It Takes Two Part 8

28 Apr

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Maan was hell irritated seeing dadima support Geet ll the time. Just an outsider she was.. a guest and he didn’t like her having so much influence on his family. He sighed and walked into the kitchen, brewing up his hot coffee. He noticed, she was sauting the vegetables. Geet was so conscious…couldn’t he at least wear a vest rather than exposing himself like that?

He took his cup and walked away, not before whispering in her ears, “you better cook pasta nicely…”


His warm breath fell on her nape, ticking her senses. She froze immediately, letting the feel paas. He was indeed such a rude and an arrogant man of all times!!!


Its been a week and maan seemed to get busy these days. Dadima was recovering and did notice annie enjoying herself a lot. But in all this, the person who remained unusually quiet was Geet. he didn’t want to notice but then a presence of a person in your house does affect you a lot. He noticed her keeping herself busy with dadima or kitchen, fulfilling every demand of dadima and annie on food  or keeping herself confined to her room.

Dadima noticed Geet and annie missing their studies so she insisted maan on getting them admission into a good college nearby, so that they could complete their education. Maan agreed readily for annie but he hesitated for Geet.


maan please…do you see how  quite she has become? She doesn’t even go out…in mansion, she used to be the life of the place… don’t you see certain emptiness in her eyes?”

Maan sighed…can he ever win any argument with dadima?? He decided he’d talk to Geet over this and know her stand. Anyways she was always locked up in the house. he sure was getting addicted to her  being around… quietly in the kitchen or watching tv or reading a magazine. He sighed.. he has to talk to her..huh!


It was evening when dadima and annie decided to take a walk in the nearby park. They invited Geet but she refused. She wanted some time to herself..moreover, with this cold war with maan was definitely tiring her. they never spoke but the glares they shot at each other for every damn thing over the week was too much for her. she was glad maan returned post 8pm. She bolted the door and cuddled up in the couch, watching some typical bollywood movie. She felt a bit relaxed…with maan around she always had to  put up a strong face. It struck 6:30 and the doorbell came alive with constant ringing. She was startled  at first and then walked out wondering why annie and dadima came back so early. She unbolted the door and opened it with a smile, “aap log itni jaldi waapis aa…”, and then stood rooted, seeing maan right in front of her, and ate her words.

[you people came back so early…]


That smile… maan never thought could have affected him like a whirlwind… all these days he had never seen her smile. yes, for the very first day, he did admit that she was very pretty. He had never been greeted with such a sweet smile before…probably the sweetest smile of all times. He gaped at her, thoughtlessly and then cringed at the fact that it vanished seeing him. they had definitely been at odds all through but he was somewhere getting affected and he just didn’t know how and why! Everything that goes on in this house is just related to Geet somehow.


She dipped her head and moved aside, letting him in. Why today out of all days? Why? She watched him walk into his room… he indeed was way better than his pic she had been shown.. way manlier…way too handsome… but her heart had been crushed brutally by the same man whom she had fallen in love with. Before she could delve deeper into her thoughts, his voice distracted her, “Geet… could you  make me some coffee? Mujhe tumse kuch zaruri baat karni hain..”

[I need to talk to you something important…]


Her heart skipped beats… he wants to talk? She stood in the kitchen counter, brewing his coffee, wondering what did he want to talk! Did he recognise her? or did he remembered about their marriage and wants to throw her out again like the last time. Millions of questions zoomed in her mind until she saw him come out, wearing his tracks and a lose white t-shirt looking absolutely dashing, almost knocking the breath out if her.  she trembled wondering why the hell is she even thinking to give up the fight… it was him who started it in the frst place. Her husband… how beautiful it sounded but how pathetically empty it felt!!


She took his mug and kept it on the table as he settled himself on the couch with some files. She turned to leave when he stopped her, “Geet…baitho… I need to talk.”

“umm…”, she consciously sat down on the couch beside him. her stomach twisted and turned… if he gives his verdict..where should she go in this place..far from own country?

“dekho Geet… mein tumhe zyada nahi jaanta… but its dadima.. she wants you to continue your college with annie here…”

[see Geet…i don’t know much about you but its dadima…]

Geet looked up at him sadly… it had always been dadima. But what about him and his responsibility towards this marriage? But the next set of words she heard almost made her blood boil, as he forwarded the forms to her

“.. umm mujhe pata hain ye sab shayad zabardasti hain tumhare saath but dadima ko mein kabhi mana nahi kar I had to consider it you know. “

[umm..i know its all being forced on you but I can never deny dadima…]


She couldn’t believe he understood her only this much all these days… ohh well who was she even expecting from!! He thought she was a charity case. Her eyes welled up instantly as rage filled her heart and she just screamed, “aapko kya fark padta hain…”

[why do you care?]

