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Ths Update is dedicated to ritzz and all the maaneet fans!


She hit her head and giggled at her own excitement. She changed into a white skirt, reaching just below her knees. She tucked her phone in her small bag and rushed out, leaving a note for Sasha behind!!!

“this way ma’am…’, nishant very cleverly convinced her to get into the car. He wondered if it was this easy to lure the Geet handa out! His channel’s trp will reach heights and maybe he might just get promoted!! He looked at Geet who seemed to enjoy the view outside the window. It would take almost 45 minutes to reach his office… southern London it was, complete opposite but then that was fine.

“maan asked you to take me?”, she asked again unable to keep her excitement in check. Past few days had been so tough for her… she made mental notes on how to and what to sunaofy him for not meeting her or even taking her calls.

“yes ma’am… he did. We will reach in a few minutes. Why don’t you enjoy the music?”, nishant lied as he switched on the music player. Geet flashed a cute smile and rested back on her seat, enjoying the cool breeze and the soft music.

Sasha found the door locked from outside. She had come to pick some files from home and the locked house scared her to hell! and the first thing that ran in her mind was Geet’s safety. She unlocked the door and hurried in, calling out, “Geet…geeettt…where are you?”

She called her again…but dead silence replied her with nothing. She panicked..where could she go? Goodness it was not the right time… she recalled her strictly instructing her not to open the door for anyone whatsoever. May be Ana took her out for a walk or something. she immediately called Ana who seemed to reject her calls. Sasha panicked even more… they had to be very careful with whatever steps they took. Geet was recovering quickly now but then she wasn’t supposed to be out alone. just then her cell beeped with Ana’s text.

“in class… need help?”


Shasha closed her eyes in frustration and rushed to Geet’s room to check. She checked the washroom, Ana’s room and even her own room. She checked the kitchen. Fear and panic gripped her heart. Geet should be safe… or else what will she answer nisha? she called on Geet’s cell a few times but panicked even more when she didn’t answer the call.  tears clouded her eyes as she fell on the couch, totally drained. And thats when her eyes fell on the sticky note pasted on the flower vase on the table. She quickly grabbed it and her eyes widened in shock reading her note.

“maan wanted to meet me..

He has something to say. Don’t worry


Gosh…she hated maan now. agreed he is very close to Geet but then he just couldn’t do something this rash without telling anyone. She immediately called maan who was  driving to some place for a meeting. He wondered why Sasha called him all of a sudden. He put on his Bluetooth as he answered, “yes Sasha…”

“if you don’t mind asking sir, is Geet with you?”

“Geet…with me? Nopes… I haven’t spoken to her for the past two days…”

“what do I do then…”, Sasha almost cried and maan didn’t miss that.

“what happened Sasha? Is something wrong? Where is Geet?”, he was panicking now.

“I don’t know.. I came to pick files and she isn;t at home. She left a note saying you wanted to meet her and thats why she is gone to you..”

“what?? I never told her anything like that…”, he was shell shocked to hear all that! where had she gone?

“… and I don’t think she is alone…”, Sasha sobbed!

Maan brushed his hair with his fingers, “ok calm down… do you know anyone who could take her out or something?”

“I don’t know…I just don’t know…i had strictly asked her not to open the door for anybody… where could she go??

“did she carry her phone? Did you check?”

“umm…i tried.. but she isn’t taking my calls…”

“fine..don’t panic..check the areas where she could go..or the places she knows..i will track her phone…”

“umm…i always keep her gps switched on…in case we have en emergency..”

Geet had completely forgotten that she had kept her phone on silent mode since the previous night and she was not in mood to talk to anyone because of the situation. Even while going with nishant, she just kept her phone in the purse and carried it away.

Maan was so tensed. He had meeting in 30 minutes but his jaan was in trouble. He shouldn’t have left her alone. he cursed himself…there was definitely someone who knew him and thats why he/she was able to lure her out using his name! He was so frustrated with that realization. He called her a few times but she never answered.  He immediately turned on the gps and tried to track her phone. After a few minutes, her location flashed on his screen, heading towards south!! Fish… what was she doing so far?? He kept the phone right in front him, checking the directions as he followed. He was going to kill that person. He kept on checking her movements and was surmised to see that red dot stop at a point. He checked the location…some department store it was. He was anyways not every far. If he drove faster, he might just reach her on time.

Geet was feeling sleepy with that cool breeze when nishant stopped in front of a department store. Geet looked at him quizzically.

