14 Dec


P.S many of u think its a boring irritating memory loss track..
If You have thought so… hold your breaths
this is not so simple as it seemsWink

Maan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. There are definitely things which are hidden from him. Sasha was the first step… and he had to climb the ladder to reach Geet.

“alright then…just mail me her residence address and details of her company…”

Adi heard his firm voice and obliged. maan kept the phone away and looked out of the window…he was finally getting a breakthrough in this mystery. His Geet is safe and sound…he could probably go to sleep today… without any restlessness…without any hesitation.


The next morning was bright and sunny. Geet slowly opened her eyes and first thing she looked out of the window and smile seeing the birds hover around their small garden. She sat up slowly, feeling a bit dizzy and tried to focus on one thing. She pushed away the spread and put her feet down. She guessed what this was heading to. She held the sheets tightly and tired to stand up, by pressing her feet hard on the ground. She hated when this thing happened… her legs didn’t even obey her command. They laid numb and motionless and she fell back on the bed, hitting her head lightly on the rim.

“ahhh…”, she winced in pain as her eyes watered. She hated this… she hated this disability. The doctor said it will take time.. but she wanted to recover quickly. She wanted to be like Ana and Sasha…to be able to walk properly and be like normal people. She tired again…but her legs betrayed her this time as well. she tried for the third time and somehow managed to stand up. A smile adored her lips…she finally did it. she held the nearby chair and tried to walk ahead. She slowly moved her one leg forward which seemed as heavy as a mountain but she never stopped. She place her feet on the ground and tried to move the other leg as well. but her brain refused to acknowledge the movement. Her feet turned into an odd angle and she fell. She closed her eyes tight in fear when she felt some one hold her by her shoulders, supporting her..not letting her fall.


“Geet…ye kya kar rahi hain beta??”, nisha’s worried voice reached her ears.

[Geet what are you doing beta?]

She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at nisha… her brain didn’t seem to register the image. Nisha held her properly and made her sit on the bed. Geet kept on looking at her for a while, trying to recall that face. Nisha watched her expressions and realized she might be trying to recall her face.

“Geet… “, she called out louder so that her voice caught her attention.

Geet snapped back to reality hearing the sharp voice and her brain did recognise it. she sighed, “Chachi…”

Nisha was relieved…though it took her some time to recognise her voice, nevertheless, she did recognise her. she smiled and sat beside her.

“kya kar rahi thi tu? You should have called us na if you needed help. Kahin chot lag jaati tho?”

[what were you doing? You should have called us na if you needed help. What if you were hurt?]


There was this sudden silence that filled the room making nisha worried. She looked at Geet who seemed to be in a very deep thought, looking down. Nisha looked at her princess who seemed so pale today. She held her hands and caressed it sodtly, “kya hua bacha? Mujhe bata…”

[what happened baby? Tell me…]

Geet took a deep breath in, “Chachi… I wanted to walk alone today.. without anyone’s help. I want to remember things quickly and be able to recall everything about you, Ana, Sasha… I don’t want to be dependent on you for every little thing…”


Nisha stared at Geet for a while…it was only months after she gained consciousness. This wasn’t going to be a cake walk but her individual personality made her speak all these things. she knew what kind of a person Geet was but everything changed after that accident. She had even lost hopes of her survival but she lived through all of it. and today her princess was feeling disheartened.

“I know you want to walk freely beta… but you have to give it time. You have to go slow… Rome was not built in a day! and you don’t have to feel sad baby..we all are here just for you…”


“umm..”, was all Geet said and looked down. Nisha didn’t like her upset. She had never liked Geet upset.

“and about memories… the doctor did say you will get them back right… slowly. You have to be patient throughout. Now don’t be upset. You have to visit your doctor today and then go for your physiotherapy classes as well right… you’ve got a tight schedule baby..chal I will help you in getting ready..”, nisha added cutely.


Geet still looked kind of lost. Nisha pulled her cheeks lovingly, “chal meri parkati..abhi itni senti na ho…warna late ho gayi tho teri physiotherapist humari band baja degi.”

