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Mohinder looked at the doctor and blinked his eyes in assurance. The doctor sighed and left. Geet just sat beside her father, watching him sleep under the effects of medication. Once he slept, she sat on his table and reviewed whatever reports she had made that day. Nisha called her for dinner… she refused, she sent her dinner in her room…she was least interested in it. she was focussed on something very different altogether. She checked on her father from time to time and slept off there on the table itself.


Nisha came to check on both of them. She made sure Mohinder was asleep and then her eyes fell on her little girl sleeping on the table, amidst files and papers. She looked tired…probably had a long day yet she was getting so addicted to all this. She collected all the papers… and noticed something in them. There were marks made with pencil, underlined clauses, scratched and unscratched figures, small small notes made here and there and lot more. She checked a few of them and smiled. Her little princess was indeed growing bigger this time. She had been researching about the company’s financial assets. She caressed Geet’s head and kept the papers away, “you are growing Geet… and I know you will make a difference!”



“Ma…”, she screamed as she ran out of the airport and saw her mother. Nisha had a wide smile on her face…seeing her daughter… when her return was delayed by a while 1.5 years. she hugged her tightly as tears glittered in her eyes, “I Missed you so much beta…”

“Missed you a lot maa… mein tho waapis aa jati but I got this internship with the Khurana empires and I didn’t want to leave that!”

“hmm I understand. Both you and your sisters are just the same.. kuch hua nahi ke kaam shuru. Anatra I am telling you Geet jaisa workaholic kabhi mat banna…”

[…nothing happens and you start working. Am telling you Antara.. never be a workaholic like Geet…]

“its Ana Ma…”, she corrected her mom, “waise Geet di kahan hain? Wo nahin aayi mujhe lene?”

[by the way where is Geet di? Hasn’t she come to pick me up?]

she wanted to come but something came up so she had to go with bhaisahab…”


As they walked towards their car, the driver kept her luggage at the back. Before getting in Ana held nisha’s hands, “dad ki tabiyat kaisi hain?”

[hows dad’s health?]

Nisha saw a sudden worry cover her face… and why it wouldn’t be! it was just a few months ago that she had come to know about her dad’s health and that too when Geet had told her. nisha sighed…even Geet got to know about her dad after a long time only because he had to be admitted in the hospital due to severe heartache. Geet was at first furious for being kept away from the truth but after that she was adamant on getting him the best doctors. She even joined her office immediately after finishing her final year.


She smiled, trying to assure her, “he is fine…much better than earlier. chal we are getting late… you must be tired na!!”

They drove back home, talking about each and everything that happened and how Ana got to be the intern at Khuranas and everything about there. She was supposed to get back right in may but then she had to stay back longer for her internship. Mohinder didn’t stop her…rather he was happy that both his princesses were working hard to make their places in the world. Ana being the younger and the softer one was pampered but Geet was one hard nut to crack and he was so proud of her. he groomed her slowly, gradually, to take hold of responsibilities and carry them out, without letting her know. And Geet was earnest in everything that she did. He was strict on her professional front and she didn’t even mind that. Impressed by her work, he had made her the team leader of one of the highest ranked teams.


Nisha prepared nisha’s bedroom right beside Geet’s. She had renovated the room completely, painting the entire room in her favourite color to getting matching curtains, bed sheets anything and everything. She even prepared her favourite food for dinner. Ana was totally happy after getting back home. She was just too happy..running around, checking out every little thing, nisha’s room… Geet’s room, her playroom that she used long time ago and what made her day was Mohinder’s getting back home. She ran to him, hugging him tightly.


They sat for dinner together, talking about everything when Ana asked, “dad, where is Geet di?”

Even Nisha had forgotten about Geet amongst all the work. She checked the time… it was going to be 9. She immediately got the phone to call when Mohinder stooped her, “she had told me that she will be late tonight. She is working on some important thing..”

“I want to see her so badly dad… Geet di… just come back before I fall asleep!”




