10 Jan

am not keeping well for a few days now and with college being hectic i am not able to update on a regular basis. I will be updating every weekend henceforth.… please bear with me. need time to catch with studies and college!Ouch


He rushed to her to hold but she jerked his hands away, “stay away from me…no… don’t come closer..”


“No… Go away… just go…i don’t know you”.

He didn’t know what happened to her all of a sudden. She was all okay when he had met her last… did she forget him…yet again? was he going to lose her yet again? millions of questions zoomed around his mind as she screamed at everyone to just leave her alone.


This was so wrong. She doesn’t recognise anyone. He didn’t know what to do. She cuddled to one corner of the room, asking him and nisha to stay away. She looked scared…confused…frustrated and she wasn’t letting anyone touch her. nisha tried to get closer again and she just screamed, “No…don’t!!”

Sasha came running hearing her screams and stopped at the door seeing the sight. Maan and nisha stood a few feet away from her trying to calm her down. This was not good…not at all. She probably shouldn’t have told Geet about maan at all. She needed Geet to at least recognise her..hence called out to her softly, “Geet…”

Geet got alert hearing that voice and turned towards the voice. A wave of relief swept over her as she saw Sasha right by the door. Tears rolled down as she choked, “Sasha… I…I..”


Sasha ran towards her and Geet just hugged her tightly, sobbing very badly.

“i…i was scared…”

Sasha sighed…okay she was fine. She caressed her head softly, “shh..shh..its okay… everythings fine…”

Geet sobbed holding Sasha while maan just stood aghast! She recognised Sasha…then why the hell did she not recognise him or nisha? she was okay when Sasha came..then she could at least recognise them now. He mustered up all his courage and called her, “Geet…are you alright?”

She turned towards that strange voice and buried herself in Sasha’s arms, “who…who is he? I…i… don’t know him..why is he here…”

Maan was shocked to hell..she recognised Sasha but she never recognised him? what was wrong with her? what was going on? he looked at nisha who seemed equally startled with this turn of events. Sasha just held her closer and whispered in her ears, “shh.. its okay Geet. they’re family… its alright. You don’t have to be scared…”


“family???”, she asked meekly. She raised her head a bit and looked at the two strangers standing in front of her. she looked at them ever so curiously like seeing them for the first time!!

“yes they’re family…your family…”, Sasha smiled, trying to convince her.

Maan was just a mute spectator to the whole event. Something was not right… there was something he didn’t know about her. he knew she had issues with her neuro-motor reflexes and stuff… but not recognising certain people was just something he didn’t get. He watched her look cutely confused at him.


“my family? Then why don’t I remember anything?”

Before Sasha could formulate an answer, she felt something heavy in her arms. She looked down only to see her passed out. Maan and nisha rushed towards them.

“we need to rush to the doctor..”, Sasha spoke up frantically.

Without a thought, maan just lifted Geet up in his arms and rushed out towards his car. He was not going to let his jaan suffer from whatever she was suffering from and from whatever he had just witnessed. Nisha and Sasha came rushing as they headed off towards Geet’s doctor who had been treating her all this time.


All way through nisha was trying to get Geet back to consciousness and Sasha was in continous call with her doctor. But he was a little lost in his own thoughts. He had read and seen cases where people tend to forget memories post accident or some trauma but he had never known something like this!! He was with her and Sasha but she recognised only Sasha…why was it so?? He stopped according to Sasha’s instructions in front of the hospital. They carried her to the doctor, Mr. Richard, neurologist who was dealing with this case. He immediately checked her pulse and did some routine check up. He injected something and let her sleep. Maan just watched everything quietly, with his thoughts eating up his head.


Sasha sat in front of the doctor and narrated whatever had happened all these days. Maan took couldn’t hold back… he might get his answers as well.

“yes doc…she refused to recognise me or her aunt but she recognised Sasha… how could that be possible when we all have been together for some time?”

Mr. Richard looked at Geet’s reports from earlier and then at maan, “and who might you be to her?”

“well… I am an acquaintance…”, he didn’t even think before speaking out. Nisha and Sasha just kept watching them while the doctor read through her reports and turned to maan.

“Ms Geet’s case is quite complicated right now..she is not in the right frame of mind…”

“yes I know doc…but why this?”

“I had told them earlier too…not to stress her out about anything..”, he spoke pointing towards sahsa, “… I have been treating her for the past 8 months and my fears had come true as well…”

This was really making maan a little queasy. He knew there was something he didn’t know but richard’s words were scaring him now.

“doc…is something serious??”

“umm..”, Richard nodded without any hesitation, “miss Sasha didn’t tell you yet?”