[come on parkati.. don’t be senti now.. if you get late your physiotherapist is going to give us nicely today.]

Geet smiled as nisha helped her stand up and walk towards the washroom. She looked at her still numb right leg which made her limp. Her left leg was kind of better now..she sighed and went to freshen up.


He quickly finished up with his morning workout session and walked towards the breakfast table after freshening up. Avantika was surprised to see him not gloomy at all..totally unlike other normal days. He actually came down for breakfast with her or else either he skips it or has it in his room. She was happy… she was just too glad today.

“good morning ma…”

“good morning…”, avantika added sweetly. She just couldn’t believe what had brought this change in her son today but she loved it. he was just like olden days. She served him his pasta and juice and sat down with her food, “kya baat hain…aaj kaafi khush lag rahe ho maan…”

[whats the matter…you look quite happy today maan…]

He gorged in a spoonful of pasta and spoke, “nahi ma..nothing special. Just got some news and I hope its true…”

Avantika smiled and watched him eat a full meal at home after a long time. Must be something good in office… or might he be seeing a girl?? she controlled her thoughts from going towards something as stupid as him and just watched him eat till his heart’s content.

He had just finished eating when adi called up. He spoke to him over the phone as he walked out, placing a peck on avantika’s cheek, surprising her yet again. she waved him a bye as he drove out, still on phone. She was very happy today.. because her maan was happy!


He drove towards the main road as he spoke to adi on Bluetooth.

“yes adi.. just get a printed copy of her details and her address.”, he looked at his watch and then looked straight, “I might just finish up this meeting and go for it.”

“yes sir, I will arrange things before you reach.”

He disconnected the call and put on his sunglasses. Today he will get his answers by hook or by crook. It doesn’t matter what method he has to resort to get things out…he will unsolved this mystery. He has suffered enough..not anymore.


She came to the hall wearing a cute pink tracks and a grey sweatshirt over her white top.

“here..make way for princess…”, nisha announced as she helped Geet walk slowly towards the hall where Ana and Sasha were waiting.

Ana and Sasha clapped and bowed making her laugh at their antics. She held nisha’s arms as she slowly climbed down the stairs wearing her white shoes. Ana ran to her and extended her hand, “may I have the pleasure to walk to the doctor with her highness?”

“yes you may..”, Geet added cutely, feeling so happy. Sasha came forward and put a cute bunny bag across her shoulder, “here it is ma’am…”

“Geet…”, she smiled, “call me Geet Sasha…”

Sasha smiled, “okay you have got your water bottle, your towel and your phone. Ana will be with you but if you feel the need, call us. I have saved all our numbers okay.”

“umm…okay. thank you Sasha…”, she smiled as Ana held her hand and slowly led her out. She had problems in coordination again today and it will take a little time…maybe a  few hours or even a day to get okay. She looked back at nisha and Sasha waving at her. she waved back at them and walked. The therapist’s place was nearby and she had insisted on walking down to her place for better improvement.


It was just 15 minutes post Geet’s departure, Sasha also left for work. Nisha cleaned up Geet’s room, kept all her books and copies away and decided to just take a walk in their lawn. There was not much work and Geet would be coming in the afternoon. Sasha came in the evening. she’d prepare lunch a while later. the weather just too good to stay inside. she slipped into her slippers and walked out, feeling the warm sun. The place they lived had greenery surrounding it and there were people walking, children playing and the birds chirping. It was just a perfect day to relax. She stretched herself and stood leaning against the wooden fence when a black posh bmw stopped right in front of her. initially she thought it was for their neighbours but stood shocked seeing maan getting out of it!


Maan had rushed to the given address to find answers to his quest. He had endured this pain long enough. He had taken utmost care to get the correct address and every details of Sasha. He just looked at the house sitting inside his car and was not even surprised to see nisha standing by the fence. He just had to confront her and ask her why did she do such a thing to him… why did she hide everything from him…when his jaan was alive, he had lived like a dead person.

