It Takes Two Part 21

07 May


 His mouth sucked out every bit of sweetness from hers, taking her to another world altogether. and she just couldn’t fight it anymore. Her fingers loosened from the fist. They had been hitting him in a desperate need to free herself..but now seemed to clutch on his shirt tightly, giving away the change of emotions in her!

God knows when did they stop…but he didn’t seem to have enough of her.  she was breathless when he finally left her after that sensational kiss. He watched her lashes drop down, scared to look up. She was clutching his collar tightly, taking deep breaths. She did not move.. nor did she look up to him. he tipped her chin and raised her face so that their eyes met.

“I love you a lot pumpkin…”
, he kissed the tip of her nose. Shock and surprise and embarrassment were high in her. usure about her own self, she dipped her head lower. He felt hurt. He made her look at him again, “tumhe bura laga?”, he asked her sadly. She was too numb to even react.

“kya mera haq nahin?

She immediately looked up to see his face looking so unsure and quickly shook her head, trying to indicate that she wasn’t hurt or anything, “nahin maan aisa nahi hain…”

And the next moment she fumed seeing that typical smirk on his face. He placed his hands on the wall, either side of her head and leaned closer, “its good that you enjoyed the kiss… and now that you don’t have a problem..”

He winked and pressed his lips to her again in a longing kiss and parted almost after a whole minute of speechlessness, “that was a hot pumpkin…”

He walked away wiping the corner of his lips, that had her gloss on it. she supported herself against the wall. Her heart was thudding against her rib cage. She somehow managed to catch her breath and went to change. She stood in front of the mirror, taking off her earrings when her eyes fell on her lips”that was a hot pumpkin!! She blushed hard at his shameless comment. He was one shameless man. She looked at herself thinking of the times he teased her pumpkin…a fat pumpkin!! She pouted..was she really fat? She turned around, checking herself from top to bottom… her friends might have been right! she could have bloated up like a pumpkin! She felt so pathetic… she had probably become fat!!

She fell on her bead thinking about his words in the party–wife or not, it would always have been you. She felt tickled and then smiled and then blushed hard thinking about their kiss. My goodness, he was so… arrgh she couldn’t think anymore and decided to sleep.

A week or more had passed and maan doesn’t seem to have enough of his pumpkin. So shamelessly he’d pull her into his embrace while she’d b busy with work and kiss her senseless here and there! she’d put up a fight, always, but at the end of it, she’d do nothing but lose herself in him completely. He watched her setting the breakfast table for them, peeping from his file. She was wearing a baby pink salwar kameez and had let her hair down. Ahh the scent of her shampoo filled the air. His finger itched to hold her. his eyes devoured her just like that. she was busy in getting the dishes, he noticed, she had put all her hair to one side of her shoulder.

“maan… breakfast…”, she called, running to the kitchen to get his juice. He kept his file away and sat the the table, waiting for her. she placed the juice glass in front of him and turned to get to her place whn he held the dori of her kurti. It pulled open as she moved ahead and then stopped with a gasp. She had come to know he was shameless but this was too much. she immediately turned back to him, trying to free her dori, “maan ye kya kar rahe hain aap?”

He smiled naughtily and pulled her by her waist. She landed right on his lap, with her eyes widened in surprised. He dipped his face in her neck, taking her scent and kissed her neck. She stilled… knowing very well how pathetically her body reacts to his touch.

“maan…s..stop…”, her lips trembled yet her hands unknowingly clutched his coat, stating otherwise. He held her tight by her waist, not listening to her and kept on trailing lines of open mouthed kisses along her slender neckline. She was so damn aroused just by that… hell she hated it. the moment he touches her, she gets that something something feel in the pit of her stomach that reaches down below.

“maan…office…ouch…“, she tried to remind him of his office when he bit her cheek naughtily. He sighed and raised his head to face her with that sarcastic look of his!!!

“what is wrong with you pumpkin…”
, he sighed, frustrated!

“meine kya kiya?”, she made a baby face seeing that look on his face!

“you know you can’t get away… I just don’t understand why do you even try…”

She glared at him and got up, pushing him away, “just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean aap mann marzi kar sakte hain..”

He sighed and chose to keep quiet. She finished her food quickly and rushed to get ready for college. He watched her carrying her bag and thought something. this had been in his mind for a long time now.

“acha suno…“, he called looking into his phone.

