26 Feb

okay my college for new semester is opening from 28th feb that is Thursday.. 2 months of holidays.. and regular updates..
now back to old schedule.Ouch
so will try my best to give at least 3 updates a week!!!
pls bear with meOuch


He laughed clearly understanding that anger in her voice, “actually wanted to talk about something official..but any ways we’ll speak once we get back!”

He kissed her cheeks and went away! She smiled at her own silly self…. But then a thought did cross her mind—he did love her…didn’t he? And she simply believed what she wanted to—he loved her..that’s it! she believed what she saw…and she believed what she wanted to believe at this particular point of time. Her happiness knew no bounds…effect of this physical and emotional closeness was clearly reflecting on her face…on her body as well. Every touch of his was like a drug to her which was enough to arouse her beyond imagination.


As they got off the car, he possessively pulled her close to him putting his hand around her waist. Ohh she was full flat over him. And they looked awesomely perfect together…both were clad in black from top to the color coordination was also making them look even more perfect. The media was shocked to see Maan singh khurana with a girl after his wife… they tried to get to him but his security shooed them away and they walked inside. Geet was feeling so proud…to go somewhere with her ‘husband’ and that protective hold of his was just making her go gaga over him. She saw roops, prem and Aryan there too. She ran to them and hugged them..feeling so glad. Aryan also invited roops and prem but the surprising this was anu was also there with him. Geet hugged anu tightly and whispered in her ears,“thanks a lot anu…. Thank you.”


Anu smiled realizing what Geet meant but then she had to be there right! She wore a cute white short dress for the evening and her hair tied up in a bun. Geet stood with her friends talking while Maan met up with some eminent people he knew and spoke to them..but the entire time his attention was on his sexy wifey (well he didn’t think ‘wifey’ though).

As the night picked up the saw the other 15 contestants arrive with their families and it was really a sight to behold. They started introducing themselves to each other..while Geet just looked for her personal ‘drug’ playing with the flute glass of red wine. Roops and anu stood there with her, giving each other naughty looks seeing Geet. Prem joined them, “yaar party kitni boring hain….”

[yaar the party is too boring]


“umm..kuch masti nahi..its all so formal…” anu was literally bored.

[ masti..its all so formal]

“but I do have an idea…”, smirked roops and  told them her tiny plan. Geet was too lost in Maan to hear anything. She was awed by the way he carried himself in front of the dignitaries..they way he gave a slight smile when their eyes met…and the way they looked at her…my my she was going to be dead today! Every gesture of his just attracted her towards him like a super magnetic pull. In all her thoughts she forgot what was going on. Aryan announced for a dance and roops and anu pushed him to the floor asking him to sing.


Media pounced on her as she stepped out of the car. She carefully avoided the media and got into the hall. Her husband was one of the sponsors of this show and since he was out, she was to attend the party on his behalf. But her steps froze seeing the very person she despised—Geet! Millions of questions hovered her mind…why was she here? What for? Who invited her? she was supposed to be interacting with the contestants before the show went on air….she stood at a corner looking at her carefully…and then her gestures!! She followed her gaze..and it stopped at Maan!!! There was definitely something going on behind her back. She had never seen her daughter happy…then why should she let the very person be happy who was the sole reason for her daughter’s unhappiness?


Woh Ajnabee Woh Woh Woh Woh Ajanabee, Woh Ajanabee

pls hear the song as you read..the video will actually give u a clear picture of the partyWink


Every one’s attention went towards the dance floor where the dancers and the constants gathered for a tiny show organized by poor Aryan on being mercilessly bugged by roops and anu. The music picked up rhythm and Geet’s entire attention went towards them. The girls swayed their hips..and it all seemed to much fun for Geet, considering her personality.


Aisa Koi Mujhko Mil Gaya Hai Saathiya
Jise Dekhakar Main Bhulu Saari Duniya


Maan’s ears caught the lyrics as he saw Aryan in the middle singing the song..looking at Geet and anu standing and giggling about their plan. He saw her take a sip from her glass…ohh that was just too sexy!!!!


