11 Jul

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and cutie shruthe di on their birthday.
(okie i know am late for shruthe di’s bday but meri tasalli ke liye)LOL


Adi looked at her for a while and the file she had in her hands, “am sorry ma’am..”, he spoke sadly, “but sir had already left for India last night…”

“what? He left?”

“yes ma’am.. he was scheduled to stay in Paris for 2 days and one night… “


She felt all her hardwork go down the drain. She had worked so hard the whole night, not even sleeping a wink and that f**king Bas**** dared to go away like that. she absolutely hated him more now… she still had one day before she left for india but her work was incomplete. She got back to her hotel and ordered lunch for herself. She took a bite and looked at the file beside her. her hot shot was indeed very helpful last night… she must admit, there were indeed some mistakes in the file that khurana had mentioned. She saw her phone blink and it was from er dad.


“yes dad…”

“hows my princess? Did you get those papers signed?”

She thought for a while being reminded of the insult she had faced but kept her calm, “not yet dad… but I am sure I will do it the moment I reach delhi… I just need some time.”

“take your time princess and get back home.. we miss you…”

“miss you too dad…”


She disconnected the call and looked back into her files, munching her food slowly. She owes her  hot shot and she needed to get over it. she thought of calling him over a coffee or something. She took out her phone to call him but then she realized she didn’t have his number. She breathed in sharply… she doesn’t even know his name or where he stayed or anything with which she could contact him. she didn’t even know the purpose of his visit to Paris yet he seemed to know a lot about her. she kept the file away, pushing all the thoughts and decided to enjoy the rest of her stay with her friends.


They visited the famous places of tourist interest in the city, shopped like maniacs and partied like anything but her subconscious mind always remained alert to her hot shot—who knew she might just run into him anywhere anytime, like it had been with their previous meetings. They went around the Eiffel tower and she looked at its grandeur. The tiny lights made it look all the more beautiful and her mind went back to their dinner that night… her hot shot seemed to know her so well. she smiled to herself… their dance, his smile, his look everything just made her admit that she loved it.  they had dinner in a posh restaurant yet she just couldn’t stop herself from thinking of him. how she wished he was with her so that at least she could tell him a thank you! She shook her head—it was silly… Geet handa and thank you? That too to that jerk who dared to kiss her? OMG the kiss!!! How could she have forgotten…her first kiss was stolen by that jerk… she dug her fork on to the plate and dragged the meat with it making a screeching noise.

“Geet… Geet… stop!”.


She heard a voice and felt someone’s hands on hers, stopping her. she snapped back to reality and turned beside to look at arjun holding her. jazz was sitting beside arjun and she probably guessed Arjun deliberately sat like that. she rolled her eyes and looked away, ignoring him completely. She felt him lean closer to her and whisper in her ears, “come to bar once you all reach your hotel…alone”

“excuse me??”, she twitched her brows in disbelief and turned to him. he was already busy with jazz, speaking to her, pampering her. she kept on looking this shameless guy, who just winked at her when he caught her glance. She shook her head and concentrated on her food. They had a long chat over the dinner and walked back to their suite. They had to catch the flight back home the next day. She got off the car in front of her hotel. Everyone moved inside while jazz stayed back with arjun in the parking, seeking some lone time with him. Geet sighed and got off at the end. She passed jazz and arjun who seemed to hug each other. As she passed him, she felt a slight brush on her arms, extending down to her fingers. She turned back with a disgusted look only to see arjun smiling at her, holding jazz in his arms. Jazz had faced away from them and she didn’t even know. He mouthed a i-will-be-waiting, silently and she just looked away and walked off.


“Cheapo…”, she murmured to herself as she changed into her night dress in her suite. She fell on her bed, feeling exhausted. She was definitely not going give any importance to that two-timing despo. She closed her eyes softly, trying to sleep. A few minutes of silence and she suddenly woke up, with her eyes wide open. Bar??? Will her hot shot be there? He might be… he must be… because she had seen him in the bar last night. A smile played on her lips as she hoped to find him there. She checked the time—11pm. She quickly changed into her shorts and a loose top. She pulled her hair in a loose bun and walked out.


