06 Aug

sorry for being late guys…
was super held up with things around!!!


As they walked out, Jasmeet noticed geet oddly  quiet. And what shocked her was geet never fought back when she complained Maan about her being spoilt!!!

Anisha tucked herself comfortable in her bed, pulling the duvet upto her face, super excited!!!

Anisha: just a few hours more..we can’t wait to see you…make you ours forever.. we love you Maan!


Geet sat angrily in the ice cream parlor tapping her feet while Maan went to get their ice creams. She was feeling much better now and recalled the chat she had with Anisha just a few minutes back!


Geet just stepped out of the car when she got a text from Anisha.

geet..wht r u doing? We’re excited abt 2mrow..unable to sleep!

She replied, “currently in ice cream parlor wid Maan..evn me excited

Anisha had wondered what these two were doing at 11pm in an ice cream parlor

ice-cream..itni raat? Geet don’t u hve to sing tomorw?

yeah I do..maan brought me here… its all his idea di ” (chalu geetWink)

god geet.. don’t eat ice cream silly. Gala kharab ho gaya to? Uff..this Maan.. is he hell bent on destroying ur performance? Lol



That had caught geet’s attention. Maan was already at the counter ordering their fav while geet sat there angrily, shooting glares at him. He came back carrying 2 cups full Belgian dark chocolate. He pushed one cup towards her and started relishing his own. She didn’t even touch her ice cream and kept glaring at him. He stopped and looked at her, wondering what was wrong!

Maan: what? Ghoor kyun rahi hai? Its your fav geet.. eat before it melts.

Geet (angrily): do you realize that tomorrow is my finals?

Maan was busy with his ice cream, “umm yeah..i do..

Geet: phir you must be knowing the importance of my voice tomorrow as the lead singer….

Maan sighed, “I do know geet..”

And she screamed, “then why the hell did you get me an ice-cream you stupid!!! Mera gala kharab ho gaya tho?(muski di..i answered your question!LOL)

Few people looked at them. Maan rolled his eyes and screamed back, “pehle nahi bata sakti thi idiot!

She looked away, making faces. Maan sighed and went back to the counter, bought her a hot chocolate and pushed it towards her and pulled her ice cream to him. She looked at him from the corner of eyes, eyeing that ice cream he was pulling away but couldn’t help it either. He relished both the ice creams while she sipped her hot chocolate. She was totally calm now..infact enjoying admiring him secretly..just like the day she had bought him swiss choco delight in his office.


Later he dropped her at her place.

Maan: now you better sleep and stop thinking okay.

She smiled, “thanks Maan..

He arched his brows, “thanks and you?

Geet walked away laughing, “quite unexpected, isn’t it?

He shook his head and drove back, super glad at the fact that she was fine now. Sometimes he just doesn’t understand this girl…well she is crazy, he concluded!

Jasmeet saw geet hopping back into the mansion happily and throwing her shoes somewhere and fall on the couch lazily. And she knew this was the same old geet!


it was a big day for geet and Anisha as well. They were nervous, excited, happy and the best part—they were to see Maan today in their respective worlds. The whole day geet was with her band, going for a final rehearsal, costume, instruments etc etc etc.


Anisha was in a super good mood. She had her breakfast in the garden with her mother and as gayathri noticed, Anisha was super happy about something. She smiled, guessing the reason—Maan! Probably she was meeting up with him today. She quietly went to her room and sat on her bed. Anisha was lost in her world, keeping her things properly, arranging her books and notes, humming a tune! She didn’t even notice gayathri.

She moved to her clothes after her books. Gayathri was amazed to see Anisha so lost. But she was happy with her daughter’s choice. She knew he was the only son of the reputed khurana’s and they had known then quite well.


Gayathri; ahem… kya baat hai..aaj aap itni khush lag rahi hain?

And that’s when Anisha realized gayathri was in her room.

Anisha: maa… aap yahan? Kab aayi?

Gayahtri: we have been sitting here for such a long time Anisha..where were you lost?

Anisha; umm.. nothing in particular maa.

Gayathri: nothing in particular ya batana nahi chahti? Come sit here..

She gestured her to sit beside her. Anisha blushed a bit and sat beside her, fidgeting with her dupatta.


Gayathri: now tell us.. whats in your mind!

Anisha; wo maa… hum..wo aaj sham..

Gayathri smiled and finished her sentence, “Maan se milne jaa rahi hain!

