24 Jul


Geet just smiled and hugged him back tight. Dadima had just returned and was going to her room when she heard noises from Maan’s room. She knew geet was there. She just peeped in to check on her two favorite children though the half opened door and found both of them hugging each other tight. Geet’s face was visible to her..she noticed the glow on her face. She smiled thinking something and walked away!


Geet lay on her bed…lost in her thoughts. Today her guitar was far away from her. she was thinking about her evening with Maan. She took a deep breath andf looked at the ceiling. She was reminded of the time when he had shouted at her just because she said about “her” death. She had never seen him angry..especially around her. before leaving for boarding school, she had known a scared, cry baby Maan who always wanted her by his side…to help fight for him… to play with him… to cry to her…to boss over him…now he has changed a lot. He could fight his own battles…he could do his work without  her help…he got his own friends circle..he could even get angry now.


The door creaked open and Jasmeet entered the dimly lighted room only to see geet lying on the bed…she hadn’t changed yet. Jasmeet had a long day in the office and somewhere she was feeling guilty for not being able to give her much needed time and probably that’s why geet was so naughty!!!

She sighed and sat near geet, turning on the lights. Geet saw her and sat up.


Geet: mamma..aap kab aayi?

Jasmeet: abhi tho aayi… maid ne bataya… tune ab tak dinner kyun nahi kiya? Its going to be 10 beta… abhi tak change bhi nahi kiya! Where were you?

Geet: hmm.. I was waiting for you. Maan ke saath thi..didn’t feel like having…

That’s when Jasmeet noticed something on her arms. Geet was wearing a full sleeved off-white t-shirt and jeans. Jasmeet immediately held her arm seeing that red patch over the fabric. Geet winced in pain.


Jasmeet: kya hai? Why is it bleeding? What happened?

Geet looked at it…utterly confused what happened. She looked blankly at her mom.

Jasmeet (sternly): did you fight with someone? Mein tera kya karun geet…why are you so careless? And uske upar tujhe khud nahi pata ye hua kaise…infection ho gaya tho???? Go and change..Now.

Geet: kya mamma.. choti si chot..lag gayi hogi kahin..relax.. itna tensin na lo…

Jasmeet: go and change now..i will dress it up.


Geet rolled her eyes and went to change still wondering how did it happen. She closed the washroom door and took off her shirt and turned towards the mirror, checking her wound. Hmm… now where did that come from? It wasn’t too deep…but it was bleeding a bit. Her eyes fell on the other arm. It had red marks on it…probably around the same place as that of the other arm. She looked at both her hands realizing what actually happened. She smiled…actually laughed looking at herself in the mirror.


Geet: so Mr. Khurana..aapko actually gussa karna aata hain…..

She blushed hard remembering his words—meri zindagi mein teri jagah koi nahi le sakta…and still didn’t realize that she was actually blushing.

She was not sad or angry… but she was loving this whole new Maan now!! Something she had never expected to see. And her thoughts went back to his gloomy face without Anisha. She sighed.

Geet: di.. come back soon warna iss devdas ke chakkar me mein pagal ho jaungi!

She knew she had to distract him…and she will! She smirked naughtily. She loved irritating him to the core until he gave up.


Maan was sleeping peacefully. For some reasons he didn’t feel like getting up early and working out. One lazy day wouldn’t hurt..will it? He opened his eyes for a while and checked the time—7 am and slept off again. A few seconds went in complete silence..ahh so peafeful..he smiled at his thought. But oops… he expected too much I guess. And the next moment he heard his door bang open and her scream.


He turned away pulling the spread over his face.

Geet shook him, “get up you idiot..we are going out…uth jaa..”

He pushed her away and tried to sleep, geet screamed, shouted , jumped but he didn’t budge. She made a grumpy face and sat beside him…thinking ways to wake him up. That’s when her cell beeped. It was Roops…BINGO! She looked at him from the corner of her eyes and took the call, talking loudly so that he could hear!


Geet: ohh..hi Anisha di…how are you?

maan’s eyes popped open hearing her name,

Roops (confused): oyeee nautanki..mein hoon…Roops!!!

Geet: kya di…aap bho… khayal rakha karo apna… aise kaise chalega?

Roops: tu chup kar aur jaldi aa.. we are waiting..

Geet made a baby face, “di..wo..maan.. wo tho abhi tak so raha hai…I tried…but he is not waking up..aap phone rakho…hum baad mein baat karte hain…


Maan felt like killing this girl! Ek tho she knew he was missing Anisha upar se not giving him the phone!!! He sat up instantly and shouted, “zyada nautanki karne ki zarurat awake!! Phone de mujhe..”

Geet burst out laughing seeing his condition.

Geet (on the phone): people go ahead.. we’ll be there in man 1 hour.

Maan’s face fell hearing that. stupid girl was making a fool out of him early morning. Grrr..hate her!!!

Maan: geet..tune phir se ullu banaya meko..

Geet: ehh lo..ullu ko ullu banane ki kya zarurat?

Maan: GEET…I’ll kill you for sure now…!!!

She pulled him out of the bed and pushed him towards the washroom.

Geet: han han baad mein kar lena..abhi ja and get ready..we’re going out.

He made a face and looked away, “am not going with you anywhere!!!!

Geet: am not asking you Maan.. am telling you. So no other option. Get ready fassstt…….


Maan: lekin where are we going?

