26 Jun


Lightning and thunder played hide and seek with each other, as if celebrating their togetherness. He collapsed on her, panting, sweating as he hit that extreme point, taking her along with him. There was nothing to think now…for he was happy…with her!



He woke up to the tune of her flute, playing with the morning. He rubbed his eyes and looked at her. She was wrapped in a white spread and sat by the window, lost in her music. He kept on watching her like that…so serene, so beautiful and he was reminded of the next day he had woken up with her for the first time, a week back.



He found her clinging to him, taking in his warmth. He smiled seeing her face but then he got worried seeing all the red and blue marks on her. He looked around a while and then realized what had happened. she slept holding him. He fell back on bed and a smile crept on his lips. It was indeed no dream. She was as real as it could..their togetherness was real… every damn thing about her was real. He pulled her close and traced his fingers over her cheeks, making her quiver. She was all colored in him….every part of hers glowed, screamed that she was his. He pulled the spread over them when she opened her eyes, smiling. The morning was indeed the most beautiful one he had ever witnessed…with the sun so bright after the rain and her in his arms, stark naked…nothing to hide anymore. He pressed a kiss on her lips while she cupped his face, “are you happy?”

“ohh Geet I love you sooo much…”, he spoke, hugging her close. This was the first time he had confessed! She felt the corners of her eyes burn, seeing so much love in his eyes. She hugged him close to her heart while he lazily trailed soft kisses down her shoulder.


“tum humesha mere saath rehna..bilkul aise..”, he asked like a kid.

She yawned lazily and caressed his face, “remember what I had told you… hum sab ek ek kahani ki tarah hote hain jo dusri kahaniyon ke saath judte jaate hain… jab koi ek kahani khatam hoti hain…tho kahaniyan alag ho jaati hain!”

He hated that last line and hugged her, “tum humesha jaane ki hi baatein kyun karti rehti ho? Dare you say that again…”


She had a sweet serene smile on her face that made him feel that mysterious beyond time aura yet again. He scanned her face carefully, wondering what was he missing all of a sudden but her smile, for the first time scared him. He just shook his head and hugged her close, not wanting to think of anything that might snatch away the happiness of this beautiful moment with her. He made himself convince that she was here with him and nothing else should matter.



He watched her play one of her favorite tunes. The spread slipped down, leaving her bare back all to his view.   She was still a mystery to him and probably he had loved her mystery too. He went closer, slipping into his tracks and sat beside her. She finished with her music and looked at him, lost in her. She smiled and leaned on him. He saw that silver flute in her hands and traced his finger through its length, “its so beautiful!”

The sun rays fell on the flute, making it shine so bright. His fingers trailed over his for a while and slipped into hers that held it, “I have seen this with you for such a long time…”

She nodded cutely, “hmm…she is mate…ever since I was born…and she has name too.”


His hand traced her bare back, “and what is it?”, he was amused to hear that from her. He just wanted to know everything about her.

“umm its Saneyeeka…”

“Saneyeeka? It’s so weird!”, he spoke, trying to get the name correct. It was definitely a a mystery, just like her.

“it means ‘flute’… a plaintive purified human voice…I imagine it as an expression of longing…its so beautiful!”


He listened to her carefully. Everything around her held a significance to her.

“but the flute is hollow…empty as well…”

She looked at him smiling…yet again that mysterious aura, “that emptiness only makes it sound so beautiful!”

He couldn’t understand what she was trying to say and just let it go.


The servants braced themselves to bear with whatever was going on in the house. There was media hype of Maan khurana in a live-in relationship with someone…the servants too felt it odd because till date everyone do not accept this concept and it was more like a taboo for them. Maan and Geet could care less. They were happy in their own sweet world filled with love and only love. The servants were shocked beyond imagination when they had seen Geet come out of the same room as Maan in the morning for the first time. There was a huge gossip, rumors and what not but they were scared to ask Maan. The rumors spread and covered headlines.


Geet came out wearing a simple salwar kameez, instructing them to carry out their works but the walls of the mansion couldn’t stop the rumors from spreading out. There were lot of comments and controversies regarding them but none of the two cared. Maan followed her after a while, speaking to his clients. He sat on the couch while Geet got his coffee. He smiled and kept the phone away, “Geet…be ready by 7 today. We have a party to attend.”


She nodded and carried on with her work. It was the second time she was going to a party with him. She was not into party stuffs much but she couldn’t deny when Maan asked her firmly yet so lovingly. she got ready in a grey evening gown, looking absolutely stunning. She tied her hair up in a bun and a few tendrils left loose in the front. He held her proudly by her waist and walked her in. there were lot of dignitaries present there and almost all knew about Maan and Geet. Maan introduced her to everyone as the love of his life but Geet felt quite uncomfortable. There were lots of people staring at her, the ladies giving her looks and commenting behind her back. Maan was definitely oblivious to all these happening in the party itself.


He left Geet at a corner and went on to speak to some people. Geet stood there quietly in the dark, holding a soft drink when she heard a few ladies speaking amongst themselves.

“did you see that girl with Mr Khurana.. I heard they are staying in the same house…apparently in the same room and they are not even married!

“its really a shame…Maan Khurana is a big name…he can get anything what he wants but which girl will liketo stay like this? Out-of wed-lock?”

“I don’t understand if that girl’s parents are okay with it? I mean who will agree to this? “

“I think its her who had roped him…he was anyways quite lonely after he lost his family…she is definitely a sl** I tell you..”


They giggled and spoke and spoke…but that hit Geet. For the first time in months she felt the corners of her eyes burn! She just wanted to get away from there… she looked out for Maan and saw him speak to some people. She felt so choked inside… she walked hurriedly and clung to his arms. He was surprised to see her look so vulnerable. He excused himself and took her to a corner and cupped her face, “Geet..kya hua? Itni ghabrai hui kyun ho?”

She just shook her head and hugged him tightly. There was definitely something wrong he guessed. He hugged her close and caressed her softly, “mujhe bataogi nahin?”

“I just want to go home Maan…please!”


Her words were his command. He held her close and walked out, bidding goodbyes to everyone on the pretext of getting an important call and that he had to leave early. As he spoke to everyone, Geet felt someone looking at her. She felt quite restless and looked here and there. As he finished with his talks and walked her out, she could not miss those pair of angry eyes that glared at her…full of shame and disgust. She felt even more hurt when they looked awy from her and a soft whisper slipped her lips, “dad….”


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  1. neethuraj

    26/06/2013 at 06:41

    The storyline is turning more mysterious😡😡…….do continue soon


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