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A kiss so devastating, so sensual and so erotic… they had never felt. The loneliness of the beach could do nothing to part them away. The waves came and went by… leaving them all alone with the desire burning in them.

He squeezed her closer, devouring her like never before… his emotions playing with him, made him suck deeper into her. he had probably never felt so satisfied like this with a woman, ever… the kiss was completely a different issue. He parted for a while to breath in when he heard her faint moan, “…”

No words ever felt this sweeter to his ears, no melody this scintillating…he stooped and opened his eyes only to come in front of that beautiful face under the moonlight… looking boldly at him. her cheeks were slightly flushed..her eyes shut softly, waiting for his next move and her hands holding him tightly. He looked at her lips, swollen with that earth-shattering kiss, red and juicy. He couldn’t stop himself, rather leaned closer and pecked her softly on her lips, smiling. He moved a bit back and kept on admiring her. she was definitely someone special and he just got confirmed.


She missed that strange yet the loving warmth around her. though she had never been into all these before, she was somewhere loving this whole new feel… so warm, so soothing and just too sexy. Its not the same again, once you have tasted sin. She knew this was going to be like a drug for her. she slowly opened her eyes to meet his dark ones. The weather was turning colder and so felt the water. She just kept on gaping at the man in front of him who seemed to have drawn her breath away. She smiled at him and so did he. There was no shyness, no hesitation… they knew what they wanted and there was nothing wrong in it either.


“lets get back… its getting darker…”

She nodded softly and they walked back, and this time side by side. The waves washed over and the wind continued her course but they were lost in that whole new feel. They didn’t even realize when their entwined with each other, holding firmly and boldly. They walked back to the resort slowly, their feet evading the waves that played around. The music was loud and still getting louder. But none of the two were even interested in attending the party. They knew what they wanted. They walked up the stairs, still quiet…still bold. He stopped right in front of the corridor which contained her room. She looked at him with that sexy glint which brought a smile on his lips. He clutched her palm between his fingers, brought it close to his lips and placed a sweet peck on the back of her palm. She eyed him lovingly…though it wasn’t a ‘loving’ look actually as he walked away with his fingers slipping away from hers. She stood there watching him enter the lift. She guessed he might be in the floor above hers or may be even higher. She slowly walked back to her room, feeling so many things all at once.


She closed the door and fell on the bed with a thump. She felt her lips with the tip of her fingers. She had never felt something like this before… though she knew her friends being in relationships, getting intimate even before marriage, the guys spending nights in bars and she knew the whole ‘business’ but this was actually for the first time she was experiencing something like this. Her moment with him flashed right in front of her eyes… the taste of his lips, his hold..everything seemed to make her crave for yet another passionate moment. This was a drug…and she was already falling for the bait.

Ana came back around 1 am and found the door open. She had waited for Geet and maan the whole night but none of them showed up. She knew maan and Geet being workaholics. She even called Geet a lot of times but every time it went on voicemail. She sighed seeing her sister sleeping already, with that laptop still switched on near her. Ana sighed sadly… her sister was definitely not going to get a guy like this. She kept the lappy away, changed into her night suit and slept off beside her.


The next morning was quite a lazy one. It was a little cloudy outside and most of them preferred to sleep because of the late night party and those who were up decided to just laze around. Geet woke up early around 6am and freshened up. There was this whole new feel she had within her…she had a lot to think upon… her relationship, her feelings, her surrender…everything but oops… that was probably missing in ‘Geet’ Handa’s dictionary of life. she admitted to herself that whatever happened the night before was good (.. she never knew something called ‘beautiful’ existed in the world) and she liked it. she was never into thinking so much with her decisions. She wanted it… that was the end of all thoughts. She looked at the time and then at sleeping Ana… she could probably just go to the gym. She came out of the room, wearing her tracksuit, with her hair tied up in  cute little ponytail and jogged herself to the gym. The whole area was completely silent… almost everyone were asleep.


The gym saw a very few people around, thanks to the tiredness they felt after a rocking party. Sangeet was in the evening yet no one was ready to compromise with their sleep. She got to the treadmill and started her workout, setting the speed. The air had a completely different feel to it…she concentrated on running with increasing the speed gradually. There were very few people around… and the girls seemed to gossip about something…or rather say someone in particular. She could give a damn. One by one the girls left… and she could hear them talk something about the archery section of the gym. She rolled her eyes…this was what the normal girls did… gossip about others or droll over the guys. Well she wasn’t anyone from them. she ran faster till she was sweating furiously. She took her towel and walked around to see things. The girls were hovering around the archery section. Hmm… she had never seen an archery lounge in a gym.. curious to check it out, she walked towards the huge hall that contained all the  required equipments. From the noises, she could  make out that there were people inside, practicing archery.


