15 Aug


She struggled a bit and then stopped, realizing who it was. Her breathing was quicker and shallow… letting him know the state of her mind. there was definitely something wrong or else Geet being so frustrated was something out of question.

She had always been taught to be strong and independent. If she fell down, she had to get up by her own… if she was hurt; she had to bear the pain all alone. And if she was tensed, she had to come out of it all by herself for she had to lead others out of it too. Hiding in one’s embrace and just sharing her pain, was something she had never been taught nor had she seen it around her. And today, she felt him hug her tightly, close to his heart. she had never been hugged by anyone like this, of course NIsha was family and so was Ana, but during the time she was tensed, was all for the first time. She could feel the hug was not like their previous encounters that created any attraction between them… it was tight, soothing and warm… something she had never felt in her entire life. she tried to get away but he still held her tighter, not letting her move, “calm down Geet… just give a break to all your thoughts…”


She heard that caring voice.. and wondered if anyone could even care like this!!! She stilled a bit and took a deep breath in, resting her head on his chest, holding him softly round his waist. She felt his heartbeat over her ears… slow, soft, rhythmic… and his soft breathing.

He had entered her room to check on her when he found her so disturbed. He could never see her like that. he softly caressed her back, “you wanna talk?”

There was a complete silence for a while and he let her relax.

“I have to go back tomorrow…”, she broke the news. He was not very much surprised because he had faced similar situation also. He spoke nothing, just caressed her head softly until she calmed down.

“theres a small problem maan.. I have to go!”, she added of her own. He waited until her breath became almost normal. He left her and held her hands softly, “just remember one thing… any problem you are in, just give me a call. Okay?”


She was quite independent and it was strange for her to ask for help. She put her clothes back into her suitcase, “why should I call you?”

Her voice was suddenly coated with a slight sarcasm and surprise. It was odd for him… he was trying to help yet she took it too literally perhaps… gosh she was really cold. And he was of course dealing with Miss Geet Handa! He was a person who cared a damn about the world, he had everything that he laid his eyes on… even the prettiest of women couldn’t deny him if he wanted them… he was cold, ruthless and utterly arrogant. But none noticed the fact that the heart which can be so cold could love someone beyond any limit. He didn’t know what it was that pulled her to him, but he was sure she was the one. A few meetings here and there and he was already into the ‘relation’… only for him though. He ignored what he felt within and smiled back at her, “fine… don’t call but at least let me know if it went well… I will be worried!”


She nodded and turned back to keep her files. And the next moment, she felt him tug at her arms once again and this time his lips landed on hers. Her eyes widened in surprise for a while but isn’t it what she had craved for too? She closed her eyes, giving in. It was indeed a drug to her. one thing she noticed was…the kiss wasn’t like their previous one—passionate and erotic… it was softer and sweeter. His lips gently nibbled on hers, letting her know what she meant to him… she just held his arms, feeling his touch. He took in her lower lip, and slowly, ever so slowly, nibbled at it.. and gently slid his tongue inside.

It was slow, soothing and it almost made her hypnotic. The moment she thought this would turn wild, he left her. a little frown appeared on her forehead, unknown to herself, feeling that sudden coldness around her. she slowly opened her eyes to seem him looking at her intently. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead, “I will get back soon as the marriage is done… “

She gaped at him, wondering what did he mean by those words when he just continued, “its somehow getting difficult for me to live without seeing you…”

His words had so much care, concern, love… she didn’t know if she had ever felt in this way before. She blinked a couple of times as he just hugged her and walked away. She stood there, trying to understand things between them… which was kind of getting complicated now. she knew she was somewhere getting affected by him… may be just attraction but even that attraction seems fatal. She was unknowingly getting addicted to it… longing for it. her phone buzzed again with the clients calling and demanding an explanation. She broke out of her reverie and concentrated on the call.


The whole night went restless for Geet. Ana had never seen Geet so worried about something. She tried to ask her what went wrong but Geet kept everything to herself. All she could make out was something about the resort and people protesting against her sister.

“ coming with you…”, Ana spoke sleepily. It as 4am and Geet had to leave. Her flight was at 7am.

