It takes Two part 11

01 May

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“stop affecting me Geet…“, he blurted out, “tum ye kya kar rahi ho mere saath?”

She was stunned hearing that coming from his mouth… it was more than one and half months she was here and they talked rarely but saying something like this… she gaped at him in amazement and his eyes locked over hers, not even moving a bit. As is time stood still till his phone buzzed. He was distracted. She took her cue, freed her hand and ran into the lift, fighting for her breath.


He stood there, watching her run. His phone rang again breaking his reverie and then he realized…what has he done!!! He had not been able to take her out of his mind all the time..they had been getting on better terms… he had seen her lost in him, he had seen her conscious with him around her and he just knew somewhere he affected her deep down. It was for the first time he was actually feeling something deep  for a girl. he did have girlfriends in the past but then none of them could stir his emotions like her. she just came to his life like a whirlwind and changed everything. He took the call, not wanting to go home now and complicate things further.


She ran into the house and made a dash towards her room…what the hell was happening? She put her hands on her mouth and muffled her cry. She had loved him from the very beginning and when now when she had been shattered and trying to move on, he is just coming back to make things work. She just locked herself in the room and went to sleep, planning to give a break to her thoughts for the day.


Man returned home at around 10pm. He walked and saw the lights turned off. Everyone must have retired to bed by now. he sighed and went to sleep. He knew he had been right on his part tonight…he was suffocated with the feelings within…he needed to let go. And his straightforward personality was  one of the reasons behind as well. she had occupied every bit of his mind and heart..his peace was gone..he saw her in office/. In the car..every where and he was so restless. There definitely was a certain spark between them and he just admitted it.


The next morning, dadima found the house very quiet. Geet didn’t hum while she worked in the kitchen…maan didn’t go out for a jog…none spoke. she had seen them the previous night coming back separately but then Geet looked gloomy. There definitely was something wrong. Nevertheless, they must learn to sort out their problems on their own.

Annie joined them in their breakfast table and maan noticed Geet quite lost. She wasn’t very cheerful like other days and hardly replied to annie. What irked him the most was her not making eye contact with hi…when she served him or passed him the juice or made a conversation. He had always been straightforward with his wants..and Geet was definitely someone special to have made him this crazy. He tried to speak or get her attention in some way or the other but she maintained her silence. She never looked at him..not even replied to his questions about her college. He dropped them in college and Geet was the first one to ust get off the car and rush inside without even giving him a damn.


Initially, he thought both of them needed time but things turned worse when she avoided him completely for the whole two days. This was definitely not helping him when he was dying to talk to her… let her know how each and every thing of hers affect him to no ends. He called her up in the evening asking where she was.

“I will be picking you up from college… we need to talk.”

Geet didn’t want to face him now…especially with that inner turmoil she was in, “nahi…aaj nahi mil sakti…wo..mujhe assignment karna hain tho college ke baad ruka hoga..”


She just blurted out her words and disconnected the call. She definitely didn’t have any assignment to do. She just didn’t want to face anything. Yes, she had loved him..probably still loves him but her past always stands in front of her, reminding her to be careful with her fragile heart. she sighed and slumped on her chair when her phone beeped with “Aryan” flashing on it. for a moment she felt relieved… she could at least spend some time with him and forget everything else.

It was 7 and maan didn’t want to go home in the fear that she wouldn’t be there. he needed to talk to her..just once. he called dadima and realized that Geet hadn’t

been back and that she and annie were going to mrs dixit”s place for dinner and they’d be late. He sighed..there was not much work so he decided to get back. He was driving slowly..not wanting to go to an empty house and feel her ignorance. It hurt…damn it hurt so much. he stopped by a cafe to grab something to eat when his eyes fell on Geet, sitting with someone in the cafe and laughing!! He didn’t even see who the other person was… but definitely felt agitated! She didn’t have time for him and here she was enjoying when  he was burning within. He just dropped the idea of food and drove back home feeling extremely hurt.


Geet was really glad that she met up with Aryan. She felt better actually…much better. She took the subway and reached home. She would just quickly finish her dinner and go to bed. All this thinking was tiring her to no ends. She walked in and found the house completely silent. She guessed no one was there. she quickly changed into her casuals and got to the kitchen, wondering if anyone would be there with her for dinner.


