12 Nov


am sorry for vanishing for a week…but what to do..
i haven’t been keeping well for the past one week…
and was feeling really weak.Ouch
and strange as it may sound..i dunno why i am not getting time to update… the week had been too hectic at college!!Ouch
i am still down with fever and throat infection.
.but tried to update as much as i could. Embarrassed
Moreover, my system had crashedAngry so had to format itOuch. i lost all my links to my ffs..Cry so it may take me some time to get them back1 Pls bear with me for the time being


She turned to leave when she heard the doorbell. She turned back..ohh god..who could that be? She wanted to change real bad..what if it was some servant?? That would be so embarrassing!!! But she had no time ti think because the person on the other side of the door was probably in too much hurry to get in. she was sooo irritated with the continuous ringing of the doorbell…she decided that whoever it may be,,she shall give her a piece of her mind. Thinking so, she marched up to the door and opened it in one jerk!!


can’t you wait till the door is opened? Itni bhi kya jaldi hain ke …..”


[can’t you wait till the door is opened? What is the hurry that,..]


And she stopped right there..her expressions froze as she didn’t know how to continue further!!! She was actually hell embarrassed…being in saaree in front of maan…. Ohh if it was possible, she’d have got herself burried underground.


Maan stood stunned at the door… seeing geet like that.. .. a saaree??? He had never ever seen her in anything as such!! Then what what happened today? Geet..was that really geet?? He stood surprised..actually shocked…till no ends!



What the hell was that…??!!!! It was hard for him…was that even real?? saree?? It took him some time to digest the fact and it was then he recalled he had met geet on her birthday in a saaree too..but that time they were emotionally too messed up to even realise anything properly. But geet…in saaree….he imagined gundi geet wearing a saaree… and in no time burst out laughing!


Geet, all this while had been standing numb. She wasn’t sure how to react… she couldn’t even understand maan’s remained motionless till he broke the silence with his laughter. At first she was confused… but when reality seeped in…she narrowed her brows on him. But he just kept laughing loudly. She felt offended and puffed her cheeks, “oyee why are you laughing?



Maan fell on the couch, laughing, “Oh my god geet… you in saaree? Bechari saaree ke kya paap kiya tha?


[oh my god geet… you in saaree? Poor saaree what sin did she do?]


Geet gritted her teeth, “mera mazak uda rahe ho tum?? Aur saaree ki baat tho mat hi karo tum..apni betiyon se poochlo..sab unhi ka kiya dhara hain!


[you are making fun of me? And don’t talk about saaree at all go and ask your daughetrs..its all done by them only!]


She was any ways irritated with the saaree thing and now maan laughing…that irked her further. Dadima and roops peeped out the room where they were hiding. Dadima was soo happy to see maan lauhging this openly…. She really missed that. Maan was a very fun loving person..but scars of time had just taken a toll on him. Roops smiled too!



Dadima: kaha tha na humne… geet hi maan ke liye sahi hain ..


[we told you.. geet is best for maan…]


Roops: phir aapne geet ko jaane kyun diya dadima?


[then why did you let her leave dadima?]


Dadima was stunned to hear that… fact even she didn’t have any answer. Sometimes things just happen…and you are unable to do anything at your own accord. Dia and namra were hiding behind roops. Dia wondered what dadima and roops were upto. She peeped out and shouted, “hawww papa ne angel ko gusha dila diya…


[hawww papa made angel angry..]


Roops immediately put her hand on her mouth and pulled her in!!!


Roops: shhh…..


Dia pouted cutely, “angel doesn’t like being made fun of….


Roops: han han I know that…


Namra; wo gussa ho jayegi…


[she will get angry…]


Roops: arrey,..thats what we want naa….


Narma: why??


Roops: so that papa and angel could become friends…


Namra: but they are already frinds na..childhood friends…


Roops rolled her eyes, “hmm..tats right… but now they are not na…


Dia: why???


Roops pulled her hair…uff kids are kids.


Roops: baad mein bataungi..abhi dekho tho… what they are doing!!


[shall tell you lets see what they are doing]



Meanwhile, geet stood angrily, looking st maan, laughing so badly. But then for a moemnt even she felt at ease seeing him  laughso openly..she was seeing the real maan after so many years. She suppressed her smile and threw a cushion at him!