Woh Woh Woh Ajanabee, Woh Ajanabee Jo Dekhe Dur Se

Dekhu Main Usako Hi, Ho Usako Hi, Abb Sab Kuchh Bhul Ke


Aryan’s eyes feel on anu..who was anjoyoing his dance with Geet. He actually felt a deep sense of respect for her. she was always with him without a matter where he was how he was…especially after rashmi’s wedding. Anu saw him looking at her..and questioned with her eyes as to what happened!


Dhadkan Dhadkan Ya Saanson Mein
Raatein Raatein Ya Khaabon Mein

Sab Mein Sab Mein Wahi Toh Hai, Ke Bata Doon Main Use


He smiled and looked away and then his eyes feel on Geet…her concentration was totally on Maan. He smiled seeing that budding chemistry between them. Then he looked at roops and prem… prem dragged her to the dance floor and roops was not in a mood to dance and they had a stupid fight over it.


Shaame Shaame Ya Subaho Mein
Shaamil Shaamil Woh Har Pal Mein
Har Dum Har Dum Woh Baaton Mein, Mere Rahi Hai Kahin Woh Woh Woh…


He saw her laughing looking at roops and prem argue over something stupid. The song was already setting the mood. Her eyes gazed at her bare back… burning her alive. She was looking ravishing today and he was just blown away with that! The frills that reached till her knees and that cute ribbon round her waist was just too cute.


Geet saw Aryan approaching towards anu..she gave a sly smile to her..even anu thought the same but the next moment she knew Aryan had pulled Geet by her hand giving her a ‘oops..’ look. Geet was at first surprised..but then her eyes fell on Maan..who was probably piercing into her soul with that gaze itself. She smirked and twirled around holding aryan’s hand.

Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee
Woh Woh Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee…


He walked across the hall, holding his drink…speaking to people..but his eyes remained with her..stealing glances…watching her dance…and smiling whenever he caught her looking at him meaningfully.


Gayathri was shocked to see things going on between them..she fumed within. And when you are prejudiced against someone so matter what they do… you will always find faults with them. The love for her daughter has actually blinded her and everything seemd wrong. Geet made anisha’s life a hell so that anisha goes away and she takes he rplace in Maan’s life!!! She hated everything about Geet but seeing Maan like that… it broke something within her!!! if anisha couldnever get Maan..then why should Geet?

Abb Usase Aisa Jud Gaya Hai Silsila
Wohi Woh Nazar Aaye Mujhko Har Jagah


He heard her voice while he spoke to some of his clients present there. His eyes turned to see her with Aryan..dancing gracefully yet her eyes were glued to him.

Geet menat every word she sung…every line emanating from her heart as she pulled anu with her and roops as well. The other contestants joined her too…and she just winked at Maan and continued with her dance.

Yeh Yeh Yeh Jindagi Roshan Huyi Hai Usake Noor Se
Dil Ko Sachchi Khushi Haasil Huyi Hai Usake Ishq Se
Mujhko Abb Har Ghadi, Woh Har Ghadi, Usakaa Hi Suroor Hai
De De Woh Usako Haan Usako Hi Aankhen Majboor Hai


roops pulled prem in as they broke apart for a couple dance and Geet let her go. She sure was having a lot of fun when she saw some people asking Maan to join the dance. He smiled and refused politely. And Geet knew that he wouldn’t join. She smiled and turned back when she felt a strong grip around her waist.


Dhadkan Dhadkan Ya Saanson Mein
Raatein Raatein Ya Khaabon Mein
Sab Mein Sab Mein Wahi Toh Hai, Ke Bata Doon Main Use
Shaame Shaame Ya Subaho Mein
Shaamil Shaamil Woh Har Pal Mein
Har Dum Har Dum Woh Baaton Mein, Mere Rahi Hai Kahin


She twirled around as he jerked her close unable to stay away from his temptation…umm this was something exclusive for the media. Geet was surprised to see Maan but then the million dollar smile that followed was something that made Maan’s day. He held her close by her waist and waltzed as the music went on.

Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee
Woh Woh Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee…

This was another shock for gayathri…what was happening? And she just wouldn’t let that happen! She hated it to the core and she needed to talked to Geet right now.

Aryan got anu with him and that was something more than enough for anu. She gave him a sweet smile as Aryan asked her to look at Geet and Maan..and the chemistry flaring between them.


Usako Paake Paaya Maine Saara Jahaan
Rab Usako Karana Na Kabhi Bhi Juda


Geet caressed his rough cheek lovingly with her palm..setting him and her as well on fire as she gently glided away from him. He kept looking into those beautiful eyes that conveyed so many things for him….! Even roops was surprised to see Geet and Maan so close..umm something was definitely in for a change. She loved it. she moved towards Aryan and anu giving them a secret hi5 and stood a little away as every one rushed to the dance floor to enjoy the music.


Woh Woh Abb Bandagi Shaamil Huyi, Hai Meri Mein
Dil Ko Sachchi Khushi Haasil Huyi Hai Usake Ishq Se

Mujhko Abb Har Ghadi, Woh Har Ghadi, Usakaa Hi Suroor Hai
De De Woh Usako Ho Usako Hi Aankhen Majboor Hai

Dhadkan Dhadkan Ya Saanson Mein
Raatein Raatein Ya Khaabon Mein
Sab Mein Sab Mein Wahi Toh Hai, Ke Bata Doon Main Use


He pulled her close in a jerk and hugged her from the back, swaying with the music. His fingers traced her cheeks sensually and slid down her bare arm…teasing her senses. She leaned back on him, looking deep into his eyes…. Wasn’t this what she had always wished for? She was sure for now that he loved her…her heart felt so happy with the realization.


Shaame Shaame Ya Subaho Mein
Shaamil Shaamil Woh Har Pal Mein
Har Dum Har Dum Woh Baaton Mein,

Mere Rahi Hai Kahin Woh Woh Woh…

Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee

Woh Woh Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee…

Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee


They broke apart seeing others join them. She smiled and moved away teasing him…sliding her bare arm over his covered ones. He kept on looking at her with his dark eyes. She mingled with the crowd and danced till her heart’s content. Even he smiled and got back to his old dark place.


Geet was too happy to even notice anything when she felt a strong grip over her arm and someone pulling her out. It was dark and the grip was so strong. She smiled thinking it to be Maan and followed till they reached a quiet place outside the hall. He felt that grip loosen and she smiled, ‘Maan… kya hua?”

[Maan..what happened?]

But her happiness was short lived!!! Her entire existence shook as she saw gayathri standing in front of her…her eyes spitting fire, hatred, disgust…. And what not! She gulped hard..wondering what she was doing there. She had completely forgotten about her in all this!!

“what are you doing here?”, gayathri asked coldly.

Geet was too shocked to react when gayathri just shouted, “what are you doing here? Answer us Geet…”

“wo…, ” her lips trembled with an unknown fear gripping her heart…why was she scared? She knew gayathri aunty hated her..but then she knew she wont be able to say anything because she had Maan beside her, but still she trembled, “ participating..”

“what? And what have you done to Maan?”, gayathri held her arms shook her violently, “what have you done to Maan?”

Geet tried to stay strong..she just shouldn’t let her weak side resurface.

“I didn’t get you aunty…”

Gayathri pushed her feeling disgusted, “didn’t get us? But we did get you very well what you are upto Geet….!”

Geet couldn’t even understand what she was speaking about, “wat did I do aunty?” she tried to be as polite as she could.


don’t pretend Geet… just because anisha is no think its your turn to take her place? What has gotten into you? You ruined the person’s life who valued you more than herself..and now when she is not here… you come back and do such things with Maan…” she was feeling really disgusted seeing their dance.

Geet was shocked…what did she do?

“aunty..please..aap jaisa soch rahi hain waise kuch bhi nahi hain….”

[aunty please…nothing is as what you think]

“then what is it Geet? What is it? tum Maan ka fayada kyun utha rahi ho? You knew he is in a vulnerable you thought its right time to make him fall for you..isn’t it?”

[then what is it Geet? What is it? why are you taking advantage of his vulnerable being?]

