08 Dec


Geet blinked her eyes to hide her tears…. He never spoke to her…he never looked at her the entire time…. He avoided her!!! was she that bad? She stood at a corner…away from him… away from the crowd. She watched him speak to the media and other..but he avoided looking at her…. she felt her heart burst open with immense pain.. why was he not speaking to her in public? Why was he not looking at her once? Not telling anyone about their relationship was okay with her… but couldn’t he have spoken to her at least? It pained her even more to realize that she accepted this marriage… and all this was just the outcome of her acceptance…. She did expect him to look at her once…. To speak to her…. she had tried hard enough to not to expect anything but she failed! Jasmeet was right… somewhere little expectations do come… not able to bear that pain she felt within, she decided to go out and wait till the party ends. Her car was gone and she couldn’t even call dadima…! he never accepted her… not even as a friend now… reality sunk in and she felt herself drowning in the pool of emotions!


She never realized how long she stood like that, watching the moon, in that garden. The sounds had faded..and the sound of cars honking and screeching of brakes broke her reverie. It was then she realized that the party was long over and everyone were leaving. She wiped her tears and went towards the hall…looking for Maan…. Fearing the back lash.


Maan was not in a mood to get back. He was lost his own dilemma. He wanted sometime alone. As everyone left, he sat in the corner of the bar and held on the his new glass of wine. He was angry…he knew that clearly..but on whom? Geet? No… he can’t be and he knew that as well. His Geet never liked such parties.. she liked partying with her friends.. doing all masti…. But not such corporate parties.

Din wohi raatein wohi, par main woh na raha

Tanha in shaamon mein koi bhi apna na tha

please hear this song while you read


He suddenly felt so lonely…. Geet never liked such parties..then why today? He remembered the way she had looked at him…. He knew by her one look that she was not comfortable….! He finished with his drink and asked for another. Geet didn’t know how would it be to face him now… but she didn’t come on her own accord as well.


Chanda aur taare bhi bole ke yeh kya hua

Haan main wohi tum wohi samaa yeh woh na raha

Moray piya

Tu na samjha

Main iss duniya ka naa thha


Maan closed his eyes in desperation…he knew dadima must have forced Geet to come over. That must be it! But there was another problem… the moment he closed his eyes.. he could visualize Geet looking at him…she looked so vulnerable… and she looked gorgeous! He immediately snapped open his eyes…. Why was he not able to keep that image of hers out of his sight today?


Khoya dil khoyi raton mein dhoondhoon main kya

Auron se shikwaa par apnon ne bhi kya kiya


But why doesn’t dadima understand? No matter how hard she tries.. he will never be able to accept Geet as his wife! They share a relation much different… a relation far pure than friendship…. His anger rose as he gulped another drink.. at his own frustration of not being able to forget about Geet and dadima’s acts! What will she gain after that? In the end both are hurting….!

Nahin iss duniya mein jo apna laga

zamaane ki bhi dhup ne hi mujhko ruswa kiya

Moray piya

Tu na samjha

Main iss duniya ka na tha


Geet stood at the doorstep of the wall… looking at Maan…he looked so dejected… so defeated.. and she just failed to understand his inner turmoil. Her own hurt flashed in front of her… was she that bad that he didn’t even spare her a look? Why didn’t he speak to her? what was her fault? She looked down at the sari she was wearing… she can’t even feel happy seeing it!


Maan gulped down another drink…. He didn’t want to stay in his senses.. it hurt…  just too much! He shall talk to dadima right away. She was hurting Geet too,…. He didn’t want this marriage to happen any way and it suffocated him more that Geet was tied down in a relationship that can never work. Anisha was the one whom he had given his entire life… he had always wished to get Geet back.. but he never wanted anything to change between them!

Rishtey sabhii ban jaatey hain

Tootne ke liye ek lamha

Moray …. moray piya

Kaise…. kaise jiya


He finished another drink..and another and he didn’t even know how much! He was grateful to Geet for taking care of dia and namra.. but her just throwing her life away just pinched him!

kyun aisa ho raha hain mere saath? Geet aisa kyun kar rahi hain? Mein khush hoon apni zindagi se…phir kyun meri zindagi ke saath dadima khel rahi hain?

[why is it happening with me? Why is Geet doing this? I am happy in my own life…. Then why dadima is playing with my life?]


Rishtey sabhii ban jaatey hain

Tootne ke liye ek lamha

Moray moray piya

Kaise…. kaise jiya


A tear slipped down his eyes.. his parents left… anisha left.. even Geet left… and when she is back.. he expected to keep his head on her shoulder and cry his heart out.. but probably they were entangled In such threads of relation that snatched away the very right from him. The glass slipped out of his hand and crashed into million pieces… his hands hung down..and that’s when a warm hand engulfed his. He was not in his senses… but sane enough to know what is right and what is wrong!


Moray moray piya

Kaise…. kaise jiya


Moray moray piya

Kaise…. kaise jiya


He raised his head to look at her… there was worry and there was something else too… he closed his eyes..not wanting to read it and snapped his hand away!!!

Geet was startled at this but she couldn’t have left him ;like that. She wanted to help him, “Maan… its me….

dur raho mujhse Geet…..dur raho…

[stay away from me Geet… stay away…]

That hit the wounded spot again! And she couldn’t understand the confusion on his face. Why was there so much rejection? Before she could say anything.. she saw him put his head on the table close his eyes. It hurt her to see that lone tear slipping down….


don’t throw your life away Geet…. Chali jao tum yahan se…. chali jao meri zindagi se….jao tum….”

[don’t throw your life away Geet… go away from here… go away from my life… go away..]