Mr Shah came out of the office building and his expensive car was already waiting. The driver opened the door for him. he was about to enter when he heard the brutal honking of the car, speeding towards them. for a moment they felt it would hit them badly but then it stopped right behind his car, making a screeching sound of the brakes, almost missing his car by a few inches. Mr Shah was irritated with rash behaviour of some idiotic person when he heard the honk again. He looked at the posh SUV carefully and understood the person who was inside. He went towards the car and leaned over the window. As if the driver of the SUV was just waiting for this moment. She lowered her tainted glass and flashed a sweet yet a dangerous smile, ” ahh Director Shah.. you are going to ask the final decision on this matter from the chairman right?”


Mr Shah was at first surprised to see Geet going to him but then everyone knew her well. he wished her and replied back, trying to be as polite as he could be, “ahh yes ma’am..”

She smiled and opened the door for him, “I am heading back home after work as well. Lets go together in my car…”

He was kind of confused about such a behavior and that too from Geet. everyone knew what she was and who she was… and he just couldn’t say no to the chairman’s daughter. he got inside as she started the engine, “the car is little dirty right now…ahh but we could manage with that for today right? I have some things to discuss about…”


They drove silently through the thinning traffic of Delhi and on to the main road. It was getting a little awkward when Geet spoke up, still not removing her eyes from the road, “for a country like ours which is having a heated war with recession, why to take two cars when our destinations are the same? Diesel prices are on the rise”

He smiled weakly, not feeling anything good about it. he just kept on nodding a yes to everything that she spoke.

…though its the company’s money…”, she added coldly. Her eyes had something that could probably kill anyone with that cold look. Mr Shah didn’t know what to say.


“ahh I am honoured to be able to ride the same car as you ma’am and that too when you are driving personally…and I thank you with all my heart.”

Geet smiled a bit which actually scared him…what was she thinking. They crossed the traffic and drove. A few minutes of silence lingered and he spoke up again, “..but why don’t you keep a driver instead of driving it yourself?”


She continued driving but her smile turned wider and colder, “well… you see my temper is a little violent Mr Shah and they just cant keep up with it. I have fired 3 of them this month.”

“ohh thats kind of bad ma’am…”


She cut him in the middle, trying to sound as nice as possible, though it was clear she was a little mad at something, “why do you call me ma’am even after office hours? Or say why do you even pretend to do so hmm?” she took a sharp breath and looked at him, smiling yet her eyes radiated the coldness in them, “Are you thinking of putting me in my place? So young and being the chairman’s daughter… suddenly becoming your supervisor… you just can’t accept it, can you?”


Mr shah was shocked hearing all that from her. ohh god…he had indeed hated her for being his supervisor…ohh god how does she even know all that?

“ahh Its not like that ma’am… I… “, he tried to defend himself in front of her. he knew the consequences are going to be bad now and he feared the outcome.


“only 23 years and passed from one of the best colleges in India, holding an MBA degree, even if she knows about corporate management… how much does she actually know? And above all that the chairman making her your supervisor… is this the way to run a company? Is it a joke? To a person who is so high headed and haughty…and who has absolutely nothing called can anyone make her your supervisor… thats what you have been bitching about…behind my back right!!”


Her words were cold…so devoid of emotions…so ruthless…he was literally tongue tied, not knowing how to escape from all this. That brutal smile remained on her lips yet those cold eyes were almost ready to kill. Yet he tried to bargain, “but don’t you think I am old enough for you to be talking like this to me?”


She smirked and looked at the road and spoke softly, “I am not the person who holds grudges for a long time for such a petty matter..Mr. Shah..but right now… You should be a little afraid though,”, she turned to face him with yet again a deadly smile, “If you are taking heart medications, please take them now..”

She was totally not making any sense but he knew he had gotten into the bad books of Geet Handa. Before he could say anything, she pressed her feet on the accelerator and zoomed.

[okie i don’t  have any inkling about all these..just taking my writer’s liberty]LOL

“last year, the project for the Mumbai Firm stood at 230crores… assets  being 150crores and liabilities at 80crores…”

She sped faster, dodging the other vehicles on the way with sharp turns and sudden brakes. Mr. Shah panicked, “Ma’am… Ma’am please slow down…its dangerous… “

Yet she was calm and composed and concentrated on the road, “the company’s net worth was only 120croes but wasn’t it too much to buy it for 150crores?”


