20 Dec

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For a moment she didn’t believe her ears..did he really make that offer?

your office? Are you serious?

of course I am….there is a vacancy for an executive personnel…. And you have the whole month free… and your records are like wow…

All this while his eyes were fixed on the laptop. she wondered at his ability to multitask!!! She went quiet for a moment!!

are you considering it?… just thinking…

like what? I don’t have the power to read minds you see…


She realized from his talks that he was someone else she was talking to right now… completely different than the Maan she knew… someone more mature.. not the fun loving guy she had known…but a person with a deep sense of responsibility on his shoulders… someone who was completely a mystery to her.. very deep within…his talks…his choice of words, everything has changed..more of an experienced person it felt!!! And why wouldn’t it… she had missed him grow in these 5years…and she realized she was speaking the ‘Maan singh khurana’ right now…someone way beyond her Maan!


Maan found her quiet… looking into her mug, sipping coffee. Even he didn’t speak further. He engrossed himself in his work… and the world was forgotten. It was around 2am when he finally finished his work and decided to sleep. He arranged his files and laptop and wondered where Geet went. She had been quiet all the while. He turned around only to see her sleeping… in sitting position, beside him. Her head was uncomfortably leaning against the back rest. Her coffee mug was on her lap… and she was still. He shook his head and kept his things on the side table. He stood up to leave but then stopped. He turned back at her… she was still sleeping in that position. He tucked the pillows around her so that she could be comfortable and walked ahead.


He had hardly gone a step ahead when he stopped again and looked back! For some reasons..he just couldn’t go away. That was disturbing him… her discomfort..disturbed him. Her neck was craned to a side..and he knew it must be aching her.  he wanted to just block those thoughts and move ahead..he could get her a shawl or something..but his subconscious protested. He didn’t even want to wake her up… she was in deep sleep it seemed. He stood there watching her for sometime.. and the more he stood..the more he felt himself getting pulled towards her. he didn’t know what was happening and why…after fighting with his subconscious, he just couldn’t take it. He moved closer and scooped her in his arms. The first thing he felt..she was light… lighter than previous times he had carried her…he still remembered how it felt when he carried her…. his eyes fell on her face, few strands of her hair caressing her cheeks… she looked so…..calm!


He slowly opened the door of her room and gently placed her on the bed. She moved a little and slept feeling comfortable. He sighed and got up to leave when he felt a pull. He was pulled back to her and he realized her hand had snaked his while he was lifting her up. He felt a chill surround him. He looked up to see the window open.. and the winter breeze playing with the curtains. The shimmering moon light fell on her face…and he was stilled looking at the beautiful view in front of him…her lips looked plump and red..he wasn’t sure if it was the moon light or the color of her skin that sparkled in the dark…!! He slowly sat down beside her…completely forgetting what he was here for and what he wanted to do.


He watched her sleep… it was so peaceful to watch her… she moved according to her comfort changed her side. She was now facing him…her hair fell on her face… and instinctively his fingers traced them away… tucking them behind her ears..he wasn’t thinking anything at the moment. He was just drawn to moth to flame.. and he didn’t even know what he was doing. His finger brushed her cheek.. and he just couldn’t move it away.

you have grown up so much Geet…. “, he closed his eyes and he heard her..

hmm kya karun..aur koi option bhi tho nahi tha naa…

[hmm what should I do then..i had no option naa…]

He immediately opened his eyes to check if she was awake… and was relived to see she was fast asleep. He shook his head and realized she had said that to him on the first day of her college! He smiled and again looked at her!!

how will I give anything to you Geet? I just can’t…you…you..“, his voice broke, “you shouldn’t have signed those papers… i…I really can’t lose anyone anymore..!

He felt a lump on his throat and stood up to leave, freeing his hand from hers. His eyes noticed her room… it was dark..not those kind that ‘his’ Geet liked… she loved brighter ones..illuminated with lights…colorful ones.. and everything just in place..arranged perfect at their right places…!!

sach mein kaafi badi ho gayi ho…” and he just walked off.

