02 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR one again guys…Hug





she hadn’t even expected him to join…and the naughtiness she saw in his eyes… his pulling away her dupatta… and dancing.. she was just mesmerized with the whole thing?? Was she seeing the Maan singh khurana?? Was she seeing her Maan??? Tears formed in her eyes… as she joined him in the fun….there was a lot to say to him… she wondered if this was reality or just a dream..that would vanish the moment she opens her eyes!


He was battling with himself from the moment he had come here.. so many friends.. so much fun.. he had missed them a lot,…. And when they were right in front of him… inviting him to have fun..he was fighting… did he even deserve to enjoy again? Could he live again? He fought and fought and fought… till he lost… and seeing Geet and all his and her friends together… he just couldn’t resist… he had already lost the battle… so what was the point in holding himself back?  He had been so lonely all these years..after anisha.. that he had completely forgotten everything. Even Geet wasn’t there with him.. and now when she was back.. everyone was back..he had lost anisha!! He sighed… and looked at Geet, asking him to join, with her eyes..and he was realizing she was having her effect on him. He just stopped thinking..he had lost the battle..and finally joined her. they didn’t even realize how long they danced…and laughed..but he realized Geet’s eyes were on him..the entire time.. like she was so proud.. she was so awed.. and he couldn’t help but lose himself in those beautiful pair of eyes..and he never knew what was happening with him!


That night… Geet couldn’t sleep.. she kept on thinking about him.. he was slowly opening up… yes she wanted that.. but what was he thinking? He had become so unpredictable nowadays. She looked at dia and namra sleeping beside her in the hall with other girls. They refused to sleep away from their angel so finally clung to her. she caressed namra’s head with one had while she rested her head over the other. The other girls were giggling.. and some of her friends who had kids were busy and gossiping too….. the way he had pulled her dupatta…the way he had danced with her… that smile on his lips.. she heard ananya calling her!

Ananya: Geet…kithey koi hai tu? Kal kuch plan karein? Waise bhi tomorrow we are getting a day free…

[Geet… where are you lost? Shall we plan something tomorrow? Anyways tomorrow we are getting a day free]

Geet was in no mood to speak to anyone.. she wanted some time alone to herself.

Geet: anu.. hum kal baat karte hain iske bare mein.. mein abhi dadima ko dekh kar aati hun… just see the kids don’t wake up…

[anu…lets talk about this tomorrow.. I’ll see dadima and come.. just see the kids don’t wake up..]


She tucked the duvet properly around the kids and walked out. Anu, as she was fondly called, just looked at her retreating figure wondering what was she thinking! She had been quiet the whole time after sangeet. She was distracted by roops and others who called her to join them. It was already 12am… she walked down the almost silent corridors.. things were getting wrapped up for the day and guests retiring to their rooms. Geet never intended to go to dadima’s room.. she had already made her comfortable in her room. And dadima was very happy seeing Maan joining geet. She had expressed her happiness too. It was a chilly night… she walked out of the mansion…and stopped beside the fountain. There was no one around..and she just sat beside the water, looking at her reflection.


What was he thinking? Aryan was back..and there was probably no way she would tell Maan about her engagement with him…she was sure he will blame himself for breaking her engagement..she definitely didn’t want him to feel bad in any sense. She closed her eyes and dipped her finger into the water, creating ripples… and she slowly opened her eyes only to see Maan’s reflection through the fading ripples. Was he really there? She wondered and again stirred her finger. There were ripples again and he was still there. She turned around only to see him standing beside her…looking over the water.


you.. didn’t sleep?

He sighed and sat beside her, “same question Geet.. you didn’t sleep?

She just kept looking at the  water   near her, “umm nahi.. neend nahi aayi…

[umm no.. didn’t feel like sleeping..]

same here… I am so tired..but I don’t know why I am not able to sleep…

She slowly lifted her head to look at his face, “tum kya soch rahe ho Maan???

[what are you thinking Maan?]