“you might be feeling  thirsty ma’am…even I am. please wait here, I get something to drink..”

“umm…okay…”, she nodded and stretched herself. Uff..maan had to call her this far! But then there must be something important…otherwise why would he call! She looked around and saw so many people around. There were kids, parents and friends and couples.. she loved watching them.


Maan drove like a maniac…breaking all traffic rules. He had to get her out in time or else there was going to be trouble. It took him almost 15 minutes to reach the place he had located and looked at his screen. The red dot still remained there that means they hadn’t moved. He switched off the tab and looked around, thinking how to look for her when a car just pulled out of the parking crossing him. he didn’t notice much but yes, he did catch a glimpse of her smiling, as the car crossed him!!! it took him some time for his brain to register what he saw and connect to the situation! God…it was her!!! she was with someone she doesn’t even know. He immediately shot up and drove behind them. damn…he is so close but traffic was slowing him down. They were ahead and they were speeding.  He honked at the vehicles wildly as he followed their car almost till the  highway. They were just  a few meters ahead. He pressed the accelerator and almost levelled his car with them, honking wildly, asking them to stop.

Geet was drinking her soft drink when the loud honk beside her irritated her. she turned towards the sound and almost chocked seeing maan, calling out to her.

“maan…”, she gasped.

Nishant was totally shocked to see maan following them. F*ck!! He didn’t expect them to be followed and that too by maan singh khurana! He tried to speed up… and maan’s anger reached new levels seeing nishant on the driver’s seat. He accelerated ahead and stopped in front of them, blocking them. this made nishant brake hard t avoid collision and Geet almost fell on to the dashboard.

Maan climbed down the car and marched towards nishant angrily. Nishant came out , scared and the next moment, he felt a tight punch right on his nose, making it bleed.


“how dare you…just how dare you..”, maan screamed and thrust another punch right on his stomach!

Geet came out seeing all the commotion and almost became numb seeing so much violence. She had never till date been exposed to something like this… as she just watched maan showering punches and slaps right on nishant. And nishant was bleeding… her eyes watered seeing so much much blood…she was scared.

“where the hell do you think you were taking her?”, he thrust yet another punch, making him scream.

“sir…listen to me..please…”, he knew this was the best way to escape…beg!

The situation suddenly seemed so unfair to Geet as tears rolled down her eyes, seeing nishant so much in pain and maan being cruel to him. she had never expected her maan to be like this… so violent… so angry…he could almost kill nisahnt.

Maan was about to kick nishant who was already lying on the ground when she screamed, “stop it… stoppp…both of you…”

“Geet…dare you interfere… am gonna kill this man..“, maan screamed. He was not being in his senses. Something could have happened to his jaan…he had lost her once, he was not going to lose her again. he kicked nishant making him wince in pain, “you bloody people deserve this…”

“no..let me go…”, he cried.

But maan was no where near listening. He was about to punch him again and Geet pulled him away from nishant and screamed, “stop it maan… what are you doing? You will kill him…”

He looked at her angrily, “you know what he was doing to you? Do you realize?”

“yes I do… but let him go…”, she was so frustrated with all this. First, Ana and Sasha avoiding her, Ana’s friends making fun of her.. and then maan being like this..all hit them back with double the force and amount.

Nishant took the chance to get on his feet and drive away before maan literally killed him. maan tried to run after him but he was gone. He was so so so damn angry and then letting him go away this easily, he was even more mad. He turned back only to see Geet standing right in front of him, looking at him angrily. He marched towards her angrily and held her by her shoulders, shaking her violently, “do you realize your one mistake could have cost you so much? aur kitni bewakoof ho sakti ho tum? Jab mana kiya tho samajh nahi aata hain kya… has your brain stopped working? Kuch ho jata tumhe tho… can’t you see the difference between right and wrong you stupid girl…”

[ do you realize your one mistake could have cost you so muc? How stupid can you get? When we had told no…can’t you understand? Has your brain stopped working? If something would have happened to you then? Can’t you see the different between right and wrong you stupid girl…]


His fingers dug into her skin, making her wince in pain. But as his words sunk into brain, it hurt more than his grip!! She looked at him, broken… so he also thinks the same! Ohh and she had been stupid enough to believe that he cherished her.

“we all know you are not well..but did you even lose your power to think or what? Who do you think he was han??”

