It Takes Two Part 7

28 Apr


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She knocked the door but then there was no answer. She knocked again and found the door open. She pushed herself in and horror gripped her heart. she immediately kept the plate on the table and rushed to dadima who was lying unconscious on the floor..

“dadima…dadima… annie… nakul…”, she screamed she was so scared to see dadima not responding. Maan and annie heard her scream and rushed towards dadima’s room. And in no time , they were following the ambulance towards the hospital. Maan was so damn scared. He stayed with dadima in the ambulance while annie and Geet drove in annie’s car.


They rushed dadima for a complete check up while maan paced restlessly waiting for the doctor to say something. annie and Geet sat quietly, holding each other.

“bro..dadima will be okay na?”, annie cried. Maan sighed and caressed her head, “yep she will be fine. After dadima gets well.. we all are flying back to London…”


Geet had closed her eyes but hearing him, her eyes snapped open! So this is why he came back… to take dadima and annie away! She felt the corners of her eyes burn…first he didn’t recognise her… pathetic that he had never seen her face at the first place itself. And yet again she will be left alone…to her fate… and she could probably not even be the same now. she couldn’t take it and just walked out, hiding her tears. She was no where a part of this family. And if dadima and annie go away, she’d have no1 to turn to. All these days they had become an integral part of her life. yes, she was hurt by maan… her love  was insulted but then dadima and annie filled her with so much warmth that she wouldn’t be able bare such a pain again.


It was around early morning that dadima gained consciousness. Maan was sitting by her side all through the night. the doctor came and checked on her, “theres nothing to worry mr khurana her sugar level had gone down drastically…she is better now but she shouldn’t stress. Her bp was high as well…”

Maan held dadima’s hands once the doctor was gone and kissed her palms, “are you alright dadima? I was so scared you know..”

Dadima smiled weakly, “am alright maan..where’s annie?”

“she is waiting outside…i’ll call her..”

Annie came and cried hugging dadima…they had none but dadima in their lives. Dadima caressed her head but was quite restless to see an absence. Maan noticed that.

“kuch chahiye dadima?”

[you need something dadima?]

“Geet…geet kahan hain?”

[where is Geet?]

Maan rolled his eyes, “pata nahi… she was sitting with annie but I think she went home..”

Dadima was worried for Geet now… especially with the advent of maan back into her life, she knew how hard it must be for her.

“call her…she must be worrying…annie..”

“yes dadima I wil check..she was with me but then pata nahin kahan chali gayi…let me call her..”


Annie dialled Geet’s number and she picked up at an instant, letting her know that she was sitting in the front hospital lawn.

“yaar..dadima wants to see you..”

And the next moment, Geet was sitting in front of dadima, holding her hand and sobbing, “mein darr gayi thi dadima…”

[I was scared dadima..]

“its okay beta..hum theek hain..


Just then  maan entered talking to someone over the phnone which made everyone look up at him.

“why are you people looking at me like this?”, he spoke, finishing with his call.

“what are you planning maan?”, dadima looked at him sternly.

“am taking you two back to London… and yes.. no arguments. Its decided ..bas!!!”


Dadima was shocked and looked at Geet looking quite gloomy. She just dipped her head and tried to look away. Dadima tried to speak to Geet seeing her so broken but then she just couldn’t speak anything in front of annie or even maan for that matter. The whole day Geet kept mum, taking care of dadima and annie. Maan was too busy making plans. He have had enough of dadima’s zid to stay in india. He was taking  her and annie back… thats it.


It was evening when they finally brought dadima back home. Geet helped her settle and have medicines. Dadima slept off with the effect while Geet decided to take a shower. She came out after a while, wiping her hair and stood by the window, looking down at the lawn, lost in her thoughts.

Maan was sitting in the swing working on his lappy while annie sat beside, leaning her head on him. he was busy arranging for stuffs for their departure a day later. annie had slept off leaning on him. he stretched a bit and rested his head back when his eyes fell on that petite figure of that woman, standing by the window, with her hair let down. He couldn’t see her face but he knew it was her… the girl from yesterday. She was indeed beautiful… his mind had registered it yesterday itself. He tried to look away but then he just couldn’t avert his gaze… and their eyes met!!


Geet had been quite upset and when she realized he was looking at her, she just couldn’t stop questioning him with her eyes. She accused him and cried and blamed him for her pathetic condition today…if only he had let her speak, she’d have probably forgiven him. but then he was never the one to like her.. he tarnished her self confidence… and she hated that fact. She tore away her gaze from him and walked in, pulling the curtains shocking maan. He sat heir for a while… what the hell does she think herself?


