16 Dec


this part isn’t what i had mentioned in the prev precap.
sorry to roll it over.
this part was just an instant idea while
i was trying to sleep last night and i just couldn’t take it off my mind.


kyun bachon ke saamne jhooth bol rahe Maan.. kuch tho sharam karo…” Geet managed to say between her laugh!!

[why are you lying in from of kids Maan.. have some shame…]

Maan just shot her a glare and walked upstairs to freshen up! Arrghh Geet was being too much!!! And he’ll get back to her soon, he decided! Again leaving behind a lonely Geet.


That night probably Maan slept with a little bit of peace in his heart.. the peace he’d been missing for so long. Geet rolled over her bed.. recalling their sweet little moment down in the hall.. .. may be it meant nothing for Maan… nothing at all.. but for her.. even his closeness had started giving her goose bumps…once again!  May be she was still stuck with the ‘friend’ tag in his life.. of course she is and there is no doubt in that…but to her, it was more like giving away all her love and care to him.. to bring him back…. No matter what it takes!


Next day was a Sunday.. so lazing time at km! Maan had stayed back home for a change!!! Warna he was always out even on Sundays! Geet was glad that he was there.. she could at least interact more with him. Breakfast was heavy Indian and dadima relaxed in the porch. Dia and namra ran to the garden to play. Maan got to his swing and sat with his laptop! Geet was inside… busy with some mails. She came out after a while and joined the kids!


She sat near a tree and watched the kids play. Dia was running around and namra followed. When namra was about to catch hold of her, she threw the ball on her face. Irt missed nmra’s face by an inch. It wasn’t intentional though… but Geet didn’t miss it. She spoke sternly, “dia… don’t do that!!!

Maan looked up.,.. her voice was stern.. with some kind of worry in it. He wondered what was he thinking…all this time he wasn’t noticing anything.. but her sudden voice just distracted him! He looked carefully at her face… she had looked the other side so he couldn’t see properly. He sighed.. may be it was just his thought. He ignored and got back to his mails.


Few moments passed.. and the only thing he could hear was dia and namra’s laughter.. it soothed him… soothed him so much.. to see his most priced possessions happy… and laughing.. the sole reason for his existence! He dipped further into his work…when he heard a familiar giggle! He again looked up… and this time an entirely new scene greeted him. Geet stood in the middle of the garden, with her dupatta tied across her waist and the garden hose pipe in her hands. He hadn’t even noticed what led them to do such stupid things! he shook his head and let them do what they wanted.


Dia opened the tap and the next moment everyone was shrieking! Namra took the pipe from Geet and directed it towards her!! they were shouting in joy.. with dia jumping all around. Maan looked at the fun from afar…. Somewhere eager to join that fun… god knows how long had he stopped feeling or doing any fun at all. He stared at then girls.. enjoying the cold splash of water in the mid of the day….he wanted to go… he wanted to laugh freely… but his own life just stood in front of him… and he stopped himself! He was scared… scared of losing again….


Geet was all wet from top to bottom.. when her eyes caught him staring at them intently. She smiled.. and shook her head. She let dia and namra play while she walked to him all wet and dripping. Soon as she reached in front of him, she extended her hand to him! He looked up to see her.. all confused as to what she was doing!

Geet: aise ghoor kya rahe ho? Chalo….

[why are you staring like that? Come on..]

Maan: kahan?


Geet: ohh so you are expecting to stay dry and safe here while we are enjoying so much?? Come on.. get a life Maan… do you love inflicting pain upon yourself by sitting with that useless lappy of yours?

Maan twitched his brows at her blunt comments, “1st thing.. my lappy is not useless.. and secondly, am not joining you mad people out there… you people get back here.. or else you’ll catch cold.”

Geet rolled her eyes, “Maan.. are you coming?”

no..” he replied back with a straight face.

well..i guess then its all the more reason to drag you out then..

She didn’t even give him time to react. just snatched his lappy, kept it aside and dragged him out.


Geet..stop…” and before he could continue, Geet had directed the water at him… he jumped with the sudden cold shower and gritted his teeth, “Geet…..

see… this is called fun!“, she looked at dia and namra, giving Maan as the live example!!!!

