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some readers want me to pput up the translations so i will…
i dont want any1 to miss out anything hereWink
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He was probably lost in some other world. He heard Myra crib and then looked at her coldly, “Are you done? We have to leave. Don’t pull me into all these… you can handle this better Myra.”

Myra was shocked to hear him so cold and that’s what he was-Maan Singh Khurana. He did what he felt like and none could just challenge him. she sighed and went to clean herself, mentally swearing on Geet…she’d have her revenge some day.



He left a shocked Myra at her residence. For her, they were supposed to spend the night together, making wild s** for she knew how Maan was on bed. She was super shocked when he just drove away without even looking at her. did he lose interest in her? she had to think it over and get back to him as fast as possible. Its tough to impress Maan Singh Khurana but it’s harder to keep up with him after that. Myra cursed Geet and walked off.


He went back home and got to his room, not even speaking to his mom. He didn’t know why she was affecting him so much when she was nothing but a stranger to him. He knew nothing about her except her name…but every time they met, she left him restless. There was something in her that attracted him to know more about her. the personality she carried, the grace, the poise, the attitude…everything was so different from other girls that he has known. He stood by the window, watching the darkness and slowly slid off his shirt. He felt his shirt gently glide down his bare shoulder and he felt her touch again. He looked sideways, closing his eyes…he could still visualize the moment when she did that…her fingers walking on his shoulder, so smoothly, so sleekly…he breathed in sharply and opened his eyes, not wanting to get away from that feel. He realized what he was just doing.

“F**k Man!!! What’s wrong with me?”, he cursed himself mentally, “She is just…nobody!”

He changed and went back to his study and dozed off while working. He never knew a person could have such lasting effects on him…especially a girl. But then…she came near and then went far… she came back again and then they again parted. She never seemed to be even interested in knowing who he was, forget throwing herself at him. And that is what clicked in him. he was used to girls throwing themselves at him but this was strange. He smiled in his sleep…if she was so keen on flirting with him openly, why should he stay behind? He might try as well. but the most important question was, will he meet her ever again?




She poured an entire mug of hot coffee on a guy in her college who tried to get friendly with her.

“What the…”

“you prick my eyes as****e… just get lost…”, she spoke coldly. She didn’t even spare the girls who tried to mess with her. she was arrogant and bitter mouthed. She even picked on some innocent girls of her class. So basically, most of the girls in her college hated her. they didn’t even speak to her. she was too rude and never cared about how hurt the others were with her demeanor.  She had very few friends including jazz and she didn’t care either. She was busy in her life…well planning her days in Paris.


Jazz called Arjun to pick them up from college. She aited for some time and went to the cafe to get a coke for them when Arjun entered. He waved at Geet and smiled. She returned the favour with another smug smile of hers. He took off his glasses and slipped his hand round her waist, leaning closer.

“Looking hot…”

“thanks…”, she smiled as he moved away, tracing her waist, to Jazz. She just watched him hug and kiss Jazz and shook her head.

“bloody despo bas****”, she cursed him mentally, though liking that attention she was getting from him. she got to the car and waited for the duo to come. She called up her father to check on her tickets. She was totally excited to hear them confirmed. She jut wanted to get back home as soon as possible and get her things ready.


Nisha watched her angrily while she packed her stuffs. She could sense that aura around her. she put her shirt into her bag and spoke up, “Chachi…its only for a week. You don’t have to feel so angry about it…”

“I was and I am still not for it Geet. Do you even care what others think of you? Kisi ne kuch tumhare liye karna chaha and you… tujhe kisi ki parwah hain ki nahi? Jaane ki kya zarurat hain?”

[I was and I am still not for it Geet. Do you even care what others think of you? Someone wanted to do something for you and you… do even have a little bit of concern about others? Is going there so important?]


Geet stopped for a while and looked at Nisha blankly. Nisha thought at least she’d get the hint and understand what she was trying to say…but that was Geet, of course.