He smiled a bit and looked up at the sky, “I was just wondering… life can be so ironic right..when I had anisha.. I didn’t have you..or anyone else.. and when I have you and all my friends with me.. I don’t have her….it feels like we are bargaining something for something…”

Geet followed his gaze and looked up at the sky, “yes it is…you can’t have everything in life Maan…“, she went back to her own memories of the past, “you can’t have everything altogether… you need to let yourself flow with life… accept whatever terms and conditions it keeps in front of you… we are not powerful enough to fight against destiny…


There was a complete silence between them..and she spoke again, “just try to flow with life for once Maan..instead of always fighting against it…things will seem much easier

He looked at her for a while.. she didn’t even look at him!! And suddenly he realized he found the answers he was looking for… the lost battle that had stirred him… his own feelings about everything..about his friends.. about Geet.. he stood up and forwarded  his hand to her, “Geet.. its cold and its late..better go and rest..

She looked at him.. and then his hand.. she  looked into his eyes.. and there was so much sincerity in them.. she gently gave her hand  in his. he held it tenderly and helped her stand, “good night Geet..sleep well


He slowly moved away from her, his hand gently brushing her hand.. and that smile on his lips… uff..geet madam slipped once again! She had come for something else..and she was going with something else.

good night…“, she managed to whisper. She could here Maan’s friends shouting and teasing him…from the other mansion.. they were too loud. She looked towards the boys side wala mansion and looked up to see someone standing by the corridor and watch over her. she instantly knew it was Aryan..she smiled and got back!


The next day was busy for all..though the guys and girls slept like log. Geet woke up early and took a bath. She wore a simple red salwar kameez and went downstairs..she saw rashmi’s mumma supervising the workers in putting the flowers around the hall and the stairs. She somewhere felt bad that they were not helping and her parents were managing everything alone. She asked her if she could help and finally managed to convince her to allow her with the flowers at least. All her friends were waking up one by one and gathering in the hall. No rituals today so it was going to be a lazy day.  Geet climbed on the ladder and helped the people in setting the canopy of flowers across. She could hear her friends calling her to join.. she even heard the guys coming and joining them. She could hear Maan too.. he seemed all fine..and actually excited about the whole thing. She wondered if he was actually enjoying himself. She laughed at their silly jokes and fights.. and suddenly she heard someone singing..and then probably they even started paying antakshari dividing teams.


She was fixing some orchids on the pillar when her eyes just invariably went  to him..the pillar was just beside the place where they were sitting. She felt her cheeks burn when she realized he was already looking at her… their eyes met once again… and this time..things did slow down! He noticed she had let her hair down.. she had washed them perhaps… and water droplets sparkled like diamond on her cheek as the light fell on them.. she was looking soo simple.. yet so pretty… she was still perched on the ladder..and he just kept looking at her. roops noticed that and suddenly started singing, “chori chori jab nazrein mili…. Chori chori phir neendein udi.. chori chori phir dil ne kaha..chori nahi hain mazaaa…………..”Wink


Geet was startled by the sudden distraction and lost her balance. She was about to fall backwards… even Maan didn’t have enough time to reach her..when she felt someone hold her by her waist, supporting her. she sighed and looked down to see Aryan holding her, he was just coming towards the hall when he saw Geet falling. He was quick enough to help her. ohh boy..someone was really not liking it… he recalled how his friends had teased him the previous night when he had went to his room after speaking to Geet, “kya baat hain..biwi se mile bina neend nahi aati…LOL

[whats the matter… you don’t get sleep without peaking to your wife…]

He had ignored that stupid comment..and he knew he wasn’t jealous either! But he didn’t like it..he had never liked her closeness with aryan from the very beginning.. he knew they were good friends..they were close too.. but he had never never been able to digest that fact.


Geet angrily marched towards roops and tried to hit her. roops ran shouting, “you have to sing in ‘a’…

Anu was in the opposite team.. she started, “ajeeb dastaan hain ye..kahan shuru kahan khatam.. ye manzilein hain tum samajh sake na hum….

Geet ran and sat with roops. So the next word was ‘m’. breakfast was served there only.. no one was ready to get up.


meine payal hai chankai..ab tho aaja tu harjai..meri saanson mein tu hai basa..ohh sajna.. aaja na ab tarsa…

Rashmi was soo delighted to see all her friends together!!! She clapped while some girls started dancing..making fun..teasing Geet for that small romance. She blushed..but poor Maan din;t understand what was going on. Aryan winked at Geet…while she gave him a glare indicating it was nothing of that sort types.

