09 Apr


okay..this is the last update before i go off for the last three papers of mine
Exams are still on and i had mentioned earlier right..
i will be giving one or two updates in between..

i will see u after 24th.Wink
If possible, I will only Update my more one part.


“jhoothe… mein nahi maanti… mein aisi bilkul nahi rahin hungi…”

[liar… I don’t buy that.. I would never have been like that…]

“I have known you for a long time Geet…trust me you were…”

The car came to halt in front of huge iron gates of a mansion and she was red with rage, “Stop lying maan.. I am not going to buy that…”

She turned away from him, crossing her hands over her chest. He smiled…probably she didn;t realize but she did give him a glimpse of his old jaan just now..!!

She stood awestruck at the entrance, seeing the grandeur of the huge less than a palace. Maan came around, instructing the servants to take her luggage while he stood smiling, looking at her, so awestruck. He inched closer and slipped his hand round her waist, what are you thinking?”

“its so beautiful…”, she spoke dreamily.

His smile got wider as he pulled her even closer and whispered sexily in her ears, sending chills down her spine, “you owned one as well darling… even bigger..even more beautiful..”


She looked at him in awe as he led her into the mansion, holding her close to him. she was so lost in him… he just seemed to be someone right out of her dreams.. her prince charming…the way she had always imagined. She never realized when she had gotten inside when a loud voice broke her reverie,

“Stop right there!!”

She was startled by the voice and immediately looked to her front. A lady stood right in front of her..may be in her early fifties, looking so royal and so gorgeous..she couldn;t take her eyes off the lady. She wore a simple off white sari with a pearl necklace round her neck, looking at them angrily. She dared to look at the lady and their eyes met…she felt intimidated… like she was accusing her of something. she clutched maan’s arms tighter and looked at him, who looked at the lady with equal intensity as her gaze.


Maan knew this was to happen sooner or later and he had to talk to his mom. He was very sure she’d understand him like she had understood him when he had told her about Geet in the past. Well she was the same person..just a little different thought.

Avantika was surprised to see all the luggage. She went out to see who was coming and stood rooted seeing maan with Geet!! it took her some time to actually register things… Geet was supposed to be dead!! Who was this girl?? how come she was alive?? And what was maan doing with her? and with her name, came all the memories that had shattered her son’s life!! she loathed that girl who used him… she hated her for being so selfish, breaking maan’s heart into pieces and she was never supposed to even come back and dare show her face after that.

Maan didn’t falter. He looked directly into his mom’s eyes, “mom… its Geet..”

“she is alive?”, avantika gasped!!

Geet just stood motionless, realizing it was maan’s mother and then her words… what she mean by being alive?? It took avantika some time to let the revelation sink in and when It did, sheer rage and hatred filled her heart.

“yes mom… she is…”

Before even he could explain her anything, avantika shouted, “why is she back??”

Maan never expected his mom to burst out but then she was not at fault either. But he wouldn’t let anyone wrong his jaan too. He held himself high and replied, “she will be staying here…”

“no… this girl… no ways she is going to stay in my house… never”

Geet was so scared seeing things turning so different…so worse. She did realize that avantika would have known her from her past..but she didn’t understand why she disliked her so much!!

“mom…please..listen to me.”, maan tried.

“no maan… did you forget what she did to us…to you?? Did you forget what you had to go through because of this girl?”


Geet was so shocked to hear all that. she could have done something terrible she guessed. She looked at maan in shock.. what had she done to him?? what the hell had she done to him that his mother hated her!! she tried to think but then she just couldn’t recall! Tears welled up in her eyes to see so much hatred…maan was right perhaps. She could have been so much a bitch…

“mind you maan… you might have forgotten everything in the past because you love her.. but think once if she deserves it! a mother’s heart never forgets her child’s tears…she doesn’t even deserve your love or the care…”

Geet was totally numb hearing all those. This was perhaps one part of her past that she had not been told about. Sasha and Ana had given her ideas about her past…all the nice things but this was the bitter part. Her entire body raked with a sob as she left maan’s arms and tried to move away, unable to take all that.

but she couldn’t move. She felt his hand hold her tight by her wrist, not letting her go away. She turned around, with her eyes filled in tears to which he shook his head indicating not to cry. He pulled her close and held her close to him. avantika noticed that.. she was scared that maan might hurt again. she knew maan would do anything for his love…she never doubted him…but will Geet be able to do the same?

image upload no size limit


Maan held his jaan close and glared at avantika, “she is going to  stay with us for now aur koi Geet se kuch nahi kahega..”

[she is going to stay with us for now.. and no one will tell her anything..]

He gave his verdict. Avantika knew how stubborn maan could be. But she would not see him hurt once again.