Later that night geet was about to enter dadima’s room when she heard yet another argument of dadima and maan and this time, it shocked her further.

“dadima.. why that girl? wo kyun jayegi humare saath? Come on.. itni bhi zyada philanthropist banne ki zarurat nahi..”

[dadima…why that girl? why will she come with us? Come on… you don’t have to be this philanthropist!]

“maan… Geet will come with us…”

“but I don’t want that… we are moving away. Ask her to go back to her family or find another accommodation… we are nowhere carrying her…”

“I will go..only when Geet goes with us..or else forget it…”

“but dadima…”

“leave me alone maan..i am old and lonely. You will be busy with your work.. annie will be busy with her studies… do you care about me? Just go..”

Geet blinked a couple of times to dry away the tears in her eyes and knocked.


She walked inside, looking down, not daring to look at maan as well. she knew his gaze was completely on her, especially after that curtain pulling stunt, she knew he was mad at her but she just could care less. She might have to go away now. she helped dadima with the medicine and tunred to leave when dadima stopped her, “Geet…pack your bags. We are leaving for London tomorrow evening…”


Her eyes widened hearing that…how could she go like that? when the person who was supposed to take care of her doesn’t care at all? A thought crossed her mind”does he even remember that he was married and has a wife?

“but dadima…”, she tried to say something, looking at maan’s stiff expression when dadima cut her in between, “this is my house..i decide who stays and who leaves… better be ready tomorrow..”

Geet left while maan glared at dadima, “kya zarurat thi ye sab karne ki?”

[what was the need to do all this?]

Dadima just ignored and turned away to sleep. She was determined to teach maan a lesson and give Geet her right, especially when Geet was this hurt.


Geet sighed and wondered where was life taking her. she looked at the seat beside her where maan and dadima sat in their  business class while she sat with annie on the huge couch size seats, lost in her thoughts.

She was tired…of running..of fighting with her feelings…of crying… and sulking. She needed and break from all her thoughts. She just closed her eyes and drifted off to a deep sleep until annie woke her up, informing that they reached!!


She was awestruck with the beauty of the city.. just like she had seen in movies… a dream world perhaps. A while ago, she had dreamed of flying to his very dreamland with her husband…hand in hand.. but dreams seldom come true. She just quietly sat in the car  and went straight to her allocated room in the 10 storyed high penthouse. They were at the topmost floor. one side of her room had a floor to ceiling glass wall, that looked over the city below and huge thick curtains hung at the corners. She ws just too tired. She fell on her bed and slept off immediately.


The next morning she woke up with sounds of annie and dadima from the hall. She quickly freshened up and walked out, only to see them bickering over the breakfast.

“dadima.. I want pasta…”

“nopes..but I want upma…”

They were fighting over what to eat when Geet smiled, “okay okay ab bas. Mein dono hi bana leti hun..”

[okay okay stop..i will make both…]

Annie squealed in joy, wowww Geet..tumhe pasta banana aata hain?”

[wow know how to make pasta?]

“yep…aata hain…”, Geet spoke proudly, “ghar pe mein hi sabse best pasta banati thi..”

[yep..i know…i used the make the best pasta at home..]


Geet pulled her dupatta and walked into the kitchen looking for the ingredients. She chopped the veggies while she looked at dadima and annie chatting and having coffee in the hall. Just then maan walked out, just in his trousers, bare chested and a towel hung around his shoulder. My my… she gasped seeing him like that..and immediately looked down, feeling embarrassed.


Annie was noticing Geet and giggled seeing her conscious.

“bhai.. what do you want to have? Pasta ya paranthe?”

Maan took his file from the table, “pasta obviously…”

Annie laughed and screamed, geettt… make pasta for bhai as well…”

Maan looked towards the kitchen and umed seeing her there, “what is she doing in my kitchen?”, he glared at annie, who was enjoying this, and so was dadima.

“maan… its not yours but our house.. and Geet is a member here. So let her do what she wants…”


Maan was hell irritated seeing dadima support Geet all the time. Just an outsider she was.. a guest and he didn’t like her having so much influence on his family. He sighed and walked into the kitchen, brewing up his hot coffee. He noticed, she was sauting the vegetables. Geet was so conscious…couldn’t he at least wear a vest rather than exposing himself like that?

He took his cup and walked away, not before whispering in her ears, “you better cook pasta nicely…”

His warm breath fell on her nape, ticking her senses. She froze immediately, letting the feel pass. He was indeed such a rude and an arrogant man of all times!!


next: and the cold war continues…Confused


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