30 Jun


Maan: spell “FAIRYTALE”

She looked at him from the corner of her eyes, with a cute smile on her face!

Geet: I know…its F-A-I-R-Y-T-A…

She stopped there…realizing he was teasing her! Maan was curious to know!

Maan: um…go on..

She giggled, “its F-A-I-R-Y-T-A-I-L.” and hugged him tight, never to let go…never again!



She stood alone in their room, in their London flat, cherishing every moment they had spent there together. A small black beaded chain adored her neck and a pinch of blood red vermillion kissed her forehead! She wore a pair of jeans and a translucent white shirt. It was their 2nd marriage anniversary and she was geet—Geet Maan Khurana!

That night after the party, Maan had straightaway taken her to his house, telling everyone about their relationship. Much to their surprise, nobody reacted the way they had expected! Dadima had a wide smile on her face and he knew she had told everyone about them being together already! They were not at all shocked by his sudden revelation; rather they welcomed them warmly and hugged geet. Dadima was in for a big surprise when Avantika told her about them being together since their childhood.

All was set and done. They were engaged in a month’s time but both their families wanted them to look into their careers first. Marriage can wait. But it was tough for both of them to stay away from each other…. And finally they got a green signal from the elders after many adventures!!!

Jasmeet had teased geet, “arrey wah gudiya… tujhe tho Maan ke paas jaane ki kitni jaldi hain..i thought you always stayed away from all this…phir ab kya ho gaya?


   She was brought out of her reverie with her cell beeping. It was jess, calling her to remind her about the dinner. She had invited both of them to dinner at her place. She sighed sadly and kept the phone. Maan was out in a meeting.. he’d have his dinner there. She texted Maan about her being with jess and drove towards her destinations.

Thousands of memories flooded her mind as she picked gifts for jess and her family—apparently she had married Rahul and had a six month old baby! She was excited to meet them. Her thoughts wandered back to Maan….he had make everything special for her… starting from the day she had met him in the elementary school in London, to their engagement, marriage, their SR, their 1st anniversary and even their wild and passionate love making! He always made her feel special…she wondered what more can she expect from life? She was happy with everything she had!

She had now taken over her papa’s business and was doing exceptionally well. Jasmeet now lived with them in KM after much persuasion from Yash and Avantika, giving the reason that she will be left alone…everything was smooth. And Maan… he never complained…he gave her space for all her thoughts…all her ventures, neither did he interfered in her work, unless she needed him of course! There was a media hype that Maan will be taking over the Handa’s after marriage but nothing of that sort happened. He left the decision entirely on her. she had made him sign all the property papers under her name, according to her father’s will. He was unwilling to, but she had her way with him.

And today was their 2nd marriage anniversary and look at her—standing alone in front of jess’s house, ringing the bell, without him! He had an important deal to look into and hence came to London and she tagged along. They had asked MM to keep the flat for them….they’d stay there whenever they visited London!

It was the 1st time she had visited London after her marriage. She felt nostalgic. Jess opened the door and there was a warm welcome to her. Rahul and jess hugged her, a bit disappointed for Maan. Nevertheless, the evening went wonderful for all of them. Geet gave away the gifts and they congratulated her on her anniversary. Jess had a 6 month old baby boy named Ryan. Geet had an instant liking towards him. He played in her lap, giggled at her talks…geet had never seen someone this cute. She kissed him again and again.

After dinner jess and geet sat in her bedroom, talking. Ryan played on geet’s lap, sometimes with her fingers, sometimes with her curls.

Jess: have you ever thought of planning a baby geet?

She was enjoying her ice cream when jess popped the question. She chocked hearing that out of the blue.

Geet: what???

Jess looked at her curiously, “don’t tell me you haven’t even though about it.. I mean its going to be the 3rd year of marriage right?

Geet looked at Ryan playing happily with her and then back at jess, confused!

Jess laughed, “chill geet…. Its okay if you haven’t thought about it yet…

But it had caught Geet’s attention. Rahul came after finishing his call and took Ryan in his arms and raised him up in the air, playing with him…laughing! Geet looked at the two… she was really mesmerized!

Jess nudged her, “ hey get…where are you lost? Its okay baby..relax! I was just curious…it depends upon you and Maan…so relax baby! You have to be mentally prepared for all this!

She smiled weakly, bid them goodnight and drove back.


      Maan entered the house after a long day. The house seemed lifeless…he realized she wasn’t home! He threw away his phone on the couch, kept the lappy on the table and went for a shower. The warm water soothed his nerves…it was already 10:30…the party was still on but he got back early just to be with her…today was their anniversary and he wasn’t there with her the whole day! He never liked it anywhere without her…be it their room in KM or the entire mansion or anywhere! He came out wearing his tracks and a towel hung around his bare shoulder, when he heard a familiar yet faint…chunn….chunn…, slow and melodious! He smiled instantly, knowing she was back and it was the faint chime of her anklet that she wore…she had worn one on that party night! He absolutely loved it on her…probably she had realized it too…that’s why she never missed it…!

