19 May

am still not done with my exams
got preparatory leave so tried to update
might go off till 6th june without giving updates
pls bear with me


She held dia’s hand and led her to the washroom. She helped her setting her dress and wash her hands and walked out, looking at dia. She collided with someone on the way and apologized immediately, “am so sorry… i…”

She stopped right there, seeing a very familiar yet a dreadful face in front of her, giving her glares! She blinked a couple of  times and realize it was indeed gayathri, standing right in front of her…!


She blinked a couple of eyes feeling so conscious to meet those pair of angry eyes that accused her of something that she never knew of! She was so happy all this while but just her one look seemed to drain out every happiness from her. dia had a wide smile on her face seeing her grandmother. She ran to her and hugged her by waist, “nanima… I missed you…”

Gayathri smiled, still holding geet captive with her an extent that she could neither move forward or backward. Geet had reached such a stage that it was too difficult to hold back any pain within her. she had just reached her limits and with maan by her side, she would never be able to hold back anything within her ever again. She knew that well and dreaded to face anything.

“we were leaning to London beta when we saw you…”, gayathri kissed dia’s forehead, “and where is namra? And how come you are here?”

“nanima..we went to Mumbai trip  with dadima…and you know  papa and mamma were already there before us…”

“okay..beta will you go to papa for a while…i have something to speak to your mamma…”, she stressed a bit more on ‘mamma..’. dia kissed her cheeks and ran away. Geet just wanted to leave. She tried to step away but gayathri’s voice stopped her, “we have a lot to catch up geet…”


She just froze right there. She didn’t want to face anything…life was so good as such… but it was tough to face past. She moved to a side and so did gayathri with her. geet just  hoped she’d last long till she was done and step away. She just waited for her to finish off with everything. This was the first time that she wanted maan with her while facing gayathri. She so much wished if he was there with her…to hold her  tight and hide her from everything. Silence stretched for so long…no one knew how much, but gayathri had to clear herself.

“we remembered something you told us last time geet…remember that attitude? Then why so much fear today?”


Geet didn’t even remember what she had spoken that time. She thought she had left all bitter memories and moved ahead but then no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape the past.. she just tried to avoid speaking anything with her, “i…i  must leave..”

“you are not leaving until you justify your stand geet! you ruined anisha’s life…and now that anisha is dead you came back to take her place with your fake love and affection… why did you come back geet?”

Geet didn’t know why but her eyes clouded with tears. She felt suffocated…she really wanted someone to come and rescue her from this situation.


“geet… itna sab hone ke baad bhi aapke paas itni himmat hui aise bachon ke emotions ke saath khelne ki? Aapko yaad bhi hain that you are not married to maan…not in public…no one knows if you told the truth when you claimed to have married maan… aur kitna neechey gir sakti hain aap?

[geet…after so much, you still had the audacity to play with the emotions of the kids? Do you even remember that you are not married to maan…not in public… no one knows if you told the truth when you claimed to have married maan…and how much lower can you stoop?]


Geet was just so rooted at that place, not knowing what to do…what to answer…but gayathri was somewhere right… she wasn’t married to maan… no one knew about their marriage…she just froze right there…as a drop of tear rolled down her eyes.

“geet…stop shedding crocodile tears…answer us…”

“I guess I would answer this today…”

Gayathri just turned back only to see maan standing in front of her with his hands crossed over his chest. She didn’t expect him to be there…listening to them. She was not scared but she did fear his answer somewhere within. Geet just stood there like that not knowing anything.

Maan found dia alone searching for him. when he asked about geet, she told about finding gayathri and both stopping there to speak for a while. he was instantly reminded of the geet-gayathri encounter in km that he had witnessed. That time, he was just too engrossed in trying to bring geet back that he had completely avoided that topic. And when dia spoke about gayathri meeting geet he really wanted to know what was wrong between then and when he reached there, he heard gayathri speak to geet rudely. He waited for geet to answer her back…he hated gayathri to have spoken something like that to geet but when he saw geet’s reaction, his  heart went out to her. so lost of words… so vulnerable..and he just didn’t want to stand there and hear someone speak so badly to his wife.

