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He smiled at her naughtily, “not everyone darling…”

She didn’t get him, “what do you mean?”

He pecked her lips and carried her towards the washroom, “you’ve still got me working..”


He slowly placed her on the wet floor, keeping his eyes locked with hers. He made sure, her entire weight rested on him, instead of her legs. She was holding him by his biceps tightly, to support herself. His eyes were so dark and intense…that his gaze hit her physically…like it touched her all over.

He raised her chin to him, “you okay?”

She nodded meekly and he just dipped his lips on to hers, kissing her softly and sensuously.. she felt alive..fresh and so happy with that kiss.  She gladly kissed him back, taking in his lower lips and suckling on it. He sighed happily and angled her head for a deeper kiss. They tend to forget the world when they are with each other. His hand turned on the shower knob and a lukewarm water cascaded down them in the cold night. She hissed with the sensation and suddenly pulled out, gasping. He looked at her making a face.


“ouch maan.. my hand hurts!! I can’t wet the injured leg too…”, she cried.

He was so much into her. He pulled off his coat, loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt quickly, throwing them away. He held her injured hand softly and placed it gently over his shoulders making sure it didn’t stress her. He lifted her injured leg up and wrapped it round his waist and backed her up on to the shower wall and kissed her back, fiercely this time.

She felt elated. Her leg didn’t touch the water now and it gave her a warm fuzzy feeling. She couldn’t distinguish between the warmth of the water and his mouth as their tongue met in a ferocious yet a sensual battle of their own. He sucked over her tongue and trailed down to her chin, further down towards her slender neck, plating wet open mouth kisses along his way and stopped right over her swells.  He raised his head, looking deep into her eyes and let his hand slip under her shirt and pull out her shirt, slowly, not hurting her hand.


She obliged but the next moment a wave of shyness hit her as he unhooked her bra and pushed it away. She felt herself burn with his intense gaze. She expected him to devour her but he seemed to have other plans in his mind. He slowly unbuttoned her skirt, grazing her bare waist with his finger, making her tremble and pushed it down slowly with her panties.

The warm water splashed on her naked body as she stilled, feeling so bare, in front of him while he was still in his pants and vest. She felt so conscious…not that he hadn’t seen her naked before but this made her so vulnerable. She just stood still, feeling his hands trace lines all over her bare body, you are so beautiful…”


His breath fell on her stomach, as he had knelt down, sending shivers down her spine. He had always complimented her as beautiful and he still does. She tucked in her stomach as he placed an audible kiss on her navel.

“maan…“, she called out to him breathlessly. He stood up and gently applied soap on her shoulders, “shh… let me do it..”, he whispered against her lips.

She could do nothing but hold her breath as he gently massaged his way down to her swells. He applied a little foam on each of them and cupped them in each of his hands, gently massaging. His fingers could feel her buds hardening under his heated touch as she gaped, breathing heavily, unable to take that arousal. He knew it affected her but he played along. He left her un-satiated and worked his way down to her tummy, rounding over her hips, her inner thighs making her moan out his name. His hand naughtily went between her legs, gently massaging her along her slit, not entering. She threw her head back and moaned out his name…one more stroke and she’d probably explode. Her legs felt jelly but he supported her well, not letting her fall. He watched her flushed face and knew she wouldn’t last long. He withdrew his hand and slid up to her curves, this time playing with them.


He came back to her lips and kissed her and let the shower wash both of them away. She was all hot and burning. His touches were like molten lava on her skin. She kissed him back fiercely as his hands washed off every bit of the soap carefully, not hurting her. He broke the kiss and himself stood under the shower, pulling off his vest. She watched his manly self as he relaxed under the warm water. Her lips dried even in the wet atmosphere as she kissed his chest, trailing a line of kisses along his broad shoulder. He didn’t even resist when she unbuttoned his pants and pushed it down, leaving him only in his boxers. She came back to his lips and under the shower with his. Her hair stuck to her face and neck yet she was far from feeling anything. He took his time exploring her body with his fingers until they panted for breath. He turned off the shower and pulled a towel around himself,. He wrapped another towel around her and carried her back to the room.


He made her sit on the bed, still naked and wiped her dry with the towel he had put around her. All this felt so dear and so precious. She couldn’t stop wanting him right now. Her eyes darkened with desire as she let his hand roman all over her body and let a low deliberate moan escape her lips, “umm… maan…”

He smiled and brought her dress to help her with it but that look on her face almost turned him on. He knew how hard to was in the washroom to hold himself. The water droplets on his skin made her mouth water. He was about to put the nightie on her when she held his hand, “maan…”

“hmm…”, he answered, wiping her hair.

She looked straight at his face, “can we make love?”

He stilled hearing her say so. She wanted him.. damn he was talking about self control! He looked back at her, realizing she wasn’t asking for his permission, she was telling it to him. He cupped her face, “as much as i’d have loved to have you jaan, but you are injured. I don’t want to hurt you…”

She felt her stomach clench in anticipation. He could have had her but he feared he might hurt her in the process. She smiled lovingly and pressed a kiss on his lips, “you wouldn’t… i know. And i’d be careful…”

“no…i can’t risk with your health…”

“shhh.. am not giving you an option maan..i want you…”


Ohh damn! She was hell bent on breaking his self control. He just pushed her on the bed, making sure her injured hand and leg didn’t hurt. She still had wounds on her abdomen. He carefully came atop her, kissing her slowly, taking his time to taste her sweetness. She sighed trying to push off his boxers with one hand which seemed difficult today. She got irritated and bit his lips, making it bleed. He smiled into her mouth feeling her desperate try. He broke the kiss and straddled her, pulling off his boxers, allowing her to see his hardening manhood in all its glory. She gulped thickly as he came down on her, kissing and biting her curves, carefully though.