“no… be here, finish the marriage thing and then come back…”

“but di… its urgent right…”

Geet sat beside Ana and held her shoulders, “listen carefully to what I say Ana… you must not show your vulnerability to this world, no matter what. He dared to mess with me… don’t let him affect us okay… be here and be normal with others. Am there to look after it…”

Ana, being brought up with Geet knew what she was hinting at. She knew how shrewd this business world was. If there was a crisis, you have to bear it all alone and not show it to the world. Geet caressed Ana’s forehead and walked out with her suitcase.


The car was already waiting for her. the driver put in her suitcase, as she sat inside. They slowly drove out when she just felt like looking up at his floor. She looked up and even in that darkness of early dawn, she saw him standing there, watching her. she, for the first time, felt the corners of her eyes burn. She didn’t know why it was… because she never cried. She was a very strong woman but today she didn’t know why seeing him, she faltered a bit. She knew she’d handle the situation very well.. but this feeling… she just couldn’t explain. She faltered for a second..just for a nano-second as she kept on watching him.. and then it was gone. Even that burning sensation was gone. It was just in a trifle  which made her wonder what happened to her. her phone was continuously buzzing as she diverted  her mind towards work. She hadn’t slept the whole night. the only time she dozed off was while being in the flight. Her phone was switched off and she never knew when her lashed dropped.



Ana met up with her friends for breakfast. They had haldi, mehendi and marriage that day. Everyone gathered in the big dining hall together. arjun sat with jazz and Ana sat a few seats away in front of him. maan was least interested in whatever was going on… his heart was with Geet. what she might be doing… how she might be  handling things. He sat at a corner, completely avoiding everyone but saw Ana having her food quietly. He just heard the conversation going on around.

Arjun took a sip of his juice, “hey Ana.. wheres Geet?”

Ana shot him a glare, knowing very well what this jerk was up to. Well, she was Geet handa’s sister. Maan hated that comment from arjun. He was doing it deliberately, he just knew it. he felt like slapping him hard but Ana spoke up gracefully, “your bad luck arjun.. she left for delhi this morning…”

“ohh is something wrong that she had to leave this early?”, he pretended to act innocent but Ana was too far from all that.

“nope…everythings fine Arjun, you don’t have to worry about us… thanks..”, Ana managed to speak it out, plastering a smile on her face.

“just you wait you jerk… probably you don’t know how revengeful my sister is!
“, Ana muttered to herself. She quickly finished with her breakfast and walked back to her room. Maan was really restless… he wanted to call her and speak to her, especially seeing arjun’s behaviour, he knew something was definitely wrong. He went to his room and avoided getting involved in any of the ceremonies and called adi.

“adi… just give me all the details of whats happening with the Handas…”

Adi wondered if it was more of a personal interest of maan.. but then he obliged. He knew maan was a little more into Geet.


The cars stopped in line in front of the resort. People ran towards the cars, shouting and screaming. The security men stopped the mob while Geet came out, followed by Sasha and some other prominent members of the board. Geet looked at the crowd, shouting slogans to either give up her authority over the resort or do something about the crisis. She held herself strong and walked straight to the conference hall.

In the next five minutes, everyone sat in the conference hall, discussing the matter as the manager of the resort explained the crisis.

“…this resort doesn’t yield much profit. And the Rathodes had already started their work in the land adjacent to the resort… destroying the scenic beauty around and also the there will be damage caused to the resort as well… even for the basic natural resources, we have to struggle…”


Geet listened to each on of them when Sasha took the lead, “its unfortunately a bio-chemical factory ma’am… this is going to probably destroy everything around… even the plan has their dumping area around the backyard of our resort… people are anyways suffering due to lack of profit.. at this rate, even if we sell this, we won’t receive much… “

One of the board members spoke up, “its a good idea to sell the resort… but then..”

Geet was listening to carefully to the whole thing when she banged her hands on the table hearing about the sale, making everyone gasp, “how many times do I have to tell you that am not selling this resort!!”

