25 Apr

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She quickly finished her dinner and rushed back to her room, wondering what the next day held. She had so much to learn about. Ana was in the other room, doing her assignment. She got all the time to think. She recalled Sasha telling her about her office. Who she was actually?? Restless at her own question, she changed sides and thats when her eyes fell on her lappy kept on her study table. She immediately got up and switched on the laptop. she connected to the wifi and searched “Geet Handa..”


She sat there confused seeing so many links with Geet handa and tags and captions and so many. She carefully read them one by one and clicked on a random link that spoke about Geet handa. She took her time to read and re-read the sentences one by one… it had many things about her education., qualification, her residence, her work… what position she had been… most of the professional things it had. It was some random article on Geet handa’s life, she realized as she scrolled down. She was quite excited and anxious at the same time but then something struck her eyes.. and it was none other than maan’s name attached to hers.

“…Maan Khurana and Geet handa: do we see the future Mrs khurana?”


Her heart skipped a beat.. Mrs Khurana?? Was she even supposed to be His wife?? Millions of butterflies zoomed in her stomach as curiosity and anxiety struck her with a force that  could shatter everything. She was reminded of their pic together in her camera…was there something she didn’t comprehend? She went back and searched for pages related to her and maan. There were a few and every one of them screamed of them being together and madly in love! were they really? It was such a big revelation! She eased back onto her chair..sasha said maan loved her.. she had their pic as evidence… and then the media..  then why couldn’t she remember the moments with him?

Shocked…surprised that even the world knew about them, she clicked image links of theirs..and stunned to see so many pictures of them parties, in certain gatherings…hand in hand.. holding wine…looking into each other’s eyes..her eyes welled up…they were together..humesha se!!!


Unable to take so much this night, she stood up to retire to bed. She stopped seeing maan stand right behind her…looking at her intently. He had his arms crossed over his chest and his look told her clearly that he had seen everything. His expressions were unreadable. Their eyes met…and the time seemed to come to a standstill. She knew this man had certain powers over her… even though she doesn’t remember, some part of her seems to trust him blindly…like with him, nothing could go wrong. And with the love heavy in her heart..things were so different. how would it feel to love him again? he came for her..and she knew she lost her heart to him once again the day he hugged her madly in that crowd for the first time. He always knew about her…everything but its so unfortunate that she never! 

“…did…we…were we always together?”, her lips trembled whilst she asked. She didn’t know what it was that attracted her to him..but if he was supposed to be the one, then be it.

He knew it was time when she remembered everything. With her memories returning, there was no denying to anything she recalled. And he had yearned for her so much over those months and when she was recalling things, he just didn’t have it in him to stay away from her. he had waited long enough.

“…umm… humesha se..”

She waited with abated breath  and almost forgot breathing when he answered that. she was happy…very happy that he had been always hers but then her distant memories made her feel even more pathetic. She looked into his love filled eyes…she had never thought of the possibility that he could have anyone else in his life as she started realizing her feelings. She went ahead and hugged him with all her might. He was hers… humesha se. She felt his hand curl around her tiny waist, squeezing the breath out of her. and she liked it… it was warm and safe, she knew.


Tears rolled down her eyes…ohh how she hated her helplessness…how she wished she could remember everything about them!! if love was supposed to feel this beautiful, she’d rather not dare think of life in his absence.

“I missed you so much jaan…”, he finally confessed. He had always made sure she was never pressurized about anything and thats why it took the hell out of him to hold his sanity around her. to have her this close…and not able to touch her… kiss her… hug her..had almost made him reach his limits.

Both of them remained in that position for god knows how long… but then a voice disturbed them.

“ahh…i am sorry I will come back later…”, annie giggled and walked away, closing the door behind. She had finished her assignment and had come back to have a chit chat with Geet lest she was awake and what she saw almost made her flush. She walked into their romance. She fell on the bed, laughing, wondering their condition now. yes, she was happy but somewhere  deep down, there was a certain pain lurking around. It was not a very intense feeling in front of her happiness but it felt all so natural. She hit her head close the lights, “Ana…you better come out of it asap.”


