02 Dec


She just walked away to a scheduled meeting, feeling glad to have escaped maan. She knew maan wouldn’t rest until he found out about Geet. she just  finished with the meeting and rushed home soon as the clock struck 4pm. She unlocked the door and walked in to check on Geet and stood aghast seeing her in the washroom, sitting under the shower, doing something. She ran inside to see her talking to herself and rubbing her skin clean. She had soap lathered all over..she was still wearing her pjs and lost in her own world, scaring the hell out of Sasha.


“Geet is a bad girl…”, she murmured as she wiped the soap from her face and splashed water on herself, “isiliye aaj Geet ke paas koi nahin hain… “

[that is why no one is with Geet today…]

Sasha couldn’t believe her eyes…she was seeing a very different person today and she knew very well what might Geet’s brain be going through right now. She ran to her and held her hands, “thats enough for today…please stop..”

Geet looked at her cutely, pouting, “Sasha.. chodo mera haath.. I have to clean myself…”

[Sasha…leave my hand… I have to clean myself…]

The water ran across her face making her look even cuter with those doe shaped eyes and those cute pouting lips…which actually scared Sasha more. She took in a deep breath and turned off the shower, “ma’am..thats enough for today..your eyes are completely red. At this rate you will fall sick…”

She held her hand and tried to drag her out. Geet frowned and tried to pull away her hand, “aahhh… chodo mera haath… chodo..”

[leave my hand…leave…]

Sasha had to get her back to her senses…she had locked herself in one psychological state and she had to zap her back to reality that she could cope up with this and that they needed to report it to the police as soon as possible.

“no… you have had enough…”

Geet got so angry… she tried to pull away her hand but Sasha held it firm as she dragged her out, “chodo mujhe… am not yet clean…chodo… please… I have to clean myself.. dekho abhi bhi ye marks hain…”

[leave me… am not yet clean… leave.. I have to clean myself… see the marks havnt faded yet…]


She tried to show Sasha those scratch marks that adored her hands…but Sasha heard none. She dragged her and made her sit on the bed. Geet was really very angry at her behaviour. She was about to shout at Sasha when she wrapped a towel around her and knet in front of her, “ma’am… you have to be strong…”

Geet looked at her face…and tears welled up in her eyes, “Sasha…i..i. have to clean myself…”, her voice broke. Sasha sighed realizing she was back but her heart ached to see Geet like this. She felt warm drops of tears fall on her palms and looked up at Geet who had her eyes closed. She had never seen Geet this helpless. She had to help her get her confidence back.. the whole empire was looking for her and the market will leave no chance of disposing her off from the chairman’s position in the wink of an eye.


She was broken out of her reverie when she heard faint sobs of Geet and saw her trying hard to muffle her cry. She squeezed her hands gently, “ma’ can’t let those people get away with that. You have to fight them…show them who the real Geet hands is…you can’t break down like this…”

Geet still looked down, sobbing badly. Sasha knew this would be difficult for her… it had shattered her entire confidence. She stood up and took a step back.

“maan sir came to office.. looking for you…”

The room went silent all of a sudden…her sobs suddenly disappeared and you could hear crickets from outside. It was getting dark perhaps.

“yes ma’am…he was so worried about you.. he knows you are not in NY…

Sasha saw Geet clutch the sheets of the bed tighter in her fists…and she knew what this might lead to. But she wanted at least Geet to confide in maan… they had loved each other so much. but all her hopes shattered when she heard a broken voice of Geet, “what did he say?”

Sasha looked at her carefully and was amazed to see her smile through her tears…a very painful one.

“he…he wanted to see you…he seemed worried.. please speak to him ma’am.. it wouldn’t take him long to find out about you…please…”

Sasha walked out unable to hold back her own tears leaving Geet all to herself.  Geet sat there still..trying to smile. he cared for her…he still cares for her..he came looking for her.. and few more tears spilled out of those beautiful eyes.. and what did she do? Push him away..hurt him so much… in order to prove herself..she pushed him away!