Geet was lost in her own world…whatever jess said came back to her mind…did Maan expect any such thing from her? Somewhere she knew she wasn’t prepared…but what about Maan? This made her very unsure! She noticed his phone and his laptop discarded mercilessly. She kept them properly…he was back! she needs to calm down…he is very good at reading her inside out… she wondered how! She thought of making him a mug of coffee. She solely went into their room to check if he was done with his shower!  Her mouth went dry seeing him like that…bare bodies…wiping his hair..! she stood there rooted by the door, unable to look away from his alluring self…the water droplets cascading down his body..teasing her…making her feel jealous of them…his muscles flexed as he moved his hands…she gulped hard! Countless number of times she had seen like that…even more of him but she’d lose herself…each time even badly!

Maan noticed her standing at the door, gaping at him…he felt it sooo sensual…she still drools over him! He smirked checking her out from top to bottom, arching his brows, “kuch kaam tha geet?

He noticed she looked pale. He wondered if something bothered her!

She snapped out of her thoughts, “wo…kuch nahi..I…ah..mein aapke liye coffee lekar aati hun!

She hurriedly turned to leave when he held her hand and pulled her hard. She twirled around and collided hard with his bare chest.  He held her waist and turned on the music player. As the music started, he jerked her close to him and started swaying along with her!

Raat jaavan mast samaa, aise meh honton seh hont ye mila
jisme tera aur yeh aada,

saasein sulagti hain hosh kahan….


The words were deep and erotic…she felt herself getting aroused…partly by the music and partly by his dance….the way he twirled her around, his hands wandering sensuously everywhere on her!

Please hear the song as u read…Wink

Maan held her captive under his gaze…while his one hand circled her waist and the other gently lowering down her bosom, opening the buttons of her shirt..! the music went on..she threw her head back so that it rested on his shoulder…losing herself…closing her eyes!

meri bahon mein aao zara, meri dhadkan meh samao zara
meri ulfat mein bikar jao, jalne do behakne do


Her one hand went around his shoulder while the other clutched his hand on her waist, unaware of his doing! His moves were sleek and romantic.

……sun ye machalti ragini

Jaise teri adaa

Jazbaat ki ye mastiyann..

Tera hi hai nashaa…..

The words seeped into her as the music faded and her mind went back to her thoughts. She felt disturbed. She was breathing heavily yet she tried to push away his hand.

Maan..aapki coffe… mujhe jaane dijiye..

He looked at her strained face…she was worried about something. He cleverly held the tip of her collar between his fingers and withdrew his hand from her waist, “theek hain..jao..

She didn’t even realize what he had done! She moved ahead and her shirt just slipped out of her body, making her gasp with the sudden chillness she felt! She stopped and turned back to see him holding her shirt and looking at her intently. She sighed and looked away, feeling shy yet a bit uncertain.

She felt a heat course her body,….she knew he was right behind her. but today her mind was occupied by something else. She was a bit scared of the expectations.

He moved away her hair to one side of her shoulder and kissed her bare skin. She shivered and leaned back on him, allowing him to do whatever he wanted. She snapped her b** open and bit her earlobe naughtily.

Maan,…” she hissed with the sensation.

kis baat se pareshaan ho?” he spoke into her eats, throwing away that tiny piece of fabric, baring her as much as he was and circled his arms around her, trailing a line of kisses along her jaw line!

   She didn’t speak. A layer of tear formed in her eyes and she looked down, biting her lips. When he didn’t hear her speak, he moved in front of her and lifted her face by her chin and say her eyes glistening with tears!

is it because I couldn’t be with you today sweetheart? I am sorry…

She shook her head in denial, trying to look away! He cupped her face and made her look at him, rubbing his thumb over her lips.

batao kya baat hain..” his voice was stern. She looked down and meekly voiced out, “i…I want a…” and a drop of tear rolled out. She wasn’t sure what he  thought on this!

He pulled her close and hugged her tight..somewhere slightly understand what she was hinting at!

He sighed…she worries for stupid things!

Maan; acha ek baat batao geet…are you ready for a baby now? Tell me honestly..

She didn’t even need to think. She shok her head , “No..

He lauhed, “phir kis baat ki pareshaani?

She wondered what made him laugh. She looked at him curiously, “aapko bura nahi laga..i mean.. you don’t…

He laughed louder and pecked her lips, “are you crazy geet? You are not ready and honestly speaking, even I am not! Tum bekar ka tension le rahi ho.. zarur jess ne hi tumhara brain wash kiya hoga…!

She felt better, “are you sure?

han baba…sachi..i want to spend more time with you forget all that!

She hugged him tight, feeling lighter. When she had calmed down, Maan smirked naughtily, his hands reaching to her curves, squeezing and fondling them, making her moan out loud!

by the way you even know how to make babies?

She was all of a sudden reminded of the baby incident. She got excited lie a kid and looked at him making a bay face, “ you don’t know?

He felt like laughing at her reaction, “no I don’t!

Maan… aapko yaad nahi? Aap hi ne tho kaha tha…

aur meine kya kaha tha?”

wahi na…when people got married, god gift them babies through beautiful swans while they are asleep..”

He couldn’t hold back any longer and burst out laughing. He held his stomach and laughed. She felt offended!

Geet:Maan.. aap mera mazak uda rahe hain?

Maan (roflol): nahi geet… aisa nahi hai… I mean.. tummhe yeh lagta hai?? Didn’t you friends tell you anything? Forget mein tho padha hoga na…

