25 Mar

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The first thing he did was lock himself in the study and take out that envelope once again.  he was quiet at peace after meeting up with her… but somewhere he was scared to open those papers. His fingers trembled as he read those lines…. He couldn’t believe what he read!! His world came crashing down…. Divorce papers?? This was not happening..geet can never send him those!!! And something he was reminded of…divorce papers… and he was suddenly reminded of some papers he had signed long time back….he tried hard to remember..that just struck him!!! every event played back in his mind… those marriage certificates!!! How could he have forgotten all about this? He had signed those marriage papers with Geet… which made Geet his legal wife…!!! So many things haunted him all at once… and once again his world seemed to shatter… he didn’t know what to feel..happy about the marriage thing or sad for the divorce..or guilty for forgetting their marriage!! he was once again pushed back to the darkness he had tried so hard to come out of!!


He sat there motionless for a very long time trying to come in terms with what he had just discovered… his marriage! How could he forget? How the damn could he forget? He had never signed those papers on his will that day…and perhaps for this reason he could never cherish it! He tried to reason himself in every possible way but still he couldn’t stop himself from feeling low. It was as if he was left alone in a never ending maze…always ending at the same point where he had started of but never being able to find a way out. He felt so helpless today…he was helpless that day too..anisha was so broken and he couldn’t even stop her. Why was this happening to him? He recalled geet’s face in the mall..the way she cried asking him to take her away… his heart wanted her but his mind played games with him! What if geet wanted a divorce after that night? It was all his fault perhaps… but his heart fought back..why would she when she herself wanted to come back to him! His brain reminded him of anisha…and mocked at him—he was such an indecisive person… he couldn’t stop his parts…not anisha..then he would never be able to stop geet too. But his heart cried for her… he wanted to be in her embrace… hold her till he felt he was lost in her scent.. soothe his soul by her mere touch… he closed his eyes wondering what to do…he was somewhere sure that geet could never ever ever have sent those papers..then who did it? He wanted to call her and ask her if she knew anything but he was too tired to even move. he slept off sitting on his reclining chair, still fighting within and somewhere losing as well.


She got back home and went to her room…he said he will come for her. A smile teased her lips.. he really cared for her… she was smiling perhaps after ages! Roops narrated the entire thing to jasmeet and she was firm in her decision as well. Maan has to confront her before reaching out to geet. Roops didn’t know what to way, they were so happy with each other..and the next moment they are in so much pain because of each other…what kind of love they shared? She went back to geet and saw her smiling to herself. She knew it was because of maan’s words. She was amazed to see the extent of maan’s effect on her best friend. His one word was enough to send her into eternal darkness while his same words were able to bring a smile on her face. She went and hugged her close,” how are you feeling now geet?”

She held her back and spoke, “much better…”


That night geet slept off early owing to her health which tires her too quickly while roops just lied there, sleepless…worried about her. It was midnight when roops felt something move. she wasn’t fully asleep hence woke up only to see geet sneaking out of the room. She got curious and followed her to know as to where she headed in the mid of the night..or if she was okay! She saw her entering into the kitchen and search some shelves. Roops stood by the door wondering what she was upto. Geet searched one shelf..then the other..and another..getting impatient upon not finding her heart’s desire. Roops smiled seeing her antics.. she looked really cute with that look on her face. She saw her trying to climb o the chair and look for the upper shelved, roops ran and held her, “ab bata de kya dhoondh rahi hain!”

[now tell me what are you searching for.]


Geet was a little surprised to see roops awake but then she thought it was better. Roops was glad to see geet slowly getting back to her self… not totally but she was trying hard to. Geet made a baby face, “baby wants to have chocolates….but dekh na mujhe kahin mil nahi rahi..mumma tho humesha yahan rakhti hain….”

[baby wants to have chocolates…but see am not getting it..mumma always keeps them here na…]


Roops was amazed to see the change that had surfaced geet after her meeting with maan. She actually felt bad that maan had lied..well in no ways she can trust him..but she was scared too..what if he breaks his promise again…she’d probably lose geet forever! She sighed and helped geet in searching some chocolates. They searched the topmost shelf and found a huge empty box of chocolates… they dusted it and opened. It was very old..and geet was instantly reminded of that very incident that brought the box here and to roops as well.



(this seq was suggested by tabby999…all credits to her)


“maan……mujhe chocolate chahiye…”, she cribbed for the nth time while anisha laughed seeing her throw tantrums like that. Geet was in her fourth year and maan and anisha were to be engaged.

[maan…I want chocolate..]

