10 Jul


Maan: Anisha.. tum beech mein mat pado.. today she is dead!!!

He moved ahead to get her but geet held Anisha  in front of her shouting, “di ko bataun? Di ko bataun?

Maan stopped right there and closed his eyes, “ geet..dare you open your mouth…I’ll kill you for sure!!


Anisha laughed seeing the two crazy friends.

Anisha: acha baba baad mein lad lena.. par hume tho chod dijiye…

Geet: di…di.. pata hain market mein ek nayi song aayi hain.. I am trying to learn that you know..

Anisha knew very well that geet had a love for music.

Anisha: acha..kaunsa?

Geet: 2 line gaake sunaun??

Maan gritted his theeth, “geet…kuch gaane ki zarurat nahi hain..stop it!


Geet: oyee tu chup kar… mein di se pooch rahi thi..tujhse nahi…

She turned to Anisha and pouted cutely, “mein gaaun pleeejjj…

Maan felt like banging his head somewhere, “geet..stop it.. you are irritating us..

She faked a cry, “diii….bolo na kuch isse….”

Anisha shot a stern loko to Maan, “Maan… aap humesha geet ko tang kyun karte hain?

Maan got a shock of his life!!!

excuse me.. mein usey nahi… wo mujhe tang karti hain..”

Anisha ignored that and turned to geet, “geet… you go on..”


Geet jumped and coughed a bit to clear her throat, “cough cough.. the song is like this—

Ooho..chod chad ke apne alim ki gali….

She looked at Maan naughtily, “anarkali disco chali…

Anisha: arrey han.. humne bhi ye gana suna hain tv pe…its funny…

Maan was about to leave when geet held his hand, “tu kahan jaa raha minute ruk and enjoy the song..

Maan: geet…chod mujhe..

Geet: dii aap bhi mere saath gaiye na

She started dancing funnily around Maan, singing the song. Anisha couldn’t stop laughing.



But there was someone else, watching them closely, not liking the way geet was getting so inviolved with them. Roops was going to her class when she saw the three..she really didn’t like that!! geet was getting over involved, she felt…she was not even spending time with her. not that Roops had any problem…but she felt it was not good as on geet’s part. Prem saw her standing alone…lost! He tapped her shoulder, “oye chudail.. kahan khoyi hai?

For the 1st time, Roops didn’t react to his tease. He wondered if she is alright!!! Roops was more worried for geet rather than prem’s stupid talks.

Roops (pointing towards geet): prem.. tu wo dekh raha hai? I am not having very good vibes about this..!

Prem looked at geet having fun with Maan and Anisha. He didn’t find anything weird.

Prem: there’s nothing wrong Roops.. she is enjoying and let her enjoy yaar!

Roops: but I am not liking it..


Prem laughed, “is it that you are feeling J of geet spending a lot of time with them than with you?

Roops looked at him, blinking her eyes a couple of times, “nahi yaar..i..i just don’t know. But I know that its not jealousy. Its something else…!!! Tu nahi samjhega..bhool ja!!

She walked away, leaving prem all confused. He looked at geet..she was looking very happy!!!

Prem: Roops bhi na.. kya kya sochti rehti hai!!

he walked back to his class.



The whole day geet was either with Anisha or Maan. She did  talk to Roops and prem during classes…but Roops wasn’t liking it. She recalled this had been happening for the past couple of fact its getting more prominent than last year!!! Roops was a very straightforward person. If she didn’t like something..she didn’t and she will say it on your face!!!

While getting back home, Roops noticed geet busy texting someone.

Roops: kya kar rahi hai tu?

Geet; ummm texting Anisha di..

Roops (irritated): and why is that??

Geet: kuch nahi.. bas aise hi..

Roops snatched away her phone.

Geet: oyiii kya kar rahi hai? Give my phone back!!!


Roops: why are you getting so much involved with her?

Geet: what are you saying Roops? Kiske saath involved?

Roops: kab se dekh rahi hoon geet.. you are always with Anisha di… college mein bhi.ghar pe bhi you are busy texting her or you are on call. What is this going on?

Geet thought may be Roops was angry because she was spending less time with her. she hugged her sideways!


Geet; sorry Roops… I didn’t know ke tujhe bura lagega..

Roops took a deep breath in, “mere bura lagne ya nahi lagne ki baat nahi hai geet..its just that mujhe tera unke saath yun milna julna theek nahi lag raha!

Geet: kya baat hai Roops..why are you so tensed?

Roops: geet..please itna involve mat ho!! Tu hi hurt hogi!! Did she even ask you for help?? NAHI…tune khud hi unki help karne ki than li!!! I don’t understand why you are doing this!


Geet realized Roops was angry. She held her hands, “Roops.. tu fikr mat kar. Kuch nahi hoga…!! Anisha di is really very good at heart…she doesn’t have a little bit of self-pride in her. that’s why I decided to help jer aur tujhe pata hain.. she loved Maan a lot.. unki aakhn se jhalakta hai!!

Roops looked away, “acha tujhe love-shov ke bare mein bahut pata hain..isiliye help karne chali hai!!

