30 Jul


They switched seats and Aryan came to the steering. As they drove geet kept checking the time again and again impatiently. Aryan noticed that.

Ayran; relax geet.. hum time se tumhare ghar pahunch jayenge…

Geet: jaldi aryan….today we have to qualify in the quarter finals..

Aryan mocked, “ab itna rehearse mat karo geet… 1st aa jaogi..”

Geet: ha ha very funny! I don’t like coming second..mujhe har cheez mein 1st hona acha lagta hain… mujhe kisi ki 2nd banna raas nahi!!!!”

Aryan: geet…relax… mein tho mazak kar raha tha..! tum tho kabhi 2nd ho hi nahi sakti…

Geet: matlab?

Aryan looked at her cutely, “tum itni pyaari ho…koi gadha hi hoga jo tummhe 2nd banayega!

Geet madam was soo flattered, “HA! Sahi kaha.. koi gadha, ullu ka patha, bewakoof hi hoga jo mujhe 2nd banayega!

Aryan laughed at her antics. She was the cutest angel he has ever seen.

Aryan (st): thank god am not in your list… tum tho humesha mere liye 1st hi rahogi..

He dropped her home. She had asked him to come for her quarter finals and how could he miss that! Roops and Prem were going there too.

Maan waited for her impatiently in his car. She was never late. He was fed up of honking the car. He locked it and walked inside. Jasmeet was getting ready to leave for office.

Maan: mamma.. geet kahan hain? kitni der kardi usne..

Jasmeet; umm..let me check on her…

She went near the stairs and called out, “geet…jaldi kar beta.. Maan ko der ho rahi hain..

They heard shout back, “do (2) minute mein aayi…

Jasmeet turned to Maan, “am leaving Maan.. go and check on her..”

She was in a hurry. The car was already waiting for her. Maan called her again, “geet…fast!!! Am getting late.

Upon hearing no response, he headed towards her room wondering what was taking her this long. He entered her room and almost laughed seeing her standing on a chair, trying to reach for the topmost shelf of her huge cupboard, searching for something. She was hell irritated. She started jumping on the chair.

Maan stood behind her muffling his laughter. She was wearing a faded jeans and a fitting top. Every time she raised her hand to reach for the top, her shirt got pulled up, revealing her waist..a span of creamy white shining skin. Maan’s eyes couldn’t miss that! Her hair was tied in a long plait that brushed her waist as it moved with her. he suddenly went stiff with the sight in front of him…a sudden rush of adrenaline perhaps! He shook his head to avoid the feel but he couldn’t deny the fact that she was beautiful.

One hop and the chair slipped. He was fast enough to reach near her, noticing her losing her balance. She closed her eyes fearing her fall and THUD!

She opened her eyes only to find herself on him, both on the floor..her face hid in his chest making her swoon in anticipation with the scent of his cologne. His hands held her protectively around her waist. She felt her heart race like a horse..probably melting with his touch. She looked up at his face…her curls fell on his lips, brushing them tenderly. He was looking at her intently.

She looked into his eyes, forgetting to breathe…losing herself in their depth. Maan felt tickled over his lips. He raised his hand and tucked the curl behind her ear, brushing over her bare waist unknowingly. She gasped with the sudden touch…closing her eyes..her lips trembled and her skin all alive with the goose bumps!

Maan (softly): okay?

Geet (lost): umm….

Maan: we are getting late…

She snapped, coming back to her senses. She looked at her hold on his  shirt over his chest and back at him… she felt so shy and conscious at the same time. Maan waited for her to move and when madam was no where near moving. He rolled his eyes and shouted, “GEET….MOTI…are you even listening?
her mouth turned a bog ‘O’ hearing that from him. She immediately stood up, making faces. He stood up brushing himself clean.

Geet: mein tujhe moti lagti hoon?

Maan thought it was a good chance to get back at her for that anarkali embarrassment.

Maan (naughtily): aur nahi tho kya? Ab moti tho moti hi lagegi na..chahe kuch bhi kar lo…

Ohh god.. how could she even stay mad at him seeing that cute naughty glint in his eyes! She could fall for this man 1000 times over and over agai.. just that stupid girl doesn’t realize! The cracks on her heart was always overpowered by the happiness she felt in his closeness, in his smile, in his talks… and probably this is why she couldn’t give importance to any negative or painful things.