“Chachi… aap chahti kya hain? I had always wished this aur jab mujhe aaj ye sab bana banaya mil raha hain..then why are you stopping me? You know I can’t stay under one roof for more than one hour…”

[Chachi… what do you want? I had always wished this and when am getting everything so easily, then why are you stopping me? You know I cant stay under one roof for more than one hour..]

She definitely understood nothing. Nisha didn’t know how to make her understand… that she needed to understand others as well.

“Geet.. do you even realize what you have become now?”

“What Chachi…let me pack peacefully, please.”

Nisha just gave up on her, “Fine, go your way but you know only a marriage can mend your ways.”


She threw away the shirt she was packing and looked at her irritated, “Chachi… please don’t bother about me. Marriage is Just a waste of time and definitely not for me…to be answerable to someone the whole of your life… it sucks!”

Nisha glared at her for saying such things, “Fine then… today you are arguing with me. Just wait till you find that right guy…”, she walked away, worried about Geet.

“As much as I hate to admit, She is going to see life in a tough way…Babaji meri bachi ki raksha karna..just don’t let anything hurt her.”


Maan was totally held up with work and the upcoming conference. He didn’t even visit Myra after that night… he was probably bored. He saw his phone vibrate with Myra flashing on it.  he just ignored and kept the phone in silent mode. Myra was surprised to get no response for the past 3 days. She was sure it was Geet who destroyed everything between them because it was just because of her advent that Maan had started ignoring her. she left him a voice message and got indulged in her work. They had probably shared a very close relation—well thats what Myra had assumed.

Maan discarded all her messages without even giving them a look. He headed home and packed his stuffs. His flight was early morning the next day. He called up Adi to get the required documents.

“Sir, Mr Handa is sending his spokesperson there to sign those documents.”

Maan rubbed his temples, “Just make sure he doesn’t get to see me. I have made him understand that this deal is not feasible with me…he sure is arrogant! Keep me away from it…”

“Right Sir…”

He met up with his mom and got ready to leave. The flight was at 6 and he left around 4am. He was supposed to land in London and take another flight after 6 hours to Paris. Adi was already waiting for him at the airport. They checked into their business class and he switched off his phone without even checking the number of calls he missed from Myra.




It was almost nearing dusk when he reached London. There were still 6 more hours before he left for Paris. He visited his office there and checked on the work there. Once done, he cheked his time, 3 more hours. He decided to just go around the city and have something good to eat before he checked in. Adi arranged for his car from the London branch and he drove off. Adi headed for the airport to check on things.




She hugged her dad and then her Chachi. Nisha, though a little upset with her, couldn’t stop caring.

“theek se rehna and don’t go overboard!”

[stay properly and don’t go overboard!]

“not again Chachi…I will be fine. I promise!”

She looked at her dad before checking in.

“Enjoy your birthday Princess but don’t forget…that Khurana is a smart guy. You have to be doubly sure before you do anything.”

“yes dad… will keep that in mind. I will get this thing done…he cant escape Geet handa!”

Mohinder smiled and waved her as she moved ahead. She met up with her friends. Everyone was there..Rahul, Jazz and others but Geet felt she missed something.

“Jazz…where’s Arjun? He was coming with us right?”

“No yaar… he will be there the next day… theres some conference going on right…he will be accompanying his dad!”

They all ignored it and got to their flight. It was a direct flight to Paris…so they didn’t have to get off anywhere. She sat by the window and looked at the tiny lights down below… they did look very tiny in front of her. she closed her eyes, listening to music on her earphones, “Here I go Paris!”



He sat in a restaurant, munching his food. He was totally bored. He just wanted to get back to flight and sleep for a while. he looked here and there and heard a few girls giggling. His gaze went towards then, just out of reflex. He saw a few girls speaking something and laughing at their own joke. He kept on watching them for a while, when he saw a girl stand up amongst them. He noticed she had black curly hairs that reached her back and she wore a short black dress…though decent. She spoke something to her friends and then turned to go somewhere.