“we understand your attachment with this resort ma’am.. but at this rate we might have to remove those workers too… they are not permanent labourers but they wont bear it if we snatch away their livelihood…some are even thinking of joining the factory workforce…”


The discussions went on and on but Geet was nowhere near selling the resort. She walked out in order to speak to the labourers and staff. There were still protests going on. the security barricaded her and someone even dared to pelt a stone at her. it missed her narrowly, though creating a cut on her forehead.

“am here to talk…”, she shouted at them but they were nowhere near listening.

Someone even shouted from the crowd, “even after serving you for so long, all you rich filthy people do is to stab us behind our back… how would you know what it feels to see your children going to sleep empty stomach?”

She stood there, watching the crowd, shout, scream… asking her to give up her authority.. or do something to save their livelihoods. Sasha, for the first time, saw a lost Geet… she didn’t know what was going in her mind but she managed to pull Geet into the car and they drove back to the Handa mansion.



he was right… there were issues and probably Geet had to leave because of that. he sat on his bed, researching a bit here and there on his lappy and realized the resort issue. He checked more on resort and he just could conclude one thing that the resort was a complete liability then why weren’t these people doing anything about it?


she hadn’t been home the moment she had stepped down the flight. It was late afternoon when she reached home with her forehead still bleeding. Shasha wanted to take her to the hospital but she refused. Sasha had wiped the blood and tried to apply medicine but Geet was adamant on meeting her dad first. Nisha was quite worried about Geet too. She hugged her soon as she entered the hall.

“ye kya hua Geet? tujhe chot kaise lagi?”, she checked on her wound, worriedly.

[what happened Geet? how did you get this injury?]

“Chachi… dad kahan hain???”

[Chachi..wheres dad?]

Nisha was quite worried for Geet now but she didn’t stop her, “he is in the study…”

Geet knocked and then entered the study, only to see her dad standing near the shelf, reading something.


“dad…”, she was anxious and unsure about his reaction. She watched him quietly go and sit on his table. He looked weak and frail but that attitude from his face never faded away.

“what did you think to come out of this?”, he asked, reading another file, not even looking at her.

“am not selling the resort…”

He snapped the file close and screamed at her, “what do you think you are doing Geet? I thought you were mature enough to think correctly… but I was mistaken perhaps.. you are one immature, impulsive little girl!”

She faltered a bit but then stood firm on her stand, “I will do anything to get things right… be it facing Arjun but I will not sell the resort dad…”

“do you realize how many lives you are playing with?”

“I will find out a way to raise funds…”

“you really don’t know the value of money do you? And how exactly will you find out a way?”, his voice became louder. She held her breath, waiting for him to calm down a bit.

“I need some time…”

“fine… I will give you time…”.


She watched him call someone over the phone and stood rooted, hearing what he spoke to Sasha over the phone.

“Sasha.. cancel all her cards… and her access to her bank accounts…yes… and cars too. Its not my problem how she manages things… do as I say…”

He looked at a shocked Geet, “you better not show me your face until you fine a solution for it…get out..”

She had never been scolded this badly by her dad. She had been his princess.. but seeing his anger and frustration, she just gulped down her pride and turned to leave.

“as much as I do.. even You don’t want to sell the resort and I know it well dad…”

She walked away leaving an emotional Mohinder all by himself. He sighed and he slowly, walked back to his room. He never intended to scold her.. rather he pampered her to no limits but she had to handle everything after him…she has to be strong. He looked at his and rano’s pic on the table, holding a little Geet in their arms.

“I will make her strong… strong enough to fight the whole world and even loneliness…”


Maan kept himself aloof, trying to call Geet. he wanted to know exactly what happened. But Geet never received the calls… she kept her phone on silent and stood by the window looking out. He sighed not knowing her state and planned to just go back to her. his heart was not letting him be in peace… something told him that whatever was going on was not nice. He came out of to the hall to check on stuff when he met with Ana speaking to her friends. Ana saw him a smiled weakly. He stood at a corner and gestured her to come near. Ana excused herself and went to him wondering what was going on.

“have you spoken to Geet yet?”

Ana wondered how close were they… I mean she had seen that flare between them…probably he was genuinely caring.

“umm.. No.. she hasn’t been taking my calls too… I just want to go back home…”

“then why don’t you?”, he wondered what stopped her.