“why do  you love me so much? I don’t even want to live this life anymore…“, she murmured as she recalled each and every moment he had made her smile… made love to her so passionately…so wildly.. so lovingly… protected her from evil eyes. Their goa trip and their subsequent hook up flashed in front of her eyes as she fell on the bed, sobbing endlessly. She had lost everyone now…her mom..her dad/..chachi..ana.. maan..everyone! she didn’t want to live a life which actually made her life this… she suddenly hated the life she was living now..The Geet Handa life… she wanted to live a very normal life all at once… have her family close to her…have her love with her till eternity… she didn’t want this life anymore.


Maan went berserk trying to locate her. her phone was switched off… he didn’t know where Sasha went after the meeting… he was totally clueless about everything. He tried again to her office checking if she was back.. but everywhere he got the same news that Geet was in NY. He hit the steering angrily as he pulled into the driveway of khurana mansion. His phone buzzed with adi calling him for some visa and paper works.. and he just got held up. It was around 1 at night when he fell on the bed, tired, frustrated and low. He knew Geet was definitely into some trouble… he wanted to reach to her but his brain didn’t seem to work out the way to get out of this mess. He’ go away once he makes sure she was fine… but things never go your way when you want them to. He didn’t even realize when his eyes dropped close giving into the tiredness with his heart still longing for her one grace look.


Sasha checked on Geet and switched off the lights of her room and walked off. Geet had been given sleeping pills but they were far from making her sleep. The moment Sasha stepped out, she ran to her bag and took out the camera that she had kept. She quickly browsed through the images and stopped right over hers and maans. Ohh how much she missed him.., only she knew how much she had craved for him… yet she cant go back to him. she was tainted…she didn’t deserve him anymore now… yet she couldn’t stop that urge to run into his arms. Her fingers caressed his face ever so lovingly… she didn’t want a life that restricted her from going back to him… she wanted to leave a normal life. she cried and cried and cried holding his pic close to her heart… she wanted to live a normal life!!! he had been looking for her… she knew he’d be worried… but she didn’t know what to do!!


Maan left early just to finish his left over work and get back to Sasha. He’d use his own ways this time if Sasha didn’t tell him things correctly. His jaan was in danger…he knew that.. his heart just knew that. he left ignoring avantika and rushed to his office.


Geet sat by the table as Sasha served her the breakfast. She looked pale…weak and sleep deprived. She had heard Geet crying her eyes out last night… but then she needed to vent out all her emotions. She needed someone who would understand each beat of her heart… thats what Sasha concluded, she put the plate in front of her, “we must go to the police today and report it…”

Geet seemed to be in a deep thought. when Sasha got no reply, she asked her yet again, “ma’am… are you well today? We shall go to the police today…”

Geet looked up to her to meet her eyes and suddenly Sasha saw that glimpse of coldness return back to her eyes that she always had… emotionless.

“umm.. yes we will.. but you better finish office first today…remember you have to give the project file to Mr Mishra..”

Sasha was shocked to see this sudden change in her…she was not the same person she had been seeing for the past two days.. she didn’t seem broken or even a bit sad. She sounded cold and ruthless like she had always been. She wondered if something was wrong.

“are you okay?”, she dared ask her. Geet shot a stern look and spoke out meanly, “of course I am.. you don’t expect me to stay back home and be a free you Sasha?”

It was very difficult to know what she must be thinking. Sasha didn’t know how to react. She just nodded a yes and went to get her stuffs for office. The moment Sasha left, Geet bolted the door and ran towards the phone and sat by the floor, with the camera in her hands. She quickly browsed through maan’s pic and breathed in sharply. She just wanted to hear his voice… thats it. she had been thinking about it the whole night… she had to be strong..she tried to convince herself but at the end she realized she could never go back to normal again.


Maan had just stepped out of Geet’s office to meet Sasha when his phone rang displaying an unknown number. He was already frustrated and the last thing he wanted was to speak to some client with whom he wasn’t supposed to. He was about to disconnect the call but something just told him that this might be important. His jaan seemed totally out of his reach now..but this call… it might be important. After a long ring he held his breath as he took the call.


Silence prevailed from both sides as his tone echoed through the lines. There was this sudden heavy pain in both their hearts that seemed to burst out.

