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LONG UPDATE for the delayEmbarrassed
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I was very emotional while typing this part..actually cried.



Geet stopped…a sudden wave of relief splashed over her face and she picked up the doll in her hands… she smiled through her tears…after ages perhaps. The doll still smiled just like she had..years ago.. but her dress was torn.. her hair was in a mess.. her plastic skin dirtied… but she still smiled. Geet wiped her tears like a kid, held the doll close to her heart and ran back to her room. She didn’t even hear nisha at all. She was lost in a world of loneliness that nothing seemed to reach her.


She closed the door shut and sat on the floor, cuddled up in one corner, holding that doll close to her heart. she had that smile of a child that found her desired toy and indeed it was. She didn’t even bother to change or clean up… she just smiled as she caressed the doll ever so lovingly, “sholly… I know you are angry on me.. but sachi..geet didn’t mean to hurt you baby…”

She spoke like a kid…exactly the way she used to speak when she was young. She combed her hair and undid those tangles, wiped her face dry and looked around for something. She switched on the lights and found a small satin hankie. She smiled and took off that torn dress from her and wrapped her up in the hankie, “tumhara dress ganda ho gaya hain na..geet kal naya laa degi tumhare liye…”

[your dress has become dirty no…Geet will get new one tomorrow]


Nisha couldn’t believe what she saw. She had come to check on Geet but now it seemed there was something very wrong with Geet. the way she was speaking to that lifeless doll… that sparkle in her eyes.. it was scary. She knew she was under a lot of mental pressure..but then this behaviour was definitely scaring her. she moved in, trying to know what was actually bothering her, “Geet… gudiya..tu theek tho hain?”

[Geet… gudiya are you okay?]

Geet was tucking the doll under the duvet when she shot a stern glare to nisha, “shh..chachi… don’t be loud. She is sleeping…”

Nisha didn’t know what to do.. or how to handle this situation. Everything seemed to get so complicated now. Mohinder had left all the responsibility of taking care of his princesses..but today she felt so helpless she was all alone and no one to help her. she sighed and went closer to Geet and smiled, “ok.. she will sleep. Now go and change.. and sleep next to her…”

Geet nodded cutely…just like she used to when she was a kid and ran to the washroom. Nisha sat there wondering what just happened…geet was very independent.. so straightforward but today she was someone else altogether. she looked at the doll that she cherished so much and decided to give her some time to calm down and relax.



Nisha was glad that her assumption was correct. Geet needed some time to relax. It was already 4 days to that incident and she seemed much better than before. She did keep that doll with her but she didn’t seem crazy. She was normal… just like she had been earlier…ruthless with her work and cold..but this time, she did a small mistake perhaps. She saw Geet strong and back to her own self.. but what she missed was that little heart that was sinking deeper with the lonliness that had brewed up inside her. Geet was okay.. of course she had to be…she had to work..she had to make her dad proud… but she was lonely.


Geet joined the table for breakfast with a smile and wished nisha. the maid served her while she checked into her planner. Nisha was quite glad that Geet was fine, “Geet… hows office?”

She munched a toast and replied coldly, yeah office is fine..thank you.. I have a meeting this evening. I might be late…”

Nisha sighed…knowing this was not a new thing. She went early and she came back very late, exhausting herself.  But for Geet…work was the only thing that kept her in reality. She knew if she didn’t control her mind..she’d break down.. perhaps she had known this for a very long time now. Thats why she had made herself ambitious, stone hearted…so that she didn’t think.. so that she didn’t have time to mull over lost things. She ran out waving a bye at nisha and got into her car. Nisha was of course the best person in the world to her… but she still was lonely. Nisha came into her life when she had already seen so much as a young girl… it had affected her deeply. And she just made herself so… to convince her dad that she was strong and that she could bring down the world… to convince the world that she was The Geet Handa, heiress to the Handa Empires… and mostly, to convince herself that she was strong and that she could pull it off and move on in life. but like I said…when lonliness knocks, your entire life stands in front of you.