Ana sighed, “you really don’t know my sister sir…’


She looked up to him, “call me maan…”

“are you sure sir?”

“of course I am… you don’t work for me anymore… so theres no point actually”

Ana liked it…he seemed quite gentlemanly… unlike what she had heard of him being arrogant and egoistic.

“she wont rest until she had come out of it…”

“umm I know… I am bored and wanna get back too. If you want we both can go back!

“really?”, her face lightened up hearing he’d get her back home. Geet wouldn’t be able to get mad at her as well. she will dump all the blame on him. she mentally praised herself.

“umm… I have got my chartered flight in the evening… be ready..”

Ana watched him leave the place. She was so glad that she would be going back home… she was not liking this arjun fellow neither was she interested in whatever marriage thing.

Maan was glad that he might get something to more to know about Geet. he called adi to make arrangements for the evening. He just couldn’t wait to see her. there was an urge to protect her from every little thing in the world that might hurt her. his heart was definitely not in his control anymore and he knew he was just losing it. and above all, her not taking his calls was worrying him even more.


Nisha entered her room carrying first aid box, only to see her stand by her huge window, looking lost. She sighed understanding well what mental pressure she was in. It was getting darker with the clouds hovering the sky. She kept the box on the bed and held her shoulder, “Geet…”

She snapped out of her reverie and looked at nisha. Her forlorn look told nisha that her rough and tough parkati was very much disturbed. She pulled her by her hand and made her sit on the bed. She sat beside her and took out some cotton and started cleaning her wound.

“just don’t over think beta… ye sab hote rehta hain business mein…tu itna tension na le…”

[just don’t over think beta… such stuffs happen in business… don’t take so much tension..]

Geet hissed feeling the sting of the ointment on her forehead. Nisha immediately leaned closer and blew air to soothe the burn. Geet remained quiet and somewhere a little lost. Nisha slowly applied the medicine and kept on speaking to her, “tujhe pata hain when you were just 6 years old, you came back with a big cut on your elbow from your school… aur jab bhabhi ne dressing karni chahi tho tu itni darr gayi… you made both of us run around the whole house.. aur mujhe tho tere haath pair zor se pakad kar baitna pada tha so that bhabhi could dress your wound aur doctor tetanus ki injection laga sake..”

[you know when you were just 6 years old, you came back with a big cut on your elbow from your school… and when bhabhi wanted to dress your wound, you were so scared… you made both of us run around the whole house… and I had to hold your hands and legs tightly so that bhabhi could dress it and the doctor could inject the tetanus…]


Thunder struck the earth while she softly pressed the bandage on her forehead and smiled, “le ho gaya…”

[its done…]

She stopped seeing Geet so numb today… her face had a myriad of emotions.. so many things going on in her heart. she was seeing Geet like this probably after a long time.. very long time indeed. She looked at her carefully, trying to read her..and gasped, realizing she had spoken about her mom.

“Geet…”, she called her softly, not able to see her so numb… like she was in some kind of pain. No one spoke about her mom after she left… and her mention after years… it made her jittery, thinking of what might be going through her. Geet looked up to her, after a while and she could see her eyes turning red, though very slowly.

“I want to sleep Chachi… am tired…”, was all what she spoke.

“but Geet… kuch kha tho le beta…”, nisha cupped her face.

[but Geet… eat something beta…]

“I want to sleep…”, she spoke softly, yet nisha just couldn’t ignore that hidden emotion in her tone. She kissed her forehead and walked out, switching off the lights. Geet lied on the bed, thinking of so many things. The evening had turned darker and it had started raining as well. the room was dark, occasionally illuminated with streaks of lightening that played in the sky. She looked at the ceiling, pulling her duvet till her neck. She didn’t know what she was feeling. She was reminded of the first time she had met maan… his help… and then the sudden care he showered on her just before she left. A tear probably slipped down her eyes… and there was another drop… and again another. She never realized she was crying. she closed her eyes, yet the tears slipped down… unknown to her own self.