Maan rolled his eyes, “geet…stop it.. you are not a  kid anymore..”

She jumped, “nahi…I want it..means I want it!!! Go and get them for me..”


“but why???” he was hell irritated with her constant cribbing.

“because today is chocolate day… everyone is gifting chocolates to their friends and loved ones chocolates..and you are a kanjoos…makhichus…”


He rolled his eyes…only geet could give the stupid of the stupidest reasons.

“anisha di doesn’t eat chocolates..thats fine…but tu mujhe tho gift ka hi sakta than a… you anarkali…”

[anisha di doesn’t eat chocolates…that’s fine…but you could have gifted me as well right.. you anarkali…]


She literally chewed his head off and finally he had handed over a big box of chocolates which she didn’t even share with him. She took it home and stood in the kitchen wondering whether to eat it or not. Roops saw her in a dilemma and shouted, “agar khane ka mann hain tho kha le…”

[if you want to eat it..then do so..]


She looked at her ever so cutely, “maan ka 1st gift hain… mein khaa gayi tho how will I keep It as a memento?”

[its maan’s first gift… if I eat it all then how will I keep it as a memento?]

Roops felt like banging her head somewhere, “you actually blackmailed him to gift you!!! stupid… if you keep them for long then they will get least eat those things and keep the box…”


That struck geet. Roops was right..she gulped down all those 50 chocolate balls within 5 minutes..not even giving roops a piece and kept the box in the topmost shelf which was rarely used!!




They looked at each other for a while and burst out laughing. Roops was glad hat geet finally smiled…actually laughed. For the only time she didn’t hate maan…yet she was amazed to see his effect on her even now. There were chocolate crumbs still stuck to the side and geet eyed them temptingly.

“sochna bhi mat… its unhealthy. I know tujhe craving ho rahi hain but we can have fresh ones tomorrow. I will get it while getting back from office okay…”

[don’t even think about it. I know you have cravings but we can have fresh ones tomorrow. I will get it while getting back from office okay…]


Geet made a baby face as roops kept away the box..she had still treasured it. Hats off her madness for him but she couldn’t help it either. Roops rolled her eyes and dragged her to the room. She was tired as well. It was perhaps the most peaceful sleep geet ever had in those past few months. She caressed her tummy lovingly as she slept while roops spoke to the baby like a kid.


He woke up with a heavy head still not getting the reason behind this divorce papers. Who could have sent those? He freshened up and saw the kids. They were still sleeping and probably didn’t even want to go to school too. Maan caressed their head and let them take a leave. He was still in a denial that geet had sent those while the papers clearly stated it was from geet. He had to speak to her anyhow. He kept the papers on the table along with his other files and called geet. He was dying to be with her..but then what if she really never wanted to be with him? He was scared but then  he couldn’t stop his heart. His heart beat faster as her cell beeped. She picked up after a couple of rings but the only thing he could hear was her erratic breaths. He wanted to say so many things but emotions too over. His eyes filled with tears…the fear that she might not want to come back to him…he wanted to ask her if she knew about those papers…his knowledge of their marriage… those loving eyes that asked him to come back…he had no words to even speak.


Her condition was no good either… she was surprised to see his call but then when she heard his breath… she never realized what kind of peace she felt…life slowly started to return to her…and a hope that he somewhere cared. Those scars that she had borne for a long time seemed to hurt less… and her hand instantly went to feel her baby…their love. She had tears in her eyes when she heard him try to speak.


He wanted to see her and talk to her but then he didn’t know why he couldn’t. probably emotions weighed them down, “geet…i….i…”

Her heart raced frantically as she waited for him to speak!

“i…am…i..”, he looked here and there, trying to hold back his emotions, “i… will see you at your place today…”

He couldn’t even tell her what he wanted to. He didn’t know but he couldn’t speak about those divorce papers. He sighed and closed his eyes only to hear a soft, “hmm…I will wait..”


Ohh that seemed to break him apart. She said she’d be waiting… he didn’t know where things were going but somewhere he had a feeling that whatever was going on..was not right. Something was wrong..everything was wrong! But he couldn’t have told her about the divorce thing when her voice was so full of hope and love. He disconnected the call and fell back on the chair. Definitely she never sent those papers..he was sure.. but then the courier was from geet’s place and he had to know what was going on. He got a call from his clients and got busy with it. He had to see them today itself and finalize everything. As he got busy in his call, nakul knocked, carrying some papers. He was too lost in his work to realize anything. He had some papers that came from anisha’s place regarding some bank documents. They came every six months as gayathri had invested in a charity organization under anisha’s name. maan knew about it..and he used to sign those papers before they to be sent to the bank. Nakul stood there waiting for him to be done with the call as he had to send back the papers. Maan was too busy looking into his file and then at the laptop an simultaneously speaking to the clients..he gestured him to keep the files and go.


