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From now onwards, the pace of the story shall slow down

She had vanished!!! How come she was out of sight this quickly?? He kept on looking here and there for some time and just gave up. She was gone..he wished she was okay. He was anyways not going to see her again perhaps. There was no point in thinking too much. he walked back home.. yet again losing himself in his own world where only she existed…his Geet..his jaan!


He slowly walked back to that lifeless house of his. He liked it silent nowadays. He didn’t even hear his mom calling out for him. her memories played in his mind as he went in a trance. He slowly walked into his room, closed the door shut and fell on the bed. He didn’t want to work today. He was anyways tired and his Geet wanted some time with him. there was no ways he could ever deny her…even in his memories. He closed his eyes as he tried to sleep… smiling imagining her smile..he cried recalling her voice… he talked to her in his dreams… but in one small corner of his mind, that cute laughter still echoed. 


The next day was slow for him and there was not much work. He hated it..he hated leisure time. He didn’t even have anywhere to travel to… so all in all it was a lazy day for everyone. They were relaxed but not maan. Empty mind was his Geet’s workshop. He’d be restless he knew that… he will lose himself…he knew that very well. he tried to find some work and ended up working on the stupidest of things that his junior staff could have worked out easily. He read and re read one single file over and over again, trying hard not to break down and then suddenly he heard her voice.

“maan… just stop working so much okay…you are getting on my nerves right now.”

It was as sharp as ever..her tone as demanding as ever…as cold as it had always been. He was startled a bit and looked up to see her sitting on the front couch, with her hands crossed over her chest, looking at him intently. He just kept on looking at his jaan with so much love…he wished to just go and hug her tightly.

“why are you looking at me like that? just stop that f***ing work and come to me…am getting bored…”

He made a face… trying hard to control his emotions and spoke out angrily, “ya right.. getting bored! You never thought about me when you went away and now why are you after my life?”

She smirked…and it was so cute that he might just fall for her all over again.

“so its a tit for tat, is it hotshot??“, she challenged.

“Geet…just stop it and let me work jaan..please…”, he pleaded.

“no ways.. I am not getting off your back so easily mr hotshot…get that straight!”, she twisted her lips and turned away.


Ohh he could never bear his jaan so angry. He stood up to go close to her. his pen slipped out of his hand breaking his reverie. He looked around to find himself in that empty room, standing all alone with one hand out stretched for her. she was gone! She was never coming back again!! he felt a sharp pain in his heart as he fell back on his chair and closed his eyes, “why are you doing this to me Geet?”


He felt choked with emotions, unable to get her out of his head. He lost himself in her yet again… how he wished she came back…every moment of his life was just devoted to prayers for her. he saw her with his closed eyes when that same laugher again echoed in his mind, reminding him of her’. she had a very beautiful laughter in this whole world that actually made him feel nice. He suddenly had this urge to see her again…to hear her laughter and soothe is burning heart. he snapped open his eyes and realized it was already 4:30pm!! Oh no!! He was late. He would miss her. he recalled her agreeing to the kids that she’d be coming today.. ohh god she must be there. he kept away the files and rushed home. He didn’t even let the driver get in his way. He took to the steering and rushed out madly. His heart suddenly started beating so fast… like something was going to happen today… something strange that gave him an eerie feeling.


He parked his car right in front of the cafe and rushed in. He was late. Ohh god… he was so damn late today. He ran around, trying to locate her… hear her laughter amongst the crowd but there was no sign of her today. He felt irritated..angry at himself that he missed her. he might have said her a thank you for making him feel better. He wondered how can a girl actually stir his life so visibly in just one day. He had never looked at girls after the advent of Geet in his life… and she took away every ounce of love he had in his heart for anyone. But this one thing made him restless. He looked for her from table to table when he heard some children shout bye and wave to someone outside the cafe. He looked at them and realized they were the same from yesterday. So she was here. She was outside perhaps, going back home. It was okay as long as he could just see her face. He rushed out and looked around but found none. How could she vanish all of sudden yet again like this? He ran his fingers across his hair when his eyes fell on someone just crossing the busy road ever so slowly. His eyes stuck at the girl, holding someone’s hand, limping and walking slowly like a kid.


