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Warning: 16+

 He had the urge to rip off her robe and kiss those soft breasts till she could take no more but then he stopped himself.  Her turned off the shower and held her hands gently, “geet are you okay?”

“umm…”, came her soft reply but then suddenly her voice dropped, more like a desperate need, “I want something maan..”

“and what is it?”, he’d never ever deny anything to her, she knew that well then what was the need to ask, he wondered.

“i…”, he felt her curves rise and fall with her breath, “I want you to make love to me…”

He stood there rooted, hearing her say so. Was she okay with it? did she realize what she was doing to him? he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. He was even ready to wait until she was ready.


“geet??”, he whispered softly, seeking her confirmation.

“ me maan… make me yours… in every possible way you can…only yours…”

That was the end of it. he turned back and lifted her up in his arms in a swift movement. She threw herself at him willingly and looked into his eyes. They were dark and lustful…and she loved it because it was for her. there was no turning back now. She felt dizzy just by the thought of what he might do the next second. He gently placed her on her feet on the carpet and looked at her carefully. The water droplets from their bodies felt so shy to remain there and slid down to lose their identity to the carpet. The whole room went silent and the air vibrated with  a hot sexual tension that none could bear.

She felt their eyes meet for a moment, like the nth of a second and the intensity of his look burned her soul…made her hungrier for him. his hands gently threaded into her still wet hair and yanked her close. Her eyes flinched in pain but they only fuelled their desire for each other even more.


“I won’t stop even if you beg me to…”, his voiced echoed in the room, making her heart thump with anticipation, her stomach churned and she felt electrocuted. But she didn’t even avert her gaze from him. they had known each other since so long…they were so open with each other…they were incomplete without each other and their individual personalities made then so in front of each other. They didn’t even feel shy to express their desire openly to each other. She caressed his cheeks and whispered rather sexily, “I wouldn’t like it if you stop! I love you..”

An evil smirk replaced his expressions which somewhere scared her for he left her and took a step back. She blinked a couple of times coming out of the spell he had cast on her. but his stepping away scared her. was he still upset? Was he hurt again? She looked at him with a questioning gaze while he stood there coldly, with his hands crossed over his chest, not even moving, not even blinking. She tried to reach to him when his words stopped her on her tracks!


“Take off your clothes…” it was more of an order. She looked at him instantly, feeling a chill run down of her spine, hearing his firm demand. Her heart was beating so fast that she was sure he was able to hear it too. Her entire being shivered with his authority but that confidence in his eyes made her daring enough to play the game. She probably guessed he was trying to make sure she was okay with it. she looked at him lovingly and stood straight. Her hands went over the belt around her waist  and stopped at the knot.

I thought you wanted to do that—rip this off me and…”, she deliberately let it linger there to provoke him which did work. She had her fantasies to fulfill too. He inched closer dangerously and cupped her face, “are you sure?”

She closed her eyes and nodded. The next moment her hands fell dead by her sides, giving him all the freedom to do whatever he liked. His hands gently slid down her neck…so slowly, so smoothly… they slid down her collar bone, tracing that little bit of exposed skin and then further down between the valley of her breasts, making her gasp.  Her ni****s puckered as a reaction. She held her breath and bit her lips to stop the moan from escaping, when she felt his hand stop over her belt.


He watched her reaction—her face turned sideways with her eyes shut tightly. He smirked, untied the knot and pushed away the cloth, baring her front. His eyes feasted on the sight in front of him—she wore a deep maroon brand same coloured panties which did compliment her fair skin really well. He went breathless just by that sight. That soft supple skin around her breasts, the creamy expanse of her stomach…everything seemed to make him lose his focus on everything else. Her inners did nothing to stop those wild thoughts in his mind.

She realised what he did, suddenly feeling extremely shy to have bared herself like that. though they had been together before but time and situation never let them feel the happiness then. She wanted him to proceed further but dead silence followed. Even those few seconds felt like infinity to her. her fingers curled into fists out of extreme  shyness.


“look at me.”, she heard his firm demand yet again. She Breathed heavily as she felt his fingers trace the sides of her swells, making her desperate for a more intimate touch.

“look at me geet..”

She left her breath and slowly turned her face to him and opened her eyes to look into his. His lust was replaced by sheer love…his desire by a desperate longing. She could not help and fall deeper into his earnest eyes. There was no inhibition seeing that immense love and need for her. she slipped off her robe and smacked her lips on his. The piece of cloth fell in a puddle by her feet but her shyness was long gone. She cupped his face and kissed him as hard as she could, trying to take in everything at once. she had waited fr this moment for so long and she knew more than her, it was him who had been waiting desperately for her one grace look.