[ have grown up so much!]


Geet was an early riser..well she had become one in the last 5years. She stretched herself comfortably and yawned. She felt the warmth of her blanket around her… hey wait a minute!! She looked around.. only to find herself in her room…tucked comfortably. As far as she recalled, she had slept off on the couch itself..while speaking to Maan. She tired to recall what happened but she could only remember something caressing her cheeks… it was soo soothing… and where was Maan? Reality struck hard…did he carry her to her room???

Her eyes widened in surprise..ohh my..did he carry her??? her mouth flung open… ohh god he did??? she stood up on the bed itself…he did??? her happiness knew no bounds..he cares! He does…ohh yes he does!!! A wide smile appeared on her face…and she just screamed, “OHH YES!!!!

And she was sooo excited that she started jumping on the bed….maano jaise uske pair zameen par hi nahi pad rahe ho!  She threw her pillows here and there… and she jumped… twirling round and round… and then she fell on the bed..with a thud…pulling the blanket over her face… blushing at the mere thought of it.


Dadima came to her room and was surprised to see pillows scattered here and there and the cotton  floating in the air..apparently she had torn one of the pillows… !!! she went closer to Geet wondering what happened to her!!

Geet..bete..uthiye..what happened to you?

[Geet..beta wake up.. what happened to you?]

She slowly pulled down the blanket down her face… and her lashes dropped. Dadima was even surprised to see her cheeks burning red..and her failed attempt to hide that smile of hers. Dadima smiled and sat beside her, caressing her hair!!

hume nahi batayengi kya baat  hain?

[you won’t tell us whats the matter?]

To her surprise… Geet just blushed more and looked away.

is it Maan?“, dadima teased!!

Geet looked back at dadima… and a drop of tear trickled down her face, “he was here dadima….poori raat… may be not the whole night..but he was here…“, her voice dropped to a whisper, “with me…

Dadima was sooo happy to see Geet like that..and for Maan to be this caring…Geet had told her about him carrying her to her room last night!! Geet slipped closer to dadima and put her head on her lap, “dadima… I want to take him to rashmi’s marriage….”, she said it like a kid.


Dadima caressed her hair, “ye tho sirf aap hi kar sakti hain na beta..

[only you can do this beta..]

will he agree if I ask him?

“Geet… TELL him!!! And he will go!”



Geet was late for breakfast..maan was helping the kids. She came down slowly… and his gaze instinctively moved towards her. she looked happy…and once again he felt his eyes betraying him… there was always a halt to his thoughts… there was a certain glow on her face. He looked away, remembering the last night.. he had just gone and slumped on his bed..he had caressed anisha’s pic before sleeping…but that doesn’t affect him at all whenever she was around. And he never felt the need to compare the two… both are different..way beyond comparison…probably it was so because he had spent a lot of time with Geet and was too comfortable with her…or what was the exact reason..he didn’t know! He just sighed and let it happen…. He was in no mood to fight with something that was so…..out of context…silly…stupid!


She looked chirpy…she sat beside dadima, her usual place and wished everyone a good morning. She looked at him for the corner of her eyes… she saw him looking at her.. and immediately she looked away, feeling butterflies in her tummy. Breakfast was silent except occasional voices of dia and namra..fighting and giggling and speaking to Maan and Geet. Maan was checking his blackberry planner..when he was suddenly reminded of their conversation the previous night!!!

so..have you decided on my proposal?

She looked at him abruptly and it took her sometime to realize what he was speaking about. Ohh why was he always putting up that i-am-the-great-msk face? She rolled her eyes and shoved the spoon into her mouth.

ohh were you offering me a proposal?

He looked up at her with a so-what-else-i-was-doing look!

of course yes Geet….are you joining?

knock knock… I already have a job Maan….”