Mr. Shah could do nothing but stare at her like he had seen some kind of a ghost. She looked at him for a while and then looked back at the road, pressing the accelerator ever harder, “and pray why I heard news of Mr. Shah going out of his way to blackmail ‘some’ people just to get what he wanted?”


She took a sharp turn, almost making him fall out of the window, overtaking another car on the way…scaring the hell out of him. his heart beats were on the the hell does she know all that? his eyes fell on another SUV that was right in front of them. Geet honked louder but that driver probably got confused. Unable to decide his course, he turned the car here and there before stopping right in front of them. Geet braked hard…as hard as possibly, almost throwing him out of the dashboard. He managed to hold on and stop himself from hitting the front panel. He fell back on his seat, breathing heavily. He watched Geet eye the driver angrily. She leaned over the window on his side and screamed, “You bloody bas**** can’t you see where you are going? Are you blind or deaf han?? Disgusting freak…”


Mr. Shah’s eyes widened hearing those profanities from her. she could care a damn. She turned the car and accelerated once again. she smiled at Mr. Shah and continued, “ahh am sorry Mr Shah but people have become so careless these days… so where did I stop last?”

“ma’am…you are taking it all wrong… Its not like…”

She didn’t let him complete this time as well and sped up, “so… the firm in Delhi that you bought… umm how much was it?? 145crores… but I head its market value was just 100croes or even less!”


Mr. Shah badly wanted to escape her. he knew where this was going. She might not even think twice before killing him and disposing his body off without anyone’s knowledge.

“even if you include that company’s entire future potential, that will still an over evaluation of 10%..i wonder if you made yourself heavy with those extra money.. but as I say..its the company’s money that flows in…right Mr shah…” she turned to him smiling.

He was speechless…what would he say now? He just wished he escaped her safely and after that he might kill Arjun Rathode for putting him in this mess…messing with Geet Handa wasn’t going to be easy!!!



He was finally getting back to his home country. He hated it when his stay had extended to more six months and work was hectic. He held him mom’s hands and they walked out of the airport. The driver was already there, waiting for them. he looked around and saw himself standing in the same taxi stand where he had met her for the last time. She was indeed very cold…and he wondered if thats how she was or if she had been made to be like that. he recalled the times they had spoken.. especially after his departure. Initially they spoke a few times… quite regularly and she was always immersed in work and so was he. He liked that about her..she was hard working. He even had made her understand some clauses and statements.. and then they didn’t know why they lost contact..hardly 4-6 months later. Was it because of the time-lag? Or their works or the reason could be anything. He got busy… and she never tried contacting him either.  He was too busy to even get a sleep of six hours at a stretch and that didn’t bother her as well. It was yet again another thing that he liked…she never poked her head into something she wasn’t interested in, unnecessarily.


It was going to be around 10 when he noticed the time. He sat in the car and they drove off. The air was refreshing and totally soothing. His cell beeped with Adi’s name flashing on it. he took the call and got himself the reports in the office. He asked for a meeting the next day and finished the call. He looked out, seeing the traffic zooming by and yet again his mind went back to her—did she forget him? Geet handa… and that reminded him of an intern he had met in London..umm..umm what was her name? She was a Handa too. He just couldn’t remember her name…though he remembered he had seen her in the restaurant while he was on the way to Paris. he wasn’t someone who’d go into details of some petty interns but her surname attracted him. he had spoken to the interns a few times and she seemed genuine… could it be that she was related to her? and he just laughed at her…how could when she was definitely not cold as Geet.  she was pretty, she was hard working (that he had heard from the supervisor) and she was good. his mom called out to him… he left it there…but then she might be a good company, he though, smirking to himself.



Mr. Shah sighed in relief as she slowed down for they were just nearing the mansion. She seemed totally calm and composed but that scary aura still filled the environment.

“so…”, she spoke ever so sweetly, “do you want to be sued or handcuffed mr Shah.. after all its company’s money right..or I give you the third answer…”

Silence prevailed for a while as she stopped. She turned to him and asked him in a child like manner, “won’t you ask what is it, mr. Shah?”

He was too scared to even answer anything yet he managed to squeak out, “wh..what is it ma’am?”

