05 Mar

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It was the same shirt she had been wearing that night…ahem. She couldn’t even think further. Her eyes fell on the sari he had gifted her…it was long time back..but she felt like wearing it. she changed into the sari and let her hair down. She applied minimal kohl..and that was Geet—all ready! She walked down setting the chairs  on the grass, under the starry night and waited for her Maan!


He had some party to attend… and he was in no mood for it. but then..returning back home was to face her..and lose himself in no time…his conscience…his love for anisha…everything seemed to conflict with his feelings. They fought with his heart…and it just cried for her embrace…like she is the only one who’d be able to take in all his worries like she had always done. It was suffocating him…he wanted to let it out…and scream as to why was this happening to him…there was nothing that seemed to reason with him. one side wanted him to go to Geet and just be with her..while the other side of his fighting with him saying that was wrong. It was only two years since anisha’s death…and he was already falling for some other girl!! It was wrong..just so wrong! He never realized when he reached the venue./..or what happened there. He finally felt glad to be distracted by some client asking him to read a file or something.


She looked around…all the servants had gone back to their quarters. She had been waiting for so long…it was already past 11:30 and he wasn’t even back! She hated his workload..he doesn’t even seem to have time for himself. She brought the food inside lest they turned cold… but she never let her enthusiasm die. She set the table in the hall itself and sat on the couch, waiting. Countless number of times she had checked herself making sure she looked fine. She had seen him worried about something..she just wanted him to feel better. As she delved further into her thoughts..she couldn’t stop imagining herself in his arms… getting close to him yet again…feeling his lips all over her..the way he’d get so happy hearing about her qualification…that intense look in his eyes…she smiled and probed further into her mind. He did care about her right…he loved her—her heart sank with the thought! It was still a mystery to her..but then his losing himself to her was yet another prove of his love…she never wanted to think a little wrong about him! Maybe he needed time… she wanted to take it slow and bring him back to this world…she switched on the music system to enjoy herself when she heard a loud knock on the door. She was at first startled…who could that be at this time of night? Was it Maan? He could have used the doorbell as well…but the knock grew a little louder and then followed the doorbell, ringing brutally to deafen her ears. She ran and quickly opened the door only to find him in front of her… lost… in dilemma…fighting some kind of a battle and loosing it…his head hung low as he tried to walk past her. he was in no mood to speak to anyone or even face her. he was right at both the places…but the biggest problem was..which one was more right!


He just walked past someone…and he realized the ‘someone’ was Geet when she held his hand. He closed his eyes… unable to take in hat touch which just seemed to evoke something within him…probably the long lost love within his heart! He wanted to look at her..hold her…but his guilt never let him. he heard her faint voice, “are you drunk?”


He wondered if he was really! He tried to think.. umm maybe be 3-4 glasses..and that’s it! he wasn’t drunk..he was completely sane, but a little tipsy. He smiled to himself—she knows really well that he never drinks..just a glass was enough to last for the whole party. He didn’t even speak and tried to leave when she cupped his face, seeing him in that condition and made him face her, “Maan…look at me and tell me whats wrong!”

He smiled yet again, losing into something he didn’t know of… everything seemed so wrong..her touch..her feelings..yet everything was so right that he’d let himself drown in her. what a paradox! Her voice was like a sweet melody to his ears…soothing his aching heart..yet the same voice creating a tempest within him—a tempest of emotions that could consume him and everyone around him as well.

He heard her stern voice, “Maan just look at me damn it!”


He opened his eyes, unable to disobey her and there she stood…clad in that sari…it didn’t even take him long to realize he had given it to her. she looked so pretty today..was she going out? Was anything special…? She caressed his cheeks , ‘are you alright? Did you have dinner?”


He was lost in those eyes…as dark as stark night and deep as an ocean that spoke more that her!  they had love for him..that care..that concern..something he felt he had been missing all these years. It was as if he had seen that exact look for him and only him long long long time back…and he missed them in those 5 years!!! His shook his head for a no, as his mind went back to a very faint memory when he had locked himself in her room, crying his eyes out. It was probably a few months after his parents’s death and the only person he seemed to open up to was Geet. He spoke to none but her…he cried to none but her..and the only person who could drive him mad yet listen to all his cried was her! she had come searching for him and switched on the lights of her room. She was so small… but she took care of him like he was a baby! She had run to him asking what happened and when he narrated the incident of being beaten up by some boys in his class…the only thing she told was—stop crying! No one can hurt you when I am there! The next day she had gone and beaten up one of the boys who had made him cry.


That little girl seemed to have vanished somewhere…but he was seeing the glimpses of her today…. She was holding his hand and dragging him to the dining table. His eyes wandered on her back…almost bare with that tiny strap of blouse and that sari just not helping in any ways to prevent him from feasting his eyes on her. there was some kind of music she had put on! He felt his head spin and the next moment, he pulled her so hard that she almost fell back on him. she was surprised to see him looking so intense at her…what was going on in his mind?  She tried to look into his eyes…but then they seemed to confuse her even more. She wanted him to open up..what was bothering him.. or if he was worried about anything in particular—be it their relationship! She’d solve it no matter what.