Geet: I’ll tell you later..but kindly hurry up!!!!

She ran downstairs and saw Dadima sitting in the hall reading newspaper. She went and hugged her, “good morning Dadima..

Dadima:  good morning beta..kya baat hain..aaj aap badi khush lag rahi hain? Baithiye..hum nakul se kehke aapke liye nashta banwate hain…

Geet: nahi Dadima.. no breakfast…hum bahar jaa rahe hain tho wahi kar lenge..

Dadima: Maan bhi ja rahe hain?

Geet smiled cutely, “yes Dadima.. bechara devdas ban gaya hai Anisha di ke jaane ke baad…so am taking him out!!!


Dadima looked at geet for a couple of seconds without blinking her eyes. How much more this girl wil do for Maan? She remembered little geet had no issues with Maan whilst sharing her mom, her room, her mom’s time.. and she actually agreed to go to boarding school for Maan and even after years…she is still the same!!! She saw Maan coming downstairs. Geet kissed her cheeks and ran to him.


She sat in his car, instructing him where to go. He sighed and did as was instructed or else he knew she’ll start bugging him till no ends. they stopped at a caf for breakfast. Roops, Aryan, prem and his gf were already waiting for them. Geet was in for a big surprise when Maan and Aryan hugged each other. Later she came to know that they were together in the 1st year and since they belonged to different departments they separated as per their preferred core branches. They had their breakfast and Maan got to know about the plan—a full day masti..amusement park, lunch. Shopping and dinner (if they aren’t tired enough).



Summer break for it was filled with families and college students enjoying with their gfs and bfs. The gang was super excited to try all the rides. Roops was not ;liking the idea of prem getting his gf. She clung on to Aryan’s hand, looking awat feeling hurt. Aryan noticed that sadness in her face. He held her hand and smiled at her assuring everything will be fine.


Now Mr. Prem chopra noticed that eye-to-eye convo going on between Roops and Aryan.. he clenched his fists and chipkofied more with his gf to gain Roops’ attention. And geet madam was already bored seeing the two couples lost in their own world. She actually had only Maan to bug. She clung to him, giving him a cheeky smile. Maan noticed that smile and rolled his eyes knowing very well that his day will be ending with a severe head ache.


As they went for rides, Roops knowingly sat with Aryan and prem with his gf to irritate each other. Aryan was going mad with the cold war going on between them. And to Maan’s luck or un-luck he was always ending up with geet, eating his head with her non stop bak bak. They stopped to grab something to eat before heading further. Maan held his coke can and looked at geet excitedly.

Maan: geet…chal pirate ship pe chalte hain…

Geet: huh??!!! Are you sure?? Tujhe vomiting-shomiting tho nahi hoti na??

Roops heard that and made a yucky face.

Maan: shut up and chal warna ride start ho jayegi..this is my fav. Ride.

He held geet’s hand and ran towards the ride. Roops was a bit scared of pirate ship because it goes really high. But her eyes fell on prem sweetly feeding ice-cream to his gf. She clutched aryan’s hand tightly and spoke loudly, “Aryan.. mujhe bhi pirate ship mein jani hain..

Aryan; are you sure Roops? Its quite high..

She was really angry at that girl. She pulled Aryan, “yes am 100% sure..lets go..

Prem heard that.

Prem (st): ye chudail apne aap ko samajhti kya hain? romancing with that sadoo Aryan like that…chiii puke puke…


He held his gf’s hand and literally dragged her towards the ride. And now it so happened that our adventure lovers Maan and geet sat at the far end of the rode. People filled the seats, all wanting to sit anywhere but the middle…its no thrill in the middle.

Sadly for prem and Roops, they ended up in the middle seats and the worst part—the seats faced each other. Both sat with their respective partners, shooting deathly glares to each other.


As the ride started, Maan and geet involuntarily held on to each other’s hands, smiling.

Geet: Maan.. abhi bhi time hain… tell me if you have puking tendency..

Maan: are you genuinely curious or being sarcastic han?

The ride picked up speed..maan and geet screamed in excitement..their screams drowning and rising among the noise other people created.

Prem was trembling with fear. Poor guy had vomiting tendency. He felt dizzy and can’t even get off the ride. He hugged his gf tight and started mumbling, “jai hanuman gyan gun sagar..jai kapish tihun lok ujagar…

Roops held on to Aryan and closed her eyes. Aryan sighed sadly, “kahan phass gaya yaar..”


Geet turned to looked at Maan.. he had a wide smile on his face…his hair ruffling in air… his eyes sparkling…! For a moment she felt the time slowing down…. Her eyes transfixed on him….her heart beating faster and faster.. a smile automatically formed on her lips seeing his face. She wanted to see him smile and not sulk alone in his room.. she achieved that. a feeling of satisfaction seeped into her just because she made him feel better. She couldn’t even describe what she felt..unknown of the reason.

Maan found geet quiet. He turned to see her eyes fixed on intent and so lost!!! He couldn;’t understand anything.

Maan: aise kya dekh rahi hai?

Geet snapped out of her thoughts and looked away feeling embarrassed at being caught like that.

Geet: na..nahi..kuch nahi,,!!!!!

As they got down, Prem rushed to find the washroom, feeling giddy. Aryan turned to look at geet..she was happily holding Maan’s arms, smiling, talking, giggling..he smiled too…feeling a warmth in his heart!!!


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