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“I want to meet you today itself Arjun!”

She heard him laugh and reply back, “fine then… meet me around 9pm in my office.”

Geet disconnected the call and looked at the time.. it was going to be 5pm. This bas**** actually tried to mess up with her. she’d make sure he tasted dirt.



Maan was held up with his meetings but still he managed to give her a call. He was getting a little worried for her now… especially when there were so many rumours in the market. Not that he doubted her ability, but he knew his professional limits. Technically, he was a rival… in fact everyone is a rival in the market, even the closest of your friends but he was tied down by his heart. he so much wanted to help her out… he knew she was too efficient but probably she was facing such a situation for the first time. His mind came up with a very diplomatic reason to calm his heart–he wouldn’t help her until she asked or she had been really in need.


Geet checked her phone…and sighed. She was on her way to arjun’s office right now. Sasha drove into the grand premises of his office and guessed it could be maan’s call. Geet stared at her screen for a while and then disconnected the call. She checked the call log.. there were 5 missed calls from nisha that she had avoided taking. As they waited for the lift to reach their desired floor, Geet breathed in sharply and switched off her phone.

“ma’am… are you sure you want to meet him now?”, Sasha stopped, right before they walked out of their lift.

“its now or never Sasha… I have to take the risk…”, Geet spoke coldly, probably getting the premonition already.

They walked slowly and stopped right in front of arjun’s cabin. The entire floor was deserted… it was clear that working hours were over.

“I don’t get a good feeling ma’am.. lets get back..”

Geet knocked the door and heard his reply. She turned back once before getting in, “no matter what happens… don’t you dare poke your bloody nose into it.”

“but ma’am…”

“thats an order Sasha… stay away. I know this jerk really well.”

Sasha was totally surprised to see this side of Geet. she guessed what might just happen… it seemed evident but she couldn’t even defy Geet, knowing she will actually cut her throat if she disobeyed her. she stood outside, holding her breath while Geet went in to face him.


Arjun sat on his desk looking into some files when a sly smile crept on hi lips, sensing the movements in the room.

“good evening Geet… please take a seat..”

“just cut the crap and come straight to the point arjun…”

He kept the files down and checked her out. She looked absolutely stunning in those black formal pants, crisp while shirt and those sexy stilettos. Her bosom moved rhythmically indicating the power in her breathing as her nostrils flared in sheer disgust and anger, seeing that lusty look of his. She still hadn’t forgiven him for that night in the Paris bar. He was ditching jazz and she’d make sure jazz knew the truth about this jerk.

“hey why do you get so over worked sweetie… sit down and lets have a peaceful talk..”

She could not believe his sweet talks… she knew his intentions quite well from the very beginning she had met him. but she was here to talk and she just couldn’t take risk. She sat down throwing the files on the table.

“so.. whats going on in your mind?”

He stood up and walked towards the window, looking out to the night sky, “just making sure I reach to the top of the world..”

She rolled her eyes, “and pray why me?”

He smiled… a very mean smile it was as he walked across the room and stood behind her, “you really wanna know?”


She sat straight not even moving an inch or even turning back to look at him..she didn’t even falter or even get scared. He leaned over her shoulder, while his hands rested on the arm rest and whispered into her ears, “I wanted…”

She stilled feeling his fingers slide down her cheek and his voice dropped husky, “… to have you…”

She clenched her fists hearing that when he immediately diverted the topic, “… I needed that land badly… and I approached your dad for it too… politely.. but who knew you were so much of a bi***… refusing to sell that resort…”

She just wanted to turn back immediately and give him one tight slap. She stood up in a jerk and turned to execute her plan. But he had perhaps guessed her moves. He held her hands and pushed her against the wall nearby and pressed himself hard against her, pinning her down. She shot him a glare and tried to push him away. She hated his touch… it was filthy, disgusting… in short it was nothing more that sh*t.


“let go…”, she warned him, grinding her teeth.

He smirked and pressed her harder on to the wall, pinning her hands, right above her head. His one hand held her while the other slid down and dug into her cheeks, “do you realize what losses I had to bear just because of you?”