Maan broke the hug, hearing Ana’s voice and cupped her cheeks, “sleep… tomorrow you have to go with Stella…”

Ohh god…stella again???!!! she felt  annoyed in a very cute different way. They were having such a nice moment and that Stella had to poke her nose even without her absence. He pecked her forehead and walked out, leaving her happy…umm not at all!!


The next morning, she woke up early, feeling butterflies in her stomach. realization hit of the last night and new feelings hit her like a morning breeze. She looked at the time… digital watch she used now, for she still had a little problem in reading analogue watches. 5:30 it was..she was way to early than her scheduled waking up time. She wanted to sleep more but then she couldn’t.. so she decided to take a tour of this huge mansion. She was still in her pjs. She get into her fluffy slippers and walked out. The sun had not risen yet and the entire place was awfully huge. Gosh..she’d get lost she felt. She walked slowly towards the other side of the mansion and wavered towards the gym. Wow..he was a gym built in his mansion!! She liked it…in fact loved it.

She walked in, looking at all the stuffs kept there and stopped short, seeing him a little distance away, doing his push ups. Her breath stuck and so was she on her way..and what took her breath away was his shirtless form, going up and down…up and down.. sweat glazing in the morning light. My my… he was umm… she felt flushed… he was probably a greek god descended down to earth as a curse to womankind. Her heart skipped few beats as she stood rooted, realizing how handsome he looked, huffing with the workout. She just couldn’t tear her gaze away. The feel that he had set within her was beyond control. for her, love seemed something beautiful and dreamy, lest she knew what she had done in the past.


Maan was standing up when he noticed her cute form, standing a few yards away, ogling at him. he was  first surprised to see her there but them almost laughed, seeing her so lost in him! she had always been like this…she always lost it with him, though she never admitted..but things just had to go a little crazy. He slowly inched closer and upon realizing that she was caught red handed, she took a step back, feeling so conscious, so embarrassed!! He walked closer and the next moment she turned to flee but he caught her hand, almost stopping her heart.

“what are you doing this early…hmm jaan?? Checking me out?”

Her eyes widened at his comment.. my my, this was so damn embarrassing. She couldn’t even look up to meet his eyes. Uff, the way he started right into her soul, she would lose it, she knew.

Upon hearing no reply from her, he held her tighter and pulled her closer in a jerk, “you know you can check me out like this…”, he whispered huskily, making her blush furiously.

“…i was just…”, she tried to formulate her words.

“shhh… I am all yours… had always been…”

She looked up hearing his earnest confession and the next moment, she ran away pushing him, feeling shy.  She closed the door of her room and rest back on it, panting furiously. She was sweating profusely. Her hand still had his touch lingering and his words… hitting her deep down somewhere, making her react this away. 


She took all the time in the world to get ready, not knowing how to face him now. but she had to go to her classes as well. she somehow gathered all the courage not to blush and walked down. She saw Ana waiting for her at the dining table. Maan was sitting on the couch, tapping away something in lappy. He saw Geet and smiled, “Geet… have your food. You will be leaving in the next 30 minutes.”

She sighed and had breakfast with Ana while maan had his on the couch, lost in his work. It was just the moment when Ana and Geet had finished that Stella walked in, wearing a hot pink track suit.. the moment she saw maan, she walked ahead to shake a hand and hug him lightly. Even maan reciprocated it as a friendly gesture. He was used to have females around him (lol).

Geet didn’t like it!! when the hell only a hand shake turned into a hug?? Even Ana noticed that! they looked at each other, understanding what the other was thinking and then back at maan and Stella, who seemed to have a good chat.

“so MK… how is it with your work?”


Geet and Ana were standing right behind the couch, almost fuming at Stella’s words! Ana leaned closer to Geet and whispered, “di… When did Mr. Khurana change to MK?”