Nakul: maan sir…gayahri ma’am ne kaha hain papers aaj hi bhiwane hain.

[maan sir..gayathri ma’am has told that you have to send the papers today.]


He sighed and put the phone a little away from, “tum wahan table par rakh do aur jao. Iss bar mein deposit kardunga tell her.. waise bhi mujhe bank mein bhi kaam hain..”

[you keep it there and go. This time I will deposit it. Anyways I will be going there as I have some work in the bank as well.]


He got back to his call and was supposed to leave early. Nakul was keeping the papers properly when his hand accidentally hit the glass of water kept there. He was quick enough to move the papers away before water could reach them. He looked at maan who seemed too busy to even notice otherwise it would have been his last working day in km today. He immediately wiped the water and collected all the papers together and kept them neatly on the table and walked away. Maan finally finished with his call and sat by the papers…arranging them to sign. Just then adi called telling him about his schedule for the day and some urgent meeting he had to attend. He kept on speaking and checked the first few papers. They were the bank papers. He knew where to sign. He just turned the papers and sighed at the bottom where required totally unaware of the fact that he had signed those divorce papers as well. Nakul had accidentally mixed up the papers as they looked quite similar. He collected them in the file and the envelope and walked off. One month in Us had increased work load here.


She stood there numb for a few seconds…not even believing what she heard…he was coming to her place!!! his words echoed in her mind, “will you wait geet..till I come for you?”

He was coming for her…today! Her eyes had tears yet her happiness knew no bounds. He did keep his promise…he was coming…he was coming to take her away. Suddenly everything that seemed so dull changed into something more beautiful…more bright…and more alluring. Tears rolled down her eyes…and she fell back on her bed…he was finally coming for her and their baby. She caressed her tummy, baby did you hear…papa is coming to take us home…he is coming baby…he is coming….”

pls hear this song as you read. i know u wont be interested..but still its a small request to know geet’s state and POV as well

Chokh puraavo

Maati rangaavo

Aaj mere piya ghar aavengey


Her happiness was beyond any limit. Her beloved was coming home for her… for her…To take her away and hide her from this world. She had missed him so much..and the kids..they must be waiting for her as well. She wasn’t well..but still she found energy to twirl around.. his voice echoing in her ears. After ages of wait he was finally coming back for her..those 5 years of pain…all seemed to just end for her.

Khabar sunaaun jo

Khushi reh bataaun jo

Aaj mere piya ghar aavengey

 Aaj mere piya ghar aavengey


Ohh the news was just so welcoming. Her otherwise gloomy morning seems t brighten up and the birds seemed to sing for her. She held the sheet and twirled round and round unable to hide her happiness. Roops entered to check on her and was surprised to see her like that.. this was so…unlike the usual geet of these days. She was bright and bubble…and looked happy. Roops was actually shocked to see her smiling at her openly, “geet…you okay?? What happened?”


Heri sakhi mangal gaao ree

Dharti ambar sajaao ree

Utregi aaj mere pee ki sawaari


She just held roops and twirled her around with herself, “roops…aaj mein bahut bahut bahut hi khush hoon..wo aa raha hain roops… he is coming… he told me he will…aur wo aa raha hain aaj… “

[ so so so happy today… he is coming roops.. he told me he will..and he is coming today…]


Roops didn’t know what to think… it wasn’t hard to guess that she was talking about maan and it was him who could bring out such reactions from her. Roops wasn’t sure though. She held her still by her arms, “geet…stop jumping… its not good for baby okay… better take rest!!”


Aari koi kaajal laau ree

Mohey kaala teeka lagaao ree

Unki chhab se dikhu main to pyaari


She made a face and pushed roops away, faking anger.

“ek tho wo kitne dino baad aa raha hain..aur tu… tch leave..mujhe kitni taiyyariyan karni hain pata hain… and you better not poke your nose into it…”

[1st of all he is coming after so many days and you… tch leave… I have so much preparations.. and you better not poke your nose into it…]

“par geet….listen to me…”


Geet would hear none. Roops saw her running away…lost in her happiness…so lost that she was probably not ready to live in reality as well. Maan is making her live in dreams..roops was sure about that. She hated everything…but seeing geet so happy after so many days..she just couldn’t do anything. All she did was follow geet to the kitchen where she was planning a small lunch for him….as a sweet little surprise. Aryan and prem reached there and were shocked to see geet like that. They were scared as well after hearing everything from roops. They just hoped she got her heart’s desire!