He kept on looking at her  for a while…admiring her form. He lifted his finger and gently slid along her cheek, making her shiver in his arms.


Maan…” she wanted to ask him so many things but what surprised her was when he placed his finger on her lips, “shh… will you dance with me?

The touch of her lips burned his entire being….they were so soft…like petals of a delicate flower only meant to be kissed… by him! the sudden possessiveness he felt within possess her..all for him was just too intense. He had been fighting a battle whose results were earth shattering … his other side tried to stop him..saying it was all so wrong… so unfair..and what not…but he was probably not even in a position to hear anything. The alcohol was probably working against his will, though less in quantity. She didn’t even know what happened next… they just happened. The music hit her ears as he pulled her closer. His fingers laced with hers while the other slid over her bare waist where her sari just started.


I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me
I still feel your touch in my dreams

pls hear the song as u read. its just my most fav song!!!

touching…slow and soothing..for geet!


Her eyes widened as the words hit her. she looked up to see his face as he softly swept her off her feet. He was smiling…god knows for what but that didn’t give her a good feeling. She really did want to make him feel better! He was losing it somewhere she knew it! she had to bring him back and make him open up. She held back his fingers between hers and smiled back at him.


Forgive me my weakness, but I don’t know why
Without you it’s hard to survive


She didn’t know where this was going..but the only thing she saw in his eyes were ‘her’ and only her. she had missed him so much and now when he was back and looking at her so lovingly, how could she not give in! she placed her head on his chest and wrapped her hands around his waist!


Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly
Can’t you feel my heart beat fast,
I want this to last
need you by my side

She felt his hands slide over her bare back making her swoon in anticipation. He did feel for her. she felt his hug her…his senses were overtaken by here mere scent! He for once wanted to let go…and feel her close to him. he dipped his head into her hair and kissed right below her ear, making her smile.


‘Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static
And everytime we kiss I reach for the sky
Can’t you hear my heart beat slow
I can’t let you go
want you in my life


Her hand slid up around his neck, her fingers slowly treading into his hair. He was losing himself every minute..and probably that seemed to set him at peace for a while as well. His one hand went under her duppata that covered her tummy and gently traced that velvety skin, making her tuck in her tummy as a reaction.


Your arms are my castle
Your heart is my sky
They wipe away tears that I cry


     She raised up a little and placed a sensual kiss on his rough cheeks, feeling him so close. Her every cell seemed to come alive with his touch. Her imagination knew no bounds… her fantasies…her love..everything was limitless. She moved a little lower kissing his chin, surprising him with her passion.

The good and the bad times
We’ve been through them all
You make me rise when I fall


He moved back a little all of a sudden and twirled her around, bringing her close to his heart…that seemed to ease down with her mere presence. He tilted her face, holding her chin and lowered his lips to meet hers. It was perhaps the most amazing thing happening to both of them in this whole day that seemed so endless for them without each other.


Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly
Can’t you feel my heart beat fast,
I want this to last
need you by my side


The kiss was unbelievably hot, demanding and so longing. She opened her mouth to take in that warmth of his. He was so defeated at the end of the day…so vulnerable and so frustrated. Everything just seemed to end right on her. his fingers went restless to feel her and the next moment, they pulled away her pallu, revealing her bosom. They didn’t even wait for any formalities…but found their way to her softness.

‘Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static
And everytime we kiss I reach for the sky
Can’t you hear my heart beat slow
I can’t let you go
want you in my life


She moaned into his mouth, playing with his tongue when she felt him go rough. She sighed and gave in yet again…only to make him feel better. She arched her back, allowing him to access her b**** over her blouse. She didn’t even hesitate to let him know about his effect on her. her buds swiftly hardening to his touch could be felt over the cloth itself. Everything about her was just waking up the demon within him. he was so longing for love all these years..and here she was just throwing herself at him. he parted a bit and looked deep into her eyes. There was nothing but love…all for him..every little ounce was only and only for him. he went crazy with the thought. And the next moment he just lifted her in his arms and walked upstairs.


She was so lost in him… so much longing for his gracious touch…and she didn’t even mind him venting out his frustration on her. what mattered to her the most was his happiness and his peace. He saw her adjusting herself in his arms, placing her head on his shoulder, kissing him wherever possible. He placed her gently on the bed and came atop her. he hovered over her lips for a while…while she waited in anticipation of his next move. His breath mingled with hers…their lips just inches away when she opened her eyes, finding him so close. she smiled a bit thinking he’d kiss her lips but was sweetly surprised when he just moved lower, placing a deep smooch in the hollow of her neck. Her hands wrapped him in her embrace as he continued placing kissed here and there…slowly moving his way down to her cleavage. He kissed her there and then suddenly dipped her tongue within…tracing that line lower, making her moan out loud, till it disappeared into her clothes.