“hello…” his voice trembled this time feeling that intensity of emotional lay heavy of his heart. he could hear her soft breaths as she tried hard to stifle her sobs from escaping her lips. And that was it. he didn’t even need to know who it was. His eyes welled up as his voice choked, “Geet…”

He heard a faint sob escape her lips. He was no different either. A drop of tear rolled down his eyes as thousands of emotions brewed up within. He just wanted to run to her and take her in his embrace and hide her from every little pain that might have caused her pain.


His voice broke her will to stop her cries as another sob escaped her lips. She looked at his pic in the camera as she heard his soothing voice. He still loved her… he did. Tears were just her company in that empty house and that empty heart.

“please…kuch tho bolo…”, he literally cried, getting restless about her odd silence.

[please..speak something…]

“…“, she could barely speak out. Her voice choked with her own emotions. She wanted to cry out loud. It was perhaps the worst idea to call him but she just couldn’t stop herself. Why wasn’t it easy for her to run into his arms and tell him everything? Why wasn’t it easy for her to cry her heart out in front of him? why wasn’t it easy for her to let out those bottled up emotions to him?  why was she even in such a position and situation that she never wanted in her entire life?

“just…just tell me where are you. Am coming to you jaan… mein aa raha hoon tumhare paas…”

[just…just tell me where are you… am coming to you jaan… am coming to you…]

She could never let him see her like this…tainted..touched by another man…poisoned to death… he had claimed her as his and only his.. then how can she go back to him when the smell of another man reeked on her?

“nahin…”, she snapped immediately, crying out, “Abhi Nahin Aana Maan…Abhi Nahin Aana…”

[no… don’t come now maan… don’t come now…]


please hear this song which inspired me to write this ff- Abhi Nahin Aana

Abhi Nahin Aana Sajna

Mohe thoda marne de

Intezaar karne de

Abhi Nahin Aana

He felt his heart being pierced into millions of pieces hearing that broken voice. He just wanted her safe and in his arms…thats it! It didn’t matter anymore how much he was hurt or broken. She needed him…that was the end to all thoughts.

“just wait for me jaan… am coming…”

But all he heard was just a disconnection tone. He rubbed his temples trying to hold himself from breaking down and quickly rushed into his car. He had to get to her no matter what.


Bhejiyo Sandesha

Aap Nahin Aana.

Thodi dur rehke

Mohe tarsana…

Abhi tho mein chaahun

Saari saari raatein jagna

Abhi Nahin Aana sajna..


She couldn’t have spoken to him anymore. This was getting so tough. He was worried… he was looking for her.. he still loved her so much but she didn’t deserve any of them. she looked at his pic and kissed his face all over. She didn’t want him to come and see her in this state… but she also wanted him to come and hold her tight.

Mohe thoda marne de

Intezaar karne de

Abhi Nahin Aana…


He drove out madly as he turned on the GPS to locate her whereabouts. The time was moving just too slow. He was not surprised to see her location in Delhi itself but it was totally from the other end of the city. It wasn’t her mansion or her resort or anyplace that he could have known. He just wished she didn’t do anything stupid before she reached. On the way he called Adi to locate the place and tell the details of who stayed there. it would take him almost an hour to reach the place.

Ruk Ruk Aana

Dheere dheere chalna

Bhoolna Dagariya

Raaste badalna

Nahin abhi mohe

garwa nahin hain lagna

Abhi Nahin Aana Sajna


She didn’t realize how long she sat there watching his pic.. or how much she cried and wished he never came. But then reality sunk into her numbed brain… their conversation!!! She sat up straight… he said he was coming???!! He was coming!!! NO…she can’t let him see her like this…not ever. She knew it wouldn’t take him time to locate her.. he had always known about her whereabouts, no matter where she was. And yet again she was thrown into a never ending well of self loathe… he always knew things about her… her favourite food, her fav color, her fav cuisine…every little thing he knew but what about her? the guilt of so many things ate her up within.

