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Jasmeet rolled her eyes getting dadima’s subtle naughtiness ,”ok ok… better leave them alone for a while… but I’d like to follow all the rituals now.. since these kids didn’t bother to tell us anything, they have to bear with the consequence…”

Dadima laughed hearing jasmeet’s words. She was just too happy about everything. Geet had always been her first choice because she knew she was the perfect one for maan but then its sometimes better to leave the children on their own to let them learn on their own how to value relations. But for now…she just couldn’t wait for them to come out of the room…she’d make sure geet spilled the beans and that too honestly.


He had never felt this warm ever in his life. he slowly opened his eyes and felt something so very smooth and so every soft. He loved it. he smiled and bit tried to adjust to the light. He couldn’t take his eyes off the sleeping beauty that lay beside him, holding him tightly. He looked around to find himself sprawled over her and she had her hands around him, sleeping peacefully. He was sweetly surprised to find her so comfortable in that position. He just couldn’t wish for anything else. He felt too lazy to even move away from her. he so much wanted to touch her…feel her…love her…but she was perhaps not ready. She said she’d go to him all by herself… he sighed and looked back at her again. She glowed with that red color adoring her forehead. He knew she was a little insecure about their marriage and whatever gayathri said had actually deepened them. He didn’t want her to think low of herself in any possible way ever. He married her because it was her dream…but for him they were married long before that… probably the day they had made love to her, he had accepted her as his wife. It did take him time to convince himself but he had never shied away. He traced his finger down her cheeks softly making her turn a bit. He couldn’t even stop. He caressed her hair softly and she just snuggled closer to him feeling his touch. Her lips quivered a bit and he wondered if it was because of him. he gently came on top of her, trying not to put too much pressure on her. she gasped a bit and clutched him tight, trying to find her comfort zone. He watched her carefully…her soft breath that went a little fast as he let his finger roll down her neck ever so sensually just to see her react. She took in a sharp breath and snuggled closer to him, turning her head aside to give him space. He went crazy right there…seeing her react to him even in her sleep. His dared to move further down her breasts, caressing them softly, not actually touching them. Her hold around him went even tighter. He let his fingers caress the sides of her swells, watching her expressions change so keenly. Her brows twitched at first and then they suddenly relaxed but he could feel her entire body convulse just with that. he let his finger dig into her soft skin around her curves.


“maan…”, she moaned and her eyes snapped open!!! She arched herself to him involuntarily craving for more. She hugged him raising herself a bit. His scent drove her mad…she was already drowsily aroused…and feeling him this close just snapped something in her. she wanted to feel his touch all over again. She felt his lips on her neck, kissing her softly…but she was far from all that. she was so much into that feel that she craved for more. She wanted him to touch her all over again…she felt as if there was nothing that held her to the ground. His fingers slid further down caressing her bare feeling smooth waist under her shirt.

“Ohh…” a slight moan escaped her lips feeling that havoc he created in her. He was soft, sleek and disastrous for her. His hand slid lower to cup her bottom, making her gasp. She was thrown into a pool of desire which casted a spell on her. Her legs swiftly snaked his as a response. He lifted his face up and watched her react. Her face was turning red and her breathing turned heavier. She has closed her eyes, anticipating his next move. She was sweetly surprised to feel his hands part her legs and softly caress her inner thighs. It was soft but she couldn’t help scream.  She fell back on the bed, trying to get a grip on her heartbeats, still waiting for him to work his way further.  She was a little unsure but her reaction and desire overshadowed her uncertainty. She certainly wanted him. But there was this sudden coldness that she hated. She missed his warmth…she missed his touch. She slowly opened her eyes to see him walking away. At first she couldn’t understand this sudden withdrawal and just watched him, feeling hurt and rejected when she was so willing to give in. She even recalled the last time he had withdrawn like that. What was wrong?


She heard a knock on the door and straightened herself. Dadima was standing there with a huge grin.

“Good morning beta…so you had a good sleep?”, she spoke naughtily.

Poor geet, lost in her own thoughts didn’t get the hint, “good morning dadima…”

“waise manna padega aap dono ko… you people eloped to get married when no one was even against it!!!”

