05 Feb



She kissed his bare shoulder, straightening him with the feel. He just turned around taking her hands off him, “don’t you dare do that again…” and he walked off. Geet stood there… feeling so many things at a time…she blushed..the first intense kiss ever…she touched her swollen lips…and smiled. Probably it was their second kiss….but the first intimate one. She knew he was still angry..and she has to manaofy him big time. She just smiled and walked back to her room to change.


She took a closer look on herself standing in front of the mirror… touching her swollen lips…actually bleeding. She blushed so hard that her face heated up..but somewhere glad that he was actually accepting her… does he even love her? that thought crossed her mind…and she stopped!! Was that even love? Or was it because he was angry? Or that he was jealous? A smile teased her lips… whatever it was..she was glad that it was for her. she freshened up and walked out to speak to him. She recalled how he had walked away asking her to go to hell… and laughed. He was still a kid….or maybe not. She walked down only to see dia, namra and dadima getting ready to go for a small shopping. They invited Geet but she faked saying she had some work. Dadima smirked looking at her… gesturing her to look up the stairs. She saw Maan descending down the stairs holding his files and cell phone…probably going to sit in the lawn.


Geet’s eyes widened seeing dadima teasing her as her blushing self just gave away what might have transpired between them. Maan just walked past them ignoring all the ladies out there when he stopped hearing namra’s voice, “angel mumma… what happened to your lips?”

Geet’s eyes popped out hearing such a random question. He stopped on his tracks wondering what was that about. He looked at the girls standing in the middle of the hall…gossiping when he heard dadima coughing.

“mumma… did something bite you?” dia asked innocently.

Geet was trying to gulp down some water when she started couching so badly that she spit all the water. Dadima caressed her back, “Geet..araam se beta… sahi mein what happened to your face?”

[Geet… relax beta..but serioysly..what happened to your face?]


Geet was all sharm se paani paani… doesn’t even have the slightest idea what she’d answer. She slowly turned around giving Maan a murderous was all because of him..grrr stupid fellow. He saw her looking at him like that… and that’s when it actually struck him that he had kissed her. he looked at everyone asking what happened..and dadima also in teasing mood,…and the fact that he was still angry on her. he smirked giving her a you-deserve-it look and walked away. She sighed… he was really mad at her.


He walked to the lawn and sat on the swing, keeping his files aside, thinking of the beautiful moment they had shared.  There was no regret…no guilt…the feel of her lips on his… that was probably the sweetest thing ever happened with him till date..but then why did it feel as if something similar he had experienced earlier too..!! he tried to recollect if he was ever this close with Geet before..but then he just couldn’t think straight. The very feel of their glued mouths just made his skin tingle with a want for more….of course not forgetting the fact that he was mad at her. he got a call..and he had to get back to work. It was some important overseas call so he will be busy for the next 2-3 hours.


As the kids wore shoes, Geet peeped into the lawn..wondering if he was alone. She wanted to speak to him but seeing the seriousness on his face..probably it was important. Dadima saw that and tapped her shoulder.

“Geet..its going to take better luck next time. You can come with us..”

She winked at Geet making her turn scarlet. However..dadima was enjoying this. They were getting closer…and it was so evident..even the servants new about it. there was nothing to hide..everything was crystal clear. And this is what dadima loved the most. Somewhere down the line she had lost all hopes of seeing Maan or Geet happy.. but now probably things had taken a turn for good. Geet looked at Maan once again.. and he seemed too engrossed in his work. She sighed and agreed t join them. She was so eager to speak to him..tell him that she wants to participate in the show… and it was because she wanted to do it for him..but sir is angry and upar se he is busy with something and she was going for some stupid shopping.


She half heartedly went with them… looking around the shops, buying something for the kids..for dadima..she looked least interested!! Dadima just smiled.

Geet…lets go and get something for Maan…”

Her face lightened up hearing his name..does that mean they were to go home soon? She turned only to see dadima giving her a naughty look. She was so embarrassed that she just hid her face in her palms.

“we didn’t know our gundi geet..blushes too….”

“annn dadima…”

“ok ok…no more teasing..princess is so eager to get back home. Lets finish with this and get back okay….”


Geet just hugged dadima and walked towards the men’s section. She had been so frank with dadima that there was nothing that she could hide. What was the reason to hide anything either? She was HER dadima after all…she smirked..her own dadima 1st and then Maan’s..from the very beginning. She went on searching something for Maan..something that he’d like..she roamed the entire place but then there was nothing that he didn’t have. She walked further..but stopped short seeing someone very similar. That person’s back faced her..but that physique… she went numb for a while…that can’t be!


Namra pulled her dupatta, “mumma you okay?”

She snapped again looking towards that person, “umm am alright…lets go from here.”

She gave one more look to that person..he still had his back faced to her.. may be he wasn’t who she was thinking. They got into the car..when dadima noticed Geet suddenly going very silent. She asked if she was okay..geet just nodded and looked out of the window….thinking something similar that had happened in the past.