..ohh sajna..aaja na ab tarsaa… you have to sing with ‘s’..

This time..prem..who was sitting quietly for a long time, lost in his thoughts started singling, “I’ll sing..i’ll sing… surkh wala…souz wala..faiz wala love..

woaaahhh….”, everyone started clapping and whistling… and someone even pushed roops to the front while he kneeled down in front of her and held his arms wide open!! Roops gaped at him like he was from some other world.


…hota hain jo love se zyada..waise wala love…ishq wala love…

Geet jumped in the middle and started shouting, “heart wala dil…

The entire hall echoed with laughter while she danced singing, “paani wala water….”, roops, anu and rashmi too joined her, teasing the guys, “boat wala naav…..“, rashmi chimed!

arrey I remembered… budhu wala prem..”, roops squealed… poor prem sharm se paani paani… and then he heard Geet’s stupid line, “kutta wala dog….

(no offense to the people who like this song..its just for fun.. even i like this song a lot!!!)


Everyone was having super duper fun..and he had no better job to do than just observe her…her masti.. that fun..and her craziness. She had opened a new world to him unknowingly… and he was once trying to go with the flow!!!!

By lunch time..the boys had suddenly alienated themselves from everyone. The girls did notice..and some of them even found it suspicious as their hubbies were involved there too. Geet ignored..she thought it must be something stupid..or that they wanted to spend some time with their friends. But she couldn’t miss Maan continuously on call with someone or the other..and even prem!!! And even Aryan!! It was around 7 in the evening and preparations for the next day’s mehndi was going on. Girls were full busy in preparations…so the boys took advantage of that. They didn’t have much to do in mehndi ceremony. Dia was playing around when she saw Maan taking long strides to his room. She hadn’t been with Maan for the past two she ran after him and entered their room. She saw all big big ‘uncles’ getting ready for something. Even she saw her papa getting ready in something other than informal. So she was sure he wasn’t going to office. She went closer to him and pulled his shirt. He looked down and was surprised to see dia. He smiled and picked her up in his arms, “kya baat hain? Aaj meri princess yahan?

[what my princess is here?]


papa..aa..aap…kahan jaa lahe ho?

[papa..where are you going?]

He looked here and there and saw everyone coming towards him. He tried to distract her, “wo beta.. we are going out na…

I go too papa….”

He sighed, “no beta.. bade jaa rahe hain na…

[no beta.. elders are going na..]

but go too…“, she started making faces as if she’ll start crying the next moment. At that moment prem came running and shot a stern look to Maan and then turned to dia, “nahi beta.. aise nahi rote… hum bachelors ki party mein jaa rahe hain.. wahan kids not allowed na…

[no beta…don’t cry… we are going to bachelors’ party..and kids are not allowed there na..]

not allowed?“, she asked cutely.

na…and princesses should never go there too…

really???” she asked widening her eyes.

yep yep..chalo now go to your friends.. they must be waiting na…”

Dia ran away and the moment she was gone, Maan smacked hard on his shoulder, “can’t you shut up for a while prem???

Aryan sighed, “roops was right… budhu wala prem..”

hey hey..stop saying like that okay..and she is a kid yaar.. she doesn’t know whats a bachelors’ party… so chill..”


Puneet gave him a smug smile, “aur agar kuch gadbad hui na prem… you’ll be dead!!

[and if something goes wrong’ll be dead!!}

guys..guys relax..nothings of that sort is gonna happen.. mehndi is kinda fancied by all the girls so they wont know… come on lets get going…


It was around 9…dinner was served.. and the strangest part…..there were no guys!! Everyone looked around..but found no one. Rashmi called puneet..getting worried as to where all they had gone.

nahi sweetheart…don’t worry..hum sab bahar dinner ke liye aaye hain.. yeah yeah..prem, Aryan..yes yes everyones here… don’t worry…”

[no sweetheart.. don’t worry… we have come out  for dinner.. yeah..yeah prem.. Aryan, yes..yes everyone’s there.. don’t worry…]

Everyone sighed!! But roops had her suspicions. She called prem.. and his phone was switched off. She asked anu to call Aryan..even his phone came switched off… she asked Geet to call Maan…and before she could dial his number, dia came running and hugged her.


kya baat hain looking so happy?

umm..umm.. papa was looking han-shum today…

what?? You met him?

yesh yesh..he was going with his fliends na…”

Geet turned to roops who smirked indicating ‘I told you so’.

papa kahan gaye hain?

