22 Oct

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Maan was shocked to get the news of Mohinder handa passing away in the morning news and the first thing that hit him was Geet..his jaan being in so much pain. He immediately called her…wanting to know if she was doing okay. He knew she’d get very low at times.

Geet was working on some important files when her phone beeped with maan flashing on it. she looked at her phone for a while and disconnected the call. Maan was surprised and called her again. she disconnected the call this time too… he tried again and the same thing happened. He sighed…may be she needed time. He just wished she was okay and didn’t do something reckless.


It was already a week and maan hadn’t got even a chance to speak to Geet. he was keeping busy with an upcoming conference in Mumbai. It was important for his company to get this deal no matter what. The whole corporate world was competing for it…but people knew already who would win…of course the Maan Singh Khurana. But his heart was left with his jaan…worried sick. She never took his calls or even replied to his mails or even his texts for that matter. His days seemed to pass in worry about her.


“jaan…where are you?”

He reached home early surprising avantika who noticed him worried about something. He just walked past her without looking at her when she stopped her, “maan..kya baat hain? Sab theek tho hain na beta?”

[maan…whats the matter? Is everything alright?]

He stopped and then sudden went to his mom and hugged her. avantika wondered if things were okay with him. he came out of the hug after a while and placed his head on her lap, “something is wrong with Geet mom…”

Avantika smiled at her love struck son and caressed his head, “did you two have a fight?”

“no mom… theres something else. She has just lost her father…but I can’t get through her for the past one week…”

“maan…give her some time…she has lost her father right…”

“no mom… she never does that…I feel quite restless all these days…like something is not right… something is not right about her. I was thinking of visiting her place…”

“I will go with you too…”


“yeah…we should at least give them condolences…Mohinder handa was a very good man..Your dad knew him personally quite well…”

“really?”, he asked looking up at her, “I haven’t spoken to Chachi as well…lets go.”


They drove towards Handa Mansion but maan was not feeling good. there was something that bothered him and he just didn’t know what. He just wanted to see her for once and make sure everything was right with her…see her alright. He even called her on his way but it went to voicemail.

“Geet…are you alright?”, he mumbled to himself, “just be okay…”


Nisha welcomed them at the door. She was surprised to see maan’s mother but then she was maan’s mom afterall. After exchanging greetings, they settled down in the hall and maan just spoke up, “Chachi… Geet kahan hain?”

[Chachi wheres Geet?]

Nisha sighed, “pata nahin maan…I just don’t understand whats wrong with this girl. she has lost her father…but jaise usey koi fark hi nahi padta…she is so cold to everything. She never cried…she never asked me about him as well… nothing… na kuch bolti kuch poochi hain…she just seems to drown herself in her work… usey tho ghar aane ka time hi nahin hain…”

[I don’t know maan… I just don’t understand whats wrong with this girl. she had lost her father…but its as if she is not at all affected… she is so cold to everything. She never cried… she never asked me about him as well..nothing. she doesn’t speak…she doesn’t even ask anything…she just seems to drown herself in her work… she doesn’t even have time to get home…]


Avantika spoke up after a long pause, “may be she is into depression…”

Nisha looked at her thoughtfully, “even I thought so in the beginning… and I even left her alone but now it seems that its not depression. She is completely normal to everything around her… and Sasha even says she is fine..”

All this was scaring maan… he was a person who was known for him care-a-damn attitude…but no one knew the heart he possessed…that beat only for his loved ones. When it came to them…he was a very emotional person. He just wanted to see her once and make sure she was okay…but then there was some other discussion going on that caught his attention.

He looked at nisha and his mom who were busy speaking about his and Geet’s relation.


Avantika held nisha’s hand, “I so wanted to speak to you about Geet’s hand but given the circumstances… I just don’t think its the right time…”

Nisha was quite surprised at this when she heard avantika, “I have never met Geet personally…but I know everything about her from maan… and it seems that they are quite happy with each other.”

Nisha suddenly went thoughtful. Mohinder’s words about seeing his daughters as brides suddenly struck her mind. she needed some time to think about this. Nevertheless, she kept her thoughts to herself and continued with avantika. She even asked them to stay for dinner but maan had to leave for Mumbai in the next 3 hours for an important meeting. They left but each one was left with a thought that left them quite thoughtful.