It took time for nisha to realize he was actually standing in front of her…his eyes were full of questions, anger, accusations…but most importantly how did he come to know all this??

“maan…”, she muttered…more out of shock.

“finally.. I found you!!!”, he spat right on her face.


She gaped at him like she was seeing him for the first time. His stubble grown a little more and he looked more muscular and manly. She looked here and there and probably knew what might he ask. She sighed and opened the gate for him, “come on in…”

She turned to leave when his voice checked her, “I want my answers Chachi.. I loved you so much…phir bhi aapne mere saath aisa kyun kiya?”

[I want my answers Chachi… I loved you so much..then why did you do this to me?]

Nisha breathed in sharply and closed her eyes recalling the moment when Sasha and Ana had told her about maan finding Geet in the cafe. She somewhere had this fear that maan may find out about them but this soon…it was not expected. She knew she had no escape today… she had to face him.

“lets sit inside and talk…”


She walked in slowly and maan followed. It was a very serene and calm place to live in, he noticed and the house was decorated simply yet it had a warmth. The wooden brown floors and cream walls just oozed out nothing but that homely’ feeling.

“have a seat…i will get coffee for you..”

He looked at her in awe…how could she remain so calm? She looked older now…she looked a bit frail. He felt sad seeing her but the anguish his heart had gone through could never forgive her.

“no thanks Chachi.. am in need of answers right now…not coffee..”


Nisha gave up… he had the power to reach them..he had the power to do anything. She turned around and her facial expressions changed into a grim one, “what do you want to know maan?”

He held her hand and made her sit on the couch and himself knelt in front of her, “everything…every little thing…”

Nisha closed her eyes feeling the corners of her eyes burn, recalling those horrifying moments. She loved maan a lot..she knew she had wrong to him..but what could have she done given her situation? She knew she wont be able to hide anything from him. may be he can help Geet as well…yes, maybe.


“after you left that night, we had lost all hopes of her survival. She was put on ventilator. We could just do nothing but wait and wait and wait. It was around 3 in the night when the doctors announced her to have slipped into coma. There were multiple clots in her brain and a lot more damage…”

He watched nisha’s facial expression. She still had her eyes closed yet a tear threatened to fall down. He squeezed her hand gently urging her to continue and held his heart to know further. He couldn’t believe she could have slipped into coma that night.


“…i was so scared. I had lost my husband…i had seen him die in front of my eyes… I had seen bhaisahab pass away in front of my eyes… I had seen bhabhi walking away in front of my eyes… and I couldn’t do anything for them…i was so helpless so stupid… I couldn’t do anything. I saw anatra crying in front of me and my Geet go far away from me… I definitely didn’t want anyone else to go away…i couldn’t have…”


Maan listened to her intently as she narrated. He couldn’t believe they were in so much pain..even his eyes had turned red.

“…i was informed that she was sexually harassed and had succumbed to the trauma…”

He gasped hearing his jaan being harassed. His mind went back to the last call Geet had made to him that day, “abhi nahin aana maan…abhi nahin aana…”, was what she had said. It was because…he couldn’t even believe his jaan going through such a phase…tears rolled out of his eyes for he didn’t have a word to say.


“… I realized seeing my daughters that I could at least do something for them today. I hadn’t done anything for anyone earlier but I couldn’t see my daughters suffer because of the world we live in…yes, this world had destroyed my Geet…broken her beyond limit..made her cold, rude, arrogant yet a person who couldn’t share her pain…and I decided that I’d take them away..far away from this life where nothing..not a pain touched them.”


Maan just listened in awe…he was trying to contemplate the facts that was being put in front of him.

“…i spoke to the doctor and declared her dead to the media so that no one stalked her anymore. The dead body you saw was of another person who had died that night in an accident. It was more my request that the doctors allowed me to use her… and got all of us shifted here…this house was bhasahab’s paradise. He had brought this for his family..for all of us to enjoy our privacy and thats why no one knew about this place..and…”


“and you moved to Chandigarh selling away most of the shares so that no one suspected and got Geet treated here…”, he completed her words.

