20 Jan


Geet finally decided on taking a holiday for a day or two and relax a bit…she had been wanting to spend some time with the kids for a long time. They had their exams coming too. It was early morning..the first day of her holiday… and she just wanted to work out a bit. She changed into her tracks and tank top, took her ipod and walked towards the gym. She put on her ear plugs, played her favorite number and ran on the treadmill.  She was impressed by the awesome gym he owned. It was vast and it had all the equipments that one needed.


As per his regular routine, he walked towards the gym. Knowing Geet, he was sure she must be sleeping like a log since she had taken a holiday. For the past one month..he didn’t know why but it was her who had taken his entire attention. He liked being around her… speaking to her…and he just liked her a lot and he didn’t have any answer as to why he did. his mind always fought back that he had liked her a lot since childhood so there was nothing new in it. as he neared the gym, he could hear loud music from inside. He got curious and peeped in..only to see her jumping around. He wondered if she had gone mad. He entered and realized she had put on some songs on the music player and was doing her aerobics. Well its good for health…it was surprising that she was up so early.



She looked at him from the corner of her eyes..he was wearing a loose white see through shirt and his tracks. She gave him a sweet smile and continued with her aerobics. She was good. He shook his head and got to the treadmill….but his eyes just moved towards her. he noticed that slender figure jumping and swirling along with the music…and she looked cute. Her pony danced cutely with her too. He was sweaty so he just took off his shirt and threw it away and continued with his crunches. She wiped the sweat on her forehead and turned to get those lighter dumbbells when her eyes fell on him. Her eyes widened as she gasped for hair… sweaty and hot…. His muscles flexed as he pulled himself up and again went down. She had never ever ever seen him like that…. And that drop of sweat kissing his forehead..slipping down his cheeks….down to the corner of his  lips… she felt her insides melt. She saw him stand up and practice his tai-chi… and she her stomach twisted within.

Her throat went dry and there was this sudden urge to hold him…… to touch him…something she had never experienced before. She knew and she was very sure that she loved him…madly and unconditionally but she had never known the attraction that could crop up between them… something she knew could be dangerous to their relationship. She tried hard to look away from his alluring self but her legs defied her every command and her heart denied. His every move just took her breath away.


He turned around with a kick..but stopped seeing her..standing like that..motionless..looking at him. He twitched his brows..but there was no reaction from her. he eyes  her from top to bottom wondering what happened.. but he stood frozen when his eyes met hers. Her eyes gave away all that she felt…that desire he saw… wouldn’t be correct to call it ‘desire’, he corrected himself….it was something else…he fought with himself but couldn’t stop himself from losing himself in the depth of her eyes. They were so…pretty he thought and they told him everything that she felt. They’d have probably stood like that for hours had not it been for the music player.

ohooo..chod chaad ke apne salim ki gali….anarkali disco chali….”


Geet had lined up a few songs..and she didn’t even realize she had lined up this song too. Both were brought back to reality with the loud music and their attention went to the lyrics..

ohhh anarkali disco chali…..chali chali disco chali….LOL


They both looked at the music player and then at each other…a few seconds passed motionless and it was Geet who first started laughing her head off, looking at him. He was instantly reminded of that anarkali incident… basically she had tagged him anarkali just because he looked at some random girl other than anisha… he smiled at his thoughts but got irritated seeing her laugh so badly at him!

GEEETTT…“, he clenched his teeth.

how can I forget…. ANARKALI….” She managed to speak and ran away.

tum kabhi sudhrogi nahi..hai na…” and he ran after her.

[you are never going to change right…]


She laughed louder and ran out. Ohh he hated being made fun of..and this girl never leaves a chance to do the same. He was definitely going to teach her a lesson today. He saw her running out towards the lawn and he followed. The chillness hit his bare body..the mist still surrounded the air. The cold droplets of water in the grass touch her bare feet making her feel ticklish. She giggled and ran across the swing. He heard her giggle..and just couldn’t stop smiling… just the most perfect morning ever! He followed her giggle and ran towards her. it was a little hazy due to the mist. She was about to run when he caught her hand. She felt a tug on her hand and got pulled towards him..but her leg slipped due to the dew and the next she knew was being wrapped in his protective arms…


She collided hard onto him and he lost his balance and fell. His hands instinctively went around her waist to protect her from the fall as the cold grass touched his bare back. She had her head tucked under his chin and her trembling lips on his throat. He closed his eyes…. He didn’t know what gave him shivers..the cold grass or her cold lips that trembled against his throat. His hold tightened around he thought of the paradoxical situation he found himself him… her cold lips giving him shivers while her warm breath blowing life into him.


She felt something warm around her lips… and froze realize what had happened. She breathed in… he was warm and his scent…raw and intoxicating. She felt the same sensation again… and probably she wanted to hug him tight too. She gulped hard.. her skin burned with his every touch. She stilled as she felt his hand slide over her back… touching the bare skin…setting tremors within her…. she was in no position to deny…yet she managed to lift her head up and look at his face.


Teri baahon mein mili
Aisi rahat si mujhe
Ho gayi jaan-e-jahaan
Teri aadat si mujhe
Dekhun main jab tujhko toh
Tab mera din yeh dhale

pls take time to listen to this song… it will justify what i have written in my update today!


His eyes looked into hers…questioning but more than that..there was a longing that he saw and instantly moved his hands away from her. the touch had been so mesmerizing…he was lost in her..her touch..her scent..he realized her weight slowly moving off his body. He took a deep breath in and stood up, still holding her hand. He looked at her again..and saw her looking at him with the same longing that he had seen earlier.. as her hand slipped away from his, he realized he was hating it..her moving away like that..but he just couldn’t do anything.