She didn’t even avert her gaze from him. her eyes spitted fire and her face showed disgust. She was not scared… she knew she could take on him but what she forgot was her being a nisha had stated. The more she struggled to set herself free, the more he pressed her down with his entire body resting on her.

“arjun.. Let Go of me…you bas****..”

His fingers dug deeper into her cheeks, while his lips hovered over hers, “I like those swear words from your mouth…if you look so tempting just like this.. I wonder how you are in bed…”

She felt like puking on his face. Though she had faced situations where men tried to press her down, she had managed to show them their right place. But today she was in such a situation where she suddenly felt so helpless. She moved her head away to create a gap between their lips. She was somewhere reminded of maan today… and then there was this disgust for arjun. There was a sudden intense feeling of just getting touched by maan… she didn’t know why it was.. why she felt but yes she accepted that she liked it with him and there was no way she’d allow that arjun to even touch her. those feelings were so unknown to her yet those feelings seemed to give her courage to fight.

“you really don’t know who are you messing with Arjun…”


He pulled her face closer to him…he wasn’t even letting her move her legs. His eyes fell on those curves that were rising and falling with her breath and again looked back into her eyes, “I am dealing with one sexy bi*** who really knows how to get her benefits from people around you.. ain’t I right sweetie?”

She shot him a deathly glare that seemed to do nothing to make him falter. Her eyes widened when she felt his lips getting closer to hers. There was this intense feeling again… her heart beat faster and faster and she tried to push him away. She hated every bit of this suffocating place. She felt him too close to her and that’s when she heard him speak, “so how many nights with maan han???”


Before she could even formulate his words, she felt his lips on hers… shocking her with his disgusting act. She definitely hated it… she tried to move her head aside…but he pressed his lips harder on hers, biting them savagely. She sealed her lips tighter in order to stop whatever was happening… she wriggled harder and he bit her harder, trying to get an entry.

She felt so helpless for that one nano second when she was reminded of maan… she stilled herself completely, making herself numb so that he could just let her go. But arjun was far from even the thought of letting her go. He had laid his eyes on her from day one. It was she who had started the game that day… so he should enjoy it as well. he was getting irritated with her constant denial which made him squeeze her cheeks, almost to the extent of bleeding them. but her resistance was something that had started frustrating him now.


For Geet, maan was the only one who ran subconsciously in her mind. his kisses were always so…so…umm she tried to think of something appropriate…his kiss was something that she liked (totally not realizing they were out of sheer love)… and she was one person who wouldn’t like to mess up what she liked. Her kiss was definitely not made for arjun..she noted mentally.. not for anyone else too but maan. She gathered all her courage, all the strength she had and pushed him off her.

He was a little taken aback with that powerful push, yet he was a lion who had tasted blood.


“you are absolutely sexy honey,…”,he smirked, trying to get back on her.

She didn’t even stop herself…nor did she think of the consequence now. She just went ahead and rewarded him with one tight slap that actually stunned him. he felt that painful sting on his cheek and looked at her. she was fuming like a volcano. Her eyes were deep red… almost the color of blood and her wide eyes spitting fire like a dragon. He caressed his cheek, feeling humiliated with that slap.

“you dared to slap me…”

Before he could proceed further, she cut him in between, “yes..thats the reward for messing with Geet Handa…”

She wiped her lips with her hands and then looked at the same hand which had slapped him. she looked around and saw a flimsy wine glass kept on the table. She smirked and grabbed it in the same hand, “I dared to touch a filthy sh*t like you right… so I must get punished for it too..why should you be an exception?”

Her smile was deadly…he could feel that aura and the next moment he heard the cracking of glass right in her hands, making her palm bleed violently. But Geet looked straight into his eyes…she didn’t even flinch a bit… she probably didn’t even feel the pain.

“you are going to  pay for it…”

“to hell with it… “, she screamed and raised her bleeding hand to him, “this will definitely remind me of your not-so-innocent acts you tried to pull on me… and I will remember this Arjun… “


She took her files in one hand and walked out, angrily, leaving him thirsty for an eye for eye. She saw Sasha waiting for her anxiously. She sealed her expressions quite well.. she was really really mad now.