She entered the darkly lit hall.. people were still on their toes, dancing and merry making. She looked around, searching for him… he has to be there. He was bound to be there for Geet handa wanted to meet him. alas, she didn’t realise who he was and he did whatever he wished. She felt a tug on her hands and got pulled towards someone. She smiled and turned to see him but it was short lived. Arjun stood there with a big grin plastered on his face. The music went louder and he said something. She was not at all interested in this cheapo. Her eyes searched for him yet she screamed, “what???”

He smiled and leaned closer, dipping his head into the crook of her neck, “I knew you’d come…”

She heard that amidst that loud music and looked here and there, not even realizing that his hands went around her waist, pulling her close while his face brushed her cheeks. She was busy in her own calculations and speculations when she heard him, “lets have a dance baby…”

She stopped for a while, realizing what was happening. His words seemed to remind her of her hot shot, “may I have a dance with the birthday girl?”

She shook her head feeling his hands graze her waist shamelessly. She was reminded of ‘his’ touch, so soft and so soothing…he didn’t even let her feel a bit of awkwardness but this ba***** was  just being too much. she felt a tug on her waist and she took a step back shooting him a glare. He didn’t seem to buy that. he pulled her close again, “whats the hurry sweetheart… I just wanted to spend some time…”


She pushed him away with all her might, “you are drunk. Lets meet up when you are sober…”

She turned to leave when he held her hand, stopping her. she sighed and turned back, “now what?”, she spoke coldly.

He went closer, cupped her face softly and leaned over her. her eyes widened realizing what he was thinking. She was instantly reminded of her first kiss and her entire body repulsed the feel arjun set on her. she closed her eyes, mustered all her courage and pushed him off her with all her might. Arjun stumbled backwards and looked at her shocked.

“Mr Arjun Rathode… don’t you dare mess with me. I am not like any other bi*** who would get into your bed just because you want it… mind it its Geet handa… “

Arjun smiled wickedly and watched her walk away with attitude, “you have got a smart a**…it will be quite interesting now…”


She avoided arjun’s gaze which was all over her as he came to drop them in the airport. She could feel that despo gaze all over her and she just wished if she could slap that guy on her face right now.. but jazz looked quite glad that he made it to the airport. He was leaving the next day as she heard him answer jazz. He bid everyone a goodbye and approached Geet for a goodbye hug. She was as cold as ice… she put on her sun glasses and walked ahead not even giving him a look. He looked at jazz and made a baby face, “whats with her man? She is a weirdo!”



The car was already waiting for her to take her home. She didn’t even wait for her friends. She just got in and drove off. She asked the driver to get back in a taxi while she drove madly to her dad’s office. She hated arjun and more than that she hated that smart a** khurana… she just wished, if given a chance she wouldn’t even hesitate to kick on his right place for insulting her like that. he was not a god to have not even given her a chance to meet him and keep her stand.

She barged into the office like a whirlwind and ran to her dad’s cabin. The people greeted her but she was not in a mood to listen to anyone.  Mohinder was on an important call when she barged in shouting, “dad I wanna talk…”

He was so delighted tp see his daughter. He smiled and disconnected the call right there.

He stood up and hugged her, “welcome back princess…how was your trip?”

“it was good dad but I want something…”

“ahh I should have realized my princess has come to my office today…”

“am serious…”

She indeed looked really serious. He made her sit and knew her sharp brain was definitely into something this time. He ordered coffee for the duo and closed the blinds. He even asked his PA not to forward any calls till Geet was there.

“I want to meet Mr. Khurana…”


Mohinder had known about the failed meeting in Paris. He didn’t feel bad especially knowing Geet’s reaction for he knew she will never let this deal go. He listened to her quietly and nodded his head, “so you want me to arrange a meeting with him?”

She looked directly into his eyes, “yes… and I want him to read those papers again…”

Mohinder made his calculations and asked for the file.

“leave the file here and go home princess… I will do the needful.”

Geet left leaving a thoughtful mohinder. He knew Geet wasn’t ready for such kind of a meeting as of now. He made his plans and called his PA to make arrangements to send the file to maan.


He saw the red invitation card on his office table. He rolled his eyes knowing who it might be. He opened it half-heartedly and read the contents,

“I missed you a lot maan… Please come to my house for dinner tonight. I have something important to tell you..!




