02 Sep


Warning: 16+

He sighed and went to get his dress from the cupboard when his eyes stuck at the washroom door, slowly gliding open. There she stood, clad in his loose shirt and trousers that almost drowned her in them. she looked tired and worn out… but she looked absolutely and cutely beautiful in that dress…which made him laugh and high…simultaneously. he watched her fingers moving away the hairs that cascaded down her face. Yes he loved this woman in front of him… but how could one remain a saint when some one this sexy stands in front of him, luring him with her charm. And Maan was definitely not a saint! He got whatever he wanted. He left his shirt of the bed and strode across the hall, scooping her up in his arms. She was not even surprised knowing what might be coming next. Instead, she smiled and wrapped her hands and his shoulder, “you seem to be a hurry Mr. Khurana…”


Her voice was velvety and sexy and he really just couldn’t wait. If Things were to happen this way…then they must and there was no denying. Both knew what this might lead to but it was normal…none of them knowing what more it held for them. he lowered her on the bed and came on top of her, “then maybe you should hurry as well…”

There was no wasting time. He slammed his lips right on hers, sealing her giggle from escaping from her mouth. She smiled in his mouth and bit his lips playfully. He parted a little, made a face and kissed her harder. His lips seemed to know exactly how to enjoy her… slowly, sexily..thoroughly. his one hand held her hand while the other took its freedom to slip under her top and feel that satin smooth skin beneath.

“ummm…”, she let out a low deliberate moan to let him know what exactly she was feeling and smirked. She just loved every bit of this time with him. she felt his hands right around her curves and mischievously took in his lower lip, kissing it softly and then suckling over it. her hands were already all over his bare chest, letting them feast over it just like her eyes. She had never seen someone so sexy.. and hot.. his well tones body and that masculine scent almost made her mouth water. She caught him unaware and slid her tongue right into his mouth, making him gasp.


He looked at her for a while and them smirked and the next moment she felt something snap. She was too lost in her kiss to realize the effect but when she felt something lose, she realised it was her bra that he had unclasped. To match up with him, she rose a bit and kissed his fiercely, biting his lips, almost to the extent of making them bleed. He loved the whole of her…her kiss, her touch… everything seemed to make him break one line of control after the other.  His mouth closed over her tongue so erotically, making her breathless… sucking out all the sweetness of hers while his hands deftly undid the buttons of her shirt and threw it away.

They parted after a while, desperately trying to catch their breaths while he hovered over her face, with his one hand softly caressing her hair, kissing her here and there. he looked into her eyes, ever so lovingly, “are you okay??”

She placed a soundable kiss on his lips and spoke naughtily, “more than you can imagine…”


If she wanted to play with him… then he knew he wouldn’t even think twice before making her his pray. He chuckled within and pulled off her bra in a jerk and looked at her, smirking, “…and now??”

She didn even try to hide herself which again surprised him a bit rather, she fell back comfortably on bed and winked at him, “…then am happier. It makes us even now…”

He realised she was as bare as he was and there was definitely no playing games with her. she was totally straightforward about what she wanted and how naughty could she get. He lowered his head and took one of her curves in his  mouth, giving it a hard suckle which elicited a loud moan from her. he left her and then looked at her face…all red and flushed, trying to catch her breaths, “ have been with guys before?”

He dipped his head into her valley, rolling his tongue between her curves, like tasting her thoroughly. He cupped one of her br**** while lapped his tongue round the other. Her fingers clutched his hair tightly while he could feel her ni**** getting hard in his mouth.


“maan…I...”, she had troubles breathing with the pleasure coursing through her body. He didn’t even let her go, rather lifted his head a bit before getting down to relish the other, “umm sweetheart… am waiting…”

She was breathing so heavily with whatever he was doing to her, “i… had a boyfriend around the time you were in Lon…Ohh god…no…”

She couldn’t even complete when he bit her curve hard, letting her know his response, making her scream her nails dug into his back, trying to calm her hyperactive nerve endings. The pleasure was just too much, making her mind go blank while he let his finger travel into her tracks and trace her bikini line.

“umm.. go on…”, he mumbled, not even moving an inch from his heaven. She was absolutely delicious and just too sexy. Just touching her was enough to make him come alive with his arousal

“he was a nice guy… and.. he..he liked me I guess…”, she continued, panting.