She blinked a couple of times, trying hard to digest the fact and managed to utter, “he…he said he will take me to you…  you had sent him na..”

Maan rolled his eyes as he left her, “I never said anyone to bring you to me okay..i meant it when i said I won’t be seeing you… don’t you understand? Are you that stupid to follow whoever calls you?”

She had been so happy when she saw him coming to her but then all her happiness just vanished. He never wanted to meet her… his anger, his rage seemed to tell her how pathetic she was for everyone..just a pitiable thing. Her grip on his shirt loosened as she took a step back. Ana’s friends were so right!!!

“is this why you are mad at me?”, she blurted out, hurt and broken.

“is it because you didn’t want to see me and that person took me to you… you are mad at me right…”

Ohh god…she was taking it all wrong. He was too angry to argue anymore. He held her hand and dragged her to the car.

“no…let me go…”, she jerked her hand away.

“Geet…stop it..and come with me..”

“no I wont… just because I don’t remember anything and unable to be as smart as you.. you feel am embarrassing right…”, her voice chocked, “thats why you don’t take me out in public…thats why everyone keeps me locked up in the house… I embarrass you…”

“Geet…its nothing like that…stop thinking shit and come with me…”, he tried to hold her hand but she inched away. Her eyes were brimming with tears, “its okay… you don;t have to be embarrassed anymore because of me.. I won’t bother you…”


Before he could even say something, she rushed to a nearby cab. He ran and held her hand, “hey..where are you going? Geet…”

“just leave me alone…I have become like this doesn’t mean you could play with me..i know I am an idiot who doesn’t remember a thing..”, her voice cracked as she could bear it no more, “i…i am sorry to have bothered you so much.. I won’t do it again… promise…i know I embarrass you…and am sorry for that.

Maan stood silent, seeing her cry! Gosh..his anger took the better of him!! he closed his eyes hearing her so broken and so hurt..

“its not like that Geet…”, he tried politely this time…but then the damage was done perhaps. She quietly sat in cab and drove off. He stood there for a long time, feeling so frustrated and angry at himself. He had spoken way too much today.. gosh he is hell bent on ruining his own life perhaps. But then he couldn;t stop himself  seeing nishant take advantage of her innocence.

Geet cried all the way to home…she was such a fool to have believed everything. She should better be at home only…it was the best. He followed her in his car at a safe distance, cursing himself. She stopped right in front of the house and rushed in. Sasha was waiting for her as maan had already informed her. Sasha paid for the cab but she was surprised to see Geet in tears. She had just silently walked and locked herself in her room.

Maan sighed as he saw her walking in and drove back home. He was in no mood to even think anything now. he called adi to postpone the meeting and went back to his study, thinking of so many things. He knew nishant won’t keep quite. He would definitely create problems. He was very sure the media would haunt him. nishant knows Geet’s whereabouts and he wont stop. He called Sasha and informed her the same and asked her to be careful.

It was evening when Sasha knocked, “Geet…you there?”

Geet hadn’t come out of her room the whole day. Sasha guessed there might be some problem and thats why didn’t bother her but then she didn’t know what was wrong. It was better she talked to Geet.

She knocked again and found the door open. She peeped in only to see her sitting on her laptop, listening to songs with her head phones on.

“Geet…”, Sasha put her hand on her shoulder.

Geet didn’t even pause the song or remove her headphones. She was listening to a very familiar song over and over again…

I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

“Geet..are you listening??“, Sasha called once again and Geet remain lost. She had a flashback while listening to this song the last time…it was all hazy but this time she saw it again..and clearly. She was with maan, holding him close, hugging him as the song went on. that girl she had seen last time was her…she had been so hopeful but what’s the point…he doesn’t even want to see her face now.

This time, Sasha removed the head phones from her ears, “Geet…am talking to you..”

Geet looked at her all blank and quiet. Sasha cupped her cheeks, “what happened baby?”

She had never seen Geet this gloomy ever. But Geet didn’t answer. She removed the jack from her lappy and played the song via speaker. Sasha was getting worried now, “Geet.. tell me… kya hua? You have to go for a check up now. after this, the doctor will tell you the next set of therapies…”

Geet just looked blankly at the screen, “I don’t want to go. I can’t do it anymore..”

Sasha was so surprised hear all that, “Geet…what are you saying?”

“nothing.. bas ye sab karne ka koi fayada nahi… mujhe nahin jaana..”