She clutched the sides of the pillows tightly, feeling him move lower down her exposed passionately…and with so much authority. He was stopped by ther sari tucked round her waist..stopping him. he didn’t want anyone to come between them today… nothing at all. He had fought too much..he had endured too much. he tucked his finger into the fold when her sari was tucked into her skirt and pulled out the thin fabric, pushing it aside as it came out.


She just held her breath…trying to speculate where his next target will be…but everything just seemed to be over taken by sheer pleasure. She felt a chill surround her as he untied the strings and pulled away her skirt as well. He rolled his tongue right over her bikini line, making her shriek! He couldn’t have held back perhaps…not at least now. He felt her rise a bit and pull him right over her, kissing his lips madly, when he kissed her core right over the fabric. This was indeed a torture..a very slow torture.


She clutched his hair tight and pulled him more on to close that even a trace of air couldn’t pass through their joined lips. Her  eyes snapped open, finding his hardness press her tummy. She stopped for a moment and her eyes filled up. He felt that stillness and opened his eyes to look into her eyes…they were, probably had tears. He hated that. He hated everything that made her sad. He looked into her eyes with all the concern when she spoke up, “do you love me?”


He stiffened… yet his passion was far from dying out. Geet had been so worried for him..she didn’t want him to regret anything..anything at all. But somewhere deep inside…she had her fear too. Its not that she wouldn’t mind giving in to was more because of him..a fear of what might he think of this!!!


Her one question was enough to freeze him… what could he answer? Even he was fighting with perhaps the same emotion. She was scared of his answer and dipped her lashes…when she felt a warm drop of tear fall on her cheek. She immediately looked up..only to see tears in his eyes as well. What was it that had shaken him up so much? that pain reflected on his face was something she could never bear. She raised a bit and kissed him as hard as she could, trying to undo what she had said. She could never see him sad. Yet her own tears just gave away her feelings. Qll he needed now was her..and he even realized that. That was more than enough. In the next moment, he was as bare as she was… kissing her madly. He unhooked her blouse and threw it away, unable to resist those hidden temptations. He felt them swell under his lips…perfectly matching his desire. Every moan escaped from her lips drove him wild.


She felt him tug at her panties. Her eyes widened…no…this was not happening! Sanity hit hard. Not now!!! She opened her eyes immediately and tried to tell him not to go further!!…ahhh” but her words were  left unspoken as his desire drowned her with himself. He bit her curves harshly and she whimpered out of pain. There was not a simgle moment when she didn’t feel the pain…but there was pleasure as well. She was lsong herself every minute but still she managed to pull his hair up so that he faced her, “Maan… this is not ri….”


He was lost somewhere she couldn’t reach him today. Why has he gone so far? She hated herself…she hated her incapability to connect to him. why was he so disturbed? More tears rolled out of her eyes…and he kissed them away ever so lovingly. She was overwhelmed with emotions…she was so lost in trying to hold herself when she didn’t even realize what had happened.

She finally saw him face her…look into her eyes…but they had something she couldn’t understand!!!

you belong to me Geet…only to me… “, she heard his claim…after a long time!!!

Tears didn’t seemed to stop and she softly nodded, “yes…only to you..”

And the next moment, he was right within her with one vicious thrust!! Her eyes widened as a sharp pain hit her, shaking her entire existence to the very core. she didn’t know what to say…what to do!!! It pained a lot..she didn’t know why!!! Was it her heart…or her body! She tried to hold on, clutching his shoulders, scratching his bare back…he was so warm by now. she slowly let her breath out, trying to focus her look at him when he withdrew all of a sudden making her gasp with the pain.


“tum kabhi mujhe chodkar nahi jaogi naa..”

[you’ll never go away from me na?]

His voice was coated with so much pain.. like he was yearning for her… begging to be with her and she couldn’t even deny.

She nodded her head, “nahi jaungi…never..”


He groaned contended, and pushed within her yet again, making her scream! Tears just didn’t seemed to stop. She hugged him tight… trying to  find a little love in them which she did eventually but even that seemed to fade away slowly as he pushed in harder this time. She bit her lips unable to bear the pain, still confused if it was her heart ot her body!!!


She didn’t knew when they stopped… her entire mind was over taken by a wave of pleasure as she hit her climax. Her tears accompanied her as well. Her lashes grew heavier by the minute…yet she could feel him, fall on her b****** finding his release!!! It was beautiful…yet it was painful!!! Perhaps the most wonderful thing of her life just happened..but she laid there lifeless…. Thinking about the tinge of love she saw in his eyes for her!!!


She even lost the count of how many times he had pulled her up into his embrace and made love to her so passionately. The only thing that she could realize in the due course was a deep reservoir of love within his heart..yet something stopping him from expressing himself. Moreover, she couldn’t even stop herself. She had tears in her eyes the entire time… but then she stopped herself just by looking at his face. She kissed him all over…nipping his skin in between… surrendering her entire self to his mighty being.


He had never felt this peaceful ever…like he got what he was missing… that love and warmth in his life! He couldn’t keep himself away from her which reflected in his passion as well. There was not a moment where he felt he was alone..she tried to match up with him in every step… every phase of their togetherness…something he just knew only she could fulfill!

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