He took in that sweet little bud, almost chewing it carnally, making her go wild. She writhed under him, shaking her head to ease the heat she was feeling… to the extent that she felt herself getting wet between her legs.

“maan…”, she screamed yet again, clutching his hair even tighter, if that was possible.

“am listening sweetheart…”, he spoke between his kisses that he trailed around her curves, slowly moving up and dipping his head in the crook of her neck. His legs parted hers and he gently eased between her in a comfortable position while her legs involuntarily snaked around his, feeling his touches here and there.

“we kinda dated for a month or so… I found him quite genuine…”

He trailed a line of wet smooches across her shoulders while she stopped feeling his bare chest press her soft curves as he shifted his entire weight on her. he felt her stop and let his finger slid into her panties and cup her core. Her eyes widened in sweet surprise… the pleasure was much more than she had expected. He smirked and bit her soft skin, leaving his mark, “…umm and what happened next sweety?”

“umm…next…”, she tried thinking but his hands between her legs were distracting her. she was already wet, dying for an intimate touch while he just wandered there, softly caressing her. Her legs closed over his hand, while she let out a sigh of anguish, “then what.. we broke up…”


He stopped and looked at her face. She was totally red..her eyes shut tight and her lips pressed between her teeth.

“broke up??”

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, “umm… he couldn’t keep up with my temper…”

He laughed at her reasons and kissed her carnally once again before letting her go, “tum sach mein pagal ho…meine jitna socha tha…ussey bhi zyada…”

[you are mad.. more than what I had thought…]

She wrapped her hands round his shoulder, “like I said hotshot… my temper is little violent…”, she kissed him back with equal passion.

“is it really??”, he spoke between their kisses and took the liberty of slipping down her tracks along with her panties. He moved back to her curves, taking them into his mouth, one at a time, making her squirm under him. his hands naughtily rubbed her core, making her writhe under him.

“you are so wet jaan…”, he spoke, trailing a line of kisses down her cleavage, midriff and placing an audible kiss on her belly button.

“ummm…”, she could just whimper. His fingers seemed to know how to touch her soul. She had never been this intimate with any guy and his touches were just making her high.. want him more. As they always say… tasting sin is probably the most tempting offer in this world. He moved further down and kisses right over her wetness, almost knocking the breath out of her.


His phone rang disturbing them. they were just so lost in each other and the call just destroyed all of it. it cried like a maniac…one…twice or probably thrice but they heard none. It was the 4th time when he let out a growl, irritated, and got up to check who called him at this time of night. she watched him stand beside the bed and check his phone. It was then she noticed that he was still sober and here she was lying shamelessly naked in front of him, still trying to catch her breath. That was unfair… Geet handa would never in her life would let herself be the victim of unfairness.

He checked the caller..someone from office it was. He disconnected the call, switched it off and threw it on the table beside. He turned back to her only to find her kneeling on bed, right in front of him. still completely naked.


She put her finger on his lips, “shh… I don’t tolerate unfairness hotshot…why should you be in any advantage?”


She kissed him on his lips while her hands traveled down to unbutton his jeans. He was sweetly surprised at her actions… but he forgot that he was dealing with Geet Handa here. He pushed her back on to the bed and pressed himself completely on her, still not breaking their kiss. Her hands seemed to work hard to get him out of the jeans when something struck him. he held her hands and looked up at her. she looked so drugged.. so lost that a frown formed on her forehead when he held her hands, “umm..?”

“are you sure about this?”,he asked in concern.

“since when did you become a saint hotshot?”

There was naughtiness filled in her voice and her acceptance just made him crave more for her. he smiled and placed a peck on her lips, “I so love you for what you are jaan… but we’re gonna need protection…will be back in a second..”

He left her breathing heavily and pondering over the soft words “I love You…”. she wondered if they really meant something… for some reasons those words rang in her mind for a while. she didn’t even realize when he slipped into the bed and hugged her from the back. She turned to see him smiling at her. he kissed her softly this time before undressing himself completely and slipping in the protection. She watched his very maleness unfurl in front of her, making her mouth water. He was so manly and sexy…she had to admit. Her heart beat faster when he leaned over her and let his mouth taste her curves once again, this time even more passionately. She kissed his bare skin wherever she could. This was a world that she knew so well but knowing and experiencing were so different. She went blank..actually didn’t allow anything cross her mind. she was loving this moment and she was willingly giving herself in. She threw her head back when she felt his finger glide into her swiftly, making her moan out loud.