Maan called Geet again before boarding his flight…he was so worried about her. but sadly, it went to her voicemail again. he sighed and just left a small message.

“jaan…just  tell me once that you are okay, I am worried. Love you.”

He sat on his seat switching off his phone and closed his eyes. He recalled his most beautiful moments with her… with his jaan…but just one blow…their life seemed to fall apart. He was suddenly feeling so distanced from her…like she was going away from him. one week it was…but it was hell…it was painful…not being able to sleep at nights, not even knowing if she was okay… not able to convince his heart that she was okay and needed some time.

“what is wrong  jaan…just tell me…”, he mumbled to himself. He recalled the moments when arjun had spoken so badly about her and she wasn’t even bothered. Even nisha’s words on her being so cold scared him. he didn’t even know when he dozed off owing to his tiredness. He was still thinking about her when he was reminded of something very sweet. They were in his car, driving somewhere when she wanted to switch on the music player.


guys do hear this beautiful song which is one of the most important tools for the future events

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean


She looked at him quizzically while the music filled the air with its sweet melody. There was a sweet smile adoring his lips. He noticed her staring at him and turned to look at her, “what??”

“this song doesn’t suit your personality hotshot…”

He laughed.

Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you’ll give fate the fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

I hope you dance
I hope you dance


“whats there to laugh?”

“Geet.. it has nothing to do with my personality baby…its just my most favourite song.”

He snapped out of his dreamland with the announcements being made. He stepped out airport and got into the car. He wished if he could just see her once and talk to her. he closed his eyes again and rested his head on the tainted window, losing himself in her thoughts again.


They were again stuck somewhere, making out in the car itself. He just couldn’t stop when she demanded to stop for an ice cream ever so sexily. He pulled her on top of him and kissed her madly. In the surge of passion her hand might have hit the music player turning it on.


I hope you still feel small when you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you’ll give faith the fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance


She broke the kiss making a face, “whats with this song always first on your play list?”
“I love it as much as I Love you jaan..”, he spoke biting her lips, “so it makes it to the top of my playlist…”

The song played in his mind as he reached his suite and fell on the couch. The song was very close to his  heart and somehow it always ended up being played when she was with him. he sighed hearing adi’s call. They had a meeting the next day. The deal was important for Khurana empires. There was a tough competition. he just changed into his tracks and sat on the couch checking the presentation thoroughly again. he worked and worked.. till how long no one knows but her thoughts kept haunting him throughout, even when his mind was so busy.

…I hope you dance
Time is a wheel in constant motion always
I hope you dance
Rolling us along
I hope you dance
Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder
I hope you dance
Where those years have gone…


She sat in a Mumbai bar with her usual old friends, sipping a drink and holding a cigarette between her fingers. They had planned for a small trip with her.

Jazz looked at Geet who seemed a bit lost, “hey Geet..where had you been all these days? You were suddenly out of contact…”

She took in a puff and smiled, “umm.. was little held up you know..”

Rahul joined them and sat beside Geet, “so..weren’t you dating Maan Khurana? Thats the latest buzz sweetie..”

“well…its a buzz right… so let it be a buzz…”

“you mean… you weren’t serious about it at all?”, jazz was surprised.

Geet smirked as she gulped down her 2nd shot, “who said I was?”

“then what was with those spending nights and going out together and stuffs?”

She laughed, “and you guys took it this seriously? Come on…i thought you guys are better than that…”

Rahul laughed, “so does that mean Geet Handa just got bored of her latest toy?”

She dipped her cigarette in the ashtray, “umm..Its Geet Handa.. remember that!. Anyways I have better things to look into than him. He takes things too seriously… gosh what a bore..!”

“but Geet..your dad..I mean..”, jazz wanted to ask if she was okay. She brushed it off, “its cool jazz… leave it.”


Arjun joined them as he pulled jazz into a kiss. Geet rolled her eyes and turned away to get another drink for herself. The music was slowly getting louder as the night got darker. He took a drink and looked at Geet, raising his glass a bit for a toast, unnoticed by anyone. Geet just looked away and walked out.