 She kept quiet and looked away turning all red at her own thoughts.

Maan: by the way.. what were you searching for up there?

Geet made a baby face, remembering about it.

wo..aaj quarter finals hain na…song ki lyrics ka paper mujhe diya tha meri friend ne and kal meine uki roket banake uda di!!! It landed there and now am not able to get it.

Mana rolled his eyes, “tu kabhi nahi sudhregi…hai na?

He climbed on the chair, got her rocket back and gave it to her, making a you-are-so-hopeless face! He drove her to the venue. She kept quiet, feeling all blushy-mushy, remembering the closeness they had shared. She was surprised when he didn’t get down the car and escort her in like always. She had started loving the deathly glares she was receiving from the other girls…. Honestly, she felt proud of it. She stood there wondering whether to ask him or  not! But then she was the great geet Handa after all. She asked him bluntly, “tu nahi aa raha aaj?

Maan pulled his glaze down a bit and looked at her, “nahi yaar…am already late all thanks to you moti!

She twisted her lips and bent down over the window!

Geet: acha sun.. aaj quarter finals hain..shaam ko performances hone wale hain… tujhe aana hain okay!

Maan (sarcastically): tu invite kar rahi hain ya order de rahi hai?

Geet: jo samajhna hai samajh lena…. But I want you here okay!

Maan: will try….

Geet: don’t try! Come! Roops, Aryan aur Prem bhi aa rahe hain! dare you miss my performance.

Maan: okay baba…I’ll come but can’t promise! So don’t have high hopes!

Geet: umm…I’ll be waiting.

Her last line had all her hopes and expectation that he’d come. She really wanted him to be there during her performance. She stood there until his car was out of sight. She smiled a bit, het her head and walked in.



Gayathri sat on her rocking chair with her eyes closed…thinking something deeply. The image of Maan carrying a girl on his back in the mall flashed in her mind.

That day, she had been in the mall too, with a few of her friends and that’s when she had seen Maan with some random girl and the fact that he gave her a piggy-back ride… her eyes snapped open with the realization that Anisha will be back in 2 days. She couldn’t stop her mind wandering back to what she had seen in the mall. Who was that girl? And what was she doing with Maan? She had an instant dislike towards her. she knew Maan well.. she trusted him and she also knew, not only Anisha, even Maan was deeply in love with her daughter and he wouldn’t let her down—ever! Then why was he with that girl? They could be friends…but her mind fought back—they seemed more than friends. She hadn’t missed geet’s hands holding him close. Like any mother, she was very protective about her daughter. She’d be hurt if she gets to know that Maan was with some other girl in her absence. All these just made her angry on that random girl, clinging to Maan shamelessly. Anisha would be so hurt if she knew that and she’d never let any sadness or pain touch her princess.

Geet waited for Maan, but he didn’t show up. Aryan had wished her good luck but her eyes searched for someone else,….someone so dear to her..! just before her performance Maan called up, apologizing that he won’t be able to make it to her performance. He was held up in a meeting he was attending with Dadima…his 1st ever and most important.

Geet sighed, “theek hain.. iss baar chod diya but if we qualify for the semi finals today. Then you have to come!

Maan: yes definitely… but am very sorry about today.. can’t make it.

Geet; its okay Maan.. relax kar!

Maan; tu naraz tho nahi hai na? Agla performance pakka I’ll be there.

Geet: nahi hoon naraz! Ab go and finish up with your meeting.

Maan smiled, “bye and all the best!!! You have to qualify for the next round if you want me to be there for your next performance!

Her performance was rocking…how could she fail him? They were one of the best performers of the night. Aryan couldn’t be happier. For him..she was brightest start among the crowd. The result was announced just after the performances and she had made it to the semi finals. And to make it tough and interesting, they were given a theme to perform on—sweet impact!

They came out after packing up; geet came out, carrying her guitar, really happy. Aryan was to drop roops at her place when he saw geet. He walked to er and extended his hand to her.

Aryan; may I have the pleasure to drop her highness at her place?