His tongue darted out to trace her lips while his hands naughtily slid down her slender back, cupping her hips and pulling her close. She gasped feeling his touch when he took the opportunity to take the lead. He bit her lips savagely, chewing it harshly and she didn’t even flinch… rather allowed him to do whatever he wished to do with her. she was his…she had always been his… he was her master. She was merely his puppet. Even the pain she had gone through was a part of his love…her coldness was also a result of his love. She stood on her toes to match up to him. her hands went to hold his on her back and gently slid upward. She unhooked her bra and went back to hold his hand. He kissed her hard and long, drawing out every sweetness of her mouth but waited for her to make her next move. She simply gave in to his urge…opening her mouth wider for a deeper access.  She held one of his hands and guided it upwards. He didn’t know what she was up to but anxiously waited for her to finish whatever she had started. He stilled for a while when she slammed his hand right over her breasts.

He stopped and then drew back for a moment to look at her face/ she was looking directly into his eyes…there was no shyness, no inhibition. She looked drugged with his love and that look just said it all.


“ohh geet…”, he growled and pulled off her bra wildly. He knew he had lost it completely. He threw that tiny piece of cloth somewhere and watched her feminity unfurl in front of him. on her own free will. She didn’t even try to hide them away. His erotic thoughts felt fueled as he leaned closer to fulfill one of them. His mouth took in that bulging mound of flesh, tasting her skin…ohh that was exotic for him. it was soft, hot and yielded instantly to his touch. She moaned in pleasure, throwing her head back. Her fingers dug into his shoulder as he held her tightly by her waist, making her go mad with the feel of his tongue over her softness.

His tongue rolled over her curves while his teeth held on to her hardened bud, sucking harshly over it.

“ahh…maan…i..”, she gasped feeling heat course through her body. Her legs turned jelly, not supporting her any more. He held her from falling and dragged her to bed. He pushed her down like a doll and threw himself atop her. his mouth seemed to love his heaven sd he channeled all his attention to her other breast. She screamed out his name, shivering, whimpering under him. her fingers clutched his hair tight and almost pulled them out. She bit his shoulder to muffle her scream as he bit her harshly leaving his claim.

He was panting furiously when he felt his muscles tighten between his legs, throbbing maniacally, aching to feel her all raw. But he wanted to make it special for her and not rush things.  He slipped between her legs while her efs instinctively wrapped around his waist.

“ohh baby…”, he moaned, feeling her arch her back to make his access easier to her curves. Her breathing was erratic and shallow…she was not in this world perhaps. Her hands roamed roughly over his chest, and down feeling his toned tensed muscles. He gave a slight chuckle feeling her hands all over him and slipped down slowly…oh so slowly, planning wild kisses along her midriff, biting that soft flesh around her navel. She held on to the sheets tighter to hold herself. He surely knew how to kill sweetly and make her desperate. She screamed louder when he kissed her core over the tiny fabric. Her eyes snapped open…she was completely breathless on the on the onslaught of pleasure. He was throbbing hot and wet beyond her will and his touch…ohh so arousing. She felt herself coming just with that. she shivered  shattering along and before she could even gather herself, she stopped breathing feeling his finger tread into her. her eyes opened wide in surprise and looked at him. he seemed too lost in her. but then that exquisite feeling almost killed her when he filled her with gentle strokes, treading deeper, feeling her with care.


“you are so hot baby…”, he whispered, panting, feeling her warm wetness surround him. he was burning in arousal and feeling her this intimately was making it impossible to hold back anymore. He’d probably explode a second later.

Her condition was no less…she had gone completely blank…she wanted him inside her… badly, desperately. Her hands reached out for his tracks. He was more than ready. Her had also thrown her somewhere and she had never realized it too. He had never imagined he could be so wild..he had never been! He was always the soft gentle guy. He withdrew and went back to her red, swollen lips and looked at her carefully. She looked so drugged in his love and he realized it had to be geet…she is the only one who can bring out all his hidden love, erotic fantasies, fulfil them and make them hers. She was the only one who could also take in all his harshness, wildness that oozed put of him…taming the demon within him that, he never knew till date, existed.

He stopped for a while and looked at her again, lovingly. She tried to focus at him and cupped his face, “make me yours…”

He smiled and dipped his tongue into her in the most erotic way possible. Her nails dug into his back, making him bleed. His hands kneaded her curves roughly… just the way he liked. His throbbing manhood pressed against her soft hot core making her mouth water. She wanted him so badly but he refused to enter. She wriggled desperately to hold on to him but he resisted. She knew he was testing her patience but she had none. She clutched his hair and pulled his head up to hers to make him look at her.