[you have got guts… you eloped to get married when no one was even against it]

So the news was already in?? She gaped like she had seen an alien and then was reminded of their marriage the previous night and blushed a bit.

Dadima laughed and kissed her forehead, “but we are very happy for you beta…acha now get ready quickly and come down, jasmeet is coming.”

“mamma??”,her face instantly lit up. She hadn’t seen jasmeet for god knows how long.

“yep…and yes happy birthday beta…”

She smiled and touched her feet.

“okay a small puja is also there so hurry up both of you…we had planned it in the evening but then its better to get it done in the morning…”


Geet sighed and closed the door after dadima left. So many things were happening altogether. She heard sound from the washroom and peeped in. Ahh… her gaze stuck at his bare self… he was shaving!!! He looked really sexy…she gulped hard and called out to him.


“umm…”, he spoke, lathering his cheeks. She found it really very hot..even she wanted to lather him. she shook her head and laughed at her thoughts.

“get ready for puja and come down fast okay… I will get the kids ready…”

She took her clothes and went to the kids. She woke them up, got them ready and then took a bath in their washroom itself because guys and shaving was probably the longest task they ever did. She wore a deep maroon salwar kameez and decided to let her wet hair down. She walked down with the kids and saw jasmeet sitting there, waiting for her. she had a wide smile on her face as she ran and hugged her.


Jasmeet could see that glow on her face…her sindoor, her mangalsutra… she had tears in her eyes. She hugged geet and kissed her.

“you are glowing geet…”, she put on kala tika behind her ears. geet was just too happy to see her. they talked for a while when the priest came for the puja. Dadima had arraged for everything. As the puja started, geet looked around for maan. He was still not down when the priest asked her to sit with her husband.

‘her husband’… a blush crept on her cheeks…he was really hers… hers only. Her eyes invariably went towards the stairs as he descended down, folding his sleeves. He was wearing an off white kurta-chudidaar. Her eyes scanned his face…clean shaven to an extent that every little curve and edge was perfectly distinguished. He smiled and touched jasmeet’s feet and sat beside her.  the mantra chants started and she just couldn’t take her eyes off him. he was right there beside her…her husband! That little term made her swoon with anticipation. Throughout the puja her eyes were only at him, not averting even for a second. He caught her gaping at her but she didn’t even blink for once. he smiled to assure her as he held her hand and do away with the rituals as the priest instructed. She was filled with so many emotions… trying to hold on so much happiness. The kids were totally awed seeing their mamma papa on tv…though they didn’t quite know what really happened but they were totally thrilled. They ran to them and plonked themselves beside them. Dia was more of papa’s girl. She kissed maan’s cheeks and sat beside him. namra made a face but if one was papa’s then the other had to be mamma’s na!!


Geet didn’t even realize when the puja got over. All of them headed towards the breakfast table. Geet served everyone and herself sat down beside him. he was busy texting someone. She rolled her eyes and gestured him to eat.  Jasmeet giggled seeing them and put forward her words.

“geet…get ready after you finish eating… we have to leave..”

Both of them choked hearing the word ‘leaving’. Dadima smiled and looked away. What the he ll…who was leaving? Maan and geet looked at each other and then at jasmeet.

“ab tum dono ne chupke shaadi ki hi hain tho humara bhi haq banta hain kuch karne ka… mein aaj geet ko pag phere ke liye lekar jaa rahi hun aur tum dono mana nahi kar sakte…”

[you both got married secretly..we do have right to do something… am taking geet for pag phere today and both of you cant say no…]

Geet choked her food…pag phere? Today? Now? She looked at maan who seemed equally surprised. They had never thought of the consequences. Dadima couldn’t hold herself back, “jasmeet is right… you both really need punishment…geet finish your food fast and get ready…”

Dia and namra couldn’t understand where their mom was supposed to go.

“choti nani..where is mamma going?”, namra asked cutely.

Jasmeet smiled, “beta she is going to her mamma’s place for the day so that papa can get her back in the evening..”