Namra’s mouth widened, “really???”

yes it is… if you don’t believe try it out then…

It was all too exciting for the kids. They got the pipe and directed at Maan… making him wet..more than what he already was and shouting, “yippiieee this is fun…


He glared at Geet and found her laughing head off, holding her tummy. He stopped for a moment hearing her laugh.. it echoed throughout… and his mind went back to the day he had met her in her 1st day of college after she was back from shimla… it all felt so nostalgic.. it was as if he had forgotten it all… how could he? He cursed himself.. and he was again reminded of the way she had splashed a bucket of water on him on the very day…. And he had chased her throughout the college! College… that seemed to remind him of anisha.. he tried to remember when he had actually had fun this openly before… it was all locked up with the college memories.. nothing after that….. before he could again delve deeper into his own miseries, Geet’s voice caught his attention, “Maan….. take this…


And the cold water drenched him once again!!! He immediately got back to the present and ran towards her, “’re being too much…”

Geet showed her tongue and ran away holding the pipe in her hands. Maan ran after her…. probably living his college life once again and caught hold of her  by her waist  and pulled her closer. Geet felt the tug of his hand around her waist.. she stiffened for a minute and the next minute she knew she was getting wet…shouting at him to stop! But he directed the water right on her face to make her stop shouting. She swallowed some of the water, trying to get away. Dia and namra changed to Maan’s side and were clapping at the scene. Maan looked at then and gave an evil smile. When they were totally engrossed, Maan directed the water towards them!!!


acha bachu.. you were laughing at me right….”

papa..shtoppp……“, dia shrieked….

na na… na..papa…..aahh.. hehehehe ” namra giggled running here and there but the water wasn’t ready to stop following her. Geet looked up to see the trio enjoying themselves. She couldn’t be happier.. especially for Maan. She realized her one sentence, ‘we’ll always be friends’ has changed so much for him. She was so glad to see him happy.. to actually see him enjoying himself… that’s what she wanted!  Just then nakul came with Geet’s cell phone saying it was some kind of an urgent call. Geet took the call and her face turned pale. It was again her job thing distracting her. she quietly excused herself from the scene not wanting to disturb the rest.


Maan was enjoying a lot.. fighting with his daughters when he saw her walking away… her forehead wrinkled in worry. He wondered what could be wrong. He asked dia and namra to change and himself followed her into the mansion.

Geet paced up and down the hall… Maan noticed it from afar. He realized it wasn’t a pleasant new at all for her. he heard her talking about some kind of transfer and some resignation letter. Nakul was passing by.. when Maan thought of something. He called nakul and tried to get things out of him.


hmm… Geet ke kaafi calls aa rahe hain aaj kal..nahi? she seems quite tensed too.”

[hmm… there are too many calls for Geet no… she seems quite tensed too.]

Nakul,”ab kya kar saktein hain Maan sir.. unke purane office se kaafi calls aa rahe hain.”

[now what can we do Maan sir.. she has been getting calls from her old office]

Maan went thoughtful. If she had been getting such calls.. then why hadn’t she spoken to him about it before? And then she heard him speak a bit louder, tensed and worried, ” why don’t you understand? I cannot leave Delhi… please sir..try to understand… no… umm.. yes personal reasons.. okay if that’s the case then I’ll send my resignation letter soon..”


There was a definite drop in her voice…a clear dejection. Maan was shocked to hear that! Why was she quitting his job? And most importantly why hadn’t she told him anything about it yet? He saw her disconnecting the call and marched straight towards her, snatching away the phone.

Geet turned around, startled to see him standing like that.. with his hands crossed over his chest. She didn’t know what to say! For the first time.. she felt his gaze intimidating.. the way he looked at her…. her breath got stuck in her throat. And she knew he was definitely angry at her for hiding that from him.

Maan: is there anything that you’d like to tell me?”


She gulped hard. His voice was strong and firm… just the tone that always used to shut her up… and fall for him all over again! Just the way that still shuts her up… suppresses her gundi side… and just the perfect tone she cannot fight with.

Geet funbled, “wo.. i.. Mumbai mein … “

Maan rolled his eyes, “Geet.. agar tumhe itni hi pareshaani thi then why didn’t you tell me before?”

[Geet… if you were this much worried then why didn’t you tell me before?]

She didn’t even know what to say! How could have she said it? She had no right… probably he wasn’t in the right state of mind, was he?

wo.. i.. didn’t want to trouble you…”

He got really angry, realizing what she hinted at.

you know what Geet…. I was really not happy with all this… but you do know that I will always help you whenever you needed help? Bol nahi sakti thi mujhe ek baar?

She didn’t even look up at him. She had a lot of things going in her mind. She heard him sighed and inch closer to her!

come on..“, his tone softer now, “tell me the whole thing… I can sure be of some help!”


Geet raised her eyes to meet his, still trying to put on that gundi face, “you.. and help this?

well you don’t believe?

She shook her head lightly, with a naughty glint in her eyes!

then try me…! Get all your documents and I shall see what is to be done!


There was a sudden urge in him to show her what he can do.. to flaunt how much successful he has become.. 5 years.. there was no one with him… to share this kind of desire… he knew he could only flaunt himself in front of her…and only her. anisha seemed so timid now… in fact he had never ever thought of flaunting his success in front of her…Geet was the only person to whom he can show off….it had always been this way!

Both of them changed into dry clothes and sat together with all the documents. Dadima was quite happy seeing them opening up!  And this time, she realized and decided as well that she wouldn’t interfere anymore. She wouldn’t even hurry. She’d allow both of them to choose if they want to be together or not.