“I want you maan…now…in me…”, she demanded, panting furiously. He heard none, rather moved to her breasts, sucking the hell out of them.

“maan…”, she screamed louder. She was in no position to hold back anymore. His heaviness on her catered to her desire even more. But he was playing hard, making her restless, angry, frustrated to an extent that a tear threatened to roll down her eyes. She pulled him up yet again to face her, “please…”, she begged, “don’t do this to me…i want you…”

She had merely finished her sentence when he rammed into her savagely, catching her off guard. Her screams completed her sentence while he pulled out suddenly. She jerked feeling that wild withdrawal and before she could even react, he was again deeper into her with a force that shook her entire existence.  Her wrinkled forehead suddenly seemed ti relax, as if she got whatever she wanted. It was still a bit painful due to her health issues but that didn’t even matter anymore. Her muscles instantly convulsed around him and she moved a bit lower to bite his chest, muffling her cry.


He waited for her to adjust for a while and scanned her face. She looked so much pleased…so much satisfied. He laced his fingers with her softly as he moved in a gentle rhythm to set the pace. She shivered a bit and bit his ni****, making his growl.

He was only adjusting to him when he pulled out yet again. Her face convulsed with the unsatisfied need and the next moment he was thrusting deeper and harder into her. she held him close, taking in all that harshness of his. When he went even rougher, sanity came back to her. she didn’t know why but she felt him a little tense, like he had been longing for such a togetherness for a long time where he could be just—Himself!

He had probably come a long way from that timid little boy to a confident man who now had the power to make her helpless just with his one look. He kept on thrusting again and again till he exploded, flooding her and hit a point on extreme pleasure and satisfaction, taking her with him.


She blinked a couple of times, opening her eyes slowly. The dim lights of the room greeted her while she found him atop her…his face dipped into her curves as he slept. She caressed his hair, wondering if it was real. She smiled as tears slipped down her eyes. She looked at his face lovingly and kissed his forehead. She was only his…just the thought of it gave her all the happiness of the world. She was suddenly reminded of a few words she had heard from someone long long time back—jahan pyaar aur bandhan ki koi koi seema nahi…

[…where there will be no boundary to your love…]

She bit her lips to muffle her cry and held him close to her heart. how could he not sense her movements? Her heart? he woke up and raised his head to see her eyes brimming with tears. She had never expected him to wake up. He looked at her with questioning gaze and dipped down to kiss away her tears. His one hand rested above her head while the other softly caressed her forehead, “are you hurt? Am sorry…”, he spoke apologetically.

She was too overwhelmed to find him this close to her… she shook her head for a no and cupped his face, “I love you a lot…”

“I love you too…”, he spoke over her lips. His warm breath fell over her soft lips making them go dry. She looked down and then back into his eyes…she was in love with this maan… oh yes she was…crazily in love. she saw him smile and kissed her softly.

“I was so harsh on you…”, he spoke into her mouth sadly. She just couldn’t have seen him feel low about something so special like this.

“no… you were not…am all yours maan… you don’t have to think anything further!”

do hear this beautiful song while you readEmbarrassed(special effect)LOL

Hey baby, when we are together doing things that we love.

 Every time you’re near I feel like I’m in heaven feeling high

 I don’t want to let go, girl.

 I just need you to know, girl.


He pecked her lips again and looked back directly into her eyes, “I want you…now…again!”

She raised a bit and kissed his nose, “I want you more…”, she spoke breathlessly.

He brought her hands to him that held her and laced his fingers with her. he needed her… that was the end of all thoughts.


I don’t wanna run away, baby, you’re the one I need tonight.

 No promises.

 Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms here tonight


He pulled her up and kissed her back so lovingly. She was more than willing to give herself in. She slipped her tongue into his surprising him with her act. He was totally hot…unbearably hot. She breathed in sharply and pushed him on to the bed and came on top of him.


Hey baby, when we are together doing things that we love.

 Every time you’re near I feel like I’m in heaven feeling high

 I don’t want to let go, girl.

 I just need you to know, girl.


He watched her nude self take the lead. There was nothing called shyness that existed between them. His eyes fell on those unsupported breasts, making him gulp down hard. He wanted them right in his mouth but waited to give her space. She blushed furiously realizing his hungry looks over him. she ran her fingers over his chest, making him still and leaned forward to place a kiss on his chest.

I don’t wanna run away, baby, you’re the one I need tonight.

 No promises.

 Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms.