He sipped his juice, “ I was talking for a month…. Like internship basis..

Geet gave him an equally daring look, “and why so mr khurana?

umm just like that…I am quite impressed by your work Geet..its as simple as that!!!”

so tum mujhe aazmana chahte ho? is it?

[so you wanna try it?]

He was literally bowled over by her straightforwardness..he knew she was something… but now his MSK mind worked too.. he needs to try her!

kuch aisa hi….why don’t you come with me to my office today and have a look around?


Dadima literally went in shock after hearing that coming from Maan!!! She looked at the duo… and managed to hold herself..strong and quiet!

hmmm achi offer hain… but I don’t think..”

[hmm..nice offer..but I don’t think….]

ohh come on Geet… just think it as a field trip!

She rolled her eyes at his choice of words and finally agreed. He didn’t know why but he was on cloud nine!!! He really wanted her to show her his place… in the world!!! They walked out together. Dia and namra were ecstatic to see their angel and papa drop them in school together. After dropping the kids, they headed towards Khurana Empires.


It was huge….tall building in the heart of the city. It was all the same as Geet had seen  earlier. He got off the car and opened her side of the door. She was amused at his actions. Too msk types. As they entered..she was amazed to see few men in black salute them. She was amazed by the whole dcor of the office… posh and warm… professional and sober….! Maan walked ahead and she walked slowly behind him..Mesmerised with everything around. He stopped a little only to see her lost in admiring the whole thing..and suddenly he felt so victorious… like he got what he wanted. He smirked a bit and them guided her to his cabin.

And his cabin…left her breathless! It was all black and silver.. with a huge floor to ceiling glass tinted window right opposite his desk..over looking the city. Grey couches complimented the grey walls well… and everything was so much carved into perfection. She had never seen this was his taste she knew it….. Maan just looked at her smirking and sat on his chair…and it suddenly felt the most prestigious position to him!!

won’t you take a seat?“, he gestured the chairs in front of him.. asking her to sit down. She was just too lost. She slowly sat down and he had already alled for adi. Poor guy wondered what had happened to his boss..calling him on an urgent notice. He was sweetly surprised to see Geet…oops Geet ma’am in his cabin. He went closer and spoke out, “good morning ma’am….”

Geet gave him an assuring smile… wondering why the poor guy was trembling so much.

Geet…you need something? Coffee? Tea? Anything?

She shook her head, smiling, “no thanks Maan.. am already full right now!!!

He asked adi to fetch his black coffee and sent him off!

so what did you think?“, he asked her, getting back to his table and looking into a file!!

Geet leaned on the table, getting comfy with the new surrounding.

its simple Maan… it’s a NO!

He wasn’t expecting it at all!!!! He looked at her quizzically and retained his straight face!

quite a straightforward NO..isn’t it?

yes it is…I like to keep the air clear between me and my counterpart…

He was impressed….she was good. He knew she was an asset.. and he could flourish well too. She was just too good!!!! Adi entered with his coffee and again looked at Geet!!!

anything for you ma’am?

no thanks…

He made a quick exit. It was the first time Maan had actually brought hs wife..he was excited and nervous as well.

may I know the reason?

Geet laughed, “it feels am being interviewed for my job Maan… but yes… I don’t want to join…I have my own commitments Maan… and I don’t want to join this company just because you wanted me to. Had I done this of my own…i would have been too happy to join… moreover..rashmi  ki shaadi hain Maan.. and there no way am going to miss that!! She has asked us to come a week before.. but looking at you mr am-so-a-busy-personality.. I don’t think we’ll hardly make it before marriage!!!

but its great offer Geet…

no Maan… I don’t think I’ll fit in here!!! Anyways I need to leave! Could you please try to do something about your busy schedule and get us to Amritsar before her marriage?


next: will he take her to the marriage???

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    wow!this update is truly something unexpected.keep going this track.atlast our moody maan show some feeling towards his ‘friend’geet…


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