“me me too go nani…”, dia was so excited to  go to her mamma’s place. She had never been there. Even namra wanted to go.


Dadima commented, “yeah yeah maan pehla pati hoga jo pag phere ke waqt apni dulhan ke saath saath apni betiyon ko bhi lane jaa raha hoga…”

[yeah yeah maan is probably the first husband who will get his bride back home during pag phere along with his daughters…]

Everyone burst out laughing while he excused himself and went to change. Geet saw him a bit quiet and excused herself too. She was so excited to follow all the rituals but as she neared her room, she suddenly felt gloomy. She didn’t want to go… not today…not ever! It was a ritual but she suddenly hated it… she got in and saw him stand by the window talking to someone over the phone. He had changed to leave for office. She just ran and hugged him tightly. He seemed a bit tensed too. It was just a matter of couple of hours but he really didn’t want her out of his sight. He hugged her and tried to lighten the mood, ‘geet…wont you get ready?”

“but I…i don’t want to go away from you…”, she confessed honestly. He understood her emotion as he didn’t want her go too.

“geet…just a few hours… I have a few meeting lined up so by the time I finish with then it will be time…’, he tried to make her feel better . he didn’t want her to miss out anything anymore now.

“but maan i…”

“shh…if you want you can take the kids too…”

He pecked her lips softly and smiled, ‘now hurry up baby…”


She knew he didn’t want her to go but he was doing it for her. she half heartedly got ready and decided to take the kids too. He just watched her lovingly as she took blessings from dadima and drove off with jasmeet. He sighed got to office.

The kids were just too happy to get to their mamma’s place . they ran around the house, looking around the place. Geet sat on the couch feeling so nostalgic. She was getting back home after so long. Jasmeet saw her lost and sat beside her.

“geet…what happened? Why are you so lost?”

“aunty…she is missing maan…”

They turned around to see roops and rashmi walked in with a big smile on their faces geet rolled her eyes…natak mandali. The kids were too happy to see roops and rashmi. They ran and hugged them tight. Jasmeet smiled and left them alone.

Rashmi stood in front of her, holding a virtual mike, “tho boliye madam..shaadi krke kaisa lag raha hain…wo bhi apne hi pati ke sath bhaagkar…”

[so madam…how does it feel to get married that too eloping with your husband?]

Geet rolled her eyes, “kuch nahi lag raha…”

[I feel nothing…]

Roops plonked herself beside her, “aisa tho ho hi nahi sakta…you both were so dying to be together… come to think of it… how was your first night?”

[this can never happen…you both were dying to be together… come to think of it…how was your first night?]

Geet’s mouth turned aa big o… roops was roops. But she was reminded of their moments in the morning… why was he so far away? Her heart sunk. What was wrong when shde was so ready to give in? Rashmi sat beside and held her hand, “geet…whats the matter?”

Roops saw a gloomy geet and tried to cheer her up, “don’t tell me you didn’t do it…”

Rashmi and geet gaped at her wondering at the extent of her imagination.

“what?? I am just genuinely curious…geet you don’t have to feel shy okay… just tell us how was it…”

“don’t you think anything else besides this?”, rashmi sighed and turned to geet, “geet what happened? You can tell us right…”

Geet looked down wondering what to say. Roops looked at her seriously and gave her verdict, “I think they didn’t do it…”

“roops shut up…”

“no no am serious… and thats true..see..”

Both of them looked at geet who looked really low. Her silence only gave her confirmation.


“geet…is there something wrong between you both?”

Roops held geet’s chin and made her face her, “why did you do it geet?”

Roops for the first time really looked serious. Geet just blinked a couple of times wondering how could she realise so easily. But that was roops…who had been with geet throughout her life.

“is there any problem? You can share with us you know…”

Geet really felt very emotional, “i…i just don’t know myself…but I can’t…”

Roops rolled her eyes, “lo kar lo baat… you both are just crazy you know… geet just think over it with a calm mind and listen to your heart. He wont hurt you and you know that very well!!!”