A wave of relief washed over him realizing it was her. today she wore a cute blue skirt and a white top. She wore matching pink shoes and walked like a baby…slowly…step by step. May be it was for the limp she walked like that. there was a little rush at this time of evening. Cars and buses  ran in front of him baring his view of her. but he just kept on watching her through the obstructions wishing she reached to the other side safely. He was wishing once again…hoping once again after such a long time… and strange as it may sound, it was not for his jaan! His brain cursed him for ditching his jaan but his heart just wanted to see her reach safely to the other side. Gosh…if only he could see her face…


He was relieved to see her walk on to the footpath on the other side. Cars zoomed past him in speed and he just wished again if he could just see her face once. as if god was listening to all his wishes today… she did turn around, moving away those dark hair from her face, smiling cutely. Any one could smile seeing her cute smile…but his world seemed to collapse all over again…shatter with the intensity of the event. His eyes didn’t want to believe… his brain didn’t to register a thing..his body refused to move and his time seemed to stop right there. the only thing that moved within him were those lips which let out a gasp, “Geet…”

He was blank right there… jaise kuch samajh nahi paya wo…kya karein.. kya sochein..his time stopped.. his world collapsed.. and what not! A bus barred his view as it slowly moved across him. he was broken from his trance as he cursed the bus to move away. It was just the matter of seconds when the bus moved. Desperately, he looked for her and sow none!!! Was she gone? He ran across the road almost hitting a car, looking for her. his heart had stopped beating altogether. his Geet was here? How could it be? Or was he imagining her again? he looked for her here and there..calling out her name..desprately.

“Geet…where are you? Geet…”

He ran around like a maniac searching for her madly. He didn’t even realized when tears had rolled down his eyes. People around gave him weird looks…some people even flinched away from him thinking he had just lost it.

“Geet..come out now…don’t play with me…”, he cried, running around like a mad.

Some people sympathised with him…some people cursed him..some called him mad but he was far from all that. he searched for her in nearby shops… food joints…earning glares and sympathies but she was long gone. It had turned dark and he was just tired…but he couldn’t stop. He wiped his tears and ran back to his car and rushed home. He locked himself in his room and immediately opened his laptop. this was not happening… was it? he searched for latest news of Handa empires and Geet handa…trying to at least know what was happening. His brain thought she was an illusion but his heart cried for her. flashes of her cold lifeless hand brushing his hand ran across is mind like a projector film…and the person he saw on the road… how come he had never noticed her laughing this freely ever? He kept on clicking links after links but the only news he got was Geet handa was dead a year back and that her family now stayed in Chandigarh. There were even pictures of nisha and Ana in their Chandigarh house. this was frustrating..confusing… and irritating. Who was she if her his jaan? If she was not, he’d probably kill that person for being an imposter. He had to see her again… he can’t get deceived this easily..could he? He was the maan singh khurana afterall.


Avantika was worried for him. he never came out of his room the whole time.. neither did he have his dinner or he responded to her calls. She didn’t know what kept him so lost all of a sudden… should she see a doctor or what should she do..she was confused!! The next morning he just left for office early without even having his breakfast. So many things were running in his mind. he would probably die of happiness if his jaan was really alive and safe and sound but he’d die every moment if she was not who he thought her to be. Confusion… frustration… anger..pain..everything piled up in his heart making him ruthless and rude to everyone. The day was worst for his employees. He kept on shouting at them.. throwing orders and very cranky but who knew what kind of pain he was going through all this time. He had to know who it was in real… if it was really her or an imposter or he had just imagined her there! it wouldn’t matter what came true.. but one thing held true was whatever was the truth..he will be the sufferer of the consequence.


it was around 4 when he left the office abruptly, surprising everyone in office, even adi, he knew his boss was under lot of stress, especially after  Geet’s demise but this time It was going overboard. He tried to talk to him but maan ignored him altogether and rushed towards his destination. For some reasons he was sure she’d be here today too. He actually didn’t think at this state of mind. he just did things at the rush of blood. He had to see her or else he will die. He dodged the traffic like hell almost defying the speed limit. London was getting ready to welcome winter but he was far from feeling anything. All that mattered to him was that person who seemed to snatch away his peace of mind. he parked right in front of the cafe and rushed in… and stood still seeing her near the counter. She wore a new coloured skirt today..a red one with a white loose sweater hanging over her top.

His eyes refused to believe what he saw but his heart was confused…whether to feel happy on finding her safe and sound or fear the fact that she wouldn’t be what he expected her to be! What if she was just a look alike? He’d probably go and kill himself with his own hands. This was way beyond his tolerance. He so much wanted to rush to her…ask her where she was all these days..why didn’t she contact him…how she was saved… he wanted to know who she was actually…but he just couldn’t move a step ahead. The pain of love lay heavy on his heart as his eyes welled up seeing his jaan safe and speaking to the kids. He just stood there, with his hands crossed over his chest, losing himself in her smile. she was speaking to the kids.