She still hid the pain within and agreed to go shopping with Roops.  Maan and anisha’s engagement had been announced but no official date had been fixed. She had been keeping emotionally low all the time but there was no a tinge of sadness reflecting on her face. Roops went on to buy some accessories..but Geet’s heart was nowhere in it. she just roamed around and strayed to the men’s section. She smiled a bit… she had been doing all shopping for Maan herself…. Probably this wasn’t her right anymore. She saw a very similar figure out there… like someone she knew. She tried to look at his face..but he was speaking to someone and his face wasn’t visible to her. she saw her cell being with Roops’ name flashing. She sighed..time to get back to her. she was keeping worried for anisha too..not that they had some problem..but anisha’s weird behavior towards her was just not letting her be in peace. She tried to think if they had a fight..if she was rue to her..but nothing of that sort. Anisha spoke to her nicely like earlier..but she somewhere found that sisterly love slowly missing. What was it that was changing their relationship?


She turned to leave when she heard a very familiar voice, “Geet….”

She froze right there… she had heard that voice before…and it was something that she never wanted to confront.

Geet..beta…its me…mujhse nahi milogi?”

[Geet…beta its me..don’t you want to meet me…]

She slowly turned around hoping for the worst..and there he stood… in all his rich attire..a lump formed in her throat…she just wanted to go away from there. She took a step back…as he inched closer.

“ your father beta…don’t you remember me?. Am seeing you after so many years….tum kitni badal gayi ho..”

[ your father beta…don’t you remember me? Am seeing you after so many years… you have changed so much…]


She stood numb…some faint memories coming back to her..a little 4 year girl hiding behind the door..watching her mother plead that very man standing in front of her..not to leave her……

“how….how did you..” she wanted to ask how did he recognize her.. but no words formed… so many memories occupying her mind altogether…

He just smiled and moved forward to hold his daughter, “had I not seen you the other day with jasmeet….i just couldn’t have…”

Before he could say a thing further..she just pushed him away, “ are not my father…”

That hatred..that pain mohinder had seen in Geet’s eyes was something that shook him. He was a big man now… but Geet just shut herself from everything and ran out. She texted roops that she was already home and that she’d see her later…



She came out of her reverie with the kid’s squealing with happiness. It was then she realized they had reached home already. Dadima tapped her shoulder, “lagta hain sir ka mood kaafi acha hain… you can speak to him now…”

[seem’s like sir’s mood is better now… you can speak to him now.]

Geet sighed…why to even bother about something that doesn’t even hold any importance in her life? She was a stupid that time..but time does heal things right! Moreover..she had other things to look into. What if it was him… it was not that she was ever going to see him again. she sighed and looked around for Maan. He was still sitting in the lawn with his laptop. She wondered how much can he work at a stretch. She rolled her eyes and went to change. The kids were tired..and they had eaten loads on the way time to get back to bed. Dadima left them alone. She changed into her nightsuit and walked towards the lawn. Holding two mugs of coffee.


He felt someone sitting beside him..and he just knew who it was. He smiled a bit and dipped his face into the laptop, pretending to be busy. She extended a mug towards him, “Maan… dinner theek se kiya na?”

[Maan… did you have dinner properly?]

She asked him ever so sweetly…he knew she was trying to manaofy him. He just suppressed his smile and continued to work.

“umm..” what all that he replied. she made a baby face, “Maan….”


“I got your coffee..”

“umm keep it aside…”

She raised her brows…. He was so mad at her. he just got an important mail to look into.


“Maan…kaha na am sorry….mujhse baat tho karo na…”

[Maan..told you am sorry…. At least speak to me na..]

“Geet…let me finish with this..its important…” he spoke without even looking at her. he was so engrossed that he didn’t even realize when he had taken the mug and sipped his coffee. She just sat there..making faces….she was done with her coffee and looked up at the sky. The beautiful stars twinkled..making her drowsy..when the events that had followed just came back to her.




She sat in her dark room… unable to think anything properly. His face flashed in front of her… as tears rolled down her eyes. That night..she couldn’t do anything to stop him from going away…. Her mother cried and begged… and god knows what not she did..she left her family being the only daughter of her parents just for that man…she had all the riches of the world..yet she decided to go against all odds and be with the man she had loved..but things would turn out like this…breaking her completely. Her grandfather had come to their rescue..he loved his daughter and granddaughter more than his pride or ego and had taken them in.


She was angry at self…. Why could she just not say anything to that man? How easily he had come back claiming he was her father…wasn’t he the same man who had once claimed that Geet was not his daughter? She was so angry… for letting him play with her emotions today… she threw the pillow angrily on the floor. She wanted to call Maan and be with him….but then what was the point? He must  be busy with anisha!


She just dipped her face in her hands and sobbed silently. She felt some movements in her room but she had no courage to even look up who was that. He slowly came in..picking up the pillow that she had thrown away and sat quietly beside her. she was sure he wouldn’t come but she did feel his warm hand pulling her up.

“Geet…what happened? I heard from roops that you were feeling low…and why are you not taking my calls?”