He sighed…she was getting too deep into this. He sighed and kept the paper away, catching up with all the work. He sat looking at the Eiffel tower wallpaper on his laptop and smiled to himself, “poori pagal hain… Geet!”

[completely mad she is…Geet]

He wondered if she was still in Paris… did she even remember him? their dinner? Their dance? Their kiss? He smiled..he had never felt something like this for anyone before and  he knew what trouble he was getting himself into. But if the ‘trouble’ was so sweet in itself.. who would not like to fall into that sweet death trap?


Geet entered the house, shouting orders at the servants to get her luggage away when nisha caught her arms and pulled her harshly to face her.

“why were you not taking my call Geet? tujhe pata bhi hain how worried I was? Itni akal tho hain tujhme…”

[where were you not taking my call Geet? you realize how worried I was? At least you have that much horse sense…]

Nish was completely in a foul mood. Geet had never called her back not did she receive any calls from her. she expected Geet to at least apologize and tell her the reason but she was shocked o see her look so cold.

“Geet are you listening?  Do you even care about anyone in this world?”

Geet rolled her eyes—one more drama. She sighed, “am fine Chachi… you don’t have to worry about me… I am Geet handa after all…”

“but you are still my child and a girl as well. tujhe koi fark padta bhi hain ke teri Chachi kitna pareshaan ho rahi hongi?  Ek baar call nahi kar sakti thi?”

[but you are still my child and a girl as well. do you even care that your Chachi might be worrying about you? Couldn’t you have called for once?]

“dad took care of everything Chachi…why are you exaggerating things?”

Nisha felt defeated… she was not even ready to understand the other side of relationships—care, love and compassion. She had tried to make her understand so many times that she needs to care about the people in her immediate surrounding as well but no…she was Geet handa!

am not exaggerating you fool… life doesn’t mean only money and security and roaming around the world in posh cars…”


She walked away, frustrated, hurt and defeated. Geet was not even ready to understand a thing. She was not even interested to know the other side of life. Geet went back to her room and freshed up. She sat in her bubble bath and looked at the ceiling, feeling tired. Nisha was too angry… usually she pampered her the most, more than she did to antara but today she loked really hurt. She couldn’t have seen her cutie chachi like that. she sighed and she finished with her bath and changed into her regular dress. She blow dried her hair and headed to nisha’s room. She peeped in and saw her sitting on her bed, looking really forlorn and still angry. She tiptoed to her and placed her head on her lap, lying down. Nisha looked down at her and then looked away.


“am sorry…’, she spoke cutely.

“look whos saying sorry… the Geet Handa!!”, nisha taunted, still looking away.

“am sorry na Chachi… please ab gussa mat karo na… pleeejjj..” she made a bay face.

[am sorry na Chachi.. please don’t be mad at me na… pleeejjj]

Nisha sighed and looked at Geet lovingly, caressing her hair, “Parkati… listen to me carefully! You of course are a very dynamic ambitious young woman who can do anything but you just cant take anyone around you for granted. Learn to value them beta…”

Geet was already dozing off on her lap, “yes Chachi…i will try…”, she spoke drowsily. Nisha looked at her and sighed. She caressed her head softly till she drifted into a deep slumber.

Mohinder read the whole file all over again and smiled at the tiniest of the corrections made by Geet. no wonder he had not noticed it.. it would look very ordinary thing If you don’t look at it very closely. He smiled and felt proud… its okay if the deal was pulled off. He was glad that Geet was able to at least recognise the folly…that Was more Important.



He looked at the time…7 in the evening. He sighed. Myra had been calling him for quite a while. he still had an hour before he left. Geet had occupied his mind so much that he didn’t even feel like meeting anyone else. Myra had been a nagging mamma so he might just go and finish it off with her. he was totally busy in his work and decided just to roam around the city before he left. He took off his coat and tie and threw them on the car’s back seat. He opened the first few buttons of his shirt and drove out.


She found herself sleeping on Chachi’s bed. She yawned and stretched herself. She had slept for almost 6 hours at a stretch. She smiled and saw Chachi come with  a tray of eatables. It was already 7. Nisha smiled and kept the tray beside. She sat beside her and caressed her head, “ohh you are already awake? I had just come to wake you up. Chal have something. You haven’t had naything since you  came back…”

She yawned lazily and snuggled near nisha, “Chachi…lets go out today…”

“out? With me?”, nisha was amused.