“am not taking any advantage..”


“then tell us whatever we saw right there was all false….don’t you even have any shame? Trying to  seduce a married man…” her voice clearly expressed sheer disgust. Tears clouded Geet’s eyes as she tried to hold them back! It was probably time to let her know what was true!

“its nothing like that aunty… we love each other…” she spoke all at once!

“huh..are you trying to make fun of us? Theres nothing called ‘love’ between you two Geet..get the fact staright!”

“it is..i love him..and he loves me as well…”


There was something on gayathri’s face that scared the hell out of Geet. The fear of unkown started engulfing her yet she held on to her belief!!

so…how did you know that he loves you Geet? We know Maan a little too well perhaps..did he himself told you that he loves you?

Geet was caught off guard! It was as if the ground slipped right under feet… he never told anything such! Now come to think of it.. it was her who had shouted ‘I love you’ to him before rashmi’s marriage..and if you think was not even a proper confession! She went numb for a while..but then her closeness with Maan just made her a little stronger!


“answer us Geet… we are waiting..did he tell you?”

“ummm..n…no but I know he does….”

She was shocked to see gayathri laugh so cruelly! He wondered what was so funny about it!!!

you claim to have known Maan very well..don’t you..but wait today we will show you what he thinks and where you belong!


She walked away leaving her shocked…scared and uncertain. She tried to get a grip on herself and wiped her tears. It reminded her of anisha… and suddenly she was even scared to see him. What if he never loved her? what if he doesn’t even love her… how could she have forgotten anisha in trying to work her relationship with Maan? She never wanted to take anisha’s place neither she did she have any such plans. She slowly walked back to the hall hoping nothing goes wrong.


As she entered she felt his strong grip hold her protectively in her embrace. She felt better but still scared. He looked at her pale faces and lifted her head by her chin and made her to look at him, ‘you okay Geet? You suddenly seemed so withdrawn!”

She looked down and shook her head, “umm just too tired.”

She held his arm tightly, fearing that ‘unknown’..fearing her fears.

‘shall we go home? You are looking tired!

“umm..” she nodded softly!

As they made their way out..themedia pounced on them asking various questions. Maan was inevitable he know but Geet  didn’t look comfortable at all. She just stuck closer to him and waited to get back to their car as fast as possible. Aryan tried to help them but the media was more interested in Maan. They were asking various questions and he was tactfully avoiding them and making his way out.


Gayathri’s words were still ringing in her head when she froze with a question that media popped on them, “mr. khurana who’s this pretty lady with seemd to be very close…”

And that was it! one after the other asked the same questions..even they were curious about this new lady in his life..especially after his wife’s death. He tried to avoid them but they would never let go of him until he answered! He was surrounded and he sighed..he had to answer this and get away, there was no other way!


He took a deep breath in and Geet’s heart almost stopped…seeing him get ready to answer them. Aryan, roops and prem stood there..shocked at the turn of events..everyone holding their breaths for his answer.

mr. khurana… you must answer..everyone is waiting..and curious since the beginning..

“well…”, he smiled and pulled her even closer, “she is someone very special to me…”

Her heart skipped a beat…. He did say special right!!! But what she heard next was something that killed her right there!!!

“she is the bestest of my best friend…Geet.we are friends since our childohood!!”

She went numb,…every fear of her coming true every passing minute….not that she denied she was his childhood friend….but now when she had claimed so proudly in front of gayathri that he loved her…and that he was her husband..everything just seemed so fake and so hollow!!! She held back her tears as her eyes fell on Aryan and other..who were equally shocked and angry as well at Maan for making that statement. Roops had tears in her eyes…seeing that look on Geet’s face…it was as if every color had been drained out of her life forcefully!


She walked lifeless…and her eyes fell on gayathri…standing at a corner..looking at her intently. She had that ‘we-told-you-so’ look on her face. She couldn’t even look at her! how could she be so damn wrong? Every assumption of hers were all proved wrong!!! Her weakened heart developed yet another crack..and it was too  much painful this time…just unbearable pain!


next: reality check for…Confused

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