Geet: stop laughing okay!!!


Maan: sorry geet… I don’t want to laugh..but hansi ruk hi nahi rahi…


[sorry geet… I don’t want to laugh… but it doesn’t stop only…]


She stomped her foot and walked away angrily. This was too much! Just too much!! Maan kept laughing. And poor they…didn’t even realise the romantic setting done by our great dadima et al. geet walked up on the stairs when she heard maan call her.


Maan: geet…


She stopped in her tracks..wondering what more he was going to stay!! Saaree was a real bad idea!!  She answered irritatedly, “kya hain?


[what is it?]


Maan faced towards the stairs..geet didn’t turn back to look at him!!!


“you are looking good…..”


Ohh my…. Her heart was doing bhagra… she didn’t even realise that she was smiling…and a slight blush crept on her cheeks!! She was about to turn back and thank him when he spoke again, “bas kabhi aur saaree mat pehenna..


[just that.. don’t wear saarees again…]


And he started laughing again!!! Ohh boy…all that smile and all that blush just jumped out of the window. She had never been provoked that badly..especially by maan!! She just couldn’t hold back anylonger and tunred around, “I so hate you Mr. Maan Singh khurana…you’ll pay for this! Just you wait!!!”



She stormed off. Maan ceased his laughing…just so pleased to see geet behaving just like how she was…from the very beginning!!! Geet changed into her track and top and came down for dinner. She didn’t even speak to maan..neither did she look at him. Maan was surprised to see roops… but roops ignored him…just formally exchanging pleasantries..thats all!! Dia and namra were super scared seeing their angel in such a bad mood. Geet munched her dinner silently, occassionally  helping dia and narma. Roops and dadima were glancing at each other..and wondering why were they not speaking to each other.


Seeing no improvement, roops broke the silence, “am going back tomorrow…”


Geet choked her food, “what??? Tomorrow? Are you mad?


Roops: no baby… not mad but sensible. Meri job hain yaar…


[no baby… not mad but sensible. I have my job yaar…]


Geet: you are not going anywhere okay! Stay here for some more days…


Roops: oyeee chup kar! Bol tho aise rahi hain jaise meri bidayii ho rahi ho!! Shaadi nahi kar rahi mein…jasmeet aunty ke ghar jaa rahi hoon…ab se wahin rahungi…


[oyeee shut up!!! You are syaing as if its my bidayii! Am not getting married… am going to jasmeet aunty’s place..i will stay there henceforth…]


Geet was delighted…but then why the hell she can’t stay with her in KM?



Roops understood that look on her face, “dekh…senti mat ho! Ab tu tho their khurana mansion mein..jasmeet aunty also shifted to delhi… ab wo akela feel na karien..isiliye am staying with her…


[see..don’t get senti…! Since you are staying in khurana mansion now… and that jasmeet aunty has already shifted to delhi… now she won’t feel lonely that’s why am staying with her..]


Geet actually got senti. Somewhere she felt bad for leaving her mom alone..but then roops was there!! She knew she could trust roops!!


Geet: but teri job ka kya?


[but what about your job?]


Roops shoved a spoonful of noodles in her mouth and spoke as a matter of fact, “I got myself transferred to delhi….”


Ohh boy…that was just too much! Geet hugged her tightly…of course this was why they were best friends right! Maan was in a good mood because his meeting went really well…and he was just enjoying watching everyone. Somewhere even he felt sad that mumma was alone and geet was staying with them. He didn’t want geet to stay in KM..that was not a compulsion but he couldn’t have asked her to go away either.



As everyone headed towards their rooms, dia and namra pulled roops to their room as it was the last night of roops in km. geet smiled and went back to her room. As everyone settled in their rooms, geet stood near the window…holding anisha’s journal. The cool breeze played with her curls and she clutched it closer to her heart and closed her eyes!


Millions of memories flashed in front of her…. Some clear and some blurred. She opened her eyes and opened the journal. There was this page..almost empty. Hardly one or two lines were written.. she was curious.