“ji…”, she looked up, wearing her sandals.

“i..i was just thinking why don’t you shift to our room…”, he finally put forward what had ben in his mind lately.

what our room! Am comfortable in this room only..thank you..”

“but Geet…i wanted to..

“I am not shifting! Now will you drop me in college or shall I get to the subway?”

He sighed..she loses herself but that stubborn pumpkin will never give up!!! He sighed, “fine..come on I will drop you..”

He thought of somehow convincing her to shift to his room. He even kept quiet all through the ride to her college and she seemed impressed that he didn’t try to pull another of his stunts on her. she was actually happy that he didn’t do anything as she got down the car..or else he’d have made her crazy with one of his kisses. She walked a bit ahead and then looked back. He had put on his sunglasses. she shook her head and went to college.

She was in the middle of her class when she got a text from maan.

“pumpkin… shift to my room..”

She rolled her eyes and replied back, “no ways…”

“please pumpkin…”Cry

“never…Stern Smile

“pumpkin… I want you in my room when I get backAngry!”

“forget it maan! I am not replying anymore, I have a class going!”

She was damn irritated. He never stopped texting even after she had stopped replying. She was mad at him for being this desperate but somewhere down the line she was enjoying this. He was being so naughty… she loved that deep down. But now she was thoughtful…he wanted her to move to his room! She sighed and scribbled on her notepad! This was irritating.

She waited for him all through the evening but he was late. She checked her phone and it had like 30 messages from him asking her to shift. She hadn’t replied to any one of them. it was already 9 and he was still not back. She got worried a bit…he was usually back by 7-7:30. She tried to call him a few more times but they all went to the voicemail. It was 9:30 and she was getting really worried. She was mad… can’t he just call her and inform!!! Stupid!

The doorbell came alive with endless rings. She sprung to her feet”ohh he was back. She was relieved. She rushed to the door and found him with someone supporting him. worse, he was bandaged!! She was so shocked, “maan…ye sab kya hain? Kaise hua?”

She let adi help him get in and settle him on the couch. Once adi was gone, she quickly knelt down on the carpet and checked on his forehead and then at his bandaged leg. Ohh she was so worried. She ran her hand over his forehead, “ye sab kaise hua?”, she almost cried.

He sensed that and held her hands, “am fine pumpkin. Some spoilt kids rash driving…its just minor cut and a sprained leg thankfully.”

She sighed and checked on his leg, and looked at him getting senti, “mein khana laga doon? Aur aapki medicines…”

He smiled, “adi kept them on the table. Umm..bahut bhookh lagi hain…”

She ran to the kitchen and got his plate. She kept it in front of him and then checked on his medicines. He looked at her worried face lovingly and was about to eat when something struck him. now it might be a chance. He kept the spoon down and faked a cry, “ouchhh it hurts…”

She immediately checked on him, “kya hua? Aap theek hain? Bahut dard ho raha hain?”

He swore he saw tiny droplets of tears in her eyes. He felt bad a bit but then it was for them only. He raised his right hand, “its hurting a lot…”

She pulled his hand and checked. There were just few scratches here and there. she looked at him suspiciously. He immediately recovered, “ohh yaar tab pata nahi chala but now when I am trying to move it, its hurting. Might have hit it somewhere…”

He made such a baby face, faking that cry that she felt relly bad for him. she took the plate and sat beside him, “dijiye mein khila deti hoon…”

She lovingly fed him roti and sabzi, taking care that he wasn’t stressed. He just kept on watching her, occasionally biting her fingers here and there and looked away when she glared at him, pretending to be oblivious to everything. She was really worried about him.. she gave him his medicines and left him to rest. She got to the kitchen and quickly gulped down her dinner. She was doing the dishes when her eyes fell on him. he was trying to get back to his room, limping on one foot. She sighed and walked to him,  “here let me help.”

He smiled and comfortably put his hand over her shoulders and let her lead. His sprain was not that bad either… but he needed to convince her afterall. She helped him settle on the bed and turned to leave.

“Geet… suno..”

“ji…kuch chahiye aapko?”

“umm..get my phone and my laptop from the table na…”

She did as he asked and went to finish her work. After like five minutes,


She ran to him, “ji…”

“you didn’t give me the medicines…
“, he spoke without looking away from his lappy.

She ran back to the living room to get the medicines and helped him with it.

“thanks…and goodnight pumpkin…” he placed a kiss on her cheek. she quickly withdrew and ran back to her room.


