01 Sep

some of you wanted the dialogs to be
translated in english..
so here we go! Embarrassed
tell me if u hve n e prob regarding the language..will try to modify it accordingly


She was lost in her plans all the way..dia and namra were asleep and Maan was continuously looking into files!!! All of them had their own plans..but least did they know that destiny had already played her card!

Geet woke up lazily with the ray of sun kissing her rosy cheeks. She slowly  opened her eyes and smiled a bit thinking about the previous night…she had been thinking of Maan all night long and she didn’t even know when she had dozed off! She got off the bed and found a beautifully wrapped packet on her table. She went closer and opened it!


Maan woke up…feeling miserable! Today was something special…and he was not happy!!!! He was all alone…. She had promised she will never go away..then why did she go away? She told she will never let anyone go away from him..then why couldn’t she stop Anisha? He turned to see his cuties cuddled up to each other. He kissed their foreheads and got off the bed to get ready for the meeting scheduled for the day!!! He opened his suitcase and smiled remembering how the cuties had stuffed his bag with all his clothes. He took is suit and went to freshen up!!!!


Geet slowly opened the packet only to see a very beautiful red sari with golden border in it. It was very beautiful piece..she loved the color..she moved her hands on the fabric to feel was so smooth and silky!!! But she and sari??? She looked around and found a card on the table. It was from Prem, Roops and Aryan…her birthday present!!!!

happy bday geet….

Now now please wear the sari in the evening and be promised we’ll go shopping and then dinner! Ab apne doston ke liye itna tho kar sakti hai na!!!

[happy bday geet….

Now now please wear the sari in the evening and be promised we’ll go shopping and then dinner! Now you can do this much for your friends right?!]

 It was Roops handwriting..she could clearly guess it. She rolled her eyes..they knew she was  not very comfortable in wearing saris and even then they are hell bent on irritating her!!! Some things really never change!!!


Maan was leaving for office when Dadima barged into his room and gave him a glare and gestured him to sit!!!! He sighed and sat quietly on the couch unable to defy her! Dadima sar beside him and called the room service to get their breakfast!

Maan: Dadima..iski kya zarurat hain? I’ll have something in office!!!

[Dadima… is this necessary? I’ll have something in office]

Dadima: shut up Maan…you don’t take care of yourself..never!!! so its us who had to do everything!

Maan; Dadima.. don’t worry please..aapki tabiyat kharab ho jayegi..itna tension na lo…..

[Dadima don’t worry please..your health will be affected..don;t take so much tension]


Dadima; right… you don’t want me to take tension then why don’t you listen to us Maan?

Maan: aap kya keh rahi hain Dadima? Meine aapki kaunsi baat nahi suni aaj tak?

[what are you saying Dadima? What is it that I haven’t listened to?]

Dadima; bahane mat banaiye… you know very well what we are talking about!

[don’t find excuses… you know very well what we are talking about]


She took a deep breath in and held his hands, “we are getting old Maan…humari health hume ye sab aur permit nahi kar rahi

[we are getting old Maan… my health doesn’t permit all this!]

Maan furious hearing that…clearly understanding what Dadima was hinting at!

Maan; Dadima… iske bare mein humne pehle baat kar chuke hain na..then why don’t you understand?

[Dadima..we have ta;lked about this earlier too… why don’t you understand?]


Dadima: we clearly understand why you are saying no to 2nd marriage..par Maan..aapko bhi khush rehne ka haq hain!!!

[we clearly understand why you are saying no to 2nd marriage..par Maan.. even you have the right to be happy]

Maan: mein khush hoon Dadima… I don’t want anyone in my life… Anisha aur uski yaadein kaafi hain mere liye…

[I AM happy Dadima… I don’t want anyone in my life…Anisha and her memories are enough for me..]

Dadima: jeene ke liye yaadein kaafi nahi hoti Maan… we want to see you happy ….. hum chahte hain ki aapka ghar phir se basey….

[memories are not enough to live a life Maan.. we want to see you happy… we want to see you settled again..]


Maan looked away, “am happy with whatever I have Dadima..i don’t need anyone else in my life!

Dadima had tears in her eyes, “but are dia and namra happy with what they have?

That struck Maan!!!!


Geet took a bath…lost in her thoughts!!! Maan… where was he? Was he fine? She wanted to see him once….she had been craving for his one glance since past how many years even she had lost count!!!  She smiled thinking Anisha and Maan must have had kids already…she giggled imagining her crybaby Maan running after his kids! But then..she realized he was not a crybaby…! He was strong enough…from the very beginning itself… that is why he was able to create his own world after she had gone away to boarding school…yes he is very strong… probably it was her who was weak!