“you are not going this early today..”, the little girl spoke up.

She smiled as she caressed her hair, “am sorry dear..but you know I have to go to my doctor today.. I have to leave…”

“but we wanted to play with you…”

She made a baby face and spoke out cutely, “the doctor told me he will lock me in hospital if I skipped his check up…”

Maan swore he saw tiny droplets of tears in her eyes. He didn’t know what to think of this right now. She seemed very much like his Geet but she seemed someone very different altogether. he just kept on watching her as she slowly tried to walk on her own and walked past him right out of the door. He was so lost in the feel of her scent that reached his nostrils. He felt chocked with emotions. It took him some time to realize that she had just gone out. She didn’t even look at him?? Oh god..he can’t lose her again. fear gripped his heart…what if she vanished just like the other day? He will go mad. He just turned around and rushed out, looking for her.

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Unnpe bharosa kyun tune kiya

hear this beautiful song as you read guys


He saw her figure slowly walking away, trying to walk straight! She didn’t even look at him even once?? was she really her? maybe she never noticed him standing there..he tried to convince himself. Yes thats it…that must be it. a smile played on his ways he was going to let her go again. his wishes had been granted he assumed. All those times he prayed she came back.. they were granted… he just couldn’t hold back his emotions as he called her out ever so lovingly, “Geet…”

She stopped on her tracks… hearing her name being called out. Happiness coursed his bdy as he realized it was indeed his Geet who had come back… she had come back to him! his every logic failed…actually he didn’t want any logic behind how she was here and stuff… it just mattered that she was here…and she did hear him. she will recognise his voice and come back running to him.. actually he will just go running to her.


Sab jhoothe jhoothe waade the unke

Chal peechhe peechhe aaya tu jinke

Woh piya aaye na

Woh Piya aaye na

Piya aaye na woh piya aaye na

He watched her turn around with that cutely confused face of hers and look at him intently. It was her…it was indeed her…yes, she had come back to him! he felt his soul return to her after ages..he felt alive once again…he felt happy to see her safe and sound and he just rushed to her and hugged her madly, crushing her into his arms.

He had missed her… he missed her scent.. he missed the feel of touching her…he missed hearing her voice..he missed her warm breath falling on him… he straightened himself and admired her face… she looked more beautiful than ever before. Her doe shaped eyes…her cute little pink nose.. her soft lips… he kissed her face all over and hugged her again… squeezing her in his arms. Tears rolled down his eyes as the images of her lifeless body being taken away in stretcher in the hospital ran at the back of his mind… she was safe…she was safe… he placed a soft kiss on her neck as he murmured softly into her ears, “jaan.. I love you…i love you so much… kahan chali gayi thi mujhe bina bataye… meine kitna intezaar kiya pata hain… uss din tumne mera intezaar nahi kiya… kyun? Mein aata na tumhare paas… tumhare liye… phir kyun mujhe khud se dur kar diya?”

[jaan… I love you… I love you so much… where had you been without telling me…i waited so much for you.. even that day you didn’t wait for me…why? I would have come to you na.. for you… then why did you push me away from yourself?]


Ab sabhi unn khwaabon ki tu dagar chhod de

Ab sabhi unn khwaabon ko tu khud hi tod de

Woh piya aaye na

Woh Piya aaye na

Piya aaye na woh.. piya aaye na

He kept on murmuring whatever came to his mind..holding her tight. His tears were nowhere near stopping. He didn’t want to think anything further..not even what the passersby thought of him… or them…he just held her close to himself..feeling her petite form in his embrace… realizing how exactly does it mean to take in the first breath of air. He could have just held her like that…but her detachment pinched him. neither did she hold him back.. nor did she even speak to him or even showed any reaction. He straightened himself and cupped her face seeing her look so blankly at him, “jaan…”, he called out to her ever so softly, making her look at him.


Teri khata hai mere jiya

Teri khata hai mere jiya


He wanted her to speak…tell him what bothered her..or at least react but he was shocked beyond limits to see her trying to push away his hands from her.

“Geet…ye kya kar rahi ho tum?”, he asked painfully seeing her retreat.

[Geet…what are you doing?]

