10 May


since i will be updating regularly,
update size will be shorter!! henceforth, story will be a little fast paced.


He led her to their car and drove towards their destination. Completely unaware of what awaited them… and what awaited her. she was happy..actually more than happy because he was with her. she was not scared like the previous day..rather walked boldly on the red carpet with his hand holding her protectively round her waist and his focus on the people ahead! She was awed by his confidence and suddenly was reminded of her pictures with maan in parties that she had net surfed! She breathed in sharply and straightened herself to give a bolder avatar to herself, to match up with his aura.


Everyone’s eyes were stuck on them, basically on Geet handa! She was the show stopper it seemed. She clung on to maan, well she didn’t have to. He held her tight, all through. There were cameras and media people. Sasha was there too. She handled everything with the media not letting anyone question Geet. maan looked at her, “welcome to your world Geet…”

She blinked a couple of times, looking around. The lights, the glitters had been her world. She could hardly remember anything. There was a bar at the corner with people having drinks and some smoking. She felt  a familiar emotion within her whenever she attended some party”that coldness within, like she never cared.

Maan introduced her to some eminent people who seemed to.. ohh well at least pretended to be happy seeing her back. But she couldn’t recognise their faces…they were too strange, she remembered a few names because Sasha had told about them but apart from that everyone were alien to her. she felt a very string gaze at her that made her uncomfortable. She looked at maan, who seemed busy with someone. She looked around and let it pass. She was just imagining things because everyone was gaping at her. she suddenly felt so alien..detached! she didn’t remember any of the faces.


In a matter of few seconds she found herself detached from maan. He walked a bit ahead, speaking to some client and she was lost in her own world of familiar and  unfamiliar faces. She looked around for maan when someone tapped her shoulder, “hey sweetheart..”

She turned back to see a very familiar face, smiling at her. she thought a bit hard and recalled she had seen him a few days back at the auction, “ohh Mr rathode..

“Its Arjun.. ..”, he extended his hand for a shake.

“yes thats right Mr rathode..”, Geet shook hands, trying to keep up with the face of Geet Handa. That touch… her body cringed with the feel. A very unwanted feeling surrounded her and she immediately pulled back her hands, scared and suddenly shocked!

“Since Maan Is busy, why don’t you join me for a drink?”, he played clever.

“ahh am sorry Mr rathode, I don’t drink!!”

Arjun raised his brows, “ don’t drink?”, he asked surprised. She wondered what was wrong with drinking, “sorry?”

“Geet I think you have forgotten a lot my dear…come on lets have a seat…”

Arjun couldn’t believe she’d be so different… so not her bitchy self! Nevertheless, he might get to know this new girl well. he held her hand and led her towards the bar. He pulled a chair to her and offered her wine, “try it… it was your favourite…”, he spoke. sipping his drink.


For a moment Geet remained stunned…it was her favourite? How come he knew about her favourite? He saw her first time in the auction perhaps. She didn’t like the way he looked at her. he tried not to make it obvious but she couldn’t avoid. She sighed in relief when someone called him and he walked away, with his glass. she gaped at the wine that was kept in front of her. how the hell did arjun know that she loved this wine? She went crazy… there were so many things that remain unanswered!!! She looked at maan who was dancing with some girl a little away! She was shocked to see that! what the hell!! she couldn’t see the girl’s face but she didn’t like it. he left her alone and was dancing with someone. Umm.. may be a client or something.


She looked at the drink thoughtfully and wondered what it would taste like, given that it had been her favourite!! She looked at maan who seemed too busy to even notice her and that somewhere bothered her deep within. She tried to see the girl’s face as she seemed too familiar! There was something happening to her deep within that she couldn’t explain. A burning sensation in her heart, a certain restlessness and the next moment, she gulped down the wine in one go and banged the glass on the counter.


