24 Dec

heres my 1st interview as a writer… i was soo excited for itBig smile
if interested..pls do give it a look!!!Embarrassed




Geet laughed, “it feels am being interviewed for my job Maan… but yes… I don’t want to join…I have my own commitments Maan… and I don’t want to join this company just because you wanted me to. Had I done this of my own…i would have been too happy to join… moreover..rashmi  ki shaadi hain Maan.. and there no way am going to miss that!! She has asked us to come a week before.. but looking at you mr am-so-a-busy-personality.. I don’t think we’ll hardly make it before marriage!!!

but its great offer Geet…

no Maan… I don’t think I’ll fit in here!!! Anyways I need to leave! Could you please try to do something about your busy schedule and get us to Amritsar before her marriage?


And the next moment she was walking out of his office. He sipped his coffee and leaned backwards on his chair.. with a smile on his face. She IS something!!! His mind wavered to her last word…rashmi’s marriage! He recalled himself carrying her to her bedroom. He had found rashmi’s marriage invitation card beside her bedpost. He had taken a closer look and found that she had encircled the venue and dates with a red pen. And then her hopeful look when she told him about her wish to attend the marriage… he tried to stop thinking about that! And he failed miserably. What was it that he couldn’t deny her???


His day was going super bad. He was again and again reminded of her wanting to attend rashmi’s marriage. and of course her outright rejection to his offer… people die to work with KE but this girl..he shook his head. She does everything opposite to what he wants! It was always this way..she always did opposite to what he expected. Poor adi got to bear all his boss’ wrath throughout the day.


Geet called roops and both headed towards Geet’s place. Jasmeet was in her office. So the girls had all the time to themselves. Both cuddled up in Geet’s bed.

Geet…. Mein apna office chod ke aayi know that?

[Geet..i have come leaving my office… you know that?]

umm I know.. but I was getting bored na… by the way when are you leaving for Amritsar?

Roops rolled her eyes, “umm I think day after tomorrow.. prem is coming tomorrow… so we both will..hey wait a minute.. you are not coming with us?

Geet looked here and here..wondering what should she say! are not coming?

umm no..i will…but..umm I am going with Maan…

Roops literally jumped on her, “OMG..maan..he agreed???

Geet bit her lips in frustration, “nahi yaar… he still hasn’t spoken anything about it….

did you ask him???

Geet gave a wide smile, “NOPE… I told him I want to go!!!


Roops smacked Geet’s head lightly, “idiot… you come with us..and leave that busy personality all alone..

roops… I can’t….

what? Whats wrong with you madam?? All college friends will be there… everyone Geet… and you are missing it?? If he doesn’t want to come then don’t force him…

I know.. I know… but I want to actually take him there… knowing him..he’d have a tough time deciding whether to go or not…. He hasn’t actually been in contact with anyone for a long time…I want him to at least open up…

seriously… you are hopelessly in love with him Geet… apna check up karwa…“, roops sighed sadly.


roops… you go ahead with prem.. am sure tu mann hi mann pray kar rahi hogi ke Geet kabaab mein haddi na bane…“, and she started laughing loudly!

[roops.. you go ahead with sure you must be praying inwardly that Geet stays out of this…]

“shut up geet..its not like that….

is it?? Then why the hell are you blushing like that?

Geet…you’re dead..“, she held a pillow and throw on her. Geet caught it and threw it back on her and ran out. Roops ran after her.. throwing the pillow on her again. The maids and servants were so delighted to see both the girls enjoying like how they used to when they were young. Geet ran down the stairs when she dashed with jasmeet. she was just back home and was surprised to see Geet there.


Geet looked at her mumma and she just didn’t know why she felt this overwhelmed… and hugged her tightly. She was so happy..after so many days…was it because Maan cared..was it because she was seeing her mother after so many days… was it because things were getting normal between her and Maan… she didn’t know what it was. But she just hugged her tight.

Jasmeet reciprocated the hug and looked at roops asking her in gestures as to what happened. Roops mouthed ‘Maan’ and that was enough for jasmeet to understand. She smiled and asked softly, “sab theek tho hain na gudiya..?

[is everything okay doll?]

Geet just nodded, “I missed you mumma…”

Jasmeet slowly brought her out of her embrace and wiped her tears, “so all set for rashmi’s wedding?