Geet and Maan were totally engrossed in their work… calling here and there getting to know more about the Delhi branch and finding vacancies. Maan went through Geet’s resume and her achievements.. and he was thoroughly impressed with the kind of dedication she showed.. it reflected in her work.

It was around 9 at night when dadima called them for dinner. Gosh… they had been lost in their work the entire day!!! Maan finally took her cell and called her boss!

Maan.. no.. you better not.. I’ll speak to him…

Geet… will you please shut your lovely mouth for a while.. I have gone through your works.. and they are awesome.. and I’ll get your transfer orders…

Maan.. no… its my job.. so let me do it…”

shhh…..” he put his index finger on his lips, gesturing her to shut up. She  couldn’t even hide her smile and that slight blush on her cheeks… while he tried to pry her hands off when she tried to take away her documents! She put her palms against her cheeks and just looked on!

Haiye re raat bhar jaagati hu tere waste

Aa raha hai maza pyaar kaa aaste aaste

please hear the song while you read

And she just kept on looking at him.. feeling so many things at once.. for a moment she did feel her tummy flutter with thousands of butterflies in them… it was just like what she had felt 5 years ago!!!


Jalke dhuaa ho jaaye, kaise bhala so paaye
Jalna mera tere liye, jagna mera tere liye
Mai dhundhu milan ke naye raaste


Maan heard someone take the call.

hello.. am I speaking to mr Sharma… yes.. yes its about ms Geet.. hmm its Maan singh Khurana…”

The line went silent.. mr Sharma very well knew who ‘Maan singh khurana’ was. And he always had his way…. But Geet never heard what he was speaking. She was lost. Maan felt her gaze over him. He turned to look at her and found her lost. He stopped for a while and mouthed her, “what???”.

She just shook her head and looked away.

Haiye re raat bhar jaagati hu tere waste
Aa raha hai maza pyaar kaa aaste aaste
Chaaro taraf jo dekhu toh,
woh kahee najar naa aayeAankhein band karu toh,
pal me paas piya aa jaaye
Aangan gila chhail chhabila, chhede mujhko tode mujhko  


Dinner passed very quickly and Geet didn’t even realize. Her entire time was focused on him. He even told her that he was successful in making her boss think of transfer. He was touched to realize the reason of her getting transfer. She stayed back just because of dia and namra. Initially he had found tears in his eyes.. how can someone do so much for kids that are not her own? But later a sense of respect washed over. She did everything for him and his daughters…


It was already 11pm.. everyone had retired to their rooms. Geet just couldn’t sleep. Too many things happened in one day.. she had never felt so happy and she was grateful to Maan for helping her out. She searched for water and found her jug empty. She sighed..and got downstairs towards the kitchen. The light was still on. She wondered if anyone was awake.

She slowly peeped in.. to see Maan sitting by the dining table, up with his files and laptop. He still hadn’t slept. She slowly went in, not wanting to disturb. He looked up to see her making her way towards the kitchen. Even he was preparing his coffee. The whole evening he was with her.. so he had to finish off his pending work.  

She felt him walk beside her.. her heart skipped a beat. As she filled her jug, he got his hot coffee.

you didn’t sleep?

work Geet.. can’t keep it pending..”

sorry…” she muttered guiltily.

tch… stop it Geet.. go and sleep..” he patted her head lightly and got back to his work.

She just fell on her knees right there!

Chaahato ke maari
haree mai toh haree
Pyaar hai tumhara
nind bhee tumhari


Her already lost heart…lost itself to him once again!! It took her some time to gather herself and stand up. She walked back to her room slowly and that’s when she heard him say, “good night…

Maan ja tu jala naa mujhe iss tarah
Ya batade manaau tujhe kis tarah
Ban gayi hain meri jaan pee dekhle
Tu kabhi toh meri maan ke dekhle

She didn’t even have it in her to say anything. She went back to her room and fell on her bed.. her sleep was out of reach for her now. Her mind went back to him.. and once again… she realized that this man did make her tremble in front of him. She rolled over.

 Haiye re raat bhar jaagati hu tere waste
Aa raha hai maza pyaar kaa aaste aaste
Jalke dhuaa ho jaaye,
kaise bhala so paaye
Jalana meraa tere liye,
jagana meraa tere liye
Mai dhundu milan ke naye raaste…

She didn’t even know when hse drifted off to sleep.. thinking about him. For the 1st time in years.. she slept peacefully.. with no fear or pain in her heart!
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  1. ffdeewani

    16/12/2012 at 14:48

    Wonderful update yaar.

    Nice to see Maan’s pov to this phase of his life.

    Loved Maneet and kids moments..they are just so sweet and the way they enjoyed is beautifully written.

    Me wonder how Geet is taking all this and till when she can hold it…hope Maan will b with her before its too late


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