She rolled her eyes and ran to his room, “ji..ab kya chahiye…”

“can you get that file from the shelf please…its urgent..”

She went and got the file. He flashed his cutest smile, “thank you dear…”

Geet sighed and finally turned off the lights of her room. The next day was worse for her. he decided to work from home and she couldn’t have gone to college leaving him alone when he couldn’t walk. he kept on calling her again and again for every damn little thing. He worked on lappy while she fed him, got his files, helped him change his shirt (of course with that passionate kiss in between), got his coffee, cleaned his table (well he pleaded her to…) and what not. By dinner time, she was hell tired. She     was by now getting mad at him… he was not that injured. He was..grrr making fun of her!!!

“geettt…suno tho…”, he called her just as she was about to retire to her room.

“kya hain?”, she snapped,

He made a puppy face, “itna gussa kyun ho rahi ho? I just wanted a glass of water…”

She glared at him, “its right beside your bed. Stop irritating me maan.. mujhe pata hain aapko itni bhi chot nahin lagi..mujhe pareshaan karne mein aapko maza aa raha hain na..”

He looked at her cutely, “tho phir meri baat kyun nahi maanti? Yahan shift ho jao na…”

This was it??? he did all this just to make her shift to his room!!! She fumed, “am not shifting. Bye.”

She had just reached the door when he hugged her from the back, tightly, not letting her move, “please…aa jao na…”, he pleaded.

“maan..leave me. Am not shifting…”

He placed a kiss on the nape of her neck, “please…please…pleasee…”

She struggled to free herself and he just held her tighter, “no never!”

“please pumpkin…mere liye…pleasee na..please…”

He was pleading so damn cutely making him look the innocent soul!! She hated all of it. she somehow managed to free herself, “bilkul bhi nahin.. you better sleep.”

“theek hain..tum aise karogi tho mein hi tumhare room mein shift ho jata hoon..”

“NAHIII!”, she screamed, “you better take rest. And dare you do anything like that…”

she was glad he didn’t follow her to her room. She snuggled in her duvet and slept off. Later her night. she felt something warm and heavy around her. she smiled…ahh it was comfortable. She held his hand, that wrapped her waist and snuggled closer. Hey wait a minute!! She woke up with a start only to find herself locked in his arms. He had been holding her tightly in his arms comfortable held her close by her waist.

“maaann…wake up..”, she waked him angrily.

He woke up with droopy eyes, getting disturbed with the lights on, “what is it pumpkin? Let me sleep…”

She was so damn pissed off, “maan..get off me and go back to your room…”, she screamed.

He smiled and pulled her back into his embrace, “shut up pumpkin and let me sleep…”

“maan…GO Away!!”

“am not! Since you are not shifting, I thought I might shift in here.. damn pumpkin your bed  is so small”

“then get out and get back to your room..”

He smiled and kissed her neck, “but I like sharing this small bed with you…can you please turn off the lights now?”

She struggled to let go. He was being too stubborn. He twitched her brows with her constant wriggling and finally pulled her and pinned her to the bed and came atop her, “tumhari problem kya hain?”

His lips were mere inches away from hers. His warm breath fell on her and his heaviness seemed to create some intense sensations in her. she managed to maintain her stern face, “meri problem aap ho.  Please go to your room and let me sleep.”

“I will not go without you okay. And if you want to sleep, you have two choice. Either get addicted to sleep like this, on this damn bed or shift…”

She was sleepy she was irritated and she knew fighting him was like asking for more. She gave up, “fine fine…i will shift now let me sleep…”

A smile played on his lips, “good girl..”

“will you go back to your room now?”, she asked him cutely!

He leaned on her and dipped her face in her hair, “na baba… mujhe tho aise hi sona hain! Tumhara koi bharosa nahin!!”

His hold, his warmth her making her crazy. She knew he was stubborn…but to this extent!!! And this small bed was no way helping her in calming her senses. She sighed in defeat, “I want to shift now!!!”


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2 responses to “It Takes Two Part 21

  1. Afsha

    07/05/2014 at 21:08

    Maan was awesome hahahhahahah
    Bechari Pumpkin

  2. abc48

    07/05/2014 at 21:42

    loved this tom nd jerry types maaneet relation.but can’t understand why geet said I WANT TO SHIFT NOW.what ever do ,but don’t separate maaneet pls


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