“hey Geet… aren’t you staying with us?”, Rahul stopped her.

“nopes…got a meeting in the morning… have to work..”

Arjun gave her a smug smile and she just ignored it altogether. Jazz hugged her and whispered in her ears, “good night babes… don’t miss him fu****g you!”

Geet giggled and winked at her, “he was actually hot…who knows I might miss him on bed tonight…”

Both the girls laughed at their own private joke and Geet walked out. She had a meeting the next day and she just had to get the deal, no matter what. She had prepared well and had to shut those up who dared to question her ability as the chairman and she’d do whatever she could. She reached her apartment..precisely her daddy bought a posh apartment for her just because she had to stay there for 2 days owing to a presentation whilst she was the CEO. She had every luxury she wanted in her life. she stood in front of the mirror looking at herself for some time. Her dad had brought this flat…she sighed and brushed the thoughts aside and lifted her shirt  up and pulled it off herself. She stood there in her bra and her jeans. Her eyes scanned her body for some reasons and stopped right over her curved, covered with that black piece of cloth. If he was there around, he wouldn’t even leave a chance to rip her bra off in the blink of an eye. She stopped…realizing what she had been thinking. She shook her head and went to take a bath.


“you need to get that deal for yourself Geet…” she mumbled and dipped herself in the hot bubble bath. Nisha had been trying to call her ever since… she had maan’s calls too but she was probably too busy to care about anyone. She didn’t even think if anyone was worried about her. for her..things were simple and clear”she was Geet Handa and she could take care of herself. There wasn’t a need to worry about her. she didn’t even understand why nisha was trying so hard to get to her! she should know her quite well. she disconnected nisha’s call for the nth time and switched off her phone.


The next day was a big day for everyone. Even arjun who was desperate to get his position back and he’d had sworn to do anything to get this done. Maan reached the venue right on time. He as usual, took away all the attention but he kept his composure though his heart was not really into anything. He checked things with Adi. If they got this deal, it was going to be a huge collaboration between his empire and other International Corporations…definitely a huge boost to his stocks. His eyes scanned the people around..his sharp mind configured who might be taking part in this when his eyes fell on Arjun who seemed busy in speaking to someone. His blood boiled seeing him there…but he knew his limits. This was entirely professional. He was somewhere glad that Geet wasn’t here. He just can’t bear his lecherous looks on her.


They were all set to enter the conference hall when he called Geet once again. his restlessness was getting the better off him. he dialled her number, hoping she’d at least take his call this time. The hall suddenly went silent as the delegates walked in. He heard his call being connected and the next moment a very familiar ringtone caught his attention. He kept the phone near his ear and turned back… only to see her walk away with Sasha towards the main hall. She was a few feet away, looking into some files. He was shocked”she was here??? He watched her stop and check who the caller was. His heart was suddenly beating so fast…like a small child waiting to get noticed in the crowd. She checked the caller id, disconnected the call, kept the phone in her pocket and walked inside without even caring a damn!!!


His phone screamed the disconnection tune but he was too shocked to even realise anything. The phone was still by his ears and he still looked at the entrance,…shocked to see her this cold. She didn’t even notice his presence at all. May be she was busy..may be she didn’t want to be disturbed… but then the way she had looked at the caller id… so cold…so ruthless somewhere scared him that she might have deliberately been avoiding his calls. What was wrong with her? why was she so cold? His heart tried to reason with all the possible options his brain was thinking”yes she might be busy…because after her dad’s demise all the responsibilities suddenly came on her shoulders, yes she might be too hurt with the loss that she was trying to keep away from everyone…and so on. the final call for the commencement of the meeting were made. He snapped back to reality only when adi asked him to get inside. he sighed…she didn’t even tell him that she was coming to Mumbai or even taking part in this event!!! Nevertheless, he was glad that at least she was here and that he might just speak to her once the meeting was over.


next: face to face

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    Awesome one,bt i really want maan to gt d contract though i feel it will nt,she is so cold towards relations and i hate wen she said those words about maan, geet is going to push maan frm her life and i think its necessary to kno everything will nt works according to geet handa. Waiting for nxt part


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