He woke up late…work had stretched too much and he literally went to sleep at 4am. he looked out of the huge window to the London cityscape and admired the warm morning. The servant served his coffee and went away. He sipped his coffee and smiled, being reminded of her…waking up every morning watching her smiling face and that soft hue on her face their love making had left. But things were to happen this way perhaps. He has been in London for the past 5 days and for some reasons he just couldn’t distract himself from her. she had brutally crushed his heart..without even thinking once…he hated her..actually he tried to but he just couldn’t. There was still that love for her, hiding in that corner of his heart, reminding him of every single moment they had spent together. and who knew he’d be flying back to India one more time today before he went on for his tour. He just had an hour or two before he boarded the flight.


She had come home to take some files when she tripped against the bed post and her bag fell down from her hands. She had been taking out her cell phone that she hit her leg. Things scattered here and there..and her stuffs tumbled out. She sighed and went to get the file. She will just pick them up once she got the file. She was anyways getting late. She stood in front of her study shelf and looked around for the file…she rolled her eyes from side to side and thats when something caught her attention. She looked down to see the digi-cam that that rolled out of her bag and lay by her feet. She, for some reasons sat on her knees to pick it up and decided to check it. it was just baseless but things just come to you as their own. She forgot about the file and switched on the camera to check on the pics. There were some of office, some sites she had visited and some random stuffs. She swiped her finger over the touch screen and the picture flipped, paving way to another.


She held her breath seeing their pic together… hers and maans! A smile touched her lips.. how can she forget that day! It was her birthday and he had taken her out for lunch. He had ordered a 3-tier chocolate cake and made it extra special. She looked at the pic lovingly…she had pulled him close to her and clicked the pic of them together. her cheeks had chocolate cream smeared and some on the tip of her nose that he applied.

She just kept on looking at the pic and unknown to her were those tears that slipped down her eyes. She didn’t know why… but all she knew was he would have never let her feel this lonely if he was near. She caressed the pic and swiped her finger over the screen again to find another single shot of his. She had perhaps taken it in their farm house!! ohh yes..the farm house!!! it struck her. why hadn’t she thought of it earlier? she would probably find some peace there. she had been so much in self imposed accusations that she had pushed him off when he came to meet her in the office even after all that!


 She instantly got to her feet and kept the camera secured in her bad and rushed out with her file. She waited for the lift to take her to the topmost floor where the meeting was to be held. Sasha watched her very carefully but even she mistook the fact that Geet was fine. Geet stepped out with so many things going on in her mind when Sasha called her to brief her about the issue. She turned back to Sasha.. only to see that empty lift closing. She stood numb.. being reminded of the time when the same doors had closed over maan’s smiling face. So many memories hit her all at once as she felt the corners of her eyes burn… she wanted to see him! she just kept on gaping at the lift until Sasha called her. she blinked a couple of times to dry those tears…the last time she had met maan in the lift.. the way he spoke…she wanted to go to the farmhouse as soon as possible. She  just wanted to see him just once… just once!


She was quite restless in the whole meeting and everyone noticed that. she hurriedly rushed out the moment the meeting was over when she received a call from Jazz. Distraction!! She liked it.

“Geet..we are all meeting up at the disc tonight… its been long since we have met… join us..”

Geet rubbed her temples as she got into the car and took to the steering, “umm..i don’t know jazz…”

“come on Geet… I know working is good..but you need distraction baby.. just come over..”

“hmm yeah will try to..”

She hung up and saw Sasha waiting for her.

“you better get home..i will be late..”

“yes ma’am.. but please inform where you are going..”