She saw the girls standing by the glass partition  wall, sighing and drooling. She rolled her eyes seeing some men play around, inside. Gosh… she had never seen irls this desperate. She had never even looked at a guy properly, then how was she supposed to understand what those girls felt!!! None of the men seemed to be professionals..thy were just enjoying inside. She watched everyone trying to hit the target and her eyes fell one particular person that took away all her attention.

He stood with his friends, bare bodied, aiming at the target. She blinked a couple of times to make sure it was him… and indeed it was. She felt something in her tummy… she didn’t want to know what, but an invisible smile played on her lips. His muscles flexed as he stretched the bow, making her eyes take a tour of his entire physique. His sweaty body was probably made of marble, she felt… and for the first time she admitted he  was extremely sexy. She stood there, gaping at him for god knows how long but she stood firm when she saw him come close to her.


He was looking directly into her eyes but she never flinched. She knew he had caught her gaze on him… any other girl would have felt shy. But those terms never existed for her. she didn’t avert her gaze, rather drooled openly…and she didn’t even know that she was drooling. He had caught her sight the moment she had entered… she was looking absolutely stunning in her attire and he just waited for the people to move away. The moment they did, he walked straight across the hall and opened the door, extending his hand to her, “you wanna try it?”

There was naughtiness in his voice, in his gesture… and she knew what she was heading into. She knew it was a trap but she couldn’t help giving in. She boldly gave her hand to him and jerked her close, making her collide with him.  he felt her breath go a little uneven. He guessed she might be shy.

He placed a soft peck on the back of her palm, “you still have time sweetheart… you don’t have to…”

He didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable at all.. but he was too early to judge her perhaps, “I am not running away…”

He stopped hearing her say so… he looked at her smiling at him. ohh god, he was dealing with Geet Handa right here… how could he forget? She wasn’t like normal girls.. and he knew she was special…very very special to him. he walked her across the hall and made her stand right in line with the target.


“so… how come you are here so early?”, he took a bow and stood behind her, “have you tried this before?”

“umm… I was bored. And this will be my first…”

She felt his warmth right behind her… and felt something… a beat… and then another… and another. He made her hold the bow properly, holding her hands… but he knew she was trouble. Her scent reached his nostrils… he couldn’t even resist sliding his bare hands over her softer whiter ones. She shivered with that feel… that slow movement of his arms over hers, making her hold the bow at a proper position. Her heart beat faster… probably for the first time she felt it racing against time. She felt his breath right on her shoulder, setting goose bumps on her. she could feel his chest touching her back and his breath hovering up towards her neck. She knew they would lose it again but she didn’t mind it. in fact she loved it.

He wrapped his hands around her, making her lift the bow to a position. His eyes fell on that drop of sweat, rolling down her neck. She was far too seducing… he knew he was falling for her… and falling badly. She held her breath, positioning the arrow at the target. He had told her not to avert her gaze from the target but it was getting difficult now. Just a few moments together and the flare between them seemed to consume them in a never ending passion. He had never felt this possessive about anyone in his life… not even with the women he had been with, till date… never in his life he felt this urge to take it so slow and sensual… he knew he was falling for her badly…he couldn’t even sleep the whole night, just thinking about her.


She felt her skin almost burning with his touch… she leaned back a bit on him, ready to hit the target.. and she could have done it as well until she felt his lips on her neck.

“maan…”, she hissed with the feel he set in her as her bow fell on the ground, feeling so unwanted. His kissed her softly, letting his hand entwine with hers and hold her by her waist. Her back touched her bare skin yet her sleeveless top did nothing to help her. this was something she had never expected..yet she was more eager to feel it. she, for the first time, felt like giving in to someone. The feel was just too much to bear. Her sweet moan let him take his advantage of being masculine. He held her tightly around her waist, not letting her move, as he trailed open mouthed kissed down her slender neck till her shoulders. he was surprised when he felt her surrender… he stopped for a while… it was easy to get pulled into the spiral of desire but her own desires were something that gave him the much needed courage. Of course he was Maan Singh khurana and he go whatever he wanted.


He turned her briskly, making her face him. she looked directly into his eyes… there was nothing called hesitation and he just couldn’t stop falling deeper, knowing well she was into this too. The attraction seemed fatal… but how did it matter anymore when she was with him?  he let his gaze travel down to her lips, while his hand slipped under her shirt, caressing her stomach, “are you scared Geet?”