Geet twisted her lips and looked away, ‘kahan mumma… wo khadoos tho kaam ke alawa aur kuch nahi sochtha… and you know he even offered me a job… internship basis in his company…. He actually took me to his office and mera interview le raha tha…. Tch meine tho saaf mana kar diya… nahi tho kya karti… I want to enjoy as much as possible before I resume my job…and job se yaad aaya.. he even helped me getting transferred to Delhi…. Ab agle mahine se…

[what mumma.. that khadoos doesn’t think of anything else other than work and you know he even offered me a job..internship basis in his company.. he actually took me to his office and took my interview… I told him a straight no…or else what could I have done… I want to enjoy as much as possible before I resume my job… and come to think of it.. he even helped me getting transferred to from next month…]

She felt everything go silent all of a sudden. She stopped and turned back to see jasmeet and roops standing together, looking at her in amusement, with their hands crossed in front of them!!!


kya baat hain Geet… am seeing a lot of improvements beta….”, jasmeet teased. She was happy to hear things going better between them.

Roops gave her a naughty smile, “aur kya hua..bataa naa…ahemmm..

[what more happened..tell na.. ahem…]

Geet was suddenly reminded of him carrying her to her bedroom..she blushed a little…..roops whistled loudly… and Geet looked at her furiously, trying to hide her blush.

“roops… go to hell..”

Again they were back to their cat-dog fight. jasmeet  couldn’t be happier. She just wished that everything goes well. It was around 12:20 when Geet remembered she had to pick the kids. She took her car and drove to their school. At first the kids were awesomely happy to see their angel with them..but the car confused them. They had never seen a convertible one in KM.  Geet had taken her car..liked her independence and she wasn’t keen on using his property uselessly.





Maan didn’t know what was wrong with him. He hadn’t seen his friends after his marriage…. sure they all had attended his marriage… and then..some things just happened! And now he really couldn’t get his  mind off rashmi’s marriage.  more of Geet’s expectant face….!! He sighed and looked at the invitation card again.  He was supposed to go to Kolkata for a meeting. His flight was in the evening and he was to return the next day. Days had been disturbed….


Geet was in for a surprise when dadima told her about her visit to her friend’s place and that she’ll stay there for the night. She insisted on taking dia and namra as they had their friends there too.  Strange… how come everyone decided to leave on the same day?? She was okay letting dia and namra go.. she wanted them to know people and socialize. And Maan..she rolled her eyes…he has nothing but work. He had been keeping too busy for the past few days..he said he was re scheduling things…god knows why! By the time it was 7pm..she was all alone in the huge KM. she called up roops… but her number came switched off. And that’s when she realized madam would be in car..with prem, travelling to Amritsar. She called up rashmi too but she didn’t take the call. She was busy with all the preparations. She thought of calling prem…but oops…no disturbance. She was getting bored… so she decided to cook for herself.


She asked all the servants to leave for the day. Nakul insisted on staying lest  she needed anything but she even sent him off asking him to rest. She checked the time… 8:30. Lazy night ahead. She took a warm shower..taking all the sweet time that she could and looked into her wardrobe. Umm..umm…now there a  tiny confusion..what should she wear??? No body was going to be at home for approximately the next 12 hours. Her eyes fell on her blue tank top and hot pants. Umm she hadn’t worn them in a while. She tied her hair high up in a pony and pulled the earphone of her ipod in her ears. She played her favorite music in loud volume. Woah..that was fun!!!


Maan pulled his car into the mansion driveway..totally tired. It was around 8:30..his meeting had been rescheduled so his trip was cancelled. He had no idea that dadi will be out… and neither dadi had the idea that his trip will be cancelled. In all this..geet was completely unaware of what was going on.  He walked into the hall..the entire mansion was dimly lit and there was complete silence. He wondered where were the rest…he slowly walked inside and took to the stairs.


Geet was famished so she decided to cook something for herself. She was swaying with the music.. it was loud so she couldn’t hear other voices. She twirled and jumped..singing along with the song..jumping and swaying down the stairs.

…Oooh we called it off again last night
But Oooh, this time I’m telling you, I’m telling you


Maan walked up a few steps when he saw her… no dancing down the stairs…her eyes closed and her pony swayed along with her. he wondered what was she upto now. She held her ipod in one hand and she shows the index finger of the other hand gesturing a no..lost in her song..


We are never ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever getting back together

(metaphoric situationLOLWink)


He was shocked to see her in hot pants and a tank top… boy she hadn’t been wearing all such stuffs since she had come here..and his eyes actually got transfixed there itself. The pants reached the middle of her thighs and the top..just fit her perfectly…she looked so genuine… like there was no show off… and he did feel her attractive. For a moment he he just couldn’t take his eyes off her…..her song just broke his reverie…as she descended down the stairs… swaying her hips..making cute faces..