Lachhmi ji vaaro

Nazar utaaro

Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge

Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge


She cooked the entire course so lovingly that she even forgot her own self. She’d finally go back to him..the place where she actually belonged…. His touch, his smile, his talks, his kiss…everything seemed to flash right in front of eyes as she worked, dismissing the servants. She was getting tired. Prem insisted on helping but she even shooed them away. She wanted to do everything herself…for her maan.


He finally managed to finish with the meeting and the first thing came to his mind was her. He checked the files and took out the envelop and the papers which were with the other papers. He’d definitely not sign it…he had made up his mind. And if geet really wanted that then he’d speak to her. He just saw the title and took the paper out not even realizing what had happened. it was already evening when he stood infront of those big iron gates of handa haveli…and he knew he’d be seeing her in the next few moments. He held those papers tight and walked it…anticipation building in his heart so high that might be the cause of his death.


Rangon se rang miley

Naye naye dhang khiley

Khushi aaj dwaar mere daaley hai dera


Red…green…yellow…pink..every color seemed even prettier to her. She was to get ready for him and she wasn’t even able to decide what to weak. She had thrown out all her dresses and even roops as well when her eyes fell on a deep red saree that hung right in front of her. She blushed remembering their dance that night… she had worn a sari that day too. She wrapped the fabric around her in such poise…that any one saw her would probably realize what it means to feel like a princess. She sat in front of the mirror applying kohl and her pink lip gloss. She checked herself a thousand times and waited…and waited..and waited…


Peehu peehu papiha ratey

Kuhu kuhu koyal japey

Aangan aagan hai pariyon ne ghera


She sat in her room, waiting for him. It was getting late but her hopes never died out. She knew he’d come..he told her himself… and he had even asked her to wait. Tiredness took over her lashes dropped.


Anhad naad bajaao sab mil

Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge

Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge


She tried hard to remain awake..she even didn’t have her lunch because she wanted to have it with him. She felt a little dizzy and hence lied down.

“baby wait for 5 more minutes na..papa ke saath hi aaj lunch karenge…sorry mumma being selfish no…”

[baby…wait for 5 more minutes na… we’ll have lunch with papa…sorry…mumma being selfish no…]

She made her understand and caressed her tummy. Just the thought that he was coming was enough to make her fly high. She felt tickled just with that thought as she let her lashes drop slowly, drifting into a peaceful sleep with a new hope in her heart!


He walked in…determined to know what was going on. As he entered the hall he was greeted by jasmeet, Aryan and prem. Roops was with geet. She didn’t want to be a part of something that hurt geet and even her. She had broken down a number of times seeing geet like that. She herself wouldn’t be able to hold herself back…it gave her goose bumps thinking what would geet do.


He stood firm in front of jasmeet yet his emotions seemed to shake. His mumma was never this angry and images of her taking away geet flashed in his mind. He looked at Aryan..and turned his face away and Aryan never expected a good response from him either..especially after him knowing the truth. Before he could even speak anything jasmeet spoke, “did you sign those papers that I had sent?”


It didn’t take him long to realize it was jasmeet who had sent those papers. A sudden pain illed his heart…his mumma doing something like that! He had never expected it. But he tried to stand firm and speak, “I never intended to think on those lines either… here are your papers…”

He took those papers and gave it confidently to jasmeet who seemed to smile meanly after browsing through them.

“well..this is what I had expected from you maan…. You can never ever keep her happy.”

“am here to take her back….”

“stop lying maan….why do you even promise her something that YOU CAN’T GIVE?”

“what do you mean? I never promised her anything fake..”


“then what is this maan?”, jasmeet just forwarded him the papers which actually shocked him to death. His signatures…on those papers…how come? Where..when…why.. he was very careful in keeping them separate from other papers… before he could even think, jasmeet snatched away those papers from him, “but am glad that you did it. I see no one is happy with this relation  so better free yourself maan…. I cannot see both of you in so much pain…”

“but mumaa…I never…”


Prem stopped him, “just shut up… how much are you going to hurt her? We never told anything because we wanted both of you to resolve things between you two..but you don’t seem to realize anything beyond yourself.”

He didn’t know what to do…he went numb…did he really sign those papers? They were his signatures and he knew it really well… but how could he? He turned to jasmeet, “I want to see geet…”


Hey ri Ohooo

Hey ri Hey ri


Jasmeet held back her tears and looked away, “no you can’t..”