Anisha was surprised, ‘aapko kaise pata?” and then looked down feeling embarrassed at being caught.

Gayathri: arrey..sharmana chodiye beta aur hume poori bata bataiye..


Anisha; wo maa.. humari ek friend hain and he has participated in a contest with her band members aur aaj sham unke finals hain..hume invite kiya hain unhone.. aur..aur..maan bhi aa rahe hain wahan aur…

Gayathri: aur aap jaana chahti hain!

Anisha nodded softly.

Gayathri: waise naam kya hain aapki friend ka?

Anisha; ji geet…geet Handa!

Gayathri: bada pyaara naam hain! unhe humari taraf se all the best bol dijiyega!

Anisha smiled, ” ji maa.. aur hain bhi bahut pyaari. Maan ki bachpan ki best friend hain and  she treats us lilke her own sister..aur hume bhi bahut achi lagti hain..


Gayathri was suddenly reminded of that maal incident and that girl with Maan. She looked at Anisha thoughtfully. She was so happy.. it would be better if she doesn’t know about it. She’d be hurt.

Gayathri: Anisha.. listen to us carefully..

Anisha stopped hearing the seriousness in her voice, ‘ji maa..”

Gayathri: if you really love someone Anisha, never let them break away from you beta..

Anisha (confused): ji hum samjhe na…

Gayathri; you are very innocent Anisha…you don’t know the ways of the world. People are always on their toes to snatch away your most priced possession. So before they do anything, you have to stand on your own feet and show your authority and right over what you love! And if needed, don’t hesitate to snatch it away from others! Remember this Anisha—fight for your love!


Gayathri walked away with those words. Innocent Anisha couldn’t even understand a word of it. What did it mean? Why was she saying like this? Who will snatch away and what? She spent the whole day trying to understand what her mother meant. In all her confusion, she decided to call geet and get her mind off this. It was nearing evening and she could hear noises from geet’s side!

Geet: dii… you coming right@!

Anisha; of course geet.. how can we miss your performance!

Geet (naughtily): excited to meet Maan?

Anisha blushed, “geet..stop it…

Geet: I know you are blushing di..but you better make it fast. He’d be here after his office, probably around 7 and my performance is around 7:45.

Anisha: okay..will be there geet..all the best.

Geet; thanks dii…acha ab mein phone rakhti hoon.. gotta rush..bye!


Maan closed the file and looked up at the watch. It was already 6:30 and he hadn’t even realized it. Past few days he had been missing Anisha a lot..especially after her calls., though he didn’t show it. And now he needs to rush. It was geet’s finals and if he missed that, he’d be dead! He walked out and drove to the venue as fast as he could.

The crowd was in a frenzy. The performances were about to start and this time the theme was—International pop/rock/jazz! It was around 7:15 when he reached and caught up with Roops and Aryan.


Maan: tum log geet se mile? She was pretty freaked out last night!

Aryan looked at Maan, “I had spoken to her some time back..she sounded fine!

Roops; yep she is all fine!

But then something struck Aryan.

Aryan: why don’t you go and meet her once. She is backstage and she’d love it.

Maan smiled, “nah.. I have just texted her..she’ll be fine!

Geet was super excited to see Maan’s text. He had come.. that gave her immense satisfaction… something she could always experience with Maan!

Anisha looked at the time and panicked. Oh god.. she didn’t want to be late. She had wasted a lot of time, confused about what to wear. She’d be seeing Maan after 1 month, 2 days and 15 hours and she wanted to look her best today!!


It was geet’s turn. She shot a quick prayer to her Babaji and walked to the stage. She was really excited for her performance. She stood in the middle and gestured her drummer to start. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, counting the beats!

You’re on the phone with your girlfriend, She’s upset
She’s going off about something that you said
She doesn’t get your humor like I do

(me not writing the entire song..just writing the impt stazas)

But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts
She’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re lookin for has been here the whole time

Her eyes fell on Maan amongst the crowd..her heart skipped a beat. Her expressions changed with the lyrics..sometimes cute and sometimes funny but her eyes were stuck at him…and he was in his formals..ohh god…she was going bonkers!! She remembered how she was lattoo on this look of his when she visited his office and now..ufff!!! she saw no one else…. Neither Roops…not Aryan and she even forgot about Anisha and her plan.