It took her some time to understand what he was trying to say…she just didn’t say anything… she held his hand and helped him stand up!

don’t do that Geet….. tum badal gayi ho…. You are not the Geet I once knew.. you are not my Geet… you can  never be my Geet….. chali jao tum…

[don’t do that Geet… you have changed… you are not the Geet I once knew… you are not my Geet… you can never be my Geet… go away..]


For a moment Geet’s eyes widened hearing him so openly…. Probably it was the effect of the alcohol that he had consumed..but his open confession actually made him realize the cause of this distance between them! She let him speak  and helped him to the car. In the car… he maintained his distance.. and just kept quiet. Even Geet didn’t speak anything. They reached KM and Geet just helped him walk in. as they entered, a worried dadima greeted them!


where you both had been? Hum kabse aapka intezaar kar rahe the.. and Maan… did you drink?

[where you both had been? We had been Waiting for you for so long… and Maan.. did you drink?]

Dadima looked away in disgust. Maan gave a crooked smile at her reaction and pushed away Geet.

Geet… go to your room…“, he ordered!

Maan.. let me help….

He cut her off, “I said..go to your room! I have some serious talks with dadima today. And I don’t want to be disturbed!”


Geet was worried of he said anything hurtful to dadima in his drunk state but she decided to go in for the moment. She had better things to do. As she slowly wlaked upstairs, she heard him shout, “aapko mazaa aa raha hain na dadima? hurting Geet and me like that?

[you are having fun…arent you dadima? hurting Geet and me like that?]

what have we done?

Geet ko party mein bhejne ki kya zarurat thi? Aur ye shaadi… meri zindagi mein dakahandazi karna band kijiye dadima!

[what was the need to send Geet to the party? And this marriage… stop interfering in my life]

but Maan… why don’t you realize.. you are married! Its her right.. and you have some responsibility towards her!!!

He gave a hysterical laugh, “married HUH!…. We are not dadima! signing on some random papers doesn’t get us married! I wanted my old Geet back.. but you actually ruined it all! And I will be very frank with you dadima…I don’t and I can never accept her the way you want me to!!!


Before dadima could say anything..he just walked away, not letting her speak. And as for dadima… there was another big problem… Maan has to accept Geet… he has to come out of that darkness he has locked himself in… otherwise in the long is going to hurt only and only Geet!!! And just then she looked up..only to see Geet listening to each and everything. Dadima was scared.. she couldn’t have seen Geet breaking down.. but strangely she found a faint smile on her face… a very calm look…!  Geet saw dadima looking at her and turned away and went back to her room.


Dadima was quite worried about Geet… especially the way she was smiling. After pondering a lot over whether to leave her alone or speak to her… she finally gave in to her worries and knocked the door. It was already around 1am. Dadima was quite sure Geet wouldn’t be asleep. She knocked the door a couple of times but realized it was open. She pushed open the door and looked around. It was completely dark… no light in the room..the only course of light was the open window.. the shimmering moonlight entered the room..with a gentle breeze dancing with the curtains… there was pin drop silence… and in the dark.. dadima could see the shadow of someone sitting on the couch by the window.


At first the scene had just scared her… but she had to soothe Geet. She slowly went ahead and switched on the lights… Geet lay there on the couch.. with her eyes closed.. her head resting against the armrest and her pallu dangling down… lying on the floor. Her hair was open.. and again that same calmness on her face scared dadima. she looked as if she was asleep… her one had rested over her head while the other rested on her tummy.


Dadima slowly went closer to her thinking her to be asleep and caressed her head! Geet slowly opened her eyes to see dadima in front of her. she immediately sat up, wondering what dadima was doing at this time of night!!!

dadima.. aap abhi tak soyi nahin?

[daidma you haven’t slept yet?]

hum aapse maafi maangne aaye hain Geet… we are just pushing it too much… aaj Maan ne jo kuch bhi kaha hum uske liye aapse maafi chahte hain… we know you must be so hurt…. We’re sorry….hume nahi pata tha ke kuch aisa ho jayega

[we have come to spologize Geet… we are just pushing it too much. Today whatever Maan said… we apologize for that.. we know you must be so hurt… we’re sorry….we didn’t kniow things will turn out like this…]

Strangely she saw Geet smile…and she held her hands, “dadima… mein bilkul hurt nahi hui hun aaj….. in fact am quite happy that he opened up his heart today.. all those things that he had kept buried inside him… he let it out….

She saw dadima’s expressions turn into surprise, “but beta… you must have…


Geet cut her in between, “aaj shayad Maan ki baton ne mujhe kuch yaad dila diya… aur shayad ye bhi ehsaas karwa diya ke mein use chodkar kabhi nahi jaa sakti…. Mein aaj bhi ussey pyaar karti hoon… pehle se bhi zyada shayad isiliye aaj bura nahi laga…. Aaj tho mujhe ek naya maksad mila Maan ke paas rehne ka….mein usey waapis laana chati hun dadima… I want to get the old fun loving Maan back….

[today Maan’s words have reminded me something… and probably made me realize that I can never leave him and go… I still love him…more than what I did before and that’s why I wasn’t hurt at all….today I realized a new reason to stay with him… I want to get him back dadima… I want to get the old fun loving Maan back…]


Dadima couldn’t believe what she was hearing! She had strong believes that if any one of them puts in a little effort… then probably they could be together.. and seeing this coming from Geet..she was more than happy but still a fear lurked within,… what if Geet gets hurt in the process?

Geet persuaded dadima to go back to her room and rest saying it was all fine.. and settled back on the couch! She closed her eyes and tears rolled  out….

I wonder how long I will be able to hold on Maan! But I will remove all the bitter memories and insecurities from your heart!!! I love you!


next: friends again!Embarrassed

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