Her eyes fell on the engagement ring on her finger.. she brought it close to her heart and caressed it. Tears rolled down her eyes…mingling with the cascading water droplets from the shower. What was she doing? Was she happy? Yes?? No??? and yet again the biggest confusion come up…was she really happy?

She came out wearing a baby pink salwar suit and walked out to the breakfast table. All awaited her with big smiles on their faces. She looked at each of their faces..and then at aryan’s..he smiled and wished her a happy birthday  with a warm hug!


Roops; chalo birthday girl… apne plans batao!!! Sham ko kya karna hain..yaad hain na?

[come on bday girl… tell us your plans. You remember the evening plan right!]

Geet smiled weakly, “mujhe mandir jaana hain!

[I want to go to the temple]

Roops: mandir? Yun achanak?

[temple..why suddenly?]

Geet: bas..just like that!

Aryan: umm that’s okay Roops..she is the birthday girl..remember!

Prem: chal..i’ll take you..!

Geet: I want to go alone today!!!

Roops teased, ‘ohh..secret wali wishes han!!!“, and winked at her.

[ohh..secret wishes han..]

Aryan: that’s fine..take the car and go!


Maan sat there numb…Dadima’s words echoing in his head, “are dia and namra happy with what hey have?

Dadima continued, “Maan… kabhi tho apni bachiyon ke bare mein sochiye!! We have seen them struggling with their day to day simplest things and the nanny cannot stay with them 24/7 and you know that right! Even you have seen it..then why are you ignoring it? They are so small Maan… aur bahon ke liye ek maa ki kya ehmiyat hoti aapke alawa aur kaun samajh sakta hain Maan?

[Maan.. at least try to think about your daughters! We have seen them struggling with their day to day simplest things and the nanny cannot stay with them 24/7 and you know that right! You have seen it,..then why are you ignoring it? They are so small Maan and what is the importance of a mother in a kid’s understand it very well right?]


Dadima caressed his  cheeks, “we know its difficult for you beta… but don’t they deserve to live a happy life? They don’t say you anything because even at this age they understand that their papa is very busy with office and can’t solve all their problems!!!


Just then Maan’s phone cried and he was already late. He didn’t speak much..rather just excused himself and walked out attending the call! Dadima sighed and looked at the untouched breakfast…!!! She needs to make him understand…!


Geet walked up the stairs of the temple holding her puja thaal with the dupatta covering her head! She walked to the pandit and gave him the thaal and asked him to do a small puja on Maan’s name! for the past few days she was quite restless. It felt as if there was something that was pulling her and Maan..his memories were always kept flashing in her mind. She was very worried about him! And probably the best she could do as of now was to pray for his happiness…from afar!

The pandit chanted the mantras in front of the radha-krishna murthy and she closed her eyes with her hands folded.

Maan jahan bhi ho…usey khush rakhna bhagwaan….its the only thing that I had, have and will expect from you…I need nothing else from you!

[Wherever Maan is..please keep his happy… its the only thing that I had, have and will expect from you…I need nothing else from you!]


She opened her eyes and looked at the idols. For a moment she felt the idols smile at her… she blinked a couple of times.. and looked at them again! They were still… lifeless just like before..and the smile was carved on their faces! Gosh..she was imagining things now! She took the blessings, took her thaal and went back home.


Dia and namra ran to Dadima and hugged her.

Dia: goo…good molning Dadima..

Namra hugged Dadima from her waist, “aaj tho angel ka birthday hain na Dadima…

[today is angel’s bday no Dadima]

Dadima was aurprised. She remembered she had told them the story of angel, her papa and her mumma long time back and also about angel’s birthday and she still remembered it!


Dia; han han angel ka bday…mujhe cake khana hain dadima…

Dadima smiled, “aapko yaad tha?

[you remembered?]

Namra: yesh Dadima.. par angel ko humne wish nahi kiya..usey tho bura legega na..

[yesh Dadima.. but we didn’t wish angel..she will feel bad na]

Dadima couldn’t even say anything to them! What will she answer? She even didn’t know it herself!


She helped dia and namra freshen up and have breakfast. Nanny was there too but with Dadima, she preferred staying away. After breakfast… they got bored in an hour. This was bound to happen…Maan stuck in office and the three ladies getting bored. Dia and namra carried their homework and finished it by lunchtime. They had lunch and wondered what to do in the evening.