You go talk to your friends talk
To my friends talk to me
But we are never ever ever ever getting back together


she missed a step due to her carelessness and slipped… Maan was just about to walk ahead when her petite form just dashed into him all of a sudden. He managed to keep his balance and hold her from falling simultaneously. She snapped open her eyes only to meet his.. he was holding her by waist with one hand and the other supported both of them against the wall. It was so sudden..and she just forgot to breath!!! His eyes met hers..for the first time ever… and he saw an unfathomable depth in them…they were beautiful..he had to agree. Geet held his arm for support… it was  like one fine moment where the time had stopped..for her…it was like living her entire life in that one moment.

One of the ear plugs slipped off her ears and the song continued…


..And you, will hide away and find your piece of mind

with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine

Oooh you called me up again tonight
But Oooh, this time I’m telling you, I’m telling you
We are never ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever getting back together
You go talk to your friends talk
To my friends talk to me
But we are never ever ever ever getting back together


he snapped back to reality with the blaring sound and blinked his eyes a couple of times. She was brought back to her senses by his movements. He slowly helped her stand giving her a stern look. She felt her heart beat so loudly….she could feel it in her throat.

“still taylor swift han?”

“umm…she’s still one of my fav..“, she managed to squeak out.

Geet… at least watch where you walk..and WITH EYES OPEN!

She looked down.. her eyes fell on her dress… reality struck hard!! He was back??? How come??ohh god..she suddenly felt sooo conscious wearing such short dress in front of was never like that..but she just felt damn conscious.


wheres dadima? and dia and namra?

“they are out for a slumber party….“, she couldn’t even look into his eyes… if one moment felt like that..she realized she’ll drown in them the next moment. He found her quite distracting..her flushed face..her biting her lips… her gaze… arrghh he’ll go crazy someday. Anyways he was still  not happy with her rejecting his offer out rightly.

Just then they heard something growl… he gave her a sarcastic look. She felt sooo embarrassed…she looked everywhere but him.

wo..i..i..was going to cook….

hmm..wheres nakul?

wo meine sabko ghar jaane ko keh diya…

[I have asked everyone to retire for the day]

He shook his head and took a step ahead, “I’ll be joining you for dinner in a while..“, and just walked off. It took her some time to process his words…and a wide smile appeared on her face..he was going to have dinner with her…ohh boy..she was soo happy..excited… she ran to the kitchen, patting her tummy, scolding her stomach.

tu na..maan ke saamne aisa karne ki kya zarurat thi? Ho gayi na meri IDPD?

[you.. why did you do that in front of Maan… see my IDPD..]

She looked around to see what was there. She found pasta rigate on the shelf…she looked at the time. He probably went for a shower. Her tummy fluttered at the thought of him. She wanted to make something quick so that he doesn’t have to wait. So she quickly put the pasta to boil and chopped the vegetables. She put the soup on the other side and got busy in her work.


By the time she set the dishes on the table, he was already there, waiting. She gave a smile and served him. He took his plate and gestured her towards the couch!

wahan baithein?

[shall we sit there?]

She gave a nod and quickly got the stuffs to the plates and bowls near the couch. He helped her settle things on the table and both sat with their respective plates. He switched on the tv and both kept looking at the screen silently, munching their food. There was no program so he switched it off. He took  another bite and his brows eased. Geet…this is good…

She was delighted to hear that… ohh today was like ‘her’ day!!!

you were supposed to be attending your meeting na.. how come you are back early?

He took another bite, “umm.. reschedule Geet… I have been rescheduling a lot of things now…

why? Is there something wrong?“, she seemed more interested in him rather than her own food.

He craned his head to look at her, “ab tumhe agar rashmi ki shaadi mein jaana hain tho mujhe time tho niklana hi padega na…

[now if you want to go to rashmi’s marriage.. so I have to take out time naa]

Her jaws dropped down….and her spoon fell on the plate with a clank. He checked his blackberry planned, keeping his plate aside and spoke, “umm we can’t go a week before… i.e tomorrow..but I think we’ll make it on her sangeet…


next: now what will happen to geet madam??LOL


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  1. Afsha

    24/12/2012 at 17:31

    Geet madam will faint hahahahah

  2. kiran

    11/01/2013 at 09:33

    superb update
    poor geet she gone through so much
    now hating this anisha, she is selfish


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