Geet was awed by roops’ maturity but that was again roops! She fell back on the couch and made a face, “come to think of it… rejection is really hitting to a guy…”

That did get geet’s attention. Rashmi made a face and looked at roops curiously, “how come you know so much about all this? Don’t tell you did it all before…”

“oyeee I know that doesn’t mean I did okay…”

Rashmi teased, “then who gave you so much knowledge han…?”

Geet thought it out for a while and realized why he left that morning. Her own words echoed in her ears—I need some time… I will go to you myself…! she herself  was responsible for both their miseries. She really wanted to get to him and hug him tightly and let him know that he needn’t hold back. She was brought out of her thoughts with rashmi shouting at roops for some stupid reason. She felt a bit lighter  realizing  what she needed to do now. She just has to woo her husband. She blushed and just couldn’t wait to get home.


Maan’s day was going too hectic. He had no time to breath. Some important work came up and he was to leave for the US again the next day. He sat down in his cabin and asked not to forward any calls for the next 30 minutes. He looked at his phone and there was her pic as his wallpaper. It was her pic he had taken the previous night during their marriage. He caressed it softly, “I miss you…”

He had so much of a habit of seeing her around wherever he was but he was missing her badly today just because it was in his mind that she had gone home for pag phere. He sipped his coffee and flipped through the files but couldn’t concentrate. He was reminded of the morning… her reaction to his touch… her blush, her longing…he wanted to feel her closely and not hold back…but he just couldn’t force her…he didn’t want to. It had taken her a long time to heal and he wanted her to enjoy her life.  but still his heart was not in his control and he called her right away.


She was with her friends practicing for the sangeet. The kids were performing on a number too so they were busy with the other kids. Rashmi was asked to dance with puneet with two other couples while geet had partners with anu and roops. She was really enjoying the event but her heart was somewhere else. They had just taken a break when her phone buzzed. Her heart skipped a beat seeing his name flash on her screen. She looked around and saw everyone busy with something or the other. She just went to a corner and received the call.


“geet…”, came his deep husky voice. She went quiet hearing him call out to her so lovingly… so desperately…like she understood now what he felt. She didn’t know how to answer but the feeling was mutual. The line went silent except their breaths that slowly went quick  and shallower. He couldn’t speak out anything because he was taken over by his emotions and she couldn’t for the mutual feeling they shared for each other. It was like they clearly understood what the other was thinking.  He so much wanted to tell her that he’d be leaving the next evening but he just couldn’t hearing her breath!! Did she feel what was had been feeling all this time? Does she want to be with him as much as he wanted? Thousands of questions ran in her mind but none spoke.


They would have probably stayed like that till roops called for geet. she was lost in her world. What he might be thinking? How much he had been dying to be with her… she  just wanted to run to him and hold him tightly. Roops called her again and she snapped back to reality. She wanted him to come as soon as possible and take her away. She took a deep breath in and whispered, “please come soon…i am waiting…”

The line was disconnected immediately after that and he just kept on gaping at the phone recalling again and again what she had said. He looked at the time and it was just 3 in the afternoon. He quickly had some snacks and before even he could finish adi came to remind him of the meeting he had in the next 15 minutes. He sighed…work can just be too hectic. He picked up his files and walked out.


Geet was dying to go back home which was clearly written all over her face. Her friends even teased her for that but she never reacted to anyone. She just kept aloof waiting for the clock to tick by so that he could just come and take her away. She reached home with the kids as early as 5, desperately waiting for him. she helped them freshen up and herself got ready to leave. Waiting was something that she hated now. The clock ticked so so so damn slow. She even looked a bit uninterested when jasmeet tried to speak to her. jasmeet smiled understanding her emotion. She had found her love at the end of a very tough journey. She just cant blame him. she engaged herself with the kids, keeping an eye on geet.

Geet was totally frustrated seeing the clock striking 7 and he had still not come back. Why was he late? What stopped him? she was going bonkers when he stepped in. Her eyes glittered..all this while they were right on the door waiting for his one glimpse. She ran and hugged him tightly, “you are late mr. Maan singh khurana!!”

He smiled hearing her complain, “sorry baby…i was completely held up…”

“lets go home…”, she literally pleaded.