She looked at her solace in the dark… she knew he was with anisha..but still he came to her… it somewhere made her feel better. But least did she knew what effect did it have on anisha. Maan cupped her face..he was so worried seeing her cry..geet never cried..never. his thumb wiped her tears, “Geet..tell me what happened…”

She couldn’t hold back anymore and hugged him tight..sobbing badly in arms. He caressed her back, “Geet..shh….did anyone tell you anything?”

She was just not in mood to tell anything and he let her cry till she felt better. She parted after a while, feeling better….her eyes searching for something in him…he just didn’t know what happened and rested his forehead over hers, “is there anything you’d like to share?”


Their breaths the closeness made her even more emotional…a try at unleashing her own emotions. She closed her eyes and let her tears fall..touching his lips… and the moment was so perfect that none knew when their lips touched…slightly..just a small peck here and there.. probably he didn’t even realize what he did. but Geet lived it…she somewhere had a feeling that she was going to lose him forever….she probably lived her entire life..those painful 5 years that were yet to come in those 5 seconds. She gently placed her head on his chest….




He was finally done with his work and he realize she was asleep. She had slipped and her head rested on his shoulder. He smiled and called nakul to take away all his stuffs and keep it in the study. He lazily stretched his arms making her fall on his chest…looking at the beautiful woman sleeping in his arms. He gently caressed her cheek..moving away that strand of hair  that was teasing her cheeks. With one swift movement, He carried her in his arms and slowly walked towards her room.

She twicked her nose and gently opened her eyes…her head rested on his chest and realized he was carrying her to her room. She smiled na dput her arms around his neck, “Maan..ab bhi naraz ho kya? Sorry naa..”

[ still angry? Sorry naa…]

“you are awake?”

“ still sleeping. Mera bhoot tumse baat kar raha hain…”

[ still sleeping. My ghost is speaking to you..]

am still not talking to didn’t even look at me… and just went away with that jerk hai na…”

“ohh…someone is jealous? Waise I remember I have something important to tell you…”


“jealous..and me? Are you crazy? And I really don’t want to speak to you about that jerk whatsoever..”

He gently placed her on her feet as they reached her room when she just held his hand tight, “you ARE jealous..”

He turned away crossing his arms over his chest, enjoying their stupid fight.

“I am not..”

“ohh yes you are…”

“Geet..i said I am not… “

“okay jealous singh khurana..i really have something important to tell you..”

“am not going to hear you…”

“ jealous anarkali…”

“what..did you call me that Geet? You are dead now?”


He tried to hold her..but she just showed her tongue and ran away. He followed her all around the room and seeing no escape she just ran into the washroom. She was about to close the door on his face when he just pushed the door hard and got in.

oyii…its bad manners to get into a girl’s bathroom..” she screamed giggling.

“shut are going to pay for it now….”

Taking long strides he just cornered her to the wall in no time. She tried to get away when he just blocked her putting both hands on the wall..thereby trapping her.

“so you think you can stop me like this?”, Geet challenged.

He smirked, “umm.. may be not like this….” He just took a step away.

That was easy..geet thought..but the moment she took a step forward…a cold shower just hit her body…making her shriek. It was then she realized he had turned on the shower..and the water was just too cold in the chilly night.

“maaan….” She was panting with the sudden shower.


She tried to walk out of the water when he just pushed her further into the shower, holding her firm..himself getting wet!

“isn’t it fun?”

“arrgh…Maan..just let me go..its cold…”

She tried to push him again but he slammed her on to the wall..not letting her go out of the cold water. She was breathing hard with the cold whilst his eyes just couldn’t stop drinking the beauty of hers. Her clothes stuck to her body just like a second skin…she tried hard to shove him away..but he held her firm and when she tired harder..he slammed his entire body on hers..making her a sandwich between the wall ad himself.

“kyun..mazaa aa raha hain na??” he smirked.

[why..isn’t it fun?]

“maa..aan..” it was basically out of the chill but it turned out to be a moan.

She tried to push him away..even he was getting wet..but she stilled..feeling his warm lips suddenly on her neck, “Maan…wh…”

She couldn’t even complete when his lips found hers…knocking the breath out of her. her every move had been teasing his senses..and the water doing wonders on them. He pushed his mouth more into her… taking both her lips in… sucking out every little sweetness that formed her lips… her tongue..and that warm fluid playing between them…she tired to say something but her senses were just taken over by a sense of pleasure. She willingly gave in..supporting herself against the wall..hence supporting his body as well. Her arms locked around his shoulder..tighter every minute as he bit her harshly to move within her.


She opened her eyes a little..feeling his one hand playing with her skin  on her waist…. What more did she want? Everything she wanted was right with her.. right now… she smiled and kissed him back as passionately as him.

He was totally lost in the sweet taste… he wasn’t even letting her breath. The cold water drenched them completely…he pulled out all of a sudden and the next moment  his lips were right on her neck…teasing her,..testing her….and she didn’t even realize her body’s reaction to him…. Her tender bud hardening with that mere touch of his…millions of butterflies in her stomach..and his name on her lips.


next: ohh teri… impt baat tho reh hi gayiD'oh


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  1. Afsha

    06/02/2013 at 14:32

    Maan is getting closer n bold 😉

  2. niki

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    wht is ths di?asli time pe khatm?i love it.


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