“tho humari bhi baat sun lijiye maan… hum aapse nahi poochenge aap kis wajah se iss ladki ko waapis ghar laye hain.. par agar usne humare bte ko phir se takleef pahunchane ki koshish ki..tho humse bura koi nahi hoga…”

[then listen to us maan… we won’t ask you why did you get this girl back but she tries to hurt our son again, trust us,  you’re gonna see the worst of us..]


Avantika stormed off to her room, shooting glares at Geet. maan thought his mom would understand but he has to talk to her now. he knew avantika was worried for him but he couldn’t stand and see his jaan being wronged.  He was about to talk to her when his phone rang. It was adi from office. He cupped her face, “jaan be in the room..i will be back..”

He asked the maid to show Geet her room while he walked towards his study, speaking to adi. Geet watched him vanish into the mansion while she slowly followed the maid towards the stairs and then to her room. The maid settled her luggage, “ma’am..please call us if you need anything..”


Geet just nodded blankly and fell on the bed with a thump. The maid closed the door and went away. She just sat on the bed, motionless, thinking about avantika. She said she did something horrible to him.. guess the dark side of her past it was..and this was just the beginning. She recalled the day when maan had hugged her madly for the first time and he had asked her where she had gone without telling him anything at all. She stood up and stood by the window, lost in her thoughts. She tried recall anything… she closed her eyes and remembered of the moments that she had recalled recently. She had seen herself with maan in the car..she had seen a doll in her hands.. and some few things here and there but then it struck her”the car! She had been driving the car..she was crying madly… she was speeding and the next moment there was light all around.



She jumped hearing his voice from behind. She was too lost in her thoughts and his voice just scared her. she turned around, breathing heavily, only to see him stand right in front of her, looking at her intently. Maan was surprised to see tears in her eyes, “jaan…kya baat hain?”

[jaan…whats the matter?]

She tried to speak but her lips trembled. She choked with emotions and the next moment. She hauled herself in his arms, sobbing badly. He immediately cocooned her in his arms, holding her tight, sensing her discomfort. He was really sorry for whatever his mom said.

“am sorry jaan… am so sorry… mom didn’t think and she saw you after such a long time…am so sorry..”

He hugged her tightly, hiding her entirely in his arms. He just couldn’t see her hurt or broken! He caressed her back, until she calmed down.

“am sorry..”, he heard her broken voice.

“am sorry maan…”

He wondered why she was saying sorry. She wasn’t at fault at all. He wiped her tears and cupped her cheeks, “shhh… you are not at fault Geet…”

“yes I am…”, she cut in between, “…for everything I did to you.. and your mom…i may not remember everything but yes I must have done something so terrible to deserve all this.. am soo sorry maan…am so sorry…please mujhe maaf kar do…”

He didn’t know what to say now! he was rendered speechless. What has happened to his jaan? It felt as if she was not who she seemed to be!! He felt a little detached from that innocent Geet who knew nothing. He saw a very new person here… its like she was the heart of Geet Handa…her real inner self that she had never shown to anybody.

“its okay jaan… you were never at fault..”


He convinced her but he noticed her quite lost. The way she talked now and the way she behaved, it was as if she had slowly acquired back the poise of Geet handa… how could he not have noticed this all this while? it was as if there was an invisible remote control which switched off the hard exterior of  Geet Handa and exposed the inner Geet within her. he watched her carefully as he helped her settle her things. she didn’t speak much..she still seemed upset but then the way she arranged stuffs… her study table, her way of holding things had changed. It was slow gradual process  but yes, she was changing.



Maan went to avantika and told about Geet’s condition to her. avantika was angry at Geet… yes she did understand her condition and maan was glad about that but he couldn’t forget her last words before he left, “whatever it is maan… we cannot forgive her for what she had done to you. She can live here and do whatever she wants, its none of my concern. Don’t drag me into all this..”

He sat in his study, looking into some files and lost in his thoughts when his phone rang. It was Sasha.

“yes Sasha…”

“sir, things went on as we had suspected. The media was indeed here, asking me about Geet and about handa empires…i managed to convince them that they had been mistaken but things are not good in india as well. there are rumours about Geet being alive and Chachi is being questioned as well…”

“umm… they wont keep quiet until they have found out… fine Sasha, wind up your work there and get to the mansion as soon as possible. I see her changing..”

“sir, we might have to start training her…the shares are being sold and only Geet could stop the auction because if its proved that she is alive, then being the heir, the shares will go back to her lawfully…

“you are right… I think she has remembered a lot of things now. we need to start  working on her…she has to get back everything she lost..”

“and I believe you are the only one who could get her ready for the big event next month.. Chachi will fly down before the auction..”



That afternoon Geet had a very god sleep.. though a tumultuous one. She had been thinking so much about her past… and her memories of her family flashed in her mind..her playing with her dad… little Ana.. Chachi… her going to college.. her friends… those long drives… her being pampered by her father… though not everything but she did she glimpses of her past that actually made her connect to her own self.