“oyee you people cant go back like this. have dinner and then leave…”, jasmeet spoke as she went to greet him. she looked away seeing them hug. Geet immediately straightened herself and pulled maan inside for she knew her mamma would never let them leave until she got what she wanted. She just wanted to finish everything as fast as possible and get back home.


It was like a century for them… waiting…having dinner… they were stealing glances at each other every other second. Jasmeet smiled to herself and kept it to herself. She knew what they might be thinking…newly married obviously! She rolled her eyes and finally let them go, not able to hide her laughter. They couldn’t even get to speak in the car because of the kids. They spoke everything that they did the whole day to maan and then telling him on which song they were dancing and all. Maan smiled and listened to every little thing they had to speak. The moment they got down,, the kids ran in shouting for dadima. She was walking in when he just held her hand. She looked at him and then blushed a bit. They walked in together, lost in each other. They just couldn’t wait to get back to their room and cuddle up  to each other.

Dadima saw them and geet didn’t want to go without meeting her. she stopped on her way and pulled her hand. He looked at her and then at dadima. He gave an angry look and walked upstairs. She sighed and looked at dadima plastering a smile. Dadima spoke to geet about her day and preparations for roops marriage. Geet told her like an obedient kid but her eyes her betraying her. they went up the stairs again and again and saw him alk to his study, bare chest, wearing only his tracks, speaking on the phone. Dadima saw her discomfort and realized her needs. She pretended to be tired and let her go.


The moment dadima walked to her room, geet ran up the stairs and peeped into the study. He had probably not taken a shower and the call seemed important. She got to their room and saw his dress dumped on the bed. She sighed and kept them properly and went to take a bath.

She came out after a while, wiping her hair, wearing a knew length bath-robe. He was just back from his study, wiping his sweaty sexy bare chest… ahh ‘sexy’ for her as she had nicknamed it. she gaped at him shamelessly with desire written clearly all over her face. He just glaced at her once and then walked into the washroom. She stood there shamelessly, staring at him. she sighed and thought of getting him a mug of coffee. He did look a bit tired. She was about to walk away when her eyes fell on her reflection in the mirror. She looked at it for a while…something was there that attracted her about herself—a pull so intense that she couldn’t resist inching closer and taking a careful look at herself.


A small pinch of vermillion had refused to wash away from her maang while she took a bath. Her eyes slid down to the black beads that adorned her neck, clearly indicating the fact that she had been claimed. She recalled the moment when he held her hands and took phere with her, tied the mangalsutra and filled her maang. She recalled roops’ words as well… and breathed in sharply. She realized she had to woo her husband back..for she needed him as much as he did. He did get married to her in front of the whole world…he did promise to be by her side no matter what…he did promise to love her till the end of eternity. She smiled and looked at the woman craving to be his…in every possible way…the woman dying to love and be loved by him… the woman who desired him and wanted to be desired. Gayathri’s words seemed so timid now…insignificant. she had worried for nothing.

She looked at the washroom door and couldn’t stop herself. She ran and barged in, only to see him stand under the shower, bare bodied. Her lips went dry just by that sight she beheld and her eyes feasted lower. He was still in his tracks. He was just standing motionless, like lost somewhere and she could very well relate to what he might be thinking. He had endured enough and he had resisted enough. Her actions had upset him and only her love can undo the damage. She strode across the while slippery floor and hugged him from the back while her hands snaked his waist.


Maan was surprised to find her this close, that too while taking a bath. He tried his best to stop himself from doing anything to her. it was painful to see her retreat everytime he tried to get close but that couldn’t stop the wild images running through his mind. and now, she was just making things worse. He had the urge to rip off her robe and kiss those soft breasts till she could take no more but then he stopped himself.  Her turned off the shower and held her hands gently, “geet are you okay?”

“umm…”, came her soft reply but then suddenly her voice dropped, more like a desperate need, “I want something maan..”

“and what is it?”, he’d never ever deny anything to her, she knew that well then what was the need to ask, he wondered.

“i…”, he felt her curves rise and fall with her breath, “I want you to make love to me…”


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