Maan was here trying to get in terms with this girl and here she was showing him attitude. He glared at her and threw the papers on the table, “ek tho mein tumse baat karne ki koshish kar raha hoon..aur tum itna attitude dikha rahi ho mujhe…

[here am trying to talk to you and you are showing attitude…]

“please… aapka ehsaan nahi chahiye mujhe..”

[please..i don’t want your generosity..]

“then do what you…”, he stopped there, seeing those tiny droplets of tears in her eyes and yes he did see something beyond those tears as well, like dadima had mentioned…a certain emptiness, some unspoken words and a lot of things. she walked off to her room and locked it, sulking the whole time. Maan was taken aback.. what was wrong with him? this girl..uff she was really getting on his nerves and her every gesture seemed to affect him in someways. He collected the papers and went to his study, sipping the coffee“umm it was delicious!!


Dadima and annie found the house quite silent. They wondered if maan and Geet had certain fight. Geet lied flat on her bed, looking at the ceiling aimlessly. What should she do now? she had always believed in the concept of love… and no wonder she had fallen in love with him. it was easier to give in and go ahead..but it was much difficult to gather those shattered pieces of her love and self respect and forgive him. if given a chance, she’d happily accept him…but would she ever be able to forgive him?


Even dinner was very quiet as dadima noticed. Geet just served the food robotically and avoided eye contact. Even maan looked quite mad about something. they had dinner in silence except clinking of the spoons and forks. Dadima and annie looked at each and then finally dadima broke the silence, “Geet…bete.. humne aapke liye college forms bhijwaye the.. maan ne aapko diye?”

[Geet beta we had sent college forms for you.. did maan give you?]

There was a brief moment when maan and Geet glanced at each other  and then looked away.

Geet kept her eyes glued to her plate, “ ji dadima…”

“theek hain..aap form fill karke maan ko kal de dijiyega…”

[ okay the..fill them and give it to maan tomorrow.]

Geet quickly finished up with her food and walked back to her room, closing the door. What was just happening to her?


Maan looked at the time…10pm it was and everyone had retired to their rooms and back at the forms he was holding. Her gloomy eyes just flashed in front of his eyes and then that smile he had seen earlier.. he sighed and went to her room and knocked. He waited for a while for her response and then pushed the door a bit ajar. He stood there rooted, seeing her stand in front of that  huge glass wall, with curtains apart. Her back faced him..but the sight was beyond beautiful.


Moonlight shimmered down on her, casting her shadow behind her. her room was dark and the sight was all the more beautiful. He gasped a bit, feeling little labour in breathing…she looked like an angel and no girl ever had this effect on her. he stood there for some time, watching her in silence until his phone vibrated in his pocket. He was broken from reverie and kept the forms on the study table just beside the door and walked off closing the door, making it oblivious.


That night, he just couldn’t sleep. Why on earth was she affecting her without even doing anything? Her smile had him enchanted…yet those gloomy eyes and that silhouette of hers seemed make him restless. There was something in her..just something that had attracted him from the first day itself.


The next morning, he decided not to confront her anymore. All she does is either glare at him or shout at him like she did the last night and doesn’t even have the decency to say sorry. His ego was hit…but then he had better things to look at. He missed the sight of Geet on the breakfast table while the servant served them brakefast.


“where’s Geet?”, he asked nonchalantly just because he was addicted to seeing her around.

“wo..sir Geet ma’am still hasn’t come out of her room.. I will serve it there…”

Annie and dadima eyed each other naughtily. For a moment annie had completely forgotten that Geet was married and why wouldn’t she…for she hadn’t worn any signs of marriage for the past so many days. Annie was addicted to her casual look and fun loving nature..she was no ways into those wifey things for her. seeing her bro taking interest in a girl for the first time made her giggle, earning a glare from maan.


She quickly looked down muffling her laughter. Just then the door clicked open and Geet walked out, wearing a casual kurti and jeans. She had let her hair down…dark and silky like the darkest of the nights. Maan looked at her trying to fathom that beauty of hers that seemed to have taken away his sleep. Somewhere there was a desire that emerged to trail his fingers over that soft cheek of hers.

“here dadima… forms..”, she meekly forwarded the filled forms to dadima who was quite happy seeing them duly filled.

As Geet moved to her seat beside annie, she did feel his gaze all over her… she felt so conscious of it…she had always felt like that from day 1. Annie’s eyes followed maan’s surprising her to no ends. She looked at dadima and winked. Geet took the bowl to serve herself  when their eyes met…once again! it was just a fraction of second..she blinked in acknowledgement  for the forms and looked away.


He sighed and left, thinking all the way to office what was actually going on in her mind at the first place! She screams..she laughs…she understands… what can he make out of this? He knew he was getting too involved whish was so not him.

“its just a matter of time maan…”, he convinced himself, “she is just… too irritating?” he settled with that question mark, lingering in his mind the whole day.


next: Geet cryingOuch…maan consoling?? Shocked


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