“geet is presently my wife… and I don’t think I need to share each and every personal affair of mine to the world. She came to my life when  was all alone and helpless…and stayed with me even after getting hurt again and again… losing her own kid yet still not letting anything hurt those kids who are not her own blood… she held me from from shattering yet herself shattering into pieces…and yet you say something like this!!! If you really cared about anisha and me then you should have really tried to look into the things that geet did just to keep us happy…”

“but maan… you don’t understand beta…”


He just raised his hand in the air indicating her to stop, “I had respected you so much but I guess I was wrong. Anisha is always within me..but I guess you should get your prejudices correct. My ‘wife’ is not compelled to answer anyone until she wants to. Please do not bother about her anymore…i am there to take care of her.”

He held geet arms and pulled her away, “we are getting late…lets leave…”


She was in no position to think anything…she was blank..she was somewhere scared and so uncertain. She, probably for the first time, felt scared and insecure about something she knew not of…but the restlessness prevailed. He held her by wait and walked out to their car where everyone were waiting. His grip was strong… indicating how angry he was. He made her sit and drove back to km. He didn’t even speak to anyone on the way and neither did geet. she was again lost in her own world where everything seemed so superficial…so hollow… and so untrue.

Gayathri just stood there for a while reeling over maan’s words. She was hurt a bit with him taking up the ‘respect’ matter which actually made her wonder about her words that she spoke to geet. was she wrong…or was she not? She had really loved maan and his words did hit her on the right spot!


They reached km and geet just walked to their room, not speaking to anyone. The kids went to change while maan instructed the servants to get the luggage and stuff. He was getting continuous calls from the office. He just sat down on the couch and took the calls. Dadima rolled her eyes and went to change. It just took him almost one hour to get rid of all the calls. He was needed in office but he didn’t want to. The entire time his heart and mind was with geet…it hurt him to see her this vulnerable. He needed to bring that confidence back in her, he realized today. Though she was alright now but somewhere he felt she had become even more vulnerable to hurt and pain.  He just disconnected the call and went straight to his room.


She stood there facing anisha’s portrait, lost in some deep thought. She didn’t know what to feel…why was there still an uncertainty? Maan said na she was his…then why gayathri’s words were still ringing in her mind? she couldn’t even answer back gayathri… she just wanted something badly to take her mind off these things. She felt so suffocated. A lone tear escaped her eyes and the next moment she felt being hauled on to his hard chest and his hands gripping her waist ever so tightly. She saw him look directly into her eyes…and she didn’t know when she went into the flow. His lips crushed her so violently… like they just wanted to be with her, desperate to taste her…feel her lips. All she wanted was to be with him…thats it. she kissed him back with equal intensity, letting her vulnerable self bare right in front of him.


She was disturbed, hurt, pained… and there was no hiding from him. like he understood her restlessness… because he felt the same. Just a few words were enough to throw them into a never ending turmoil. She opened her mouth to let his warm tongue invade her. she desperately wanted to get hold of him just to forget everything. He was right there beside her…just beside her.


For maan it was more of a desperate need to comfort her and himself. His tongue reached the corners of her sugar sweet mouth and that warm fluid between them just making it impossible for them to break apart. His hands gently slid under her shirt and rested over her bare waist. He bit her lips harshly making her moan. He never knew he could go this harsh… he had never experienced this insatiable thirst that was always left un-quenched within him. but this was geet… everything  had to end right on her. his hands roamed over her bare back on their own accord. He left her lips and traced down her neckline placing hungry wet kissed along the way. She threw her head back allowing him to soothe her. her hands clutched his hair tightly, literally pulling them out.. she had kissed him before as well…but the passion that ignited between them today was something very different that what she had felt before.