Deewana kar raha hai
Tera roop sunehra
Musalsal khal raha hai
(musalsal means continues)
Mujhko ab yeh sehra
Bata ab jaayein toh jaayein kahaan
Deewana kar raha hai
Tera roop sunehra
Musalsal khal raha hai
Mujhko ab yeh sehra
Bata ab jaayein toh jaayein kahaan


He stood there like that..with his hands still in air..letting her she slowly vanished out of his sight into the thin mist. He shook his head and walked slowly back to his room to get ready for office. It had suddenly been a cloudy day. Geet got busy with the kids..getting them ready, preparing their lunch boxes, checking their home works….but she was lost… with whatever happened in the morning..she couldn’t take it off her mind.


Dard ka aalam hai har dum
Tere bin o mere hum dum
Aankhon mein dikhti hai maausiyan


She was stuck between what she felt and what he thought! She was already having a premonition that whatever was budding between them was definitely going to be fatal for their relationship but then she couldn’t stop herself from loving him..could she? She heard dia calling her..they had to move. She just brushed her thoughts aside…whatever it was beautiful. She felt goose bumps on her skin at the thought of it..and she blushed. Probably it was her most beautiful moment with him..least did she know that her most beautiful moment with him was yet to come.

He walked out of the bath, wearing his shirt…getting ready for office when his eyes fell on anisha’s portrait. He walked closer and brushed his hands over her face… the pain of losing some one so dear…. He knew how it felt. He missed her a lottt…..


Jahaan bhi jaaun tere bin
Badi mushkil se guzre din
Chubti hai dil ko teri khamoshiyan
Raaz gehra jo hai tera
Darr hai kaisa tu hai mera aa


Only he knew how he had lived…numerous times he had wished upon stars  to give anisha back to him..but all he got was her silence in her portrait. He could have stood there longer had not it been her laughter echoing throughout the mansion. His hands unknowingly slipped away from anisha and his legs carried him towards the source of that voice.

Deewana kar raha hai
Tera roop sunehra
Musalsal khal raha hai
Mujhko ab yeh sehra
Bata ab jaayein toh jaayein kahaan


He never realized how he got to is office…how the day went by… but everything was surrounded by her. that smile..her longing eyes… like she wanted to say something.. and he was just unknowingly getting pulled towards her like a super magnetic force acting upon him…and he was just allowing himself to get pulled..anyways there’s nothing he could have done to avoid that.


Deewana kar raha hai
Tera roop sunehra
Musalsal khal raha hai
Mujhko ab yeh sehra
Bata ab jaayein toh jaayein kahaan


It was late night when he got back. He was too distracted which was so unlike him. Finally snapping out from everything, he just immersed himself in work, trying hard to shut himself from everything…from her! it was drizzling….the day had been cold and cloudy. He sighed..the weather was not good at all. The entire mansion was calm…he looked at the time. It was around 11 and he realized everyone must be asleep. It had been a long day..and tiring. He didn’t want to sleep early.. he wanted to sit quietly for a while. He walked towards the lawn, thinking of sitting in the verandah for a while…


Dhul gaye dil ke saare ghum
Kushi se aankhein hai yeh namm
Zindagi mein tu meri jab se aa gaya


He gasped seeing her roaming around the lawn in that rain. Geet was too disturbed as well.. it had been the most beautiful thing for her and she just wanted to see him once. She was getting restless..and finally decided to take a walk in the rain. She was sooo overwhelmed with her own feelings… they were trickling down her heart and she just didn’t have any control over them.


Dil ka armaan bana hai tu
Meri pehchaan bana hai tu
Saanson mein rooh bann ke tu sama gaya


He was sooo mesmerized with that sight… she was in her simple night dress..her hair let down.. and that smile on her lips!!! He cursed his heart for not listening to him. He hated it..but couldn’t stop himself from walking down towards her. images from the morning flashed in his mind…. Why was she taking over all his controls? Why was she affecting him so much? why her one look is enough to make him restless… he questioned himself..but he couldn’t stop. He was like in a trance..everything seems to get better and better with her closeness…


Jaan bhi teri, dil bhi tera
Tujhse hai mera sawera oo..

She saw him getting close to her…and her happiness knew no bounds. She had been waiting for him so long… and she wanted to see him so badly. She inched closer to him too..the water droplets sliding down her face. She wanted to thank him…but before she could say anything…she felt his warm hand cupping her cheek… her eyes widened and looked into his. She could see nothing but darkness…like he had concealed all his feelings beneath them. His touch burned her skin as the same feeling took over her again and she simply gave in. she tilted her head so that it rested more on his hands..and she felt a slight pull.

Deewana kar raha hai
Tera roop sunehra
Musalsal khal raha hai
Mujhko ab yeh sehra

Bata ab jaayein toh jaayein kahaan


She took a step closer..and another…. Loosing herself with that touch.. and he never denied it too. Tears spilled out of her eyes seeing that closeness… how much she had wished this… how much she had craved for the same look in his eyes subconsciously…as she gently wrapped her hands around him and placed her head on his chest….

Deewana kar raha hai
Tera roop sunehra
Musalsal khal raha hai
Mujhko ab yeh sehra
Bata ab jaayein toh jaayein kahaan

He didn’t know what he was doing… but everything felt so damn right.. so so peaceful…so calming..! his hand snaked her back and held her close to his heart. The feel of her skin over her wet clothes send shivers down his spine. She was soft… warm…and for some reasons he said it in his mind..that she was his! She had always been his! His hands went tighter around her..pressing her more into him… feeling her so near to his heart.


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