[where has papa gone?]


Dia thought for a while… umm umm where did he say he was going.. ummm..yeah she was reminded of prem telling her something she tried to formulate in words!!

umm..papa..prem..umm..umm bache..bache…“, she tried to remember what she had been told.., “umm bache..lauki…han han angel wo log bache-lauki party gaye hain..”

what?? Bache..lauki…party??


yesh yesh angel..bache lauki party….”

Geet tried to bring the words together..bache..lauki..and party..the three were completely different words with no relation with each other whatsoever..


Just then roops smacked her shoulder hard, “ stupid mom.. its tring.. bachelor ki party…


Ohh boy.. so the realization finally dawned..and their ego was hurt real bad!!! And rashmi was fuming…so puneet lied!!! They are all out enjoying in some bar or club lying to everyone here and here the girls were slogging??? Even roops was mad..anu too..and Geet as well… they hid about the party from them????they looked at each other meaningfully.. and nodded!!



And here at the bar.. guys were having a blast!!! They were quite happy at their chalupanti for outsmarting the girls. As they raised their glasses to a toast.. they were greeted by some girls dancing…and that was actually tempting.

                                   Assi vele, sab vele, aa vela ho ja re

                                  Assi vele, sab vele, aa vela ho ja re..


please hear the song while you read..its fun!!!Wink It will give you the feel of the situation!! IF POSSIBLE..DO SEE THE VIDEO ALSO!!Wink

Maan took a seat at a corner..with a drink and looked at others enjoying. It felt like ages since he had this much fun! He had even called some of his associates in Amritsar to book them some cool cars for the night.. and he was actually doing it!!!


Oo motoron mein dhik-chik dhik-chik, gedi-shedi maare hai
Fursaton ko dhuaan dhuaan, kar ke shaam udaa de
Kar rahe badmashiyan bole Uncle-Auntiyaan
Apni asi yaariyan duniya pe mitti paaye


He was pulled in by his friends to the dance floor… but he maintained his composure. Everyone was busy in enjoying the so called bachelors’ party… they had been planning it the whole day..that too keeping it away from others. He managed to come out and get back to his old position… enjoying everyone as they danced.


Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki
Assi kehnde rehnde, saanu ki
Inna shining shining future saada bright si
Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki
Bas kehnde hi rehnde, saanu ki
Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si


The girls managed to sneak out of the house…many of them stayed they had little kids and some of them didn’t want to go!! But roops, Geet, rashmi, anu and meera were the ones who were totally determined to teach the boys a lesson. Geet asked her friends to take care of dia and namra. They smirked at their plan and headed out.


O tadi-tadi apni aisi hai, ke tuk-tuk saare dekhenge

Badi-badi aankhein kholenge, deewana humko bolenge
Yaar hai apne favour mein
Ghoome hai phir toh tevar mein


It was already going to be 11:30 and puneet reminded everyone to get back as soon as possible lest anyone suspected. They had super duper fun throughout. Maan and prem sat in one convertible that he ahd asked for.. two seated ones..while punnet and Aryan in the other. The rest were in  other cars. As they pulled out their cars just out of the parking, they saw a few bikes blocking their way. Maan blew the horn for them to get away.. but no one was there. Some guys even shouted profanities at the riders but there were none. They were getting late.. so they blew the horn again. They saw some 6 people coming together and get to the three bikes. All wore black jeans with leather jackets and helmets, covering their faces entirely.


Changi saariyan apni yaariyan hai forever hoye
Oye bottle’on mein peg-sheg daale, karobar bana ke
Vekhenge hum totta-shotta pee ke do Patiale


They bikers got to their rides and each had a rider and a pillion and their attitude… ugh.. the guys hated them!! They took forever to get their bikes and move off their way. But they had to agree that the bikes were classy.


Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki
Assi kehnde rehnde, saanu ki
Inna shining shining future saada bright si


Everything went calm as they drove ahead. As they reached an empty road, Maan noticed the bikers following them. He suspected them to be some kind of robbers or goons. He gestured that to puneet.. but the next moment, one of the bikes over took them and blocked their way. Maan pushed the brakes hard.. prem was almost thrown out of the dashboard!!

are you mad???“, Maan shouted at the top of his voice, totally enraged by their audacity.


Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki
Bas kehnde hi rehnde, saanu ki
Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si


Another biker came and stopped just beside Maan’s car. The other two bikers went a km or so ahead and stopped right there…the biker beside Maan showed his finger to Maan and then pointed it back to himself and then lokoed at the other two bikers!!! Maan hated his attitude.. so it was a race han!!! Well..he’ll show it….. he was damn irritated!!!! As they got ready in their temporary starting point… Maan looked at the rider.. the pillion  was there too. He smirked clearly hinting that he was going to lose. One of his friends got ouot of the car and took the position of the referee, “3…2…1…go!


You think you’re fast
But I know I’m faster
I’m school ya I’m party ninja master
You think strike like you never ever imagine
Drop the boom from million fathoms
Up in the sky down to the ground
.. its a new sound


Maan sped his car and the biker twisted the accelerator. The guys cheered their friends and everyone just held their breaths!!!! Maan noticed the biker was fast..and good with speed too. He looked at the rider again… giving him an evil smirk.


Grab somebody sexy, spin em around
.. girl you’re found
Show all the ladies some tender loving care
Lead them to the floor, throw your hands up in the air
This is how we do it, this is how it is done
We are the velas second to none


They were almost at the same speed, reaching towards their goal..the two bikers marking the finish line. He saw the rider look at him..and probably he realized he was smirking too..though his face was hidden behind the dark glass of the helmet! And just when he thought that was enough and the race would end in a draw..he was utterly taken in by surprise as the rider sped further and overtook him, reaching the finish line just a nanosecond ahead of him!! He was awed by his control on speed and the way he handled the bike. Even he had a fascination towards bikes and he had owned several of them too.


Oh dil mein topein chalti hain
Oh dhadkan gote khaati hai
Oh vaare nyare hote hain
Jo humse ankh ladh jaati hai


He got off the car and the others joined them..totally awed by them. The bikers stood infront of them..facing them..totally in attitude..still on their bikes!!! And Maan was more excited to see their faces…though he hated his lose!


Karti hai kissy wissy oye
Kehti hai miss you miss you oye
Dil ki haarti jaan saarti
Sab mutiyaare hoye
Ladkiyon ke nedhe tedhe
Gaddi tez chala ke
Karte hain hum hello bye bye po po horn baja ke


mind if you could show your faces….hum bhi tho dekhein kaun hain jisne hume harane ki jurrat ki.”

[mind if you show your faces.. even we want to see the one who dared to defeat us.]

A guy commented..he was totally if they won the race just be sheer luck. All the six riders took off their helmets together… and ,Maan noticed the one who had beaten him.


Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki
Assi kehnde rehnde, saanu ki
Inna shining shining future saada bright si


He was astounded to see Geet and rashmi on the same bike that had defeated him.. even puneet was in for a shock seeing rashmi like that.. he had no idea she had this face too. Prem saw roops in another bike… ohh boy… so the bikers were these girls????


Saanu vele kehnde, saanu ki
Bas kehnde hi rehnde, saanu ki
Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si


He noticed Geet..her hair was down..swaying with the gentle breeze.. and that smokey look in her eyes.. and that dark red lipstick she had put on.. she gave flying kiss to the guys… totally in attitude and the next moment they knew the bikes had zoomed away like whirlwinds!!!! Ohh boy..he was so so so.. enchanted by the whole thing.. it was Geet??? And bikes??? Boy..she was good!!!

Puneet looked at Aryan..making a sorry face… he knew he was gone..oops..all were dead meat today!!!


next: the aftermathLOL + shaadi

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