Geet thought for a while and smiled at her, “I know you don’t trust me but I will call if I have any trouble…”


She drove out crazily towards their’ farmhouse… she just wanted to feel peace again… she wanted to see him just for once…!! it was going to be 7 in the evening when she stopped in front of the farmhouse and ran inside. she was shocked to see the main gates to the driveway locked!! Strange…it was never locked!! She had spare keys of the main hall but not the main gates. She was suddenly getting scared…it was as if another door closed on her. she looked around and saw the watchman by the lamp post. He immediately stood up seeing Geet.


“ye band kyun hain? Open it…”, she screamed.

[why is it closed? Open it…]

“sorry madam… we got strict orders not to let anyone in.. “

“why? Whats the need?”

“wo madam.. maan sir is selling this farm house.. so he ordered us…”

She stood aghast hearing the news… selling the farm house? but why??

“selling? But why?”

“sorry ma’am..we don’t know so much details..but he is leaving india I think…”

This was too much for Geet to bear. This cant be happening…he can’t sell the farm house!!! It had so many precious memories of them etched in it… how can he just sell it? and he was leaving india?? She immediately called him…demanding an answer but it came switched off. She tried again and again..but it said the same thing. He just can’t sell it…no he cant!!! This was their’ place…just theirs..then how can he just let anyone else have it? she felt so infuriated…she tried to call him again but failed miserably. She drove around the city like a maniac unable to digest anything at all. How could he? How could he do this to her? he knew well she cherished that place so much… he knew it very well..phir bhi??

She was driving aimlessly like a lunatic speeding up when jazz called up again reminding her of the party. She seriously needed to take her mind off… she was too hurt…too much pissed off… she needed a distraction desperately.

“fine.. am coming in the next 15 minutes. Wait for me…”



she found herself amidst the crowd…in the dark with all her friends. They were screaming…howling.. but she was totally mad. Rahul pulled her to the dance floor but she snapped and took a corner seat at the bar, taking her shot. She was furious… how could he just do that? she had been craving so much for a glimpse of him and here he was selling the farm house? she was totally lost in her world. She lost track of time and people…how long she many shots she had… or when arjun joined them. they crowded her and spoke… but she was not in this world. She held the cigarette between her fingers and yet again she was reminded of him.. everytime she took  cigarette in her hands, he’d so very gently pull it away and throw it. but she wasn’t going to buy anything like that today. How dare he do this to her?? she failed to realized when it struck midnight… or when she even felt tipsy. She was completely insane… she was deeply hurt! How could he just…


by the time the party ended..she could hardly open her eyes because of the drinks she had. She was tipsy and totally drowsy. She could faintly hear her friends talking.. arjun speaking something like he will drop jazz first and then Geet… and rahul saying something…she didn’t even know who was holding her from falling down. But all she felt was a burning sensation in her heart… she felt like screaming out..crying out loud yet she just couldn’t. She was in a world where crying was not allowed.. where women had to fight their way in without showing even a bit of vulnerability… she was taught to stand in the bright no matter what and not get lost between the shadows.

the chilled air hit her skin and she slowly tried to open her eyes, realizing she was in a car and they were driving somewhere. She felt her head heavy and closed her eyes unable to open them. a tear escaped her eyes as she mumbled, “why are you selling it?” and slept off.


It felt warm and soft around her and she snuggled further into the soft mattress. She didn’t know who got her home.. or what happened after that party. All she could remember was being carried away somewhere. A soft smile teased her lips thinking it was only maan who could do this. She softly opened her eyes and looked around. It was still dark outside and she couldn’t recognise the place. She lazily moved her hand around and realized she was all alone oon the bed. The effect of her drinks still hadn’t faded away. She took out her phone from the pocket and called maan, wondering where he was.


He had just come out of the airport and switched on his phone when he was surprised to see her call. He wondered what she wanted more from his after all that… any sane person would happily reject the call. He tried to do that but he just couldn’t just seeing her name. It was perhaps 4 in the morning and Geet calling at this time worried him. hesitantly, he took the call preparing himself to bear with all the crap she might throw at him.