His eyes were stuck at her face…she was extremely beautiful, he had to admit. Her lips here totally pink and her eyes were pretty too. Almost each and every guy’s gaze was stuck at her. how old could she be? He tried to guess. She looked really young…may be between 18-20.  He just kept on staring at her. she walked towards him and she caught him gazing at her. She twitched her brows and he gave his trademark lopsided smile. He raised his glass to her for a toast. She just ignored and walked past him.

“Attitude…”, he murmured and indulged himself in his food. He didn’t even turn to look back at her as she had expected for that was quite normal for any guy. She walked back to her seat, again crossing him and did feel his gaze over her. she ignored and sat down. Her friend hi-fived with her, “way to go Ana…”

He smiled, watching her. she was indeed very much groomed and it seemed to remind him of ‘her’. he gulped his drink, “ohh no! Not again Maan. You better get back…”

He stood up abruptly, to leave. She did turn back to see him. he just gave her a look and walked to the counter. He could still hear her friends call out to her, “hey Ana… lets go…”

“Ana…”, he sighed, paid the bill and walked off. He seriously needed rest. He joined Adi in the airport and got to his flight. He didn’t speak to anyone and kept to himself.



She stepped down at the Paris airport, feeling extremely happy. They took a cab to their hotel. It was near noon and the city was at its peak. She could see the Eiffel Tower from afar…the most attractive thing in the whole of Paris. They took to their respective rooms in the hotel and the first thing she did was to call her sis.

“Anaaa…”, she squealed.

“Geet di…”, Ana jumped in her room, “ohh I missed you so much dii…”

“can you guess where I am now?”

“where?? Don’t tell me you are in London…”, she spoke excitedly.

“nahi stupid…just landed in Paris…”

“OMG…Paris… so suddenly?”

“mera birthday present from dad..”

[my birthday present from dad…]

“Oh My god… thats sooo cool… mom and dad are there right?”, Ana called Mohinder dad because Geet did the same.

“na… thats the best thing right… am with my friends…”

“ohh boy, dad allowed you to go all alone?”

“he had to baby… its Geet handa after all…”

“ohhh di… I wanna be with you too… you haven’t even come to visit me for the past six months.”

“umm.. even I want you with me..but anyways a few months more…your sessions will end in march right… I will make sure you don’t leave anywhere again…”


They talked here and there and then Ana told her about the strange incident she had encountered with a stranger the previous day at the restaurant. Geet laughed hearing that, “miss Antara Handa…is there something you are cooking without letting me know?”

“stop it di… all guys are like that. if I cook something you’ll be the first one to taste it..”

They laughed about it and finished with the call. The next day was a big day of course. They all gathered in the main restaurant of the hotel for dinner and retired for the day. The long journey did have an impact on them.



Maan asked Adi to handle whatever was supposed to be done before the conference and himself headed out to enjoy the cityscape. Adi sighed..the conference was just the next day and his boss was set to enjoy the cityscape. He arranged for his car and got back to work.


It was a bright sunny day and the city was at its peak. And of course it was Geet’s birthday. They had a grand breakfast celebration at their hotel and then decided to go around the city. Arjun joined them with a bouquet of red roses and hugged Geet.

“happy birthday…”

Geet felt his hands caress her back. She rolled her eyes and looked at Jazz who seemed a little startled with this turn of events. She shook her head knowing this was just crap and pulled herself out of the hug, “thanks Arjun…”

He extended the bouquet to her, “for the birthday girl…”

She looked at the flowers coldly and then back at him, “thanks… that was very thoughtful of you..”

He smiled and went back to Jazz, taking her in his arms. They walked out slowly talking to each other.

“Arjun… how come you didn’t join us for the breakfast?”, jazz asked him sweetly.