He asked in concern… he didn’t want to let go of her… and he didn’t want to stop as well. she felt her stomach clench in anticipation as she let her fingers caress his cheek softly, “why do you think I am?”

He didn’t know what magic she had cast upon him.. and with her being expressive was something he had never expected. He leaned over and pecked her lips lovingly, “now I am glad that I saw you here…”


He dipped his faced in the crook of her neck, taking in that intoxicating aroma of hers, trailing a line of kisses on her exposed skin. He had never felt this happy… or so much of an urge to belong to someone… but for her, everything was happening as she liked it. she just went with the flow, yet she couldn’t deny the feel he always fills her with. She liked it with him… and she probably had a premonition of what they might end up sharing… but whatever it was, strangely, she was loving it completely.

She clutched his bare shoulders in a reaction to hold herself… his lips seemed to touch every bit of her exposed skin. She didn’t even know what was it that was brining her so close to him… but the only she admitted was that she liked him. they were disturbed hearing people enter the area. They broke apart and smiled at each other. Their naughty eyes didn’t leave a chance to tease each other. They walked out, hand in hand, greeting those who wished them. Myra watched them from afar… she had just entered the hall when she had seen them very close with each other. She was burning in her own love.. perhaps. She hated the sight of Geet… she so damn wanted to kill her right there. She just moved aside when they crossed her…and they didn’t even take notice of her too.



It was all so different for maan. He didn’t know what she felt, but he was definitely going bonkers. She was bold, she was dynamic and probably he didn’t even know what she was capable of doing. He loved everything about her… he recalled the time he had spent with other women… they were probably just dolls for him. but Geet was no doll… she was a woman who had the power to make him fall at her feet. He dressed up in his jeans and a black see through shirt and looked at himself in the mirror. It was sangeet and theme was open casuals. He was glad he wont have to wear those heavy kurta-chudidaar or whatever. He wanted to the hall as fast as possible. He got a call from Adi the moment he wore his shoes. There were some issues and he just got held up.


He checked the time… the party had started already. He sighed… eager to finish the call and just go and see her. he was falling too deeply for her perhaps. It was almost one hour to the call..he managed to finish it and rushed down.

The hall was dark…typically made up like bars and discs. There were people all over and his eyes searched for her restlessly. There were typical Punjabi beats with dance and masti going on. but he was too disturbed to notice anything. He looked out for her and saw Ana speaking to jazz and rest but she was no where to be seen. He felt so silly of himself to have been behaving like a teen but he just couldn’t wait for her. people called him to dance and join them with their drinks. He sighed and sat with them, by the bar, holding a glass. There were songs one after another but one thing just caught his attention…for his eyes were fixed at the entrance all the time.


A pair of midnight black stilettos stepped inside…catching everyone’s attention. She walked inside slowly, sleekly, making every head turn towards her. his gaze got pulled towards her as well as he sipped in his drink, eyeing that beauty that walked across the floor.

i had always wanted to write an update with this very song of Yo Yo Honey Sing.. do hear it…its really awesome


Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne

Munde patt te ni saare mere town de…

Kudiye ni tere..brown rang ne

Munde patt te ni saare mere town de…


He watched her move slowly across the hall and laughed seeing other girls getting conscious of her looks. There were guys who just gaped at her with their jaws dropped to the ground.

Koi kam utte jaave na

Roti paani khave na…

Gori gori kudiyan nu koi muh laave na


She wore a blood red off shoulder, knee length evening dress. Her red lips complimented her looks really well… making her look ravishing. Those curly hair that were left open, highlighted he color of her skin against the dark locks. To him, she looked probably more than beautiful.


Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne

Munde patt te ni saare mere town de

Mere town de.. mere town de.. mere town de ni billo mere town de..

He raised his glass as a toast to her, smiling. She took a seat between her friends, imitating him with her glass. He watched her keenly, observing every move of hers, the way she spoke, carried herself, held her glass, everything seemed to amuse him beyond his will. Some of his friends, as she noticed, dragged him to dance him them. she smiled sexily and got up from her seat and slowly walked to the other side.