The moment was filled with so much of mixed emotions… she was slowly drifting into a world where she had never been before.. full of care and concern and love, which she was still miles away from. she didn’t even know how lond she screamed or begged him to stop but she flinched in pain feeling him enter her for the first time, making her shut her eyes tightly. She clutched his shoulders as tightly as she could while everything seemed to go blurred in front of her. she didn’t even know when tears had clouded her her eyes when she heard his faint voice, “jaan… are you okay?”

She tried to focus on him.. but it was getting impossible for her to do so with the waves of pleasure wreaking havoc on her. she would have probably nodded a yes.. when he pulled out and thrust himself again… this time softly, giving her time to adjust to his length. Her mind didn’t even seem to know what her body was doing… her eyes closing softly when she heard him again, jaan…”

Ohh she probably loved this word from his mouth so much…his Jaan!!! She felt it all so different… so full of…umm ummm Apnapan…love and sweetness. She didn’t even realize when her lashes dropped…feeling him swell within her, making her hit the climax. But she felt was a certain yet a complete satisfaction.. a feeling of happiness that she had been ever dying to get.. some kind of warmth that surrounded her. all she could remember was those sweet murmurings of his love while he slumped on her, reaching his ultimate. She probably did even know for how long she laid there, caressing his hair, looking up at the ceiling or when she just dozed off…but all she felt was a strange happiness within her…she felt loved’!!!



He watched her in that dim light, shifting a bit on her sides. He just couldn’t believe that this was the most beautiful moment of his life… his love his jaan was right beside him…with him…so close to him. he had always imagined how it could be to be with her but his fantasies were nowhere near as awesome as this sweet reality, sleeping naked in his arms. He had been with lot of women before but being with your love..who can just make you go crazy just with her one look… that was definitely something he had always wanted…where he could be just himself. He covered her properly under the duvet and slipped into his tracks. He went to get his laptop when he felt her move a bit uncomfortably. He smiled..she might be dreaming. He pressed a kiss on her forehead and went to his table to get his phone and lappy. He brought himself a coffee and settled beside her under the duvet. He kept the lappy on his lap while his back rested against the bedrest.


He logged into the net and started surfing some profiles. He still hadn’t forgotten about arjun and how distressed his jaan was. He was definitely going to show him his place. He was Maan Singh Khurana and Arjun must not forget that. he spoke to a few people over the phone and realized it was going to be 5:00am. He looked at that sleeping beauty who suddenly seemed to get uncomfortable. She was moving a lot and clutching the duvet tightly. He wondered if she was having a bad dream. He kept the lappy aside and leaned over her, caressing her hair.

She was trembling with something when she felt a soft touch on her head. She was asleep but that touch lingered on her skin as she twisted and turned.

“mm…m.. mom…”

He stilled hearing her murmur in her sleep…was she dreaming about her mom? She seeked his warmth, by moving her hands and legs… he immediately came closer and held her in his arms, “Geet… its okay baby.. Geet…”

She clutched his shirt tight and then snapped open her eyes hearing his voice. She looked at his face..a serene smile on his lips… she watched him for a couple of seconds and took a sharp breath in. He pecked her cheek and smiled, “did you have a bad dream?”

She shook her head softly and kept on watching him. he caressed her cheeks lovingly, “just relax okay… sleep a little more…”


She smiled naughtily, getting back to herself and pulled him for a deep kiss. He sighed knowing what this might lead to…but she was asking for it!! he smirked and pulled away the duvet that covered her and came on top of her. she giggled and bit his nose playfully. He made a fake angry face and pinned her hands over her head, “… were a virgin??”

She made a face and looked at him, feeling offended with that stupid comment, though she knew he was teasing her but she immediately fought back, “..why what did you think? Get it straight Mr Casanova…Geet Handa just doesn’t go and sleep with anybody.. she gets the best!!”

He was suddenly feeling so happy with her words.. but that also made him bite her curve harshly, yet again punishing her for saying something stupid.