Ana ran straight to her mom ad hugged her tightly. Nisha was surprised to see her back this soon. she looked around.. the entire mansion was silent.. it was going to strike midnight and everyone was asleep perhaps. She took nisha to her room and asked about Geet. nisha told her being scolded by dad and that she was resting. Ana narrated her all about the happenings in Goa… their meeting with MSK, Geet’s probable hook up with him and then all about arjun and how she landed back in delhi with maan.

“mujhe Geet ne kabhi maan ke bare mein bataya nahin?”

[Geet never told me about maan?]

“I am not sure ma… in those 3 days meine jitna notice kiya.. sometimes they seem too close and sometimes they seem so distant… but ek baat sure hain that he cares a lot about her…”

[I am not sure ma… in those 3 days how much ever I have noticed, sometimes they seem so close and sometimes they seem so distant… but one thing am sure about is that he cares a lot about her…]


Nisha wondered if things were going good with Geet. knowing Geet, she knew she wouldn’t hesitate to take on the whole world but she was somewhere scared of seeing her being left alone in all this. She didn’t have issues with maan but she just wished maan would at least understand her rather than judging by her outer arrogance. They talked here and there about things regarding Goa and all and didn’t even realize when they slept off.

Geet opened her eyes after a good sleep but she was still forlorn. She looked at the ceiling.. feeling heavy in her heart. she didn’t feel like lying down anymore. She was quite restless. She slipped into her regular tracks and a top, tucked her phone in her pocket and walked out wrapping a stole around herself. The entire mansion was silent…she looked here and there and walked out, wearing her slippers. She slowly walked towards the gate when the watchman stopped her, “ma’am… its quite late.. where are you going without your car?”

She just didn’t reply. She opened the gate by herself and turned to him, “I will be back soon. don’t tell anyone…” and she just walked out. She slowly walked in the dark night. the rains had subsided leaving water everywhere. Her slippers got wet and dirty for the mud but she didn’t stop. She just walked down the lane slowly…watching the vehicles pass by, leaving her behind. She walked on the footpath.. unknown of the destination. She didn’t even know what she missed or what she was feeling. But all she knew was she was lonely. She watched the nightlife come alive.. even in that wet atmosphere. The malls were still open and people still flocked around. Her phone buzzed in her pocket. She didn’t want to speak to anyone but couldn’t stop herself from seeing the caller. Her screen flashed with ‘maan’.


He wanted to speak to her the moment he reached home. He just wanted to see her for once and convince himself that she was fine. He knew she might be sleeping but who will make his heart understand?

She looked at the screen for a while and pressed the receive button and kept the phone near her ears.

“Geet?”, she heard his voice. She didn’t know why she felt that burning sensation in her eyes again…she didn’t speak but she just heard him call out her name.

“Geet you there? Speak something sweetheart… are you okay?“, he was worried getting no reply from her. he was sure there must be something wrong or else she was never the quiet types with her hotshot. He heard a loud honk of the car from the phone… was she out? At this time of night?

“where are you?”, he was getting worried for her.

She didn’t reply. She just heard him silently, not knowing what to say or what to do.

“Geet..just tell me where are you.. am coming right now… Geet are you listening?”

He urged her to speak; now getting really impatient with her silence. He knew there was definitely something wrong now.

“are you alone?”

This was something which she never answered too and he probably guessed she was alone but her silence was frustrating to him. he for a while felt like killing that arjun to have done something wrong to her. he brushed his fingers across his hair, “just stay where you are… I am coming. Just don’t go anywhere okay!”

He knew there was something wrong and he was sure she was alone. He quickly got to his car, tracking her phone through the GPS system and drove madly towards her. things didn’t seem right… her being too quiet and alone at this time of night… god knows what trouble she might get into. He sped across the road and stopped right in front of the mall he had located her. he just wished she didn’t go anywhere. There were puddles of water around as he stepped down, looking for her. he looked around the place and then his eyes stopped at the bench on the footpath, near a tree. She sat there all alone, holding her stole close to herself, looking so pale. He ran across the road and stood right in front of her.

She saw him stand in front of her. she felt so heavy in her heart. she stood up, feeling those strange things again in her heart and her eyes red with the burn she felt in them. she saw him looking worried and tensed. She ran towards him and hauled herself in his arms, burying her face into his chest.


next: naughty naughty maanWink


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