“you are know that hotshot!! You are really very bad…”

He wondered what happened to her suddenly… she sounded a bit different.. not her usual cold self… but someone very different altogether.

“what is it Geet? why did you out of all people call me? Someone as important as you shouldn’t be talking to someone like me…”, he taunted.

She giggled hearing his voice after such a long time and made a baby face, “dekha..tum bhi dusron ki tarah hi nikle… why did you sell the farmhouse? I felt so bad you know.. Geet ko kitna bura laga…”, she spoke like a baby.

[see… you are also like others… why did you sell the farm house? I felt so bad you know…geet felt so bad..]

He wondered how did she come to know about that. he was anyways leaving india and it was baseless to hold on to something that perhaps didn’t matter anymore. He wanted to start afresh..thats it. but her voice…her way of speaking told him she was not in her senses.

“Geet… are you drunk?”

She gasped hearing him and put her hand over her mouth and shook her head as if he was watching her, “na na.. Geet didn’t drink…”

He was getting irritated with her confusing behaviour now and just snapped, “bakwaas karna band karo aur seedhe seedhe batao why did you call?”

[stop that nonsense and tell me properly why dd you call..]

“umm umm.. nahi nahi mein bakwaas nahi kar rahi..geet is hurt you know..”, she tried to convince him even in that state of hers. She wanted him to just come to her hug her tightly telling her that it was okay..but he was playing too hard.

[umm..umm no no I am not speaking nonsense.. Geet is hurt you know..]

He wondered if Geet handa could ever be hurt! He smirked, “you are drunk. Talk to me when you are sober…bye..”

He was about to hang up when he heard her sob. He was totally shocked hearing that… she was crying?  okay the only thing that bothered him was her being upset…it had always been like that.

“tum bhi Geet ko chod kar jaa rahe ho na… pehle mom…dad..chachi..ana.. abhi maan bhi Geet ko chodkar jaa raha hain…”

[you are also leaving Geet and going away na… first mom…dad…chachi..ana and now maan is also leaving Geet and going away…]

If it would have been any other day, he’d have ran back to her but given the situation and her confusing behaviour…he was hell irritated with her stupid talks, “just don’t bother me okay.. yes I am going away.. thats what you wanted right.. so am just fulfilling your wish… bye and take care..”

He disconnected the call and sat in the car. Whats wrong with her! he breathed in sharply.. he just shouldn’t even bother for a person like her.. selfish and so self centred!!!

She didn’t even hear the disconnection tone and kept on speaking, “tum mujhe yahan lekar aaye..aur khud hi dur jaa rahe ho?”

[you brought me here..and now you are only going away…]


Before she could even complete her words..she felt the phone being snatched away from her. she looked towards the person angrily only to see Arjun standing with her phone.

“its me who brought you here sweetheart and not maan.. and this is my personal space…”

He smirked and threw her phone away. Breaking it, “…and phones are not allowed here.”

It took her some time to come in terms with what all was just happening. Sanity returned when she actually scanned the things around and recalled when arjun insisted on dropping her home. She blinked a couple of times to clear her mind… she hated being in his vicinity and how dare he even touch her! she felt sick…this bas**** dare lay his hand on her. she quickly regained her demeanour and pulled away the spread, “thank you for your help Arjun.. I might just head home..”, she bit back, trying to hold on to her sanity.


She was about to get off the bed when her gaze fell on that sick lusty gaze of his on her. he looked at her hungrily making her cringe with the feel. She looked down at herself and shocked to see herself only in her bra and jeans. She immediately cuddled into the sheet, hiding herself… she couldn’t believe all this was happening with her.

“what did you…”, she couldn’t even complete her sentence… the thought of someone else touching her made her feel like barfing. Her eyes turned red in fury…anger…disgust… how dare he? She looked around and saw her shirt thrown on the nearby chair. She gulped hard…as she noticed his ruthless gaze all over her. she was suddenly scared…what had he done to her? she couldn’t even remember a bit… did they… she put her hands over her mouth, unable to believe herself!! But then she checked her jeans.. they were all fine and intact. She pulled her spread tighter to herself and looked at him angrily.