“tell me what??”


Maan turned towards Sasha with a questioning gaze and so did nisha while sahsa just sighed in defeat, “I didn’t know it would get worse… I… I thought she’d get better soon.”

“what is it doc..please tell me honestly..”, maan was getting scared now. this uncertainty was something he hated.

“well…”, Richard took off  his specs and put it on the table, “she is suffering from a neurological disorder called Prosopagnosia!”

“wh…what is that?

The doctor sighed as he handed Geet’s reports to maan, “I wasn’t sure myself about this until recently. It was only recently that I realized she has been suffering from this disorder which is also known as Face blindness.”

Everything was all too shocking for maan, “face blindness?”


“yes… You must be aware she had been trough a major accident…”

“yes I do…”

” In simple terms, face blindness, is a disorder of  “face perception” where the ability to recognize faces is impaired, while other aspects of visual processing  and intellectual functioning remain intact…”

He sat shocked hearing this turn of events!! this was so not happening!!!


you do realize she has forgotten most of her memories right…and then she has got this acquired prosopagnosia… if she doesn’t see people continuously over a span of time, she might not recognise them the next time she meets them…”

“so you mean to say… she wouldn’t recognise me now? is there no cure to this?”

“well Mr. Khurana…she is suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and honestly speaking there has been no cure to prosopagnosia!!!”


He just fell back on the chair… drained out of energy. But something struck his mind.

“tell me one thing doc…she didn’t recognise me because I was out for the weak..but why didn’t she recognise her aunt who had been staying with her for over a week now?”

Richard sighed, “its complicated! Does her aunt stay with her 24/7…like every single day thoughout?”

Nisha’s ears shot up, “umm no doctor…i live in India I visit her from time to time…”

“..and this is exactly the reason why she couldn’t relate to you but ms Sasha!”



He was completely drained out by the time he reached home. The day had been long. She went to his room and just crashed on his bed, thinking of the events of the day!! she is suffering from prosopagnosia…she doesn’t recognise people’s faces and she has to be taught how to come over it…there are no cure to this disorder because if affects hardly 2% of the people around the globe and that she might have to remain like this forver!!!

His eyes snpped open as he took out his lappy and sat by his huge window, searching for whatever the doctor told.

“traumatic brain Injury”, he typed and clicked enter. This was the toughest phase..every day is not going to be a cake walk. some days better and some worse because matters of brain are just too damn unpredictable.


The search engine threw up various articles on TBI and its causes and effects.

“The TBI, also known as Intercranial Injury, occurs when an external force traumaticall injures the brain and is a major cause of death and disability wordwide, especially in children and young adults…

…includes falls, vehicle accidents and violence and is dependent on sensitivity of the trauma.”

Images of him being stuck in traffic that day just flashed in his mind while his jaan lied in a pool of blood a few feet away from him…her lifeless body in hospital… her slipping into coma… her limp..her not recognising faces just made him cringe at his own thoughts. He kept on clicking links after links, reading about the causes and effects…

“…communication problems after TBI… taking turns in conversation

maintaining a topic of conversation

using an appropriate tone of voice

interpreting the subtleties of conversation (e.g., the difference between sarcasm and a serious statement)

responding to facial expressions and body language

keeping up with others in a fast-paced conversation..”

(for more details pls follow the link: )

His brain felt jammed with so much intake of information. He yawned and book marked a few pages before calling it a day.



She felt a severe pain coursing in her heart…she wanted to cry out badly… but she couldn’t. She was bottled up inside. she looked around and realized she was driving a car… and then there was something and everything turned white…she didn’t know what happened but all she felt was an excruciating pain…and she didn’t know if it was her heart or her body…


She opened her eyes with a start, breathing heavily and looked around. It took her some time to realize that she was in her room, sleeping on her bed. She sighed and looked out of the window. It was dark and silent..may be mid of night she guessed! Her head hurt a bit as she tried to gather what had happened to her. she slowly stood up and went to the washroom and washed her face. She came out wiping when her eyes fell on her notebook kept on the table. She recalled the morning when she had seen some strangers around and then her dream. She took her pencil and opened a blank page,

“there was a car… and there was so much pain.”

Her head throbbed and she just kept her note book away and went back to sleep but she couldn’t. She had been sleeping like a log the whole day! she guessed with the silence that everyone must be asleep. She fell back on her bed and tried to recall everything that she could gather. There were faces…there were voices ringing in her head.

“he loved you…”, she felt it ringing in her ears.