Geet rolled her eyes!

chill maar! Pyaar ke liye kuch karne ke lie uske bare mein pata hona zaruri hota hai kya? Tu apna investigation band kar and lets go!!!


Roops gave up, “ but I still don’t approve of you playing the cupid between them!

Geet pulled her hands, “tu ek baar Anisha di ko achi tarah jaan legit ho tujhe samajh aayegi ki why I ma saying this…

Roops rolled her eyes, “whatever! Just be careful okay!!

Geet: tch.. chal tujhe ice-cream khilati hoon.. tera dimaag thanda ho jayega! Waise bhi lava ki tarah garm rehta hai aaj kal!

Roops (atti): theek hai…don’t forget my “death by chocolate”

Geet: then hai chal..mein prem ko bhi bulati hun!!



In the ice-cream parlor, the three satrelishing their favourite ice creams when geet spoke up.

Geet: oye Roops..tujhe apna bf mila ki nahi?

Prem chocked his ice cream suddenly hearing that and started coughing badly. Geet patted his back, “oyee ki hoya?  Araam se khaa yaar..

Roops smirked, “yes I got one..

Geet was super delighted, “arrey wah…naam kya hai bande ka?

Prem said nothing, rather looked at Roops curiously surprised.

Roops: umm..his name is Aryan Singh chauhan!!


Geet: wow… kaafi bhaari naam lag raha hain..Aryan Singh Chauhan!!!

Prem: OMG.. he agreed to be your bf??? Hats off to his stupidity yaar!!!

The girls ignored him.

Geet: apne college ka hain?

Roops: yeah 4th year ka hai..

Geet: matlab Maan ke saath…

Roops: yeah but I don’t think Maan usey jante honge. He is from a different branch from Maan.. I mean mere branch ka hai!!

Geet: OMG kya keh rahi hai Roops!! How does he look like?

Roops: umm.. kal dekh lena college mein!!!

Roops, geet and prem had different core branches but their general classes were common!



The college stood flabbergasted with the sight they saw! Everyone stood still and pres actually stumbled and fell down. Roops walked in attitude with her new BF—ARYAN CAHUHAN! Ohh boy… the only hottie who can be compared to Maan Khurana in the whole college!


The girls couldn’t stop sighing..some of them heartbroken..Maan and Aryan both committed now! And some of them couldn’t stop feeling J of Roops and Anisha.

Prem just looked at Roops.. not even blinking his eyes even once. She was looking super cool with her sunglasses and super hot with her shorts and skin fit top.


Both of them walked in attitude…looking mindblowing. Maan arrived in his convertible with geet sitting beside him. As he parked, she jumped off the car, without even opening the door and ran towards Roops.

Maan rolled his eyes. She always does this. Yaar door kholne mein kitni takleef hoti hai isse?

Maan: geet.. could you please behave human for once?

It was of no use (lol)’ she had already run away.

Geet ran to Roops shouting, “Roops…..” and hugged her tight. She looked at Aryan and extended her hand, “Aryan..right!

Aryan: yeah.. right miss geet! Must say you have got a wonderful voice.

Geet madam was full flattered.

Geet: thanks.. so you did see me in the annual function.

Aryan: of course ma’am.. how could I ignore a beautiful lady like you?

He winked at her,.


Geet laughed, “not bad Mr chauahn.. you are a big flirt, aren’t you?

Aryan: thanks for the honor ma’am.. must say you ladies are super cool…oops..super hot!!!

Geet;I am impressed!!

Aryan: you are bound to!!

Roops: so.. you get the reason geet? He is really a very good person.

Geet: yeah.. I can see that…welcome to our gang aryan!!


Aryan: thanks geet…!! By the way Roops..where is prem?

Geet wondered how did he know about prem.

Roops: hoga kisi bimbo ke saath..lets get to class..

Aryan: will catch up later geet.,..bye

As Aryan and Roops move ahead, a new sight welcomed the college. Geet saw Maan and Anisha walking in together. She heard a girl comment, “it seems like today is ‘perfect couple day'”


Geet couldn’t agree more. Maan and Anisha looked damn perfect together. Anisha looked really sweet in her anarkali suit.. she had a pretty smile on her lips and Maan babu fully lost in her.

Maan was walking out of the parking lot when he saw Anisha get off her car,. Their eyes met and there was nothing to say,… nothing to ask!! It was just them and no one else around.


After Maan and Anisha left, prem poked geet’s shoulder with his finger.

Geet: kya hain?

Prem: yeh sab kya chal raha hai geet?

Geet: kya chal raha hai?

Prem: arrey wahi arya,..whatever thing.. wo beech mein kahan se tapak gaya?

Geet looked at him suspicipusly..he wasn’t looking happy at all.

Geet: its Aryan okay and he is Roops bf.. respect kar!!

She smirked seeing his reaction.

Prem (irritated): kya zarurat thi use bf rakhne ki???

Geet played smart, “kyun..jab tu gf rakh sakta hai tho why cant Roops have a bf??? Grow up man..

She walked away leaving prem all mad, confused and irritated!!!


next: behta hai dil kahin…kahan jaanti nahi…koi rok le yahinDay Dreaming

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