She looked at his hold around her shoulders and back at his face. Her face suddenly seemed to be grimaced and full of  something he couldn’t relate to… it looked at if she was in so much pain or something. There was no happiness..there was no sign of recognition but yes, she tried harder to push away his hand. And when she didn’t succeed, she pleaded him, “please let me go…”

He couldn’t believe she was still trying to run away from him. his heart cried but he hated his fate…he was furious for she still wanted to get away from him. he held her arms tighter and jerked her closer, “nahi jaane dunga tumhe.. kabhi nahin..samjhi tum..”

[I wont let you go..never.. do you get that?]

Tears rolled out of her eyes as she struggled harder, “please mujhe jaane dijiye… mein.. mein yahan aur kabhi nahin aaungi.. aap chodiye mujhe please…”

[please…let me go.. i..i wont come here again..please let me go]

He was so infuriated…shocked and numb seeing her react like that. he held her tighter, almost making her wince in pain, “nahi chodunga tumhe samjhi… I will never let you go…”, he barked.

[I wont leave you… I will never let you go..]


Har khata ki hoti hai koi na koi sazaa

Gham likhe ho kismat mein to ban hi jaati wajah

Ab sabhi gham ashqon mein simat se gaye

Ab sabhi aansu palkon se lipat se gaye


The more she struggled…the harder he held..getting angry at everything. She was his Geet..but she seemed someone very different altogether. he hugged her tighter…not even allowing her to move. People shot him glares as she cried begging him to let go.

“mujhe jaane dijiye please… mein aapko nahin jaanti phir aap mere saath aisa kyun kar rahe hain…”

[let me go please.. I don’t know you then why are you doing this to me?]

He couldn’t believe what she said… he doesn’t know him? he was no ways going to buy any of that. he held her hands and dragged her towards his car, “stop running away Geet…you are going with me thats it…”

She cried and hit him and scratched him..but he was in no ways letting her go. Unable to find any excuse she cried harder, “Ana.. mujhe bachao..please…Ana…”

[Ana.. help me..please…Ana..]


Woh piya aaye na

Woh.. Piya aaye na

Piya aaye na woh… piya aaye na


He stopped right there… Ana was here too?? What was happening? He looked at her pleading face… she was crying, trying to pry his hands off her…she refused to acknowledge his touch… his heart broke into millions of pieces as he saw Ana come closer and jerk away his hands from her . Geet cried and hugged her like a baby, hiding herself behind Ana…as if he were a stranger…his hopes seemed to shatter once again… she knew Ana… but she never knew him?? he tried to hold her hand once again…and she just flinched back, hiding more into Ana. He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing..his jaan was actually flinching from his touch?? He stood alone in the mid of the crowd… watching Ana take her away quietly. They got into their car and drive away.


Sach laga tha jo bewajah

Humko woh bharam ho gaya hai

Bhor aane thhe jis fasaane mein

Woh khatam ho gaya

Bhoole hum bhoole woh

Kaise sabse kahein baat yeh


This was so not happening… his jaan wouldn’t be going away from him like this. He wouldn’t let her go.

“Geet…”, he screamed as he ran behind that speeding car like a maniac. He was not going to lose her again… he needs her…she needs him and he knew that well. there must be some reason … his Geet is pretending to not know him… why was she doing this to him? he ran defying traffic…missing cars and buses in a trifle… but the car vanished in the crowd leaving him all alone.


Ab chalo hum dheere dheere bihal se gaye

Ab chalo hum jaise bhi ho sambhal se gaye

Woh piya aaye na

Woh.. piya aaye na (woh piya aaye na)

Piya aaye na…


He fell on to his knees, crying out for her…but she was long gone..and she refused to even look at him. she didn’t even turn back to see him..even once!!! why was fate this cruel to him? why was he on the losing side again and again? he dragged his lifeless body to his car…breaking down every moment…dying thousand deaths every minute…his jaan was not even ready to even spare a look at him… and the thought itself killed him right there!! this was beyond his tolerance level…this was much more painful that living without her. This was nothing but just death of him today!!!

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Unnpe bharosa kyun tune kiya


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4 responses to “PART 36

  1. ushankitvc

    07/12/2013 at 17:24

    wow geet is alive…jst guessed…continue sooon

  2. sizaverma

    07/12/2013 at 17:54

    Yuppiiii i knw that geet is alive……. Bt why ana do this to maan? Waiting

  3. amrithanair

    07/12/2013 at 18:31

    Awesome one,First of all a big thank u for updating today,though maan is in pain bt am really happy dey r met na,and now maan will undo everything dat gone wrong,waiting for nxt part

  4. abc48

    07/12/2013 at 23:12

    reading b4 one hour,still crying.y u seperate maaneet like this?love u geet


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