“hmm..thats right!!! do you want to retire with whatever you have?”

He was totally speechless… in such a situation you really don’t have anything to say. She pushed the brake hard and stopped right infront of the mansion. She got down and turned to leave. She thought something and turned back, “ahh I would like to hear your answer by tomorrow morning Sir…”

He had just gotten out of the car when she eyes him meanly, “and dad is not well. it will be wiser on your part to just leave right now. Good night Mr Shah…have a good night!!”


What is this girl really made of? Ice? Or even more than that. he stood there for a while, trying to formulate her words when he heard her fading voice, “feel free take the car if you are too scared to walk in the dark alone..”

She was indeed a very stone hearted person, he concluded. He was definitely in for a trouble right now. He just watched her walk in proudly, not sparing him even a glance.


The moment she got in, she was surrounded by screams and peals of laughter, “ohh diii I missed you so so so much…”

She didn’t even realise when he found herself twirling around. She laughed recognising her laughter… her tiredness just vanished into the thin air. She held Ana’s hands and joined her in the celebration, “I missed you a lot too Ana…”

“but I am totally mad at you… you didn’t even come to pick me up from the airport… “

“I was busy baby…”, Geet made a cute face. Ana pulled her to the couch and made her sit.

“yeah right… dad and you are always don’t have time for me na!!”, ana cried.

They sat there talking and laughing after so long…they had missed it. nisha saw them for a while, admiring them and then interrupted, “ana let her freshen up and have her food, you both can settle down in your room and chat the whole night!!”

Geet quickly changed, had her food and in no time she and ana were snuggled under the blanket in ana’s room and talking about everything thay had missed with each other.


“so… How was your internship?”, Geet inquired, checking her mails in her tab.

“di..can you just stop working for a while.. I am here…talk to me first…”, ana cribbed.

Geet smiled and put the tab away, “ab kkhush? Chal bata…kaisa tha wahan?”

[now happy? Tell was everything there?]

“its was just too good di… I was in working with the Khurana empires right… and working under Maan Khurana…the best thing that ever happened to me. And believe me..he was there in London while I interned…”


And she went on and on telling how good it was…the working atmosphere, her colleagues and her hot hot Maan khurana, sending Geet down the memory lane of her hot shot and being rejected by that damn khurana. Gosh… ana was working under that jerk??? But now things were quite different.. she wasn’t into anything with the khuranas…so probably it didn’t even matter to her anymore. She had heard that the meeting she’ll be attending the day after, was going to receive his precious footsteps. She had heard quite a lot about him… probably she wanted to know him  only because of ana. She just cant make her sister rot in some kind of hell created by that Khurana guy!


They didn’t even realize when they slept off talking anything and everything. Geet was a little restless being reminded of so many things… she even tried to recall why they lost contact..and then she dropped the whole thing…like she could care less. You meet millions of people every day and you don’t remember each one of them, do you!!! She looked back at her mails as soon as ana slept off and replied to some of them. the khurana fellow was coming to that meeting too… she heard ana praising him so much… and ana does have a good choice. She thought for a while..she will be there in the meeting too. Hopefully she gets to see that jerk who insulted her big time without even seeing her or even listening to her. but then she had huge agenda for the next day…Ana madam wanted her to stay back so that both could enjoy together.


The next day, maan went off early for he wanted to see the progress of the work. He was brief about the meeting the next day and even the ones who are participating in the deal. He smiled..reading the handa name on it. it would be interesting to know for far has she got. Who knows he might just see a change in her. he checked his phone and found her number…should he call? He had been a little restless too, to meet her after a long time but it worried him if she even remembered her hotshot. He mentally smacked himself for thinking something so stupid and dialled her number. To his disappointment, the only response he got was the number was out of service. Geet had changed her number as soon as she joined the company and who cares about others in her busy schedule!! Even honestly, she didn’t even get time to even think about her hotshot even once.


The day passed with both of them keeping busy…one with work while the other with both ana and work. He was excited…he might see her the next day. She was excited too…she might just not hesitate to give that jerk a piece of her mind. ana kept complaining about Geet working even on the day she had taken a leave but that was Geet after all. She had to get that deal no matter what!!!


next: they meet formally…but with a difference!


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