21 Oct

before you ask me how was my paper..let me tell you myself only..
“Aag laga do paper ko”Big smile

and since me had lot of fun after finishing my last paper..i.e. a mass bunk…lunch at a masstt restaurant and then movie with my gang and of course the evening tea with pakode at my place... i finally managed to write and update!!!!Embarrassed


do it Maan… you cannot break your promise to us and you cannot play with dia and namra’s lives…and of course yours too!!!

He knew if he was stubborn..dadima was even more stubborn!! He sighed…he becomes really weak in front of his daughters. They had already lost their mother…he really can’t afford to see them hurt more. He gave up after a long battle, signed the papers and walked off. He didn’t even wait to listen to the registrar or Adi trying to congratulate him…he just walked off!!!


Dadima gestured Adi and mr Singh to leave. As they left, Dadima pulled geet to her and made her sit on the couch.

aap naraz tho nahi hai na humse geet?

[you are not angry on us na geet?]

Geet just sat there…quietly!!! She didn’t know what to think…in one sway..she was sad to see Maan walking away like that…he hadn’t spoken to her since the time she had boarded the flight…and on the other side…she really didn’t know what to do! Dadima held her hands, “we know its tough for you beta… but we know this will make both of you happy…will you help us in this geet?


Geet looked at Dadima…her expressions were blank… like her eyes had concealed something…. And the next moment she just hugged Dadima tight…crying her heart out. Dadima understood what inner turmoil she was going through…and she had to support geet throughout!


Zindagi is kadar humko rulati rhi,

har khushi pass aane se pehle dur jaati rhi,

gham se naata hai shayad apna picle janam ka,

tabhi to har khushi gham mein badal jaati rhi,

chaha jo kuch bhi hamne na mila humko,

ek adhuri si chahat ban ke reh gaya sab kuch,

ki koshish kabhi humne jeetne ki kuch bhi toh,

lad bhi lete hum mukkadar se agar koi apna hota,

aur badal bhi dete hum shayad apni takdir ko,

par bhagte rahe jis manzil ko paane ke khatir,

woh manzil bhi humse dur jaati rhi,

aisa nahi ki koi nahi tha hamara yahan,

har rista hai banaya aur apnaya humne,

aur har rishte ke khatir khud ko bhi hai bhulaya humne,

par shayad kachchi reh jaati hai ganth har rishte ki,

jo thoda sa kheenchne pe hi khul jaati hai,

bahut roye hai ham hasne ke baad har waqt,

aur behete bhi rhe hi yeh bewafa aansu in aankhon se,

par ek yeh hansi shayad wafadaar hai apni,

jo has has ke har gham ko chupati rhi,

jo has has ke har gham ko chupati rhi…

(by sonali Khurana)


Geet: mein kya karoon Dadima? Mujhse Maan ki ye halat dekhi nahi jaati….dia..aur..aur namra…Anisha di ko waapis le aao Dadima….waapis…

[what will I do Dadima…I can’t see Maan like this… dia.. and…and namra… please bring Anisha di back Dadima….]


She couldn’t even speak…her incessant sobs choked her!! Dadima kissed her forehead and wiped her tears!!!

geet….aap tho humari bahadur bachi hain na…. aap agar aise royengi tho hume himmat kahan se milgi? Hum bhi tho aap hi ki wajah se itni himmat juta paayen hain….”

[ are my brave child na… if you will cry like this then how will we get our strength? Its just because of you that we could gather this much courage…..]

Geet: par mein Anisha di ki jagah nahi lena chahti Dadima….

[but i don’t want to take anisha di’s place Dadima…]

aur aapko lene ki koi zarurat bhi nahi hain beta..aap tho geet hain na….aur geet ki khud ki pehchaan hain…..

[and you don’t have to take her place beta…you are ‘geet’ na…and ‘geet’ has her own identity…]


She her head on Dadima’s lap..and stayed there like that for a long time…like a baby! Dadima caressed her hairs and let her cry as much as she wanted! She was amazed to see that geet still loved him that madly….and she had to do something to get them together!!!

It was around 9pm when Dadima woke up geet. She had slept off on her lap, crying. She looked like a baby in that messed up state of hers.  Dadima smiled seeing her look just like the little naughty geet she had once known…but now she has grown up into a mature charming woman!!!

Dadima: freshen up and come for dinner…..


Geet nodded and went towards the guest room where she had kept her luggage! As she passed maaan’s room..she found it closed! her heart ached to think of what must be going through him all this while. She wanted to barge into his room…as always and bug him to hell to make him blurt out his feelings like before! She smiled and walked straight towards the door. She was about to touch the knob when she stopped abruptly! Will it be right to do so??? After years…after so many events…. And her own feelings….. suddenly it felt there was nothing between them….like she doesn’t know him like before….. No frankness….she took a step back…took a deep breath in and ran towards her room.


