26 Jun

Saneyeeka will end in next 3 updates!


She felt quite restless and looked here and there. As he finished with his talks and walked her out, she could not miss those pair of angry eyes that glared at her…full of shame and disgust. She felt even more hurt when they looked away from her and a soft whisper slipped her lips, “dad….”



She couldn’t sleep the whole night. She was too disturbed even to relate to what she was doing. Maan tried to soothe her, asking again and again what bothered her but she just felt so lost today. He made love to her ever so passionately…but she was far from all that. She did falter from her thoughts for a while when she hit her climax but even in that state, she was disturbed. She found herself locked in his arms while his hands cupped her curves. She slowly pulled his hand away from her, freed herself and walked out, slipping into his shirt and her shorts. She stood by the window, watching the melancholy moon, all alone in the sky. She could still hear those voices in her head…and the look on her father’s face…she closed her eyes, letting that lone tear slip down. the wind was silent, there were no night creatures that accompanied her. She opened her eyes slowly and found her flute, sparkling in the moonlight, as if asking her to pick her up and soothe herself.


She picked it up and held it close to heart. She didn’t want to play it today…she looked at Maan and found him in deep sleep. She sat on the couch by the window, looking out and held her Saneyeeka very very close to her heart as if letting her absorb all her pain. She definitely never regretted their being together but it hurt. The look on her father’s face did hurt!


Maan woke up alone on bed and found her sleeping on the couch in a very uncomfortable position. He didn’t know why she was so upset when everything was okay. He’d probably ask her when she woke up. He wont be able to bear seeing her so upset. He lifted her up and made her sleep on the bed comfortably. He saw her holding her flute close to her heart. He sighed and tried to take it away. She held it tightly, frowning in her sleep, not letting it go. He sighed and pulled the spread over her.


He sat on the couch sipping his coffee. Geet was still asleep. He decided to let her rest and switched on the tv. The servants kept to themselves, seeing Maan. Usually they got away with Geet around but she wasn’t up they guesses\d. Anyways they were quite aware of the things going on in the house and rumors do get a boost when people of the house itself trigger them. They served his coffee and dispersed.


Maan was changing channels when suddenly his eyes caught his and Geet’s pictures on the news channel. He couldn’t believe what he saw and heard… rumors and accusations and taunt and comments…he was shocked beyond imagination. There were snaps of them eating in a restaurant, holding hands in a mall, in the party last night…there were people speaking of seeing them together and taunting… them being in a live-in relationship and what not. He had been so immersed in enjoying his life with her that he even forgot about this!!!


It Took him some time to get in terms with the reality. He sat there quietly for a long time, trying to understand what was actually happening. It was then he recalled Geet getting restless in the party. Could it be because of that? He tried to remember everything that happened between them last night, after getting back from party. If he thought harder, he realized that worry on her face, her sadness, her restlessness w while he was so lost in her. He blinked a couple of times…only to understand what she might have gone through..Someone definitely in the party must have told her something. he ran to his room to speak to her but found her sleeping. She was still holding her flute to her heart, as if asking her saneyeeka to absorb every pain that she had felt. He felt so hurt…seeing her like that… she didn’t tell him anything because she knew he’d get mad. He closed his eyes and walked out of the room, thinking of what to do. He went to his study and called Adi, his PA to handle the stuffs. He was getting calls after calls, from clients, from journalists asking answers and his office people.


It was around lunch time when she woke up, feeling a little better. She looked around and found him missing. She sighed and freshened up. She walked out wiping her face when she heard a lot of commotion outside and Maan was nowhere to be seen. She saw the servants running around and walked out to see what was wrong. She stood numb amongst the crowd…media, journalists surrounding the entire mansion, throwing questions at her…all sorts of questions she could ever imagine. She didn’t know what to answer….she herself was so disturbed. She was numb…she couldn’t even move. people threw questions at her character…who she was when someone pointed out that she was Mohinder Handa’s daughter. People went crazy getting the knowledge and there was almost a stampede. Luckily there were Maan’s security guards that held her out and pushed her inside the mansion. She fell on the couch…totally shaken. She was reminded of her father… his glare, his hurt. She had to speak to him, no matter what. Her fingers trembled when she lifted the phone to call her father.


Maan was pacing in his study handling things. He had to make sure Geet didn’t know anything about it for his notion was Geet was still asleep. He paced around while his cell phone beeped with thousands of calls and messages…to an extent that he had use the home phone to call adi…but what he heard was something that literally shook his entire existence.


“he…hello papa…”, her voice trembled as she heard her father’s voice.

“ab kyun phone kiya Geet? Tum tho delhi padhne gayi thi na?”

“no papa… its not like that…I love him”

“Love…then what about my love Geet?”, Mohinder screamed at the top of his voice, “you told me you wanted to go to London for five months…I allowed you. You told you wanted to complete further course in delhi, I allowed you too..par mujhe kya pata tha..meri hi beti mujhse jhoot bolke kisi aur ke ghar rakhail banne chali thi…”

Maan kept the phone down, unable to tolerate that. He didn’t know if he had been correct to have got an intercom connection at home. His heart ached…not because of the rumors but because she had to hear such harsh words from her father because of him.


She sat there quietly…’rakhail..” that’s what she was now? Life was so easy yet life was so tough. One moment is enough to change everything…every single thing. She ran to their room and found her flute lying on the bed. She hugged her tightly and sat there. She shut her eyes, letting her tears roll down yet she held it close. She didn’t know how long she sat like that or what happened in between… she didn’t even know where Maan was. She wanted him close… but then he might be going through the same ache as well.


There was suddenly a complete silence all around. She didn’t even want to know what was wrong when he barged into their room. She looked at him painfully…but what she saw was anger and fury in his eyes. He was too hurt…and he wanted everyone to shut their mouths about his Geet. He pulled her hand dragged her out.


“Maan…hum kahan jaa rahe hain…Maan?”, she was scared to see him so angry. She was scared of what would happen now. He had even thrown away her flute that she held. His finger dug into her skin making it bleed. She flinched with pain. She tried to call him. Make him listen to her but he was nowhere close to her today. He dragged her out..not even caring that she tripped on the stairs and almost fell down. he dragged her out of the mansion and made her stand in front of the whole world. She looked at his anger filled eyes and then at the crowd in front of her, waiting for her to speak up…or do anything. There were cameras and mic and everyone holding their breath to see what happens next.


She was too scared to even expect anything. She didn’t know what was in Maan’s mind. She was scared…though she never ever doubted his love. She knew whatever Maan will do, it will be for her good itself. There was a complete silence and when everyone was sure nothing will happen. He turned to her. His expressions softened but his words remained firm, “shaadi karogi mujhse?”


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