She was about to chop some vegetables when she heard footsteps. She looked ahead and stood numb, seeing him stand by the door, with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes spitting fire.

“how was your assignment?”, he poked in deliberately. She gulped a bit knowing very well she had lied to him and she was bad at lying.

“er…wo..yeah acha tha…”, she as feeling so tense standing right at the focus of his gaze. She felt uncomfortable… his gaze almost burned her inside out. She avoided eye contact and wanted to get out  of this place asap. She just looked around and found some wafers. She grabbed and quickly made an exit when he held her hand, halting her. she gasped with that strong grip of his.

“you were not doing any assignment…i know it..”

His cold voice almost made her shiver and he sounded scary, “maan..chodiye mujhe…”, she winched. He pulled her right to his front in a jerk and looked at her intently, “stop running away Geet…”

She looked everywhere but him…not now..not this confrontation now, “ aap kya keh rahe hain..meri kuch smajh mein nahin aa raha..”

mujhse aur apne aap se jhooth bolna band karo aur meri tara dekho..”, he demanded.

His voice was firm..stern and she couldn’t help looking at him. he leaned closer and she took a step back. She was scared..not because of him but because of her own conflicting feelings.

maan…mujhe jaane dijiye…”, her voice trailed off as his fingers softly caressed the smooth expanse of her cheek, making her jolt.

“this is the first time… pata nahin aisa kyun ho raha hain Geet..but i..i just can’t stop thinking about you..’, his voice softened as his fingers trailed those soft cheeks ever so gently and then down to her slender neck. She almost moaned with that touch, “maan…no..”


His hand that had held hers now snaked her waist and jerked her close to him. her wafers had fallen on the floor, making a mess.

“look at me Geet…stop denying…”, he probed seeing her desperate stuggle to hold on to her sanity, “I know you feel it too…”

His  one hand held her tight on her waist while the other tipped her chin to make her look at him, “please don’t run away from me…”, he pleaded. She opened her eyes only to meet his soft ones. She could have melted so damn easily but her eyes welled up. He felt something for Geet, the girl…but damn it, she was his wife!! Does he even know that he has a wife? A sudden pain engulfed her..he never loved his wife… he had denied her without even seeing her face. Geet might give in to her love but the wife eithin cried and felt so hurt.


He was shocked to see those tears in her eyes…he had least expected that. she gathered all her courage and pushed him away, “stop… maan ye sahi nahin hain…”, she covered her mouth with her hands to stifle that cry and ran into her room, “ye sahi nahin hain…”

He punched the wall with  all his might, making his knuckles bleed. Damn it… why was she this hurt? Why the hell did she cry? She knows very well that they feel for each other and what he feels for her is probably getting stronger each passing day.


The next morning, Geet quietly made the breakfast and served it on the table. Dadima and annie had still not joined them she was settin the plates when he jerked her close, “I am not going to leave it this easily..’

She was conscious..she was scared. She struggled to break free, “mujhe akela chod dijiye..”

She truned to leave when he held her wrist and pulled her back, “Geet… stop running damn it..”

She turned around, trying hard to control her sobs , “aur meine kaha hain ki ye sahi nahin hain..mujhe chodiye maan…”

She pushed him away and before he could say anything, dadima joined them and so did annie. Dadima had been noticing them quite restless all through and Geet looked even gloomier. She hardly spoke to anyone and kept herself to her room. That evening, annie knocked her room and walked it. Geet was sitting on the bed, looking lost.

“hey Geet…kahan khoyi ho…maan bhai will be back in next half an hour don’t worry..”, she teased.

Geet gave her a weak smile and nodded, not knowing what to reply. She recalled all these days of their arguments…their fights..their masti with annie..and suddenly everything seemed to crumble down.


Dadima looked for maan and found him in his study, lost in something. she sat on the couch and cleared her throat gaining his attention.

“ji dadima…kuch kaam tha.?”

“is there something you want to talk? About…geet?”, she carefully put forward her question. Maan couldn’t believe dadima knew all this. But he was relieved..he wanted someone right now and dadima seemed to be the best person as of now.


next: realizations

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    today i read its all parts.just feeling wow.maan is falling love with his own what can maan do with his ownself/ can’t wait for next


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