Mohe Thoda marne de

Intezaar Karne de

Abhi Nahin Aana


She was in no position to see him. she had to get out of this place before he came. She looked around… and realized she just didn’t have time to think. a bit. She wiped her tears, kept the camera in her bag and ran out carrying the keys of the Suv that Sasha had. She didn’t even bother to look back or lock the door. She just wanted to get away from this life that brought her to such a position.

Abhi Na Jagao

Bane raho sapna

Abhi san-mukh na

Laao Mukh apna

Abhi tho mein chaahun

Aas lagaye rakhna..


He was surprised to hear that the flat belonged to Sasha. Numerous questions ran in his mind..why did she live here when she had so many people to go to. But he didn’t have time to think. He had to see her. he ran up the stair for he just couldn’t wait for the lift to come down. He rushed through people on the second floor and knocked the door as hard as he could. He will be seeing his jaan in just a matter of seconds… his heart was beating so fast and those damn people took so long to open the door. He banged the door harder and was surprised to see it open. He didn’t wait to think but ran inside calling out for her, “Geet/… where are you jaan? See I came for you… Geet…”

He called out to her checking each and every room but the whole place suddenly seemed haunted. His own voice echoed back to him…letting him know that there were no one in here. He was getting more and more worried now. Geet was here…he was sure of it. he pushed his fingers through his hair when something struck him. he looked around the living room carefully when he saw the whole house in a mess. Cushions thrown here and there… the plates broken… vase thrown down.. and there..the phone lying discarded. He immediately took the phone and called up his own number. The number flashed on his screen… Geet was definitely here. He was confirmed. But where could she go now??

“jaan…where are you?”, he cried, holding the phone when her voice echoed in his ears, “abhi nahin aana…”

Ohh god..what is she thinking?? He kind of guessed she didn’t want him to see in the condition she was in. His heart ached for her… he knew she would have tried to run away. He didn’t have time to waste. He rushed out and drove out madly, searching for her.

Abhi nahin Aana Sajna

Mohe thoda marne de

Intezaar karne de..

Abhi Nahin Aana…sajna..

Abhi Nahin aana sajna…

Mohe thoda marne de

Intezaar karne de…

Abhi Nahin Aana re…


She cried as she heard his favourite song play on the radio she had switched on. his smile…everytime the song played..he’d have a wide smile on his lips. She definitely didn’t deserve him anymore. She had tried to run away from him… she came out making herself determined to report it to the police as Sasha had stated.. but now her confidence seemed to deter. The song played and played and played on…I hope you dance…that was his favourite song. She knew arjun will come out of the jail with his power.. she wanted to fight him..but with those  broken pieces of herself, she just couldn’t bring herself to even hold herself firm. She didn’t want this life…never in her life! she wanted to live like a normal girl today… love like a normal girl and do everything like a normal girl.

Abhi Nahin Aana…

Abhi Nahin Aana…aana re

Nahin Nahin Aana…


He drove towards the highway, searching for her madly. She wouldn’t have gone far, he tried to convince himself. He had to find her and make everything okay.

“just be safe…just be safe…”, was all he kept on murmuring throughout the way.

Tears blurred her vision as she pressed the accelerator even harder. She never wanted this life ever… she wanted to ask fate why did she had to be so cruel on her. she clutched the steering tighter till her knuckles turned white…and the car sped like hell.

Abhi Aaye tho dwar nahin kholenge

Awaaz doge tho hum nahin bolenge..


Abhi Nahin aana…

[if you come now.. I shall not open the door

If You call out.. I won’t reply

Don’t come now..]

She didn’t even think a bit from this point. She didn’t know when she changed lanes.. or she heard a loud honk of a lorry in front of her…or anything for that matter. All she could do is just burn in her own anguish of fake pride and self loathe. She didn’t even feel the pain when she felt something all around her..hitting her… bruising her…making her bleed..things were flying around but she chose to close her eyes and let go! This was the end of all.


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  1. amrithanair

    02/12/2013 at 18:28

    Awesome Its painful,u portrayed it really well.geet’s words abhi nehi ana but how can maan stop himself frm coming to his jaan,hope maan will get into his Jaan soon,eagerly waiting for nxt part


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