Before she could even continue, Geet shoved all the files in her hands and walked straight towards the lift. It was then Sasha noticed drops of blood on the floor and then traced it towards that bleeding hand of hers. She was shocked beyond imagination… she knew arjun must have tried something cheap on her but that cut on her hand seemed really deep and painful. But there was no expression on Geet’s face. She ran after her, “ma’am… stop.. you need first aid right now…”


She tried to reach her but it was a little late perhaps. The lift doors closed right on her face. She was too scared for Geet. It felt as if she never understood Geet at all.. and sometimes it felt she had started to understand this complicated bundle. She pushed the button a few times… she had to be with Geet. she looked here and there and then ran down the stairs. She ran out to the lobby, trying to find Geet and saw her going out of the premises. She followed her and saw her getting into a taxi. She called out louder, “ma’am…stop.. I will get the car…”

And to her utter surprise, she just heard a faint reply, “go home Sasha and don’t bother me till you get back to office tomorrow.”

Sasha saw her go away… she had never seen Geet like this. She knew Geet was quite revengeful but then her bleeding hand worried her to no ends. She didn’t know if it was a good idea to call home and tell nisha about it. knowing Geet, she knew Geet will fire her if she calls home. She got back home, wondering what might have happened. She knew Geet wouldn’t do stupid things… she was way too much practical and sensible, though she wouldn’t deny that she is insensitive to human feelings most of the time.



It was post 00:30am when maan was distracted by a call he checked the time and received the call only to find a frantic nisha on the other end.

“Chachi… relax and tell me what happened..”

“maan… is Geet with you? Abhi tak ghar nahin aayi. She usually sends message that she will be late but aaj uska call bhi nahin lag raha.. tere saath hain kya beta?”

[she hasn’t returned home yet. Am not able to reach her… is she with you beta?]

He could very well sense nisha was probably in tears. He checked the time again..this girl really knows how to worry people.

“Chachi… she isn’t with me…in fact I haven’t seen her the whole day. We haven’t even spoken as well…”

He could hear nisha’s sobs by now, “what do I do with this girl? She hasn’t come back home from office yet…”

“relax Chachi.. did you call office?”, he was kind of guessing that she might be stuck in work.

“umm I did… but no one picked up the call… apparently no ones there in the office I guess..”


He checked the time again and really wondered where could she go at this time of night. he could very well remember the last time she had been out alone at night…she had been very disturbed that day. And that struck him… was she alright?

“I will look for her.. try to contact anyone from the office who you think stays with her throughout..her PA or someone…”

He disconnected the call and called Geet. she usually doesn’t miss his calls. But strangely her network was unreachable. He called office…but no one picked the call. It was going to strike 1am when he just dashed out of his study, slipping into a lose white shirt . the entire mansion was silent…he sneaked out quietly lest his mom woke up. He drove straight to her office. The roads were deserted…only a few vehicles around on the highway. He stopped in front of her office. It was totally empty as he headed to check on the watchman.


“’am had already left the office at 8:30pm itself…”

He ran his fingers through his hair… she was definitely disturbed. He called her again but her phone was still unreachable. He felt a certain pang of fear in his heart… where could she go? He knew she was a little messed up… but then disappearing like that..he could have probably made his mind up to ransack the whole city when he saw nisha’s call again. he was getting restless… he just wished she was back home safely.

“Chachi I am looking for her…”

Nisha cut him in between, “meri Sasha se baat hui.. she had last been to arjuns office and after that she went somewhere in a taxi without telling anyone about it…”

[I spoke to Sasha… she had last been to arjun’s office…]

Arjun’s name just made him stiff…with his words playing in his mind. his heart beat faster… Geet was definitely in trouble he just knew it and if anything happened to her, he didn’t know what he’d do to arjun. He clenched his fists, trying to hold on to his sanity till nisha was calmer.


“Sasha also said she had been injured…maan am so scared… Geet kahan hogi..kaisi hogi…what do I do… I didn’t even tell anything to her father because of his health conditions…what do I do…”. and she broke down completely.