Excuse me miss…

kiss kiss kiss kis se tu bhagegi hun bach bach ke

tennu rab ne husan ditta raj raj ke

mein kiya kaali teri Gucci te Prada tera Laal

kitthey chaleyo soniyo saj dhaj ke

she saw the guys follow her with the music.. and so did maan. She knew guys a little too well.. but seeing her hotshot give it a go..just for her… definitely something to look forward to. She puffed in a cigar, placing it sexily..ohh so sexily, giving him naughty looks. He was literally bowled over by her boldness. She was extremely hot… and too bold. She sat in a corner, enjoying her puff…letting him drool over her as much as he could.


Tere vargi naar ni huni meinnu munde kehde si

Ho gaye nu tere charchey Star News to BBC

Oh Brown Brown skin wali lemme tell you something

Rab di sau You’re so SEX-Y


Ana never missed that spark she saw between her sister and Maan. At first she couldn’t believe her eyes… her boss the MSK was actually going behind her sister??? There was definitely something going on. she looked at Geet who seemed to enjoy every moment of it. Geet had never felt this pampered… and he just seemed to make every moment special for her. even this boring party was something getting hotter just because of her hotshot. She rolled her eyes and tired to go ahead.

Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne..

Munde patt te ni sare mere town de..

Koi kam utte jaave na

Roti paani khave na…

Gori gori kudiyan nu koi muh laave na


He held her hand and pulled her close to him. she fell on his chest with the jerk and looked  up at him, smirking. He caressed her face softly…she closed her eyes feeling that sweet touch… and the next moment she realized he  had taken away her cigar switly and threw it somewhere none knew of.  She smiled and pushed him off and walked back to her friends, showing off.  That flare between them was visible to everyone today. A few girls giggled and surrounded him. he smartly stood proudly between them and watched her reaction.


Urre aa tennu ik gal samjhavan

Mare purze nu kadi hath mein na paavan aa

Waise tho mitran da bahut vadda score

But white chicks, Nah I don’t like them any more…


She was loving this whole attention of his. She twitched her brows on him and he just moved away from those girls letting her feel that he was just for her. she laughed and tried to go to him. just then she felt her phone vibrate in her purse.

Ban mitran di wh***

I mean mitran di ho..

Tu vi tedha tedha taake sannu I know

Now don’t say No NO

Mein tho tera yo yo…

Tu haan ta kar sambhalun mein tera pyo..


He watched her reaction as she took the call. Geet wondered why Sasha called when she knew clearly that she was on a small vacation with her sister. She looked here and there and walked out of the party.

Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne

Munde  patt te ni saare mere town de…


The party continued while he wondered why she was taking so much time. He got back to his friends who seemed to tease him for him hook up with the ‘nakchadhi arrogant’ Geet Handa but he could just care less. He waited for her while his eyes fell on Arjun. He was on a call too and definitely looked quite happy about something. May be work.. because he faces the same too. But that happiness looked quite evil to him. anyways who ares about that jerk!!!


She walked to the balcony that was near the corridor, that over looked the sea.

“what are you saying Sasha? Are you out of your mind?

“no ma’am… it seems that you have to come back home urgently. The chairman wishes to see you too…”

Geet ran her hand down her hair, “gosh.. can’t believe that bas**** could actually do something so low sitting right in front of me…Book my tickets tomorrow morning. I am going back tomorrow itself…”


Maan waited for her for a long time and when she didn’t come back, he walked out to look for her. he looked all over the place… did she just got back to her room? Curious, he walked towards the second floor and stood in front of the door, not very much amused to find it open.

She paced restlessly in her room, taking out the files she had, searching for some or the other paper. She just couldn’t believe Arjun could do this…ohh but why the hell did she even think that he’d leave it that easily? She was getting calls after calls from office amd she knew the matter was getting worse. She got a call from Mohinder and she knew she had to face him now.


She could hear him shout at her, despite his ill health. He had transferred most of the charges to Geet, gradually though, knowing well he wouldn’t live longer. His heart was weakening by the day and the doctors suggested a heart transplant which was risky at this stage.

“what the hell are you doing out there when your company needs you the most?”

She knew this was to come, “dad… am getting back by the first flight tomorrow…”

“Hopefully you don’t let me down this time… already you have lost the deal to maan Singh Khurana…”

She closed her eyes not being able to forget that moment where she just lost from him. she had worked hard for it.. and he just came out of no where and snatched it away. Soon as she felt the phone being disconnected, she threw it on the bed, frustrated. And the next moment she felt being tugged hard and engulfed in a warm embrace.

She struggled a bit and then stopped, realizing who it was. Her breathing was quicker and shallow… letting him know the state of her mind. there was definitely something wrong or else Geet being so frustrated was something out of question.

next: reality check for GeetConfused


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