“I want to remember everything… and everyone…”


The next morning Sasha came to wake her up and found her sitting on her bed.“good morning Geet…”

Gee smiled, “morning Sasha…”

“come on…lets get you out of bed. You need to see Chachi and Ana before they leave!”

She helped Geet stand up and forwarded her the towel and her dress. Geet stopped in line, “what do you mean leaving?”

“yeah… Chachi and Ana are going back to india today… you don’t remember? She had told you a few days back..”

“they are?”, she asked all confused.

Sasha sighed, “come on… now hurry up. They have their flight in the next 2 hours.”


Geet came out wearing a white skirt and a lose white top, taking baby steps and looked up at the faces in front of her. nisha stood there with a smile on her face, “good morning princess…”

Geet stood still for a while… trying to recognise that  voice as she checked nisha’s attire.. she wore a pair of jeans and a kurti which she usually did. Her brain seemed to register that image of hers and she responded immediately, “Chachi… you are leaving??”

Nisha sighed in relief..geet was okay. She recalled the doctor’s words… she would try to recognise people though their dressing style and their voices… no wonder Geet didn’t recognise her the previous day because she had decided to wear salwar kameez and let her hair down in a pony.

“yes I have to leave beta… work needs me.”

Nisha kissed her fore head while Ana hugged her, “you’re going to be fine right di?”

Geet smiled, “yes I am…sasha is here. And I am recovering. No problem at all..

“chalo you two take care and yes be careful. I will try to come as soon as possible…”

Nisha hugged both the girls and reminded them again and again to take care until sahsa reminded her of the flight. They took the cab to the airport while Geet and Sasha stayed back, not wanting to reveal Geet to the world yet.


Once they were gone, Sasha closed the door and got to the kitchen, “so what do you wanna have for breakfast?”

Geet was surprised hearing Sasha ask Geet about her choice. She smiled and sat by the counter, “umm…now when did that come from han?”

Sasha looked at her from the corner of her eyes, “why do you sound like my boss today?”

Geet giggled, “thats because I am…ohh wait..i was I guess..”

And both burst out laughing. The morning was bright for them.

“so… you recalled anything?”, Sasha asked passing her bowl of cereals.

“umm …”, Geet thought for a while, “Sasha.. will you help me?”

Sasha looked at her curiously. She seemed quite better off, “yes tell me…”

“umm… I just wanted a favour from you…”

Sasha was surprised at the sudden change in her, “what is it Geet?”

Geet played with her cereals trying to formulate how to speak it out, “i…i want to remember you… Chachi Ana…dad..everyone by my self… and maan…”

Sasha looked up at her hearing maan’s name from her lips, “maan? You remember?”

Geet smiled a bit, “well.. I don’t remember maan but I do remember your words Sasha.. please its a request. Don’t help me.. don’t tell me anything.. I want to know things by myself…”

Sasha smiled, “well thats a very good thing then Geet… am so happy that you are trying.. I won’t poke my nose in until you ask me to…”


Geet dug into her food still trying to think of things that related her to maan and why Sasha said he loved her!


He woke up with a phone call. He rubbed his eyes and checked the caller… it was an unknown number.

“hello…whos this?”

“sir…am Nishant from xyz news. I just wanted to have a small interview sir..”

“well… yes I remember I was supposed to meet you yesterday…just got held up…”

“not a problem sir… when can I meet you today…if possible?”

Maan yawned…he didn’t have much work any way, “alright in my mansion by 12. And keep it as short as possible..”

“right sir…”


He had wished to see her today but this interview…sigh!! he still had not been able to complete his research on her problems. He freshened up and got ready for the interview. It was sharp 12 in the afternoon when one of the servants introduced nishant to him. Maan smiled…his usual crooked smile and offered him a seat.

“thank you sir..i wouldn’t take much of your time.. “

Maan smiled as he put forward his questions on his career, his life, his family, his ventures and so on.

“sir… you had been spotted with a girl the other day… somewhere near Hyde Park. Would you like to tell us who is the lucky girl to have grabbed your attention?”

Nishant smiled but that made maan go stiff. He couldn’t believe these people followed him up there. And another fear…did they even spot geet that night? If it was, then geet probably wasn’t safe given her conditions! He had to  do something to get out of this clean.


Next: What will maan do now?Shocked


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    OMG!!!!what will maan do now????continue sooon

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    after reading it,how can i wait,dear?but,to read this one,i can wait for one decade .take ur time but don’t stop writing maaneet ff plss.

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    Beautiful part

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    Maan is being so helpless,can’t see both suffering like dis,hope everything will be fine soon,waiting for nxt part,and sry for late cmnting was held up wit smting,


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