“hmm.. we’ll have dinner outside…”

Nisha smiled…she was actually trying to make it up to her. she knew Geet was never like that..but then she did say she will try.

“okay..chal ready ho ja.. am coming in a few minutes…”


Geet popped in a hot pakoda into her mouth and went back to her room to get ready. She came out wearing a simple jeans and a sleeveless red top. She came to nisha and was surprised to see her in jeans and kurti. Nisha was quite modern but then she maintained a low profile. Geet whistled naughtily seeing her, “looking sexy Chachi…”

Nisha laughed and waked her arm playfully, “chup besharam…lets get going.”

They drove out with Geet on steering, enjoying the cool breeze and the city lights.  They shopped something here and there when nisha insisted on checking on some home decors. They stopped in front of a showroom and went inside checking on some expensive intricately designed vases and cupboards. Geet was indeed having a gala time with nisha when she felt hungry. She had skipped her lunch and her snacks as well. they finally managed to decide on some vases and curtains and nisha waited for them to get packed.


“Chachi.. come to the car. I will just go and grab something to eat from the other side… am too hungry…”

Nisha smiled, “umm..packing is almost done. I will waiting in the car. Get me a diet coke too.”

Geet ran out and stood by the road. The cafe was right on the other side of the road. She looked here and there and ran across the road in a trifle almost missing a car that could have hit her. She entered the cafe, completely ignoring the gaze she felt on herself. In fact she felt like laughing… all eyes had always been on her. she grabbed some eatables and her coke and ran out, waiting for the traffic to thin down. She saw nisha wait her in the car on the other side. She breathed in ran. And the next moment she felt a sudden tug on her arms and she was pulled back.


“ouchhh…”, she gasped and turned to swear at the person who dared to stop her when she met with that smiling face.

“look before you leap baby…”

Her jaws dropped open… he was right in front of her. her hot shot stood right in front of her. she just couldn’t believe she’d meet him here like this!!! She felt so happy to have seen him again… like this was something very different kind of happiness she felt. She just didn’t even realize when she jumped right on him and hugged him tightly.

“ohh my god… I finally found you.. hot shot I had missed you so much..”

He was actually amused seeing her like that.. but then he loved it. she had actually hugged him. he smiled and held her back. He was here for a coke and who knew he’d see here back in india.

“woah… someone really missed me! Lucky me!”

She straightened herself and gave a big smile, “i did review it that night hot shot and just waiting  for that smart a** to see it…

“woah woah…easy tiger… easy… so when did you get back hmm?”

She had so many things to tell him.. ohh she never knew she had even been this happy meeting someone.

“I came this morning..and that reminds me..when did you get back hot shot? I wanted to see you that day in Paris but tum mile hi nahin…”

“I had left right after meeting you sweetheart… agar mujhe pata hota tum mujhe itna miss karogi then I’d have made sure ke mein india kabhi waapis hi nahin aata..”

[I had left right after meeting you sweetheart.. if I’d have known that you will miss me this much.. I’d have made sure that I never returned back to india…]

“hmm… nice try but its harder to get to me…”, she played. There was suddenly this lowering of formality barrier that it felt as if they had known themselves from ages and she seems to have completely forgotten that nisha was waiting. She was about to say something when her eyes fell on the other side where nisha stood, not outside the car, watching her intently.


“ohh I have to rush hot shot… by the way just gimme your number.. I’ll call you…”

He didn’t know what to say now. He was totally surprised at the turn of events. He thought she was just a mere attraction but now it seems fatal. Nevertheless, he was more than happy. She stopped before filling the contact name. He smiled, “hot shot…”.

She shook his head, feeling exasperated hearing the same thing again and again. She entered the name and rushed back shouting, “I will call you so dare not ignore it thinking it to be an unknown one.”

He just watched her cutely running to the other side and speak to a lady… laugh at her talk..and drive away, waving him a bye. She was totally someone with a very different character altogether and he seemed to be falling for the bait already. He looked at his phone… sigh she didn’t even give her number. But then she said she will call. He was totally thrilled. His phone buzzed with Myra flashing on it. he sighed feeling defeated and drove off to face her… face of a person who suddenly felt had no existence in his life.


next: coffee with hot shot ya party with MSK??Wink

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