She bit her lips as he thrust into her, grunting in need. She had her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands resting on his shoulders. He had tortured her well for long. She hisses in pleasure as he went deeper into her, giving her all what she needed, making her scream his name all night long.


x x x x x x x x x x x


it took her one whole week to heal. Though not completely, but her wounds were drying up and she could walk properly as well. Maan made sure she didn’t stress out much. He didn’t even let her touch her lappy or phone when he was around. Well, she couldn’t think or feel anything except him when he was around. Their passion seemed to envelop them in a mist of desire which was hard to overcome.

She called up sasha and had a good talk with her about the work. But somewhere she didn’t find her quite convincing or confident like she always was. Though she didn’t mention, geet knew she had to find the reason. Its been long since sasha had been aloof. It was time to take the reign. She watched the time…8 in the morning it was and she was still wrapped in the spread since last night. Maan had already left. She sighed and went to freshen up. She dressed up in formals and stood in front of the mirror, combing her hair and was reminded her of the recent encounter with avantika.


She had been calling out for the maid to help her change, a few days back but she didn’t show up. It was bright afternoon and when she was sure no one would come, avantika came helped her without any word. She was amazed at first but didn’t say much. Avantika was cold to her and when she tried to say thank you, she just replied curtly that she was helping her clean her son’s room and not because of her. Geet tried to say something but avantika didn’t let her.

Geet could very well remember her words- am not saying anything to you because i know how much maan loves you and though i don’t approve of this, i will not disrespect his love and you better not do that as well.


She kept the comb down and headed out to the office. She noticed changes in a lot of things. She was busy since she was joining almost after a week. She made her plans and calculated her steps. She noticed sasha trying her best to catch up with her speed which was so unlike her. She knew there was some problem and she could somewhat guess what it could relate to. If it was about the company..she was sure sasha would never freak out. This was something in the personal front. She has to pay back sasha for what she has done for her over the years and especially in the last whole year. She knew whatever she’d be doing will be less..but she wanted to see sasha happy. She might not show her love or express, but she feels a lot! She watched sasha busy in her work and didn’t disturb her. She took her phone and punched on some numbers.


The moment she entered their room, she was hauled into his chest. He didn’t even wait for her reaction. He just captured her lips in a hot breath taking kiss. She smiled with his passionate onslaught and kissed him back fiercely. They kissed like they were obsessed…it had been just 10 hours at max they hadn’t been with each other and they were meeting as if they had been torn apart for ages.

He hurriedly tore off her shirt earning a glare from her, “no tearing…”

He grinned, “oops.. i have already torn it…”

“maan…you are going to pay..”, she fumed, trying hard to stop that smile escaping her lips.  He smiled naughtily and took a few steps back and crossed his hands over his chest, “then come me what you’ve got baby…”

She just couldn’t wait. She hauled herself into his arms, wrapping her legs round his waist as he practically lifted her up and walked towards the bed. He threw her on the soft mattress and went down to kiss on her navel and unbuttoned her jeans. She let him peel away every bit of her clothes in his raw yet erotically soft.


She hit her climax third time in a row and she knew there was no stopping tonight. She was tired and hungry and he was eating her up, literally. His tongue came back to claim her mouth and yet again laden with her salty metallic juices. She could just sigh in pleasure as he increased the pressure on her. It was inviting and so damn lustful.

They came together one last time as he kissed her hard and long, making her lose all her senses. She was so blank right now. Her mind was hazy and her vision blurred with the pleasure soaring high in her veins. He broke the kiss and looked straight into her eyes, “geet…”

“hmm…”, she spoke breathlessly as he pushed her into the mattress, going deep within her.

He looked into her eyes deep, touching her soul, “marry me..”

Her eyes widened in shock..surprise…fear.. pain and whatever she hadn’t been thinking for a while now. Marriage??

As if he heard her. He kissed her forehead, “yes geet…marry me. I just can’t stay away from you anymore and i don’t want anything to pull you apart from me…”


He watched her reaction. She looked so happy..indeed she was. How much she had wished to be with him forever. He was so happy to see the acceptance on her face as her lips curled into a sweet smile and her eyes welled up in happiness. She raised herself and hugged him tightly. He could see her approval clearly…he just couldn’t wait. He had all his wishes fulfilled. She is his.. and they will be getting married soon enough.


She cried silently in his arms, not making it obvious. He was weakening her resolve. He was weaving dreams of a life with her.. she was so happy when he said her and not asked. She would only dream of this day… but she has to leave and she wondered if maan would let her leave without questioning her. And if he does..would he understand her reason like he had always been?


next: freedom


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    Nooo noo plzz yr ab to inhe ek saath krdio aur maan kitna paine bear krega

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    04/06/2014 at 03:07

    Awesome update!
    No plzzz dont seperaye them again…
    Now what is Geet upto again…
    Will be waiting for next.


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