[where could she be… how would she be…?]

His temper reached a new height hearing all that… arjun was surely trying to play with fire. To hell with friendship… he is one cheap, disgusting bas****.

“Chachi… I will get Geet back…”

He just disconnected the call, boiling in sheer rage. If arjun would have even dared to lay his finger on her, he’d make sure he dies once and for all. He got into his car and drove madly towards arjun’s mansion on the other side of the city. He drove faster, fuming and seething in anger. The roads were clear and he knew he was just 10 minutes away from his house. he took a sharp and turn and then suddenly braked hard, realizing something. His mind was so so so much into Geet… how she was… if she was alright.. and that just struck him. he took a complete u-turn and drove straight towards their farmhouse.


“just be safe Geet…”, he kept on chanting all through the way until he stopped in front of the mansion. The house looked so dark from outside… probably she wasn’t there. not a single light flickered in the house. he started panicking by now… what if something happened to her? he shook his head as he felt the corners of his eyes burning. He had told nisha that he will always stand by her… and he couldn’t even save her. he held his breath and went towards the door and surprisingly found it unlocked. Was she there? the house was totally dark…he wondered if any soul was actually inside. but human heart tends to hold on to every little hope possible.. be it false ones. His heart was beating so fast…as he stepped inside. a sudden coldness surrounded him, making his scared like never before. He slowly went across the hall and switched on the lamps. He turned to the other side only to get a shock of his life.


There she sat in the corner of the couch, numb and so lifeless. It took him some time to realize that she was really there. he probably realized he was breathing now. He ran across the hall and hugged her tightly, kneeling down in front of her.

“where were you Geet? kahan chali gayi thi? Mein kitna darr gaya tha pata hain…”

[where were you Geet? where had you been? I was so scared you know..]

He realized for the first time in the last 45 minutes that he was alive. He hugged her tighter but then she was totally silent…very unlike her. she didn’t even hug him back… nor did he feel any movement from her. worried, he cupped her face and looked at her lovingly. She still sat there totally still.. not even blinking her lashes.

He caressed her cheek lovingly, “just never do this to me again jaan…”

And thats when his eyes fell on some red marks on her shirt…he looked at it carefully, realizing they were blood stains and then back at her expressionless face.

“Geet… what happened?”, frantic, he looked around and was stunned to see that awefully bleeding hand. It felt as if someone had stabbed his heart… for the first time in his life, Maan Singh Khurana was scared…so frantic…so restless. He held her hand gently, trying to analyse the seriousness of her injury, which did seem really bad. He gently turned her palm to check…and more than her, it was he who flinched in pain. He never even realized he had tears in his eyes.


“bahut dard ho raha hain?”, he asked painfully.

[is It hurting a lot?]

He looked at her…she still seemed to be lost in something. He took a closer look on her wound..there were still pieces of glass stuck in it… and a deep cut adorned her skin. The blood had probably dried up, post the platelet action. He felt like hugging her so tight and hide her away from the world that has hurt her. he had never felt this emotional ever… but love can make you do wonders. He dared to lift his other hand and pull out a shard from her skin.

He felt her flinch a bit and knew it hard hurt her. he knew it was Arjun who was responsible for all this”to hell with whatever reason behind such a thing. He lifted her up in his arms and carried her  to the bedroom. He just wanted her to feel safe…that was his first priority. And Geet was this upset… he didn’t even need any other reason to kill him. he made her sit on the edge of the bed and ran to get the first aid box. He sat  on his knees in front of her and started cleaning the wound. She did flinch a bit here and there and he kept on asking if it hurt too much. but she still remain quiet and aloof from everything. He bandaged the wound properly and looked up at her. she was, this time, looking at him. there were no emotions on her face but her eyes… he was probably seeing so many things in then for the first time ever. He didn’t know whether they contained questions or accusations or pain or love… but whatever it was it just made him go bonkers.


He cupped her face again and softly whispered, “was it Arjun?”

she was still the same…she was probably lost in some other world altogether. It was then he saw her swollen lips, upon checking her face carefully. His thumb rubbed her soft petals, as if trying to guess whatever had happened.