She moved a bit up kissing his neck sweetly, making it impossible for him to hold back. She slid further up. Tracing her tongue right over his throat and placed a wet hungry iss on his chin. His hands snaked her bare waist and pinned her on him. she gasped and kissed his lips, softly. He was totally loving this assault of hers. His manhood already hardening to take her in. He was seeing her really happy after so long…he felt the corners of his eyes burn as much as his very maleness. His one hand held her close while the other went between her legs, caressing her inner thighs.


I don’t want to run away, I want to stay forever, through time and time.

 No promises


 I don’t wanna run away, I don’t wanna be alone.

 No promises.

 Baby, now I need to hold you tight, now and forever, my love.

 No promises


She gasped into his mouth, feeling his hands work wonders on her skin. Her legs closed around his hands as a reaction. He went crazy with the feel. His fingers felt the wetness that oozed out of her core. She flipped her and pinned her to the bed. She looked at him with submission clearly visible on her face. He dipped his head to her bosom, yet again taking in all that raw flesh.

I don’t wanna run away, baby, you’re the one I need tonight,

 No promises.

 Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms here tonight.


She moaned out feeling his hardness delve deeper into her. the feel was just out of this world, creating havoc in her. his mouth didn’t seem to have enough of her curves while he held his hand pinned to the bed. She so much wanted to hold him, feel him but he gave her no option. Her screams echoed in the room as he set his own pace…moved in his own rhythm…she became his subject of her own free will.

She felt the or**** hit her with one viscous thrust and fell back on the bed, panting furiously…totally out of breath. He finally took the honors of leaving her hand and cme back to her face, kissing everywhere. She gave in completely to his whims and fancies…just the way she wanted to. Both of them didn’t know when they stopped or dozed off with him still in her.



She woke up feeling something soft caress her entire body. She twitched her brows and slowly opened her eyes to see him tucking her under the spread. He smiled and kissed her lips, “good morning…”. he was probably just going to take a shower.

She yawned lazily and raised her hands up to him. he arched his brows and she made a baby face, unable to have  enough of him. he shook his head and came on top of her, wondering what she was upto. But she just hugged him. she kept him close to her heart and kissed his forehead.

“geet…”, he whispered, “are you alright?”

“umm…”, she mumbled in her sleep. But he was really concerned about her health…especially after the miscarriage.

“get ready…we’ll go to a doctor…”

She twitched her brows angrily and snuggled closer to him.

“geet…please baby…we need to…its important…”

“na…mujhe nahi jana…”, she spoke drowsily.

[no I don’t want to go…]

“geet…please… its for your health only…”

“no…”, she spoke a bit firmly, “we’ll go some other day…”

“no other day..we are going today…now!”

“nahi maan…kal jayenge…”, she nuzzled his cheek, cutely.

[no maan we’ll go tomorrow..]

“geet… zid mat karo and get ready… I wont be there for the next few days baby please…”

Her eyes snapped open and she looked at him curiously. He had completely forgotten to tell her about it in the flow of events.

“not there for the the next few days matlab??? Where are you going?”, her expressions became that of unhappiness. He sighed and dipped his head in the crook of her neck, trailing a line of kisses, “I got a sudden call…i have to leave for the US tonight…”

She clutched his hair in her fists and pulled his head up to make him face her. her hold did hurt and her eyes were filled with anger.

“you are not going anywhere  samjhe!”, she gave her verdict.

“I have to geet…i will be back in four days…”

“no you wont…”, she screamed at him, “you are staying with me…thats it!!!”

“geet…its really important…i have to…i promise I will be back as soon as am done…”

“we have to attend roops’ marriage you know…”

“I know sweetheart…and I don’t think I will be able to attend her sangeet..”, he spoke thoughtfully.

“maan…you are not going…please… for me…”, she pleaded. Her heart really sunk hearing his plans.

He kissed her cheeks, “I have no choice baby…i have to…”

She got really pissed off seeing him so stubborn. She pushed him and faced away from him. he sighed and tried to speak to her. but she was nowhere near listening. He finally gave up and lifted her up in his arms. She looked away feeling very very low.


“ab gussa chodo and get ready to go to a doctor…”, he tried to calm her.

[now don’t get angry…and get ready to go to a doctor..]

He placed her on her feet by the washroom. She was just too damn pissed off to do anything. She refused to get in. He warned her, “geet… don’t be stubborn or else I have to use force…”

“do whatever you want…i am not going anywhere with you…”

“ohh really?”, he pushed her into the washroom and got in, “lets see how do you not…”


next: marriage!!!Embarrassed

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