Her mind filled with so many familiar things…the familiar taste, some faint memories.. a few people.. she felt light headed and more than that she felt a certain rage in her as she felt those familiar hands pull her into a dance. Arjun saw her sitting all alone.. she looked even prettier than before… and heck she didn’t remember a thing!

He grabbed her by her waist and swayed to the music. Geet didn’t like that  touch. She struggled to get free, “let go of me Mr rathode..

“I would most certainly have… but I think you were upset about maan. Sorry love, I couldn’t see you sad..”

He pointed his chin towards maan and the girl and her gaze followed his and stopped on maan, who was dancing with the girl while that girl was trying to get closer to him. she fumed…what was wrong! She could see maan trying to put a distance between them but that girl was not even listening.

Arjun leaned closer and whispered in her Ears, “the girl you see… Myra, one of his ex…”

Her eyes widened in shock…one of his ex? What did he mean by that? arjun twirled her and brought her back to his embrace, “you really don’t remember anything at you!”, he smirked.

The shock was visible on her face, “how…how do you know?

He smiled and traced his fingers on her cheeks, making her cringe, “I have known him all my life sweetheart and I know how many girls he has slept with…”

She had never expected this kind of revelation! She looked at maan with a fire burning her heart.. deep within her, rose a wild flame that was hard to diminish.

Maan was busy talk to some people when Myra joined them. he was surprised to see her after such a long time. She insisted on dance and he agreed because of basic curtsey. He thought she had gotten over him, but he was shocked beyond limits when she tried to seduce him. he was mad at her. bitch that she was and he didn’t want to create a scene! He pushed her a bit and glared at her, “stop that Myra. It was over years back…”

She made a puppy face and faked a cry, “but I still love you..”

“but I don’t...”

She shocked him further, by raising herself on her tip toes and kissing him on his lips. Before he could react, he felt someone tear apart Myra away from him. he was thankful to that person but was shocked to find that person as Geet!! she was fuming. She couldn’t have seen the drama going on. she didn’t even realise what she was doing. She just went ahead and pushed off that girl away from him.

Myra had got the news of Geet being alive but seeing her in real was as much shocking indeed! She glared at her, “whats your problem…?”

Geet was no where in her dare she!! She pulled her apart and placed a tight slap on her cheeks, “how dare you…bitch!!”

Maan was shocked to see her in this avatar. He knew Geet handa would do that and use languages but his Geet doing this.. he was sure she was not in her senses. He could have enjoyed but he was worried.

“what did you just say? Ohh I see you are alive so you thought you could rope him back to you again…eh Geet!”

Geet was in no mood to listen to anything, “listen Meera…”

“its MYRA…”

Geet rolled her eyes…she realized she had faced this earlier, a similar situation.. a restaurant…the red wide… that shameless girl..she smiled wickedly, the Geet handa style, “whatever..Meera! this was just a slap. Dare you do try such stunt again… I will make sure bitches like you rot in hell…”


She grabbed his arms and dragged him towards the lawn. He was too shocked to see her this angry about something. it was as if she was not the person he had known while coming to the party. She was someone different and it seemed to difficult to understand her these days.

“Geet…what happened? Is everything okay?”

She dragged him to a little secluded place and jerked his hand away from her. he was so damn worried. He grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him, “Geet…tell me what’s wrong…”

Her eyes were not innocent tonight.. they had some kind of fire in them…like Geet handa did.

“have we kissed before?”, she asked sternly, “she was your ex right…how many nights have you pent with her damn it?”

She was shaking with the rage coursing through her and he didn’t know why. His hold softened wondering what was wrong with her, “what are you saying Geet? I don’t understand what you are hinting at…”

She smirked and evil it was, “have we kissed before? Tell me the truth maan… have we?”


He looked into her eyes so deep and full of rage. That fire in them, he had seen in her eyes, when for the first time he had seen her in that disc. He realized this was not his innocent Geet… she was someone else and he knew very well who this other person was. He looked directly into her eyes…glad that he wouldn’t have to act so nice.