“did he…”, he firmly put forward his question and this time she did move her lashes up to meet his eyes. There was range, there was pain, there was disgust and then was love. she knew how she had been feeling all this while… craving for his touch, loathing that horrible touch… and she didn’t even realize when she lowered that barrier to him. his lips touched her softly at first. She whimpered and held his shirt. He pressed his lips a little harder and she just surrendered wilfully, trying to calm her senses.

Her eyes closed involuntarily, trying to take her mind off those horrible moments she had experienced. A feeling so intense… yet a feeling so unknown for her. she hated that kiss..but here it was so different. She was dying to be touched by maan… her maan… surrender herself to his touch…his kiss. How she wished he could just remove those horrible moments from her life. she had felt so lonely today and wandered to the farm house.


He kissed her fiercely, not even caring the fact that her hand had started hurting her, due to that hold. He couldn’t even stand arjun and he just… arrgh he didn’t want to think further. He was mad… angry… god knows for what.. Angry at Arjun for touching his jaan or at himself for not being able to protect her or the very fact that she was in pain.

He leaned forward on her as both fell on the bed with him on top of her, yet he was nowhere near to letting her go. She fought for her breath, almost moaning out his name.

“maan…”, she pushed him a little in order to take in air. But he was probably blinded with that love for her. he pulled her face to him and kissed her harsher again…as if trying to erase even the tiniest existence of his touch. His tongue swiftly darted out to taste her…as he rolled it over her lips. She moaned into his mouth, giving in… letting him know that even she had craved for his touch.. she had craved for him… and that she wanted him to remove every bit of impurity in her. she didn’t even realize when her heart had silently accepted him as hers and only hers.

His fingers laced with hers as he kissed her breathless… probably didn’t even want to let her go when he felt her warm tears touch his cheek. he stopped feeling that soft touch of that warm liquid. He left her lips and looked at her. her eyes were closed but a drop or two of her tears had rolled down. He had never seen this side of Geet… but he couldn’t see her so broken today. Before the tear could slip down on to the mattress, he caught the drop on his finger and looked at it. she slowly opened her eyes, watching him… she didn’t know what she was feeling but being with him was the best thing as of now.. it was the best thing in the whole world where no one knew where she was or no one even bothered what she was or she didn’t even have to put up a pretense.


“jaan…I won’t spare him…”

She didn’t let him complete. She just rose a bit and hugged him tightly. He sighed and held her firmly for a while. she felt much better… she loved the warmth of his body. She didn’t even straighten herself from his embrace when he carried her in his arms. She tucked herself closer to him till he made her sand on the cold marble floor.

She looked at him cutely… well something out of the world again, not wanting to let go of him. he smiled and placed a peck on her cheek, “go and freshen up…”

He walked back, closing the door. He sighed and sat on the bed, trying to calm himself. She was safe and she was with him and she is disturbed. Theres no way he was going to leave her life that. he heard nisha’s call and decided to let her know.

“umm..yes I found her Chachi..she is with me. I will get her back tomorrow morning…”

He sighed and went to get his dress from the cupboard when his eyes stuck at the washroom door, slowly gliding open. There she stood, clad in his loose shirt and trousers that almost drowned her in them. she looked tired and worn out… but she looked absolutely and cutely beautiful in that dress…which made him laugh and high…simultaneously.


next: Geet Handa is Back!!!Evil Smile


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  1. Pam Kaur

    29/08/2013 at 21:51

    wow brilliant worth the wait hope maaneet both teach arjun a lesson thank god she could defend herself against him maan will make him pay now waiting

  2. ushankitvc

    29/08/2013 at 23:35

    awesum….now sure that arjun will repent messing with maans geet….maneet togther will make arjuns life helll…continue sooon

  3. abc48

    30/08/2013 at 19:08

    i wan maaneet together give a lesson that bloody ARJUN.i can’t understand why geet’s dad alwz behave so cold with his only one child.its tooooooooooo much yaar.btw,loving it


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