His lips hovered over her softness over her shirt when he was reminded of the meeting that was scheduled in the next 30 minutes. He sighed… till not being able to forget those hurtful words from gayathri made him even angrier. He just raised and placed a peck on her lips before withdrawing. She looked so lost… so coloured in his love that he saw today. She saw him look back at her and hugged him. she just didn’t want to part from him even for a second. He kind of knew what was in her mind. probably there was no returning back now. He knew she wanted him as much as he did. He placed a kiss on her forehead and whispered, “I will be back to you soon…just wait for me…”

She nodded softly, letting him go. He just picked up his phone and files and walked out. She stood there for a while and then looked at herself in the mirror. There was this woman standing…all flushed with unruly hair… so out of breath and so lost in his love. She suddenly hated this distance between them..why couldn’t he stay back with her?

She sighed and went to take a bath and went to check on the kids. They were fighting over something when she entered their room. She sighed and went to resolve their silly fight.


“mamma… meri plait bana do na…”, namra requested cutely.

[mamma…make my plait na…]

Geet smiled, “plait?? Par tumhare baal tho chote hain na beta…”

[plait??? But your hair is short na beta…]

“aannn…mujhe aap jaisa plait banana hain pleeej mamma..jaisa aapne banaya tha Mumbai mein…”

[aannn… I also want to make plait like you pleeej mamma like how you made in Mumbai…]

“mujhe bhi…mujhe bhi…mamma meri bhi banado na…”, dia followed namra.

[me too me too… mamma make mine also na…]

“ok ok… I will make but they will come out really short because your hair is short…so no cribbing…agreed?”

She sat there with namra on her lap, making their plaits…two plaits on either side of the head. Dadima stood by the door admiring them. The kids looked so happy… and so content with their  mom. She remembered the time when geet had met the kids for the first time…under similar circumstances. So many things have happened since then and geet and maan have come so far…probably for good. 


His whole day was just going too busy because of the things he had kept so many things pending because of the trip. But he just couldn’t wait to get back to geet. what she would be doing…if she was better… he just couldn’t wait to be home and take her in his embrace and kiss her senseless. He did call her in between and every time she replied that she missed him. and he kept on repeating, “just wait for me…”

He reached home around 10 at night. he had his dinner  in the office which was organized after the meeting. The house was completely silent. Everyone retired to bed early. He slowly went to the kids’ room and peeped in. He saw geet sitting beside them and caressing their foreheads while they tried to sleep. He smiled and went to freshen up.  He dropped his waist coat and shirt right on the bed, took his tracks and went to freshen up. Geet switched off the lights gently after making sure the kids were asleep. She looked at the time and sighed sadly. Maan was still not back. She  walked into her room so slowly… like she didn’t like it there. She saw the lights on. Was he back? She walked in only to see his shirt and coat discarded mercilessly. She picked his shirt up and gently caressed it. the smell of his cologne  mixed with sweat reached her nostrils. She just held his shirt close to her heart…trying to trust the reality that he was there with her for real. She was reminded of the morning… she wanted to feel that fire once again… she didn’t know from where this crave come from…but she wanted to taste the fire again… to feel the burn of it…the heat of it.


His cold bare hands slipped around her waist and turned her around in a jerk. There was no shock or denial or struggle to break free..rather a will to give in was visible on her face. She gaped at his bare chest… and the water droplets cascading down. He was just in his tracks… his hair totally wet, feeling proud of it perhaps. She didn’t even hide away the shirt. His cold hands caressed her warm cheeks, “are you okay?”

She closed her eyes and nodded softly. She could feel his gaze all over her  and she knew she’d just give in. His thumb traced her lips a bit roughly…her stomach twisted in anticipation. Her tongue followed the path that his thumb had followed, making his feel the heat within. He dipped his head too take in those inviting lips in, unable to hold back. Like she had been waiting for this moment… her hands immediately curled around his body while she reciprocated by pushing her tongue in.. he was surprised with her initiative but then smiled to himself. He allowed her to take the lead while his hands gently unbuttoned her shirt and threw it away with his that she held. She was not even in a position to resist. She moved down kissing his jaw, biting a bit and pulling herself even closer to him.


He felt her softness crush into his hard chest, making him rough. He pulled her hair back harshly to take the lead and took in her lips again like a wild hungry lion pouncing at his prey. She stumbled with the force and tripped against the bed. She fell on the bed and he fell on her, still not letting her go. As if she minded!  He left her lips and looked at her for a while. she was totally flushed and so lost. He dipped his head in the crook of her neck while his hand dared to reach her br***t giving it a tight little squeeze.

