… but i don’t deserve you…”

Sahsa couldn’t understand her double meaning sentence but she was worried about her, “you don’t have to face everything alone..we are a team geet..let me come..please..”, she cried.

Geet looked up and smiled a bit, “its a goodbye sasha. You have you whole life ahead. I have never asked you anything…you gave me everything of your own free will.. but only once, i ask something from you…go! your life awaits you..if not for yourself, then for me…”

Sasha stopped on her tracks as raj held her from behind. She felt paralysed with geet’s words…so much pain…so much hurt!  She broke down completely in his arms, as geet wiped her tears and walked away. She was free…wow.. that word “free” was something so new in her life”freedom!!!


Geet felt her heart crush into millions of pieces…he will hate her. Oh well she deserves it. She wiped her tears and recalled the night, a few days ago when she had asked him to let her go.

“maan…”, she panted against his bare shoulders, “would you give me something if i ask you?”

He trailed a line of kisses on her shoulder, “you know you don’t have to ask jaan…”

She took a deep breath in and braced herself for the reaction, “let me go…please”

He bit her neck hard, making her feel the pain and she cried, “ hurts..”

He  hugged her tightly, “exactly! And whatever be your reason..i am not letting you go!”


She stopped in front of ana’s college and wiped her tears… she had tried to convince him to just let her go but he had been so violent with his passion…he never let her out of his sight. She knew he had an important meeting this morning and she made a good use of that time.  She knew maan was persistent and he could do anything to stop her…she sighed! He just hadn’t shown her that side of his and she knew that day was not far.

She called ana and headed towards her room. The room was dark and ana sat by her study table, scribbling something. Geet stopped right behind her and called her softly, “Antara…”

This was the first time in years that geet was calling her by her first name. Ana stood up abruptly and didn’t even turn back to see her, “why are you here now?”

Geet felt that coldness in her voice, “i..i am going back to india.. won’t you even look at me?”

Ana turned around with no expression on her face and snapped, “good…its so good that you are going..”

“..yes…to dad..”, geet hummed!

Ana smirked, “yes.. and you better not show your face until you have begged for  his forgiveness…”

Geet sighed..ana had been so cold her. She felt choked, you..are still mad at me?”

Ana closed her eyes, trying not to cry, “why do you care? Just leave me alone.”

“you don’t want to go to your class today?”

“di please..stop pushing yourself. I need to study for exams.. just go.”



He came back home early that day, along with the registrar and texted her to join him asap. He was perhaps the happiest man today. She will be his in every possible of she wasn’t from before. But having her as his wife was more than overwhelming a feeling that he just couldn’t express. He paced the hall up and down, unable to take the waiting.

The clock ticked by.. 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour and he was growing restless by the minute. She hadn’t shown up yet. He texted her but there was no reply..he called her but they all went to her voicemail. His was growing restless now..angry at her. She knew he was coming today..couldn’t she wait?  What if she might be sleeping in their room? He smiled and made a dash towards their room and looked around.


A sudden emptiness hit him…he didn’t know why but everything looked so lifeless, so devoid of soul. He panicked as he checked into the washroom, “jaan..are you there?”

He felt so restless without her. He looked here and there and found the cupboards open and empty. He just couldn’t believe it. He rushed and checked them out, his drawers, his cupboards, side tables, study tables and they had no sign of her…not even the slightest of her. He felt a sharp pain hit him, unsure and uncertain, scared and restless he rushed to her room in case her had shifted back. He ransacked the whole room and there was no trace of her. Where could she go now?

He called her cell phone again and again but there was no response.  He brushed his hair back..there was no damn sign of her. Where was she? Anger and frustration soared high in his veins as he threw away everything on his way. She did it again… it was such a special day for him…for them and she ruined it all over again!! She didn’t even think once before leaving dare she!! He pushed away the side table, roaring in fury and agony when he stepped on a crumbled piece of paper.


He might get a hint. He picked it up at once and opened it to read her lines…with lots of spelling errors.

“…I cannot stay here. I have to leave. Its time to move forward and just not think about anyone…who can hold me down, break my resolve and…”

He stilled. It was torn from the notebook she writes. Her words…and her feeling made him so angry.. so upset and so dejected. He crumbled it and threw it away, “Geet is Back..”

Just then his phone beeped with her message. He checked it quickly.

“meet me where we had first met…now!



He called her immediately but her phone was already switched off. She was indeed back and as much he could guess, she had them back a long time ago…just that she didn’t tell him. He rushed out, trying to remember where they had first met. She was doing it again! He needed answers. He hated every bit of this torture. The first time they had met was back in india… definitely she wouldn’t text him back from there. He thought harder- the cafe! Yes! That was it. Thats where he had seen her the first time. He just ran out, not even taking his car. It was nearby…she was so near to him. Anger, pain, frustration, uncertainty boosted his speed as he stopped in his tracks, right in front of her, by the cafe.