Nisha slowly opened her eyes and caressed his face lovingly, “mujhe nahin pata tum mujhe iske liye kabhi maaf karoge bhi ya nahin..but mein kya karti maan.. poori duniya tumhe jaanti hain…mujhe darr tha ke kahin tumhare peechey aate aate sabko meri bachi ke bare mein na pata chal jaye… kahin wo long meri Geet ko usi duniya mein waapis na le jayen…”

[I don’t know if you will forgive me for this ever but what could have I done maan… the whole world knows you.. I was scared that they might reach my baby following you…that they might drag her to the same world again…]


Maan had come to seek answers…vent out his anguish but what he got to know was more than painful…it was much more worse than the pain he had been through these months. He didn’t know what to say now…he just placed his head on her lap as his tears fell on her dress, “ab Geet kaisi hain?”

[how is Geet now?]

Nisha felt his tears on her dress and ran her fingers gently through his hair. She was happy that maan came to know about this…only she knew in how much guilt she had lived with thinking about maan’s broken self. She quickly wiped her tears and smiled, “tum tho mile ho na ussey? Kaisi lagi tumhe?”

[you have met her right? how did you find her?]

He didn’t even bother to move. He laid on her lap and spoke out, “bahut alag Chachi…jaise wo meri Geet nahin…koi aur ho… usne mujhe pehchana bhi nahin…”

[very different Chachi…like she is not my Geet at all..she is very different… she didn’t even recognise me…]

“…ye tho hona hi tha…usne tho kal mujhe bhi nahin pehchana…”

[this was bound to happen…she didn’t even recognise me yesterday..]

His ears shot up as he straightened himself, “she didn’t recognise you?”

“umm… she doesn’t remember most of the things now”, nisha added sadly.

“what??”, he couldn’t believe that this could be so worse. She doesn’t even remember a thing???


“umm..her brain has been affected badly… she has even forgotten the basic skills like reading and writing…basically its just not her memory but her cognitive skills as well… like counting numbers or tying her shoe laces..or even distinguish between her left and right…”

He was being rendered speechless today… she had been going through so much problems and he wasn’t even aware of it?? he didn’t know how would she be living her life right now… the Geet handa who scared the world with her wit and attitude now can’t even read or even write properly!!! His heart went out to her…wish he could just see her once and hug her tightly. If only he had hurried up to her that day… she could have been saved!!!

“can I meet her Chachi? Where is she?”

“she isn’t at home right now… she is at her physiotherapist’s place. She will be back after an hour or so…

“physiotherapist? Come to think of it…i had seen her limping a bit that day in cafe… is it because of the accident?”, he asked very thoughtfully.

“ can say its partly due to accident and party due to her head injury. She had got a problem in muscle coordination…like her mind sometimes refuses to obey her command…the doctor said she will be alright soon enough but how soon…i just don’t know!”

He sat there still…she is suffering in the toughest way! He realized her condition is much worse that what he had gone through all these days. No wonder she never recognised him that night…he didn’t know whether to feel happy for her life or feel sad about her condition. he just wanted to see her once and convince himself that she was alright.



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  1. abc48

    14/12/2013 at 23:13

    loved this ff most nowadays.whenever i read ur ff i feel myself so evolved in the story.maaaneet s every line is so touching

  2. sizaverma

    14/12/2013 at 23:19

    Lvly update finly maan knw abt her

  3. amrithanair

    14/12/2013 at 23:27

    Awesome one..,Maan in geet’s home,u r true its nt a common memory loss,d ltl bit of hatredness i have towards geet bcaz of her cold behavior also has gone now.,jst hope deir love will blossom soon.updt soon,

  4. ushankitvc

    16/12/2013 at 14:20

    awesum….maan found geet…geet is yet suffering…..waiting eagerly fr maneet meeet


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