Dia: Dadima.. kya kalein?

[Dadima what to do]

Namra: mein tho bore ho gayi…

[me got bored]

Dadima too was getting hell bored too. Never go anywhere with Maan on a holiday—she made a mental note! Maan will be back in the evening but what will they do alone?

Dia: Dadima angel ke liye gift….aaj ushka bday hai na..

[Dadima gift for is her bday na…]

That struck Dadima! She smiled listening to their cute talks, “sham ko lets go shopping!!!


Geet got ready in the red sari and came out of the room. Everyone fell silent seeing her like that… she looked like an angel…there was nothing artificial about her… everything was so genuine and so natural! Aryan looked at her and forgot to blink!!! Prem had to nudge him and get him back to reality. The four drove towards the biggest mall in Mumbai for shopping, as promised by the guys! Roops held Prem’s hands and dragged him to the shops. Geet was silent all the while…she didn’t speak..she just kept observing..Listening to everything and everyone.


Aryan: kya baat hain geet? You seem  quiet? You okay?

[ what happened geet? You seem quiet? You okay?]

Geet smiled weakly, “ okay!!! Lets get to the topmost floor…I want to have an ice cream!

Aryan: no shopping?

Geet: na..really not in need of anything!

Aryan looked at her for a while…she has been behaving differently off late! He wondered of something was bothering her but then he didn’t want to upset her..especially on her bday. She had been working the whole day on her laptop even after taking a day off!


They sat in the food court on the top most floor of the mall, enjoying their ice cream. The gaming zone was right in front of were playing..shouting…laughing..and their parents smiling! She kept looking at them…smiling with their antics. She looked around and saw a tiny little girl trying to get down from the escalator. She was around 3 years old she guessed. She was very cute..her dark curly hair and her big dark lashes made her look all the more cute! She kept looking at the tiny figure trying to step on to the escalator and get down…probably she had her family downstairs. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a cute top.


She tried to step on the 1st step but she couldn’t due to its speed. Geet kept watching her try but got up to help her.

She finally managed to put one step on the moving step and lost her balance because she wasn’t able to put her other foot on it. She was about to roll down the escalator when geet caught her hands and pulled her away towards her and hugged her!


Dia was so scared. She wanted to get to the gaming zone and the nanny left her there. She went to the loo and there she had to wait there for sometime. Dia got scared finding herself all alone. Dadima and namra were on the floor below and she wanted to go to them. She came though the escalator with nanny but she couldn’t get down. She was about to roll down when she felt two hands grab her and hug her tight!!! She buried her head in her chest and held her back tight, shivering.

Geet caressed her back, “are you okay sweety? are fine!!!“:

Dia felt a bit calmer and nodded!

Geet: what were you doing alone in that escalator? Where are your parents?

Dia slowly looked up to see the face of her angel..rubbing her nose!!! She blinked a couple of times and said, “angel…you here?

Geet smiled not understanding what she meant and asked again, “where are your parents angel?

Dia’s eyes twinkled with a happiness on finding her angel, ” angel mein….

Geet didn’t get a head or tail of what she was saying.

Geet: tumhare mumma papa kahan hain?

[where are your mumma papa?]


Dia pointed down stairs. Geet held her cutie hands and got her down.

Dia; you angel….

Geet: its okay Sweety pie…

Dia; here..i…i..get namra,,,

And she ran away towards the section where Dadima and namra were. Geet shook her head and turned back to see Aryan standing there with his hands crossed over his chest, smiling!

Aryan: ab yahan aa hi gayi ho tho shopping hi karlo…

[since you are already here…you better shop]

Geet smiled and walked away with him.


Meanwhile dia reached namra and Dadima, panting!!!!

Dia; namla..chalo…angel..i saw angel….

Dadima didn’t understand what she was mumbling.

Dadima: beta..nanny kahan hai?

[beta where is nanny?]

Dia was nowhere listening, “namla chalo….angel chali jayegi..

[namra come.. angel will go away]

She held namra’s hands and dragged her to the place she had asked angel to wait for her. Dadima rolled her eyes..they were getting naughtier day y day! Just then she got a call from Maan asking where they were! She asked him to meet them in the mall so that they could go home together!

Maan kept the call and turned his car towards the mall, still pondering over what Dadima had told him earlier that morning,


next: she felt a tug on her hand failing her to move forward and the next moment she was crushed into someone’s strong arms…Wink

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