She woke up lazily with a smile adoring her lips… but soon vanished as she realized where she was and what had happened in the morning. She stretched herself and stood on her feet, thinking something. she went towards her study table and took out her notebook where she recorded things.

“I met with the other side of me today. I still don’t remember a thing but it is dark, hurtful and lonely. How I wish maan tells me everything but I know he won’t if I ask him. I have to find things on my own. I have to find Geet Handa…


She kept her notebook away and looked for the books that sahsa had kept in her bag. She opened one of the files she saw and looked at the content. It was a file of what Sasha ahd collected while trying to help her in recalling her past. There were pictures of her office, snaps of some important people she had known all her life and something written about them. Sasha had hung in on a clip board in her room and now she had given them in a file. She sighed and sat down to read them, slowly, trying to work out things.

Ana got back and was surprised to see Geet on the study table. She ran and hugged her sister, “ohh diii… I can’t believe we are staying here..”

She had been so excited to go to maan’s place…and now that she was here, she just couldn’t hold her excitement. Geet closed her file and smiled seeing Ana this happy. Things seemed a little normal, she guessed, though she missed Sasha. She held Ana’s hands and led her towards the bed. Both the sisters sat together after a long time, “ was your college?”

Ana seemed surprised by that. she looked at Geet quizzically.


“you know used to ask me this question every single day when I was in’d call me every night..”

Geet was amused, “you were in London before as well?”

“umm.. yeah I completed my schooling here… you never wanted me to stay here and you back in India…”

That seemed so enchanting for Geet..knowing something about your life…she even wanted to tell Ana about her dream..ask about her dad but then let it pass seeing her blabbering all about her college and studies. Just then a servant knocked and informed them to get downstairs for dinner.


Ana looked at the was 8:30 already and they never realized how long they talked. The two freshened up and came down the stairs. Maan was already waiting for his princess by the stairs. My my…her heart skipped several beats when she realized he was waiting for her. his intent gaze made her blush…he held her hand and led her towards the table. She just couldn’t take her eyes off him. he wore his tracks and a lose gray t-shirt, looking so handsome. Ana looked at them and smiled..they looked cute together. her eyes fell on maan…and she rolled her eyes. He indded had the charms to make any woman go breathless around him. she controlled her smile and joined them.


Just then avantika came and stopped by the table, seeing the three. She glared at maan and then at Geet, wondering what all was happening and with Ana..things were complicated!! Geet caught her gaze and immediately looked down, unable to bear that gaze. Even Ana stopped smiling seeing avantika not in a good mood. Avantika looked at maan who seemed to shake his head for a no. She sighed and quietly sat down to eat, recalling her and maan’s conversation. When children didn’t what  they wanted, parents can do nothing.

All of them had dinner quietly and with avantika being there, the atmosphere suddenly went silent. Maan was busy testing more and eating less.

maan… please stop tapping your phone even on dinner table..”, avantika warned.

“yes mom… just have to reply to this…”, he spoke munching his roti, lost in his phone. It was then Geet dared to look up at avantika and then back at maan. He was actually not eating anything at all. He would take a bite and text until he had finished swallowing it. she rolled her eyes and looked at Ana. Even she was noticing the same.

She shook her head and took another bite when maan called her, “Geet… “

“umm…”, she looked up, only to see him still lost in his phone.

“tomorrow Stella is visiting us..she has enrolled you in a dance class like we had talked the last time. Its nearby..just a lane away so that it would be easier for you to even walk and go. But  for the firt few days, take the car and go. Stella will be with you…”

“ohh..stella will be here??”, her face suddenly seemed to lose color. that means she will again see maan.. and that means she will again try to be near him… and that means she will definitely be on her nerves!!! She looked into oblivion lost in her thought!

Maan wondered why she went silent. He raised his head from the phone and looked at her all lost.

“Geet…you okay?? Geet…”

“uhh… yes…’, she was zapped back to reality with his voice.

“are you alright?”

“hmm..i am… “

She quickly finished her dinner and rushed back to her room, wondering what the next day held. She had so much to learn about. Ana was in the other room, doing her assignment. She got all the time to think. She recalled Sasha telling her about her office. Who she was actually?? Restless at her own question, she changed sides and thats when her eyes fell on her lappy kept on her study table. She immediately got up and switched on the laptop. she connected to the wifi and searched “Geet Handa..”


Next: falling prey to her own heartBlushingWink


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    loved the update.pls make maan s mom be positive.nd want a great friendly bonding with avantika with geet.all the best for ur exams

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    wow love the update loved how maan is shadowing and protecting his geet and avantika protecting maan hope geet does regain some more memory now and she seems stronger to can’t wait for next but will all the best with your exams u can do it

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    just reread it i guess geet is going to meet the real geet handa within and all her harsh truths hope maan is there to support her can’t wait


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