Geet was more irritated with Stella now and just to add to both the sister’s miseries, Stella sat down right beside maan, chit chatting and he seemed to talk so nicely to her. Ana gestured Geet to go ahead and interrupt and so she did with a grin on her face.

“maan…shall we go? Aren’t we getting late?”, she spoke extra sweetly adding more sugar and honey making him wonder whats wrong.

He held her hand and made her sit right beside him, “ya jaan.. we will leave in a few minutes..”

Geet shot  a dirty look to Stella who seemed to understand it but ignored. ahh..geet was elated. She looked at Ana happily who gestured her with a thumbs up!!! Ohh that was so wicked of the sisters but they loved it.

Since it was her first day, maan went to srop her and before leaving, he surprised her with a quick peck on her cheeks, “.. have a nice day. I will send the car to get you hmm!”

She stood like  a fool, feeling blushy mushy until his car was out of sight and then walked in, feeling so victorious over Stella!



She was hell tired after the day..she had her last physiotherapy sessions and her first dance lessons. She never knew she was this flexible with her moves and she was picking up steps really fast. The whole day she spent there and finally it was time to get home.

She stepped into the mansion which seemed quite. Maan was in office as usual, avantika had probably gone out and Ana would be in her room. She was about to go to her room when she heard noises in the kitchen. Come to think of it, she was hungry too..might as well grab something to eat.. she stepped into the kitchen and stopped rooted, seeing the person working her way. She heard her footsteps and turned towards her smiling, “welcome back ma’am…”

“sashaaa…”, she just couldn’t believe Sasha was back!! She ran and hugged her tightly.

“ohhh…i missed you so much…”

Sasha smiled and hugged her back. She cooked something quick for both of them and got back to Geet’s room chit chatting. Geet was tired and dozed off early before even maan arrived.


She again saw the same vision…car, loud noise..she was crying..and she was alone and then there was nothing but darkness around. She woke up panting furiously. She saw it again and she wanted to know more about it. its been a few days to her dance classes and Sasha was she was all the more happy. Maan was keeping a bit busy with his office but he wouldn’t leave a chance to spend some time with her. avantika kept aloof from all this. She did not like whatever was happening in the house and what maan was up to. She felt bit left out.

As she sat in the car with Sasha, to leave for her classes, she turned to her, “Sasha..lets go to the doctor!”

“doctor? Ma’am… are you alright?”, Sasha panicked.

Geet narrowed her brows, “whats with the ma’am thing for the past few days han?”

Sasha smiled, “theres a reason to it ma’am…”

“what is it?”

“you will get to know it soon.. but why doctor?”

“I need to ask him something.”

They took appointment and met with Dr Richard and Geet told him about her recurring dream about her being in the car.

“.. I was feeling so helpless at that time.. like so much hurt..i was crying and I don’t know why..”

Dr heard everything and checked her reports..she has improved a lot.

“ms Geet… you have to try to remember all those moments that you were hurt and lonely and you were in pain…i believe that might trigger your brain to throw back the memories at you…try to think of the most painful times of your life…”

Geet left with Sasha and she knew she had to work really really hard. She got back home in the evening to see maan on a call with someone. She forgot everything at an instant realizing it was Stella he was speaking to. Rage coursed through her body as she shut herself in her room and fell on the bed, trying to think of the  moments that hurt her the most.


next: geet searching for her accident case


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2 responses to “PART 53

  1. abc48

    25/04/2014 at 20:42

    after long days got by day geet is improving .hope to see geet s memory back but must keep innocent nd soft geet also

  2. geethuisabseparyi

    26/04/2014 at 03:50

    awesome ud
    geet knows about her and maan and feel glad and trun to see maan standing abserving her she hug him
    in morning geet drooling on maan and maan told her that is her right he all her
    stella came and going friendly with maan and he was spoke nicely with her he never having problem with girls he deal with many girl in business feild but geet not liking this
    geet improving hope after memory back this sweet girl also remain in geet


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