[nothing…just that theres no use of doing all this.. I don’t want to go..]

“but why… you have improved so are able to write complex sentences and solve tough calculations as well..”, Sasha tried to show her the positivity because she realized Geet was upset because of her own self.

But Geet perhaps didn’t seem convinced, she switched off the lappy and went to her bed, “I want to sleep for a while Sasha…don’t wake me up..”

Sasha guessed she must be really upset about something. but it was better to leave her alone now. who knows she might have faced her past today or that might make her remember something. she closed the door gently and went away.


Maan couldn’t sleep that night. he tried to call Geet to apologize but she never answered. He cursed himself… what was he doing!!! But then his heart wasn’t In guilt. He knew he was so protective of her and thats why he did all that… he was god knows how crazy about her..just that he couldn’t show it to anyone…neither then and nor even now! but somewhere deep within, he was upset.

Same was with her…she didn’t sleep a wink. The thought that he probably doesn’t like her anymore because of her condition almost ate her within.

The next morning, the news screamed MSK hitting a reporter because of a girl and it could be a police case alarmed everyone. Avantika was worried too but maan was least bothered. He could deal with it but who would deal with his jaan? There were news on the tv as well and that shocked maan. There were images of Geet’s area in the tv. His anger was back…this nishant wouldn’t sit quietly he knew…but then he might just try to expose Geet. he just did a quick calculations and called up Sasha, asking if everything’s okay!

“I don’t know sir… but i don’t think Geet is safe here..we need to move..this is trouble. They might reach us anytime..”

Maan thought for a while and explained his views to Sasha. She agreed and rushed to Geet  post the call. Geet was just out of her bath when she noticed Sasha packing all her stuffs in a hurry.

“Sasha…what is this? Hum kahin jaa rahe hain?”

[Sasha what is this? Are we going somewhere?]

“umm.. yes we are for the time being.. now hurry up and get ready. Maan will come anytime to get you…”

Maan was coming? She was so hurt…there was no way she would go to him now. he didn;t want to see her face only…it was better she stayed away from him. she twisted her lips and fell on the bed, “I wont go with him…”

Sasha made sure she also packed Geet’s books and whatever notes she had made…everything that was hers.

“you have to darling… thats the only way to protect you..”

Geet rolled her eyes…everyone is trying to protect her but can’t they see they r hurting her in the process!

“what are you all protecting me from? I am fine thank you..leave me how I am..” she bit back. She was irritated with the words protect, safe and what not.

“its no time to argue… we don’t have time… we will talk about it later but now get ready and come down for breakfast..”

“am no kid Sasha..tell me what is wrong…”

“I want you to be ready in 5 minutes and be at the breakfast table now!”, Sasha was firm and she knew the argument was over.

Ana was also packing her bags when Geet came downstairs. Wow…she was going with maan as well. Geet looked at Ana but didn’t even smile. she was still upset with Ana for being so rude. Ana kissed her cheek wishing her a good morning but Geet didn’t respond. She just had her cereals quietly and went to the lawn while Ana went to Sasha, helping her out with stuffs.

Geet sat on the chair and opened one of her essay books to read. She was slowly liking to read and write. She was in between one interesting part when the door creaked open and maan walked in!

She stilled, seeing him…every damn word of his rang in her head from the previous day as tears welled up in her eyes. Maan was so glad to see her..he wanted to hug her tightly and tell her how sorry he was… kiss her senseless… god knows what not.. but he felt even more guilty when she just ran inside, not even sparing him a look. He sighed…he had hurt her badly. But then first things first. He walked in and saw Ana all ready.

“Geet kahan hain?”, he asked.

[where is Geet?]

“she is in her room sir… I will go and call her.”

“umm..ana keep yours and Geet’s stuffs in the car..quick!”

“aye aye captain…”, she smiled and hurried up. She was shocked when maan wanted her to move to KM as well but then his reasons were logical. It was on papers that Sasha didn;t work for the handas anymore. If Geet was gone and the media found Ana with Sasha, there definitely will be some suspicions. He had to trace Geet away and he decided to go for it.

Maan waited in the hall for Geet. it was almost after 15 minutes when Sasha came with her head hung low, “she isn’t opening the door…she says she wont go anywhere with you..”

Maan sighed, “fine Sasha be here.. I will go talk to her..”

He walked up the stairs and stood right in front of her door and knocked, Geet… open the door please…”

Geet was sitting by the door, hiding herself, sobbing when she heard his voice. Why was he even here when he didn’t want to see her face?