Geet laughed and gave her hand in his, “of course you…

Her eyes fell on Maan waiting for her, leaning against his car. Oh god.. she was sooo happy to see him. She couldn’t believe he actually made an effort to be there despite his meeting.

Aryan felt her hand slipping away from his! He looked up only to see her run towards Maan and hug him tight!

Maan smiled and hugged her back! geet jumped, “Maan… hum select ho gaye.. yiipiiieee..

Maan: congrats… chalo meeting jaldi finish karke aane ka koi tho fayada hua…

Aryan looked at her..smiling happily almost forgetting everything and everyone around her. he walked back to his car, probably realizing his and Maan’s place in her life. He just wished secretly that Maan doesn’t hurt this angel even the slightest!


Geet took a deep breath in as she braced herself for the performance. It was just a day after the quarter finals and they had practiced really hard. Aryan wished her luck and this time he could read her eyes really well. They searched for Maan in that crowd. He was sad for himself…but happy for her!

The semifinals started..but she waited for him anxiously. He said he’d be there.. he had promised to. It was their turn already and he wasn’t there. She plucked the 1st few strings of her guitar, her eyes skimming through the crowd for his one glimpse. She had to start with the performance. The crowd cheered and hooted. She closed her eyes, wishing if Maan were there! She took a deep breath in and looked down. Already feeling low that he wasn’t there!

“Kya bataun dil khud hi na jane

 kaisa mehka mehka ehsaas hai”

the crowd was mesmerized with her voice. She slowly looked up towards the entrance hoping he’d be there.. and just then she saw him enter the hall. She can recognize him anytime anywhere possible..or rather, her heart can feel his every step. She was surprised at her own self.

He had managed to finish his work and get to the venue on time. He saw her looking at his direction. He smiled and raised his hands showing a thumbs up. Her wish was granted! A smiled played on her lips!

Aate jaate in lamho ki leheron mein

Kahin na kahin tho kuch khaas hai


She felt her own lyrics hit her back..with an effect! They had chosen on a soft number for this round, hoping to be a bit different from others.

na jana kaisi hai yeh madhoshi, hai kaisa nasha

hawa sa kare baatein yeh dil kyun, kya hai wajah

her eyes searched for him.. she wondered where could he go! He was there a moment ago. She suddenly felt so restless..probably felt like crying/ she was confused at her own reactions nowadays. And that’s when her eyes fell on him..standing in the from row with her friends. She actually felt like breathing now.

jahan yeh sara apna sa lage, sapna sa lage,


na jane chala hai kya pane, laga hai kyun gane..

my heart goes oh dhin tana

na jane chala hai kya pane, laga hai kyun gane

my heart goes oh dhin tana…

she danced in her own rhythm, stealing glances at him from time to time and there happily losing himself…going with the flow of her music and heart.


She stepped out of the airport with a beautiful smile adoring her lips. Finally she is back and the very 1st thing she wanted to do was to see him! She felt butterflies in her tummy thinking of him.

Geet was lost in her own world..forgetting everything around!!!!

Thodi, thodi, betabian bhi,

Thoda, thoda, dil ko sukun hai.

Thodi, thodi, bechenian bhi,

Thoda, thoda, chaya junoon bhi..


Geet was so happy…that reflected on her song and strangely she felt her own lyrics coming back to her. indeed..she was feeling very differently/

Anisha hugged her parents. They were so happy to have her back but gayathri was a little disturbed. Anisha kept looking out of the window all the while, as the car moved to her palace, smiling all to herself. She wanted to surprise Maan big time.

na jane kaisi hai yeh madhoshi, hai kaisa nasha

hawa sa kare bate yeh dil kyun, kya hai wajah

jahan yeh sara apna sa lage, sapna sa lage,


na jane chala hai kya pane, laga hai kyun gane..

my heart goes oh dhin tana

na jane chala hai kya pane, laga hai kyun gane

my heart goes oh dhintana…

Maan was super impressed with her performance. She bowed after finished her song. Maan stood up clapping. Ohh god.. that was enough for her. she wouldn’t even feel sad if they get disqualified for the finals because what she was feeling now was way beyond any competition… or any win or loss!


next: geet and anisha: mein pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaanEmbarrassed

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