“ahhh…”, she gasped with that sudden surge of passion. She slowly opened her eyes to look at him but she just couldn’t focus on anything. His hand grabbed her globes fully, squeezing them under his palms while his mouth couldn’t just have enough of her skin. Though she had spent an intimate night with him earlier, this was so different…so out of the world and most importantly, not painful. She placed one hand over his that cupped her br***ts, unable to hold herself back, while the other pulled his hair in order to bring his lips to hers.


he realized her response and effort… he moaned her name and settled himself over her. his lips went back to her while he allowed her hands to guide his over her curves…just the way she wanted him to move. Her legs automatically parted to her comfort. She loved his heaviness on hers… she loved his breath falling on her lips… she absolutely loved his touch over her assets… she loved the feel of wetness for him… but she stilled feeling his manhood press her stomach! she suddenly went blank, being reminded if gayathri’s words this morning. She knew maan would never let gayathri hurt her…but she couldn’t get her words out of her mind. she froze completely and her hands fell by her sides. Were they right? was she right? her mind played with her… echoing with those painful words. She even stopped responding to his kiss.


He stopped feeling her detachment all of a sudden. He raised up a bit and looked at her, moving away the  strands of hair that covered her face. He was panting furiously but was shocked to see her in such a blank expressionless state. He caressed her cheeks, “geet…are you okay? Geet…??”

She blinked a couple of times to get back to reality and focused her look on him. he was sweaty, panting… and so expectant. But she couldn’t move… she just couldn’t. Tears clouded her eyes, “i…i cant do this…”

His brows twitched in worry, “geet whats wrong? You were all fine just now…”

She felt so suffocated. She pushed him aside and got off the bed, “I just can’t do it..”

She was about to leave when he held her hand from behind. She knew he was feeling let down…helpless for he had waited so long for this… but she couldn’t bring herself to proceed further. She didn’t want to hurt him but she didn’t know what held her back. All she knew was that she just couldn’t further.

“please… leave me alone for a while…”

The next moment she felt his hand slip right away from her… and she just hated it but she herself was helpless. She picked up her shirt and went to change. When she got back in her night suit, she saw him stand by the window, looking out. He definitely didn’t’ look happy… she knew it. she slowly went and stood behind him, “maan…”, she called out softly. He didn’t reply.

“maan..listen to me…”, she tried again but he didn’t reply. She tried a few times more but he never responded. She knew he was hurt… for how long was he going to hold himself just for her? she felt the corners of her eyes burn. She hated herself…she hated every damn thing that came between her and maan. She just hugged him tight from the back, “maan… please give me some time…please. mein khud tumhare paas aaungi… please…”

[maan…please give me some time… I will go to you myself…]

She felt him stiffen with her words! She guessed it was going to take a little more time… she wanted to submit herself free from all kinds of chains and cages that held her back. She just held him for  while, kissing his shoulder from time to time.

He sighed and turned to her after a while and picked her up in his arms. He walked to the bed and gently lowered her on it. he tucked her comfortably and slipped beside her. he was just too tired and hence dozed of immediately. She just kept on watching him sleep, still trying to relate to what stopped her.


next: geet going crazy…is it maan… or the kids…or roops???LOL


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4 responses to “PARINEETA PART 89

  1. ushankitvc

    20/05/2013 at 05:04

    awesum updt…loved it…hate that gayatri…loved maans reply to hr question…yet geet mind is in confusion…poor maan …continue sooon….

  2. Tania Khaled

    20/05/2013 at 09:55

    maan has to work hard for getting geet’s usual superbbb update.pls take ur time,give ur exam properly.but dont dare to end this ff so soon

  3. neethuraj

    20/05/2013 at 10:57

    nice update….gayatri deserved such a back answer from maan.

  4. chahhat4eva

    21/05/2013 at 00:07

    Lovely update dear….🌺🌺🌺🌺


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