He noticed her wearing her usual formals, her expressions didn’t soften seeing him though. Time stood still as they watched each other with utmost love in this entire universe!

It was the church bells, from somewhere near that broke their gaze. She could feel her eyes burning with tears but she held them back. She saw pain in his eyes, accusation that she  was doing the same thing again but she had vowed to hold herself back and not run to him.

“why the hell are you going? For what?”, he broke the silence. His words were firm yet painful, “we were supposed to get married jaan…”

Her fingers curled by her sides, trying to press on and not break down. She clutched her fists so hard that her nails dug into her skin, paining her. She gathered up all the courage and retorted back, “We are not getting married Mr. Khurana… that was your decision and not mine..”


Her legs trembled whilst she spoke out so harsh words to him, making him fume in anger. He marched towards her and gripped her shoulders tightly, “what the f*ck do you think you are doing geet! You got your memories back but never bothered to tell me.. you went for that arjun and never bothered to tell me.. is it always going to be you? Where do I stand in this? You said you love me right.. then what the hell is this?”

His hold ached but she held on, her heart breaking within. But she shot him a glare and pulled herself away from him, “yes.. it was always me.. it is me..and it will always be me! I don’t want to be with you anymore. “

“but why on earth…ohh I get it…”, he smiled wickedly realizing something and took a step back, “..this is why…all these days you were asking me to let go..right Miss Geet handa.. you played with me well…Oh how could I forget…Geet Handa had earlier broken our engagement and this isn’t new for her”


His stepping back hurt her more than his words. His cruel smile clearly showed how broken he was..she was doing the same thing again. How worse could she get? She braved a smiled, “since you know everything and also that I am back… theres no point discussing this..”

She gracefully extended her hand for a shake putting on Her sunglasses, “well then, its a Goodbye I guess. It was pleasure knowing you..and yes, i will pay back the money you spent on me for that police case.. i owe you that much at least…”


She waited for him to say something..may be slap her once…or a hundred times for being such a fact she had spoken those things deliberately to irk him, get reaction but his silence scared her. He looked at her in disbelief and shock…and she knew his question- how could she do that to him! Well she didn’t have any answer to it either. She took back her hand and turned to leave.

“geet…mat jao..please. I love you baby..please…”

His broken voice stopped her, killed her more than death itself. She cried silently, letting her tears fall this time as she faced away from him. Without another word, she walked away, leaving him alone with the sun, setting on the horizon, breaking him and killing herself.


“How can you do this geet? Once again? Why do you resolve to break me again and again? I will take away all your pain and hurt, i will hide you from this world…you know i breath you darling… then why do you break me? Why do you force me to stop breathing?”


She clutched the pendent that she was wearing, hidden under her shirt. Maan had gifted her when he had given her the lappy. It was her most prized possession. She sat in the plane and kissed the “G” pendent and held it in her fists, “I wonder if this is my freedom or a life long imprisonment!”


“how can I let you die, love, For there is no me without you. I wish to remain in your arms forever and never let go. I wish to be yours till the end of eternity but how can i let my curse harm you! I might seem rude to you, inconsiderate and hard to handle but all i want you to know is that I love you. No matter what and no matter where I go, You will reside in me .”


next: back to the beginning.


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5 responses to “PART 68

  1. tania900

    05/06/2014 at 12:41

    Oh no yr phir se alag ho gye how much pain they both will get yr
    Maan uska kya kasoor hai ki baar baar use pain milta hai

  2. kaurparamjit32

    05/06/2014 at 14:56

    My god that was shocking I guess the break up with maan is for avantika his mother she doesn’t want to break their relation it was nice of her to sort out sasha’s probs but deep down now geet is truly alone hope maan realises that his mother is involved in this decision hope maan fights for his love can’t wait brilliant again ash

  3. Afsha

    05/06/2014 at 21:29

    Why are u dragging it ??? Just make Geet speak her heart out n let Maan handle her simple. If its again the same sorry to say even i wont read

    • ~Aishu~

      06/06/2014 at 15:33

      reading or not its ur wish dear.. but yes geet has just recovered her memories.. the guilt is deeper than than it seems. i need time to make things right. pls hve patience

  4. abc48

    06/06/2014 at 00:02

    why still geet can’t understand maan can’t live without her?pls don’;t do this with us by seperating maaneet.if avantika is the reason,then geet should ignore her,not maan


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