“no…i  won’t..please go away maan.. I don’t want to bother you…”

He sighed and tried again and yet again but she was being adamant. She refused to open the door to him.

“fine… if you are not going, then am not going anywhere as well.. let everyone know that The Geet Handa is in such a vulnerable state now…”

He sat on the floor, by the door, outside the room. It was as if only the door was the means of separation between them. but maan’s words did catch Geet’s attention. She was curious to know who she was…

“Geet handa? I don’t want to know.. when I ask you, you never tell anything… now I don’t want to hear… please go maan…”

“but I was to tell you your story today…”, his voice was softer this time.

“I don’t want to know…”

“but I want to share it with my jaan… won;t you allow me?”

Uff… his words always have that magical effect on her. she rested back on the door.. she had been trying so hard to remember their story and out of all times, he was telling her now!!

Maan waited for her answer but there was no sound. He smiled, remembering the first time he had seen her…and her silence just gave him the cue to speak.

“I saw you for the first time in a night club… you were there with your friends…looking extremely pretty with that dark red lipstick… and can you believe, you danced with me..”

She was amazed to hear it from his lips. So thats how they had met. Her heart was suddenly beating so fast… as he continued.

“I just got to know your first name that night…geet.. and I was sure you were going to affect me very badly… I looked for you after that but never saw you again…

The second time we met was in a restaurant.. you had gone for dinner with your friends and I with mine…and that night I realized you were one confident girl who stood up for herself..”

“the third time we met was in Paris…”

Geet remembered Ana telling her that she met maan for the first time in Paris on her birthday. Everything sounded so nostalgic from his mouth yet they were like a distant dream for her… she never remembered a thing!!!

There was a sudden silence between them… none spoke and not a bird sang. It felt almost eternity when she broke the silence, “Phir??”

He smiled, ” can I tell you the rest in the car jaan… we need to get out of this place…”

“you promise?”

“yes I do…”

And the next moment, the door slowly and his jaan walked out, wearing a light blue salwar kameez, looking absolutely stunning. He just couldn’t take his eyes off her!!

She stood in front of him, looking down, “lets go…”, she hummed sweetly. She was sweetly surprised when he pulled her close to him, holding by her waist and walked down proudly. She was feeling so conscious with Sasha looking at them and even Ana… but he cared a damn! The moment she thought he’d leave her, he’d hold her even tighter. She loved the whole thing… he was possessive about her..she could guess and it gave her butterflies in her tummy. They sat in the car and drove towards Ana’s college first. She had a few classes and she’d go to km directly from there. Ana bid them a bye while maan drove towards km. His angel sat right next to him, looking here and there.

He controlled his laughter, “I remember my promise baby… I do..”

She looked everywhere but him, having been caught as he continued, “you were in college then.. and helping your dad in office.. and I’ll be honest darling, you were no less than a bitch!!”, and he started laughing. Her mouth turned a big O hearing that language as she fumed, “excuse me..what did you say? I was a what…”

“you heard it right Geet… you were raunchy.. you were so hot headed and you were so ambitious… you never thought once before saying anything to anyone..and the language you used jaan…god bless those ears…”, he seemed serious now.

“but I don’t believe you…”, she cut him in between., “no ways…you are lying..”

He smiled, “come on jaan… you still haven’t remembered those.. you were like that..”

She immediately compared her real self with her past..there was no way she could have been like that!

“jhoothe… mein nahi maanti… mein aisi bilkul nahi rahin hungi…”

[liar… I don’t buy that.. I would never have been like that…]

“I have known you for a long time Geet…trust me you were…”

The car came to halt in front of huge iron gates of a mansion and she was red with rage, “Stop lying maan.. I am not going to buy that…”

She turned away from him, crossing her hands over her chest. He smiled…probably she didn;t realize but she did give him a glimpse of his old jaan just now..!!


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  1. amrithanair

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    Awesome one,Can u believe i have read d whole updt by keeping fingers crossed, every moment it gives a feeling dat dey r going to loss the thread,bt y r u bringing ana to KM,if u r den pls stay her on d out house,though avantika doesn’t like her,hope she may nt choose ana to be her daughter in law,i jst hate dis ana,frm d starting i was having d fear dat she will be going to cm in between maan and geet,hope she will be soon out of deir life,waiting for nxt part

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    awesum part


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