“No a little held up for this conference thing… I have to leave in the next ten minutes. I was just here to meet up with you guys…”

Though he spoke to all, his gaze was stuck to Geet who looked absolutely ravishing in her blue tight jeans and white crisp loose t-shirt.  Geet just knew what was in his mind but she could care less. She ignored and got to their hired car. Arjun saw them off and walked back to his car. E had to get back to his suite for some office work.


Geet and gang went out sightseeing and ended up in shopping malls. There were all sorts of things…and they just couldn’t have enough of it. it was lunch time when they finally came out. The sun was bright and Geet came out, wearing a bright purple hat, contrasting her dress and a huge bag hung between the crook of her elbow. She stood there, waiting for the traffic to clear so that she could get to the other side when a red convertible zoomed past her. she held her hat from flying away when she noticed the car stop a little ahead. The car reversed back and stopped right in front of her. she narrowed her brows and waited for the person to make his stand.

She was totally surprised when she saw him, putting his glasses down and smile at her. she was amused to see him alone this time. She stepped forward and bent down his window, pulling her sun glasses down. “Hey hot shot…”

“someone seems to remember me…even after two months.. Lucky me!”, he replied tactfully. She noticed he was wearing a loose white t-shirt just like her, with a few top buttons open. He indeed looked hot and he spoke the same lines as her.


“How come you found me here?”, she spoke softly yet sexily, biting the end of her goggles.

“well I didn’t expect to find you here… its yet again a coincidence.. isn’t it…just like that night in the restaurant!”

Maan had actually never expected to find her there. He was enjoying his day when he saw her standing outside the Louis Voutton showroom, putting on her sun glasses. He was indeed lucky perhaps. He found her yet again..that too so far from their home. Since she had dared to leave him restless, he might play with her as well, till his heart was content. Her friends just watched her from afar. Maan looked at them and back at her, “Umm… since we are destined to see each other from time to time… why don’t we have lunch together?”, he opened her side of the door and waited for her to get in.


She stood straight and closed the door, surprising him.

I would have hot shot but you see, today is my birthday..and I have plans with my friends, “, she pointed her thumb back at her friends. He was sweetly amused and extended his hand to her, “well then, many many  happy returns of the day gorgeous…

She slowly slid her hand into him, making him jolt a bit. He looked at her so confident, so full of attitude… he smiled, maintaining his firm expressions and caressed her hand while shaking.


“since we met again…so far away from home and then its your birthday, I would like to take you for dinner tonight…”

She thought for a second and smiled, “see you at 8 then…”

He smiled at her promptness, “Am impressed…at 8 Perfect!”

She slowly glided her hand away from him, “La Tremoille…”, she winked and walked away.  He watched her for a while, moving away. She did turn to give him a look. He put on his glasses and drove off. He couldn’t believe he’d fine her here… she looked absolutely stunning in her attire and the hat gave her an exquisite look. Come to think of it..she stayed in La Tremoille…umm one of the finest luxury hotels in Paris. This was going to be fun. He didn’t even know why he invited her for the dinner but then it was her birthday of course. He smiled and noted the date. He got a call from someone and that made his day even brighter. He turned his car and headed straight to his hotel.


He parked in front of the grand Park Hyatt—Paris Vendome and handed the keys to his valet. He entered the lobby and was greeted by his old friend. He hugged him, “hey nice you see you buddy…”

“Ahh after years perhaps!! How have you been maan? You seem to rule page 3 off late! What’s the secret Maan?”

“I need my dose of entertainment as well Arjun…anyways, Let’s talk in my suite.!”

They both took the lift to Maan’s suite, talking about the old day in college, trying to catch up with the things they had missed in the past 5 years.

“so how come Paris?”, Maan asked clinking the ice cubes in his glass while he sipped his drink.

“if you are not mistaken, am the CEO of my company. Am here for reasons as good as you.”

They spoke for a long time and had their lunch together. Arjun got a call from jazz and he left, leaving a smirking maan behind.

“You have got a good catch Arjun…”, he commented as he was stepping out of the door.

Arjun turned back with a smug smile, “then You should meet her friend as well…”


next: and the dinner…


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