“you are just mine okay…dare not think of someone else.. Geet Handa will always have the best!!”


She was pleased,… he never leaves a chance to pamper her, make her feel special! They could have probably started again had it not been his phone again. he left her and went to check on his work.. Apparently he had been trying to get something on Arjun so he couldn’t have ignored the call.

“go freshen up if you are in no mood to sleep...” he spoke, attending the call. He walked to the living room, carrying his lappy and speaking over the phone. She sighed and slowly sat up, pulling the spread around her and looked at the mess around”clothes scattered here and there and those red stains on the sheets. She sighed and dumped them in the laundry basket and went to take a bath. She stood in front of the mirror, checking herself…and the whole lot of events of the previous day just flashed in her mind. she let the water droplets burn those marks but she stood there, thinking. The moment with him was so beautiful but just the thought of Arjun just killed every moment of it. she slipped into her underwear and put on his shirt, without even bothering to button it and walked out, not even wiping her hair.


He sat on the couch, with his legs resting on the table and the lappy on his thighs. He was busy speaking over the phone when a sharp aroma of hers hit his nostrils. He turned to see her and stopped…she was right in front of his in her underwear, and his shirt on her, without even buttoning it. he disconnected the call as she sat on his lap, hugging him and looking at the laptop. he kept the phone aside and held her close, understanding her state of mind, “you don’t have to worry jaan… I will take care of it…”

She played with his hair for a while still looking at the screen. The water from her body slipped down, wetting him along with her.

“I want to fight my own battle maan...”, he heared her speak after a long time. He probably guessed that coming. Knowing Geet, she would never share her problem…rather she’d stand up by herself and fight for her lost pride and that was the best thing about her. her ego was too high but he loved it. he didn’t speak…rather let her continue.

“… I want to show that jerk where he belongs… but I suddenly feel so helpless…”

He was hearing disappointment in her voice for the first time ever. This was definitely not Geet Handa…he recalled that night in Paris when he had helped her against himself and this time he can probably take his revenge through Geet! his sharp mind didn’t believe in wasting too much time on thinking. He made his decisions and leaned closer, nuzzling her neck. She gave room for him, moving her head aside.

“you remember what I had told you in Paris?”

She gasped, feeling his hand reach for her curves and squeeze them naughtily, “ummmh..”, she could just barely moan.

“remember carefully Geet… If you want to bring others down, try to look within yourself first and find the flaws and eliminate them…”

she tried to focus on his words this time, rather than his touch which seemed to find her sensitive point in her inner thighs. But she held on… she was one shrewed business woman who could probably sit up from her death bed to hold on to her position.

“…but what If I don’t find any flaw within me?”

He smiled and bit her hardened ni**** right over her bra, “then try to find flaws in your enemy..thats the most basic Law of Power sweetheart…”

She sat up straight, hearing his words and looked at him carefully, “if you can’t go up…then bring others down?”

“Absolutely correct… now will you please let me enjoy my morning…”, he spoke lazily, trying to hold her closer but Geet’s mind was stuck at one point. He was right”if you can’t go up…bring others down!!! She stood up, ignoring his touch completely and went back to their room, freeing herself. He sat there for a while…wondering what happened. She felt that coldness again…after a long time perhaps..but he hated her going away like that!! she just went away? He shook his head”he was over thinking about it perhaps. He sighed and waited fir her. but one thing was clear as of now “Geet Handa was back and she’d do anything to bring him down.


next: whats next???Evil Smile


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4 responses to “PART 19

  1. Afsha

    02/09/2013 at 19:52

    Arjun is dead
    Muha love Maan

  2. amrithanair

    02/09/2013 at 21:04

    First time or second time am going to cmnt i kno its nt a good thing,bt aftr reading parineeta i thought i wil read dis one aftr completion of dis,as i can’t saw maan wit smone,bt now wen i read dis part in one go i finished all otr parts,its really Awesome,though geet is ltl cold 2wards relations bt i love dis maan so much,he is so caring,waiting for nxt part

  3. ushankitvc

    02/09/2013 at 23:19

    awesum…loved the maneet moments…loved maan giving hr business tricks….continue sooon

  4. Tania Khaled

    03/09/2013 at 23:49

    i m still dreaming in maaneet scene.loved maaneet alot in this part.thanx for regular update


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