Dia and namra’s room was just beside Maan’s and the guest room was a little away but in the same corridor. Namra peeped out to see geet running away…and was utterly confused as to why! She pulled dia and both ran towards the guest room. Geet was in the washroom..taking a bath. The two cuties sat on her bed, patiently waiting for geet to come out.

Geet came out in her night suit with a towel wrapped around her head. She looked at dia and namra with questioning eyes. dia stood up on the bed and ran to geet. She poked her cheeks with her index finger….

Geet smiled, “kya kar rahi hain aap madam?

[what are you doing madam?]

Dia: wo..wo… you are shooo shoft angel….

Geet felt like laughing..actually lighter after letting out those hidden feelings! Namra ran to geet and did the same with her other cheek too.

Namra: waaaooo………

Geet: dinner nahi karna hain kya?

[won’t you have dinner?]

Namra: aapke saath dinner…

[dinner with you…]

Geet: theek hain..then lets go..


She unwrapped the towel, kept it aside and walked towards the dinner table holding two cuties on either side of her. they didn’t seem to leave her alone for a second! And she just loved that..she loved being with them.

Dadima was waiting for them. As geet sat, she saw nakul taking a tray of food upstairs. She looked at Dadima…and she sighed!

Dadima: Maan ne khana kamre mein mangwaya hain…..

[Maan asked to get his food to his room….]

Geet went a bit quiet hearing that…. but she brushed that feel aside. He needs time… that’s it! And his reaction was justified too. She helped dia and namra with their food and had her dinner too. Post dinner…she couldn’t even go her room.


Dia cried, “angel mele shaath soyegi…

[angel will sleep with me…]

Namra: nahi nahi mere saath…

[no no..with me..]

Dia started wailing, “nai..mele shaath..namla bad gal…

[no…with me..namra bad girl..]

At this namra started crying too, “Dadima..mujhe bad girl bola…..dia se katti…”

[Dadima…she told me a bad girl…katti with dia…]

Geet rolled her eyes, “ok fine.. I will sleep in your room okay!!! Now stop crying you two…

Both wiped their tears and clung to geet. Dadima looked at geet intently!


dekha aapne geet…. Aap hi in dono ka kkkhayal rakh sakti hain… inhe aapki zarurat hain….”

[did you see that geet… only you can take proper care of them… they need you…]

Geet had seen dia and namra struggling..and she herself wont be able to stay away from them now..she got attached to those cuties in a very short time..and always had a motherly instinct for them. Finally geet was escorted by two cuties and by their grace…she slept in the middle..dia slept on her left and namra on her right!!! She had never felt this good….she kissed both of them on their forehead and tried to sleep….which was far far away from her eyes! thousands of memories flashed in front of her eyes…and the day’s events…and that just made her restless.


Maan’s condition was no different too. He stood in front of a huge portrait of Anisha hung in his room and moved his hand over it. It was too tough and he was really very upset with Dadima for doing that to him..she knew well that he won’t be able to accept anyone other than Anisha..then why the hell…..there was a sudden detachment from geet too… like she was some stranger to him…nothing made sense..nothing felt right..not even their marriage..he even refused to call it a marriage.. to hell with that marriage!


Night was long and gloomy for both of them..but eventually they managed to catch some sleep. the wall of their rooms separated each other…so did their feelings! The next morning Maan got ready for office by 9am..he really didn’t want to stay at home… he just wanted to get away from everything. And as usual…he realized his cuties must be still in their dreamland. He sighed and went to wake them up and get them ready for breakfast. It was really tough to handle his work and his daughters..but he just cannot ignore them. They meant the world to him. He might get late for one of his important meetings but he could care less. He smiled and barged into their room..just to surprise them and the next moment he heard dia scream!


Dia stood on the bed with a towel wrapped around her and geet was wiping her hair. Namra was still in the washroom…playing with her doll in her bubble bath. Dia jumped with the sudden sound and Maan was surprised himself when he saw dia hiding herself in geet!  Dia looked at Maan from the corner of her eyes and pouted cutely.

Dia: aaahhh…shame shame papa… aishe ni aate…meine dless bhi ni pehni….

[aahhh… shame shame papa… you shouldn’t come like this… I haven’t worn my dress]

He hadn’t expected geet to be there…it was his daily routine to get his daughters ready… but suddenly his routine seemed to change. He looked at geet for once and then turned to dia twitching his brows!

Maan: acha..pehle tho sharm nahi aati thi..ab kya hua..?

[acha… you never felt embarrassed what happened?]

Geet giggled hearing father daughter argue!