“dil ki aas bas dil mein dabi rahi…


Khule asmaan mein udne ki chahat bas ek khwahish bani rahi…


Is kaidi panchi ko koi tho riha kare…


Kya haq nahi hume saans lene ka…


Kya haq nahi hume azaad ho0ne ka…???!!!”



Somewhere geet realised what anisha felt while writing those lines. The last line had the ink smudged..probably she had cried and her tears fell on it…smudging the ink. Anisha had always wanted to live as a free bird.. and she had always told geet about her wish to live her life like restrictions on her… no one to tell her what to do or what not to…. Geet was drawn back to the day when she had helped anisha sneak out.





Maan shouted, “ means no! you can’t do this okay!!! Anisha… its not safe for you… you are not going…that’s it!


Anisha: but maan..just once.. we want to go….


Maan: NO! you are anyways not allwoed anywhere alone..and with this geet.. am never going to help you in that!!!


Geet: teri problem kya hain maan? Di wants to be free from all that palace life…at least let her enjoy…


[whats your problem maan? Di wants to to be free from all that palace life…at least let her enjoy…]


Maan was very apprehensive of letting anisha go. But geet had other plans. It was a Sunday and it was around 3 in the afternoon. Geet drove in front of thakur palace and called anisha!


Geet: di..come fast..and remember naa..what we had planned?



Anisha ran out saying she was with geet and roops..and that she’ll be returning soon. Gayathri still had a hatred towards geet but seeing her daughter so close to geet./..she never said anything, though she didn’t speak to geet whenever she visited their palace. Probably geet gueesed it..she didn’t know the reason..but still stayed away. Anisha stepped in and closed door.


Geet: so are we set??? And you didn’t tell maan..did you?


Anisha: no no… we didn’t tel anything to maan about this.


Geet: woah…then lets go!!!


Roops or prem had no inklink about geet’s plans..neither did maan. Geet and anisha went to plaika bazar and then karol bagh… enjoying the street shops and roadside food. It was all 1st time for anisha… she stuck to geet all the while looking at everytihng in awe. So many people…so many things…. and such new things.. she was actually loving the whole feel. When she felt comfortable, both bought few embroidered bags, geet brought some kurtis.. and anisha got lot od earrings. For a moment anisha felt some one following her… she turend around..but there was no one. She sighed, thinking it to be her imagination. She concentrated on her anklets she was buying. As they walked further, she again felt someone following,…she turned around and a group of boys just brushed past them, one of them sliding his hand around anisha’s waist.



Anisha was stilled with this…. Geet lokoed at her fearful face and asked what it was. Anisha told her someone touching her like that. Geet looked around andf found no one. She ignored saying it was probably because of the crowd. It was already dusk and they decided to get back. They were walking down the lanes, as they were to get to the metros. They had parked the car near geet’s place and went in metro. And tjhis time, geet did feel someone following them. She turned around and saw a group of hooligans walking towards them.. giving them lechearous looks. She didn’t panic but she knew this was never anisha’s lifestyle and that she had to get her out of the mess. She asked anisha to walk faster. But the guys ran towrads them and surrounded them.



Someone passed a real dirty comment and tried to touch anisha. Geet pulled anisha closer and gave him a tight slap. Anisha was super duper scared. She held geet closer. The other guys tried to get hold of geet.. but she pushed them away, held anisha’s hand and ran! The lanes were almost empty and she had to find a way out. The guys followed and she knew they’d catch up soon. She entered a lane and pushed anisha between two houses. She threw her cell phone at her and shouted, “CALL MAAN….


The guys caught up and saw geet. She turnedtowards another lane and ran. Anisha had hurt her ankle and was bleeing badly. She had never seen anything of this kind  ever in her life. With trembling hands she called up maan and narrated the entire story and that she was hiding somewhere. At first maan was furious but he had to act fast. Luckily, he was with his friends nearby and made it quick to the place where anisha had told. In no time he found her, trembling and sweating. He held her stand up when he saw her ankle bleeding. He didn’t even speak a word. Anisha knew he was angry and didn’t even try to  speak to him. He carried her towards his car and made her sit in the passenger seat. He turned around to look for geet and his anger reached a new level seeing no geet around. He had strictly asked geet not to do anything like this.. and even if she did, where the hell was she?


next: where is geet?

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