He just watched her face…changing colors just like her emotions. He crouched closer and cupped her cheeks, “shh.. I did nothing yet sweetheart…”

She flinched back…as her head spun with the after effects of drinking so much. a sudden fear lurked within. She stood up shivering, holding the spread closer. She was not going to get scared of this jerk..she reminded herself. She tried to move ahead when he held her hand. Thats it. she turned to slap him hard but he had probably guessed her move. He held her other hand mid air and pushed her on to the bed, “whats the hurry han?”


She couldn’t even complete her sentence when he pulled away the spread that covered her. she gasped as she tried to push him off. He just held her hands and pinned then to the bed and himself fell on her, “you know what worry a lot. You were perspiring so much last I had no option but to…

His gaze lingered over those tempting curves that made him swoon with desire. She truned away in digust… she can’t let him take advantage of her. she tried to push him off with all her might, “let go of me you bloody *****…”


He stumbled and fell on the bed. She took the opportunity and stood up. She tried to get to her shirt when he pulled her yet again and pinned her to the wall this time, “don’t test my patience bitch… if I wanted I could have taken you last night itself… but it wouldn’t have been fair on my part had you taken maan’s name the whole time…”

She cringed with the thought as to what he could have done. She tried to push him off.. pry his hands off that suddenly seemed to advance towards her curves but he was strong. He pressed her harder against the wall…not even letting her breathe and thrust himself on her.. pressing her hardness on her tummy.. making her loathe  her own self to have felt something like that.

“no.. let me go…”, she cried and the next moment his lips came crashing down to hers… silencing her. Geet was already in a very vulnerable state of mind… and probably this act of arjun was bringing out all those hidden emotions. She shut her lips tight so as not to give in when his hands clutched her curves making her gasp. She wriggled… she tried to move her hands and legs..but he had held her firm.  She felt so disgusted with his touch… she tried to fight.. but it proved to be an opportunity for him. he held her hand and dragged her to the bed. He pushed her on the bed and straddled on her..this time eyeing her curves.


“no…let go…”, she screamed. She tried to push him off…hit him.. but her head ached like hell and her energy drained out…he ripped off her bra and took those soft curves into his mouth and she screamed. She was reminded of maan.. ..every moment they had spent together… she couldn’t take any one else’s touch other than him.. it was the same feeling that night when arjun had forcefully kissed her and its the same feeling this time as well. she was maan’s… she can’t bear any one else touching her. tears rolled out of her eyes… she felt so helpless… like she didn’t have anyone to turn to today. She went numb…her body was not listening to her command. She was weak today… Geet Handa was weak… she felt him pull out her jeans and a cry escaped her lips, “maaannn…”

She was not the Geet handa today… she hated this life… no.. she wanted maan. She tried to push him off.. turn away.. and he slapped her hard..making her lips bleed, “dare you deny me…” he screamed.


She tried to get up and run towards the door…but he was quick enough to drag her by her hair and throw her on the floor. the bed post hit her head..her head spun.. she tried to stand up..she wasn’t thinking anything by now. She wanted to run to maan and hug him tight. She had gone comepltely blank. She cant bear any one else touching her. she didn’t know what he did to her.. how she fought…screaming out for maan.. and those endless tears. He wasn’t letting her even hold herself. A few more slaps perhaps… or may be she hit herself somewhere else.. but she had to go to maan. She can’t let anyone touch her..she was maan’s…his only. She had stopped seeing the reality of life..rather she visualised herself running into his arms… hugging him tight and hiding herself in his embrace.

Arjun was getting frustrated…this was harder than he thought. It would have been better if he had finished it off last night itself.. and her screams echoed in the empty house..and it was just maan…maan…maan!!!


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    Do continue soon……please don’t let Arjun spoil geet…please

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