Dia: aann papa aap jao na…angel is there…

[aann papa you go..angel is there…]

Maan: acha bachu..geet aayi tho party badal di han…..

[acha so you changed party when geet came…]


Dia teased him showing her tongue. Maan felt relieved seeing them comfortable with geet and happy too! He knew he can trust geet on this…! He turned to geet to say something..but an atmosphere of formality settled in… one knew how and when..but a sense of formality seeped in!

Maan: wo..wo…geet..tum..tum smabhaal logi na…

[wo…wo..geet will  handle na..]

Ohh that ‘tum’ word..she hated it.her mind rang with Maan addressing her an ‘tu’ every time. She wanted to get back to him for using that irritating word…but she couldn’t voice out. instead she meekly said, “Maan..tum fikr mat karo..i’ll take care..

[ don’t worry..i’ll take care..]


Damn..she used it too….gosh…. this sudden formality…even Maan didn’t like that.. he even chided himself mentally for using it but everything came out naturally….he couldn’t help it..Neither could she!

Maan left in a hurry while geet made dia and namra sit for breakfast after getting them ready. she wanted to call Jasmeet…she had forgotten her cell in her room (dia and namra’s room as she practically shifted there). She went upstairs towards her room when she abruptly stopped in front of Maan’s room. She just wanted to go in…ahh she didn’t know how right it was…she never asked him before barging into his was him who needed her permission to get into his own room..ahhh…!

Should she go or not…but who can control he rheart! She gave in and went insde…though she knew it was wrong to get into someone’s room in their absence!


Meanwhile a black sleek merc stopped in front of KM and a lady walked in. she looked a bit old..but she carried the aura of royalty. As she enetered the living area..dia and namra left their food midway and ran to her shouting, “nanima…..nanima….”

Gayathri hugged both of them and kissed their cheeks.

Gayathri: humari princesses  waapis bhi aa gayi..aur hume pata bhi nahi chala..

[our princesses got back and we didn’t even know…]

She sat on the couch with dia and namra..dadima greeted her and sat with them talking about their wellbeing. Gayathri visited Km regularly to see dia and namra..she had literally gone into depression after hearing about Anisha’s death. It took her almost 6-8 month to recover and she visited km regularly to meet the kids. No one stopped her and Dadima knew how it feels to lose your one and only child and probably gayathri saw Anisha in the kids..that is why she was very much protective towards them.


Dadima got a call and she excused herself. Dia and namra told her about their meeting with their angel and that she was staying with them.

Gayathri wondered who could that be…to which namra replied that she was in their room.

Namra: chaliye na nanima.. hum aapko angel se milate hain….

[lets go nanima..we’ll show you angel..]

Gayathri thought it was somekind of a story they were cooking up. Just not to hurt them she followed them upstairs. Dia walked ahead when she saw geet standing in Maan’s room. She giggled cutely and pushed gayathri into Maan’s room and ran to eat the chocolates that gayathri had brought. Namra ran away too. Gayathri smiled and turned around..only to see geet….standing in the middle looking at Anisha’s huge portrait…lost in her  thought. Rage filled her veins..she hated geet… and she couldn’t even stand her sight!


Geet went into his room..looking around,…there was nothing similar to the past that she could relate to. Everything had changed..totally different! She roamed around a bit when her eyes fell on Anisha’s portrait on the wall in bridal dress. She was instantly attracted towards it..she looked angelic… geet just stood there rooted…gazing at Anisha’s pic…with memories flooding her mind. And that’s when she felt someone’s presence beside her. she slowly turned around, hoping it was not Maan… and her eyes just widened in surprise seeing gayathri standing her. her red eyes spat out her hatred for geet…geet took a step back!

Gayathri: tum waapis kyun aayi?

[why did you come back?]

That was enough to get both of them drawn into the memories of the past!



Geet got ready in her jeans and top while Anisha kept cribbing.

Anisha: geet…aaj aapka bday hain… aur aap dinner par chal rhai hain humare saath..aapke naye kapde kahan hain?

[geet..its your bday today.. and you are coming with us for dinner… where is your new dress?]

Geet gave a wide smile, “meine nahi khareede….”

[I didn’t buy]

Anisha: why?

wo…I brought new strings for my guitar from that money na..”

Anisha rolled her eyes…it was useless to ask geet such questions. She was actually obsessed with her love for music. Maan came back with a bday card and a sorry card…that’s what geet had demanded! It was Maan’s punishment for not calling her right at 00:00 to wish her.

The three of them drove to thakur palace. Geet was awed by the grandeur of the place. Anisha held her hand and walked her in. geet kept admiring everything that came their way. as they moved, her finger’s of the other hand entwined with Maan’s and her head rested on his shoulder!


next: …uff that formality!!! and flash back continues

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