He leaned closer, looking directly into her eyes. His one hand caressed her cheek and she leaned on to that touch.

“yes we did… a kiss!  It was more than that…”

She smiled a bit and the next moment, smacked her lips over his, surprising him a bit. She seemed excited, eager and nervous as well. she took his full lips into his mouth and sucked on them. he sighed as his hands slipped round her waist and pulled her close. She pressed her lips harder and then broke apart, “kiss me…”, she demanded.

Hell.. no ways he was going to hold himself, especially seeing this avatar of hers. He kissed her back fiercely, sucking out every bit of air from her lungs. They had longed for this since ages now… that faint memories of their endless passion surrounded them. he slid his tongue into her mouth erotically, not giving her a chance to recover from the assault. she smiled into his mouth and closed her mouth around his tongue, kissing him back, madly. A part of her seemed to return with that wild kiss in the mid of all glitters. His hands pressed her to his hard body, letting her know how much he had missed her over the years. she wrapped her arms around his shoulder, letting out a slow deliberate moan. How much he had missed her!! he delved deeper into the kiss and she just let him unleash. She enjoyed his strength, smiling all through.


They broke apart, after a long breathless moment and there she stood, looking wild with her ruffled hair and that smudged lipstick. She took a step back and wiped the corner of her lips sexily, making him groan with that sight, “I am leaving. You might finish the party…”

She turned back and walked out, pulling her bun down, walking sexily..her style! He watched her walking away and wondered if she even realized what she had done. Did she remember everything or just in fragments?? Questions remained in his mind but then he had to go through the night. he called Sasha and asked her to get to Geet and go home.


She stood in front of the mirror, trying to unzip the chain at the back of her dress. She let her hair on one side and tried to reach for the chain. It was just 10 and maan had not been back yet. She heard a knock on the door and sighed in relief, “Sasha… help me with this zip…”

“well… Sasha is in her room, am afraid!”

She turned back immediately only to see avantika standing in front of her, with a stern face. She apologized immediately, “ohh am sorry.. I thought it was Sasha…”

“umm thats fine… hope you don’t mind taking a seat. We  need to talk..”

Geet wondered what she wanted to talk at this time of night. usually she never even wished her a good morning.. in fact she doesn’t like her at all then why so much drama! She sighed and took a seat beside her, waiting for her to start.

“well.. Geet I wouldn’t take much of your time. So I will be straight and simple. We all are glad to see you safe and sound after that fatal accident and trust me we all feel blessed, especially your family. But I just have one thing to say”stay away from my son!”

She gasped hearing her say such thing! Stay away from maan? What the hell was she talking about!

Avantika sighed, “I know you don’t remember most of the things but am sure you will remember whatever you had done to him eventually. And before you hurt him again, am sure you understand what I am indicating at…”

She left the room, leaving Geet to ponder on the fact what she could have done to maan. She had recalled her family… her friends…her childhood memories yet she never said anything to maan. Hearing avantika, she was sure there was something drastically wrong in their past! She hadn’t even spoken a word about her recalling her past to maan because she didn’t want him to stress more but looks like she had to research more on their past now, that too without letting him know.


next: geet acting weird.


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  1. kaurparamjit32

    10/05/2014 at 17:07

    Oh no please don’t part them for anyone they need each other hope maan starts to understand what’s up with geet can’t wait to find out what’s next

  2. abc48

    10/05/2014 at 21:33

    maaneet part is awesome.geet still can’t remember their moments but wanted a kiss.hate maan s mom.geet pls don’t leave maan.nd maan should keep geet with him at any cost.amazing update

  3. tania900

    11/05/2014 at 15:00

    Geet coming to her form yr yeh arjun to bada kamina haii sachii

  4. tania900

    11/05/2014 at 15:01

    Update dedooo plzzz I am dying to read next part

  5. abc48

    12/05/2014 at 21:56

    pls remind geet that bloody arjun b4 he hurt our geet.


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