“mumma…please…just once… I told her I’d come for her…”

“not anymore maan… you have given your stance..please leave before she is hurt once again…”

“mumma…please…”, he pleaded.

Prem just pushed him away, “just get out…can’t you hear? We cannot see her break down… if not for us..then at least for her!! Have pity on her maan…leave her alone…”


He looked a jasmeet with one last hope… but she looked away, clearly putting her stand. He didn’t know what to do… he never had to give an explanation to prem or Aryan or anyone. But his mumma looking away from him…just tore him apart! She never trusted him…not a tiny  mini bit…he didn’t know if he could survive this…and walked out..dejected and lost! Out of all people he expected his mumma to at least understand him…it was okay with him if dadima was mad at him…but mumma?


She woke up with a smile adoring her face…and looked at the time. It was going to be 6 in the evening. OMG maan…he must be waiting for her. He must be there for her… how could she have slept like that? She cursed herself and jumped out of the bed. Roops was siting beside her and working when she saw her dash towards the door.

“geet…stop…don’t run…”

She just ran away shouting, “maan is waiting for me…. I can’t stop…”

Roops was so scared..and geet was scared as well. Will he be still waiting for her? Ohh god how could she sleep knowing he must be there for her!!! She ran like a mad…her maan must be waiting for her.

Anhad naad bajao ri..sab milat…

[play endless music beloved is coming home]


She ran down the stairs…almost tripping and dashing with the side table on her tummy, carrying her sari…she had let her hair down which swayed along with her. Her heart ached finding no maan around, she panicked. She ran down the stairs calling for him.

“maan…where are you?”

Aryan saw her and tried to hold her, “geet…geet…listen to us….”

She wriggled to set herself free, “maan kahan hain Aryan? He told he will come for me today… bolo na wo kahan hain…i…i…I didn’t know how long I had slept off…tum logon ne bataya usey that I was waiting…batao na…where is he…”

[where is maan, Aryan? He told he will come for me..tell me where is he…i…i…dodn’t know how long I had slept off… did you guys tell him that I was waiting..tell na where is he..]

Anhad naad…bajao ri…sab milat….


She cried and finally broke free and ran to prem, “prem bol na…kahan hain..i know he was here…I know…”

Prem didn’t know what to say…his heart ached to see his friend like that..but probably maan needed a reality check!!! Roops tried to hold her but she ran to jasmeet and begged, “mumma…dekho na they are not telling me where he is…I know he was here…bolo na mumma…”

[mumma..see they are not telling me where he is… I know he was here..tell na mumma…]

Jasmeet cupped her face and cried, “he is gone beta..he went away…”

This can’t be..he can’t leave her and go like that!! No ways he could do that. Her hoped started trembling as she pushed jasmeet away and looked at the door…somewhere knowing he was out there.


Anhad naad bajao ri sab milat….


She ran out screaming for… defying her health…her pallu brushed the ground as she ran. Aryan and prem ran after her while roops held jasmeet who seemed too broken. She knew geet will be hurt..but to this extent…!!! Geet saw his car right infront of the gate as she called him as loud as she could, “maan..stop…take me with you…..stop….”


He wiped is tears…as he sat inside…people always left him in a stage where he needed them the most!!! What was his fault if his parents died very early…anisha died soon…geet left him..and even mumma…the one whom he considered more than his own mother…even she failed to understand him.


Anhad naad bajao ri…sab milat….


She ran as fast as she could, trying to reach him before it was too late. Tears clouded her eyes…why didn’t he wait for her…why did’t he call her…why did her mumma stop him.. she loved him more than she ever did to geet…then…her friends..they knew she was waiting..then why didn’t they stop him? She saw the car move away and she screamed yet again..calling out to him, “maan…ruko…………….”

She pushed the watchman who was closing the door and ran in the road like that…calling out to him. His driver looked forward and drove away while he put on his stone face, trying to hide that pain that ate him within. He didn’t even know that she was running behind his car.


She tripped as her feet bled, hitting something… she slowed down a bit but was far from stopping! Prem caught her and hugged her tightly, “he is gone geet…. “

She hit him hard and cried, “nahi… stop him please….prem…stop him please…”

Aryan held her closer yet she wriggled to free herself, “chodo mujhe..i have to go…please…”

[leave me… I have to go..please…]

Aryan and prem held her till she gave in. she struggled..and fought… and cried…and begged…..till she could no more. She pleaded them to leave her and let her go her own way..but they never let her move and finally she gave up… she didn’t actually but fell unconscious in their arms…lifeless and broken!


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