If you could see that I’m the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can’t you see?
You belong with me

She smiled—you belong with me.. it sounded so dear! She danced… more ’cause of her own happiness to see him cheering for her. she just wanted the time to stop and she’d just keep on looking at him for ever and ever and ever…..

She was nearing the end but she hadn’t averted her gaze from his fac1. She saw him waving at her…. clapping and laughing.

Oh I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night
I’m the one who makes you laugh when you know you’re about to cry

She found it really strange when her words just came back to her!! but one thing she must admit..he looked cruelly handsome when he smiled!

Anisha rushed towards the hall and stood at the entrance, panting. She was late due to the infamous Delhi traffic. She was really upset that she missed geet’s performance. But then. She has to meet Maan! She can’t hold back that urge to see him once. She smiled and walked out in through the empty corridors, towards the fountain in the garden, texting Maan.

I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong. I think I know it’s with me.

She had a line to sing without music. She looked at Maan and closed her eyes, smiling, only to see his face even with her eyes closed!! God..she is going crazy!!!!

Can’t you see that I’m the one who understands you?
Been here all along so why can’t you see?


Maan felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He checked and went numb for a while! It was a text from Anisha and that too from India’s number! Could it mean she was back? he hurriedly opened the message. It read, “we want to see you Maan… meet us in the garden..NOW. we are here

He felt his heart beats rise…she was back! ohh god.. she was really back!!! he couldn’t have stayed back anymore. He looked around and walked out. Aryan was standing beside him and wondered what was wrong that he left the hall midway of geet’s performance!!!!


Geet slowly opened her eyes, feeling butterflies in her tummy.

Standing by or waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that
You belong with me
You belong with me

She looked out for a glimpse of Maan. Suddenly she felt so restless. Where was he? He was there a few seconds earlier right! Then where was he now? She looked here and there, totally worried.


Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me

She felt the corners of her eyes burn. Still she managed to finish off her song and get down. Roops and Aryan went to see her.

Geet: umm..roops…Maan kahan hai?

Aryan somewhere understood her restlessness.

Roops; I think he got a call…isiliye bahar hain..

She looked convinced and they waited anxiously for the results.


Maan hurried through the empty corridors towards the garden. The noise was slowly fading away as he neared his destination. The moon was full…the clouds had cleared long back. he could hear the sound of the water from the fountain. It was so musical. Restlessness had long played with his emotions…he had missed her like anything. He noticed a faint figure standing near the waters. He stopped right in front of that person, his heart was beating so fast!


Anisha saw him standing there…waiting for him. She saw him in the moonlight, wearing formals. She gulped hard looking at him under the moonlit sky. She was seeing him like that for the 1st time and after a long time.. she almost forgot to breathe! She slowly walked into the moonlight, with tears glistening in her eyes.


The result was announced and geet’s team had done it. They were shrieking in happiness. All ran to the stage to collect their trophy, jumping on each other, hugging each other. She joined in too…but she wanted to share her happiness with him. She searched for him in the crowd and when she couldn’t find him, she literally snatched the trophy from her friends and ran out, searching for him.


Maan was awestruck seeing Anisha. She was wearing a blood red anarkali suit, her hair open,…she looked like an angel. For a moment, he couldn’t even take his eyes off her! she was breathtakingly beautiful and the moon…just added to her beauty. She walked a step towards him, “Maan…” she called him out softly.


Maan….maan….” she ran around the bulding, holding her trophy in her hands, searching for him like a lunatic. She was so excited to share it with him…and she ran….faster…searching the rooms and the corridors when she heard the sound of water from the fountain. Could he be there?


He closed his eyes for a while…he was dying to hear that voice. He walked to her and caressed hr pink cheek with the bbcak of his palm!!!

Maan: are you really here?

Anisha could see the pain in his eyes… how much he had missed her! a drop of tear rolled out of her eyes and she held his hand and whispered back, “yes…we missed you Maan..

He couldn’t bear the distance anymore. He pulled her close and hugged her tight, trying to erase the pain he had felt in her absence. She let her tears flow… as she hugged him back…pulling him closer and still closer!!


Geet saw someone standing near the fountain. Could it be Maan? She had a wide smile on her face,. Though she was short of breath with all the running, and she ran towards him!

maa..” she stopped right on her tracks, her hands up in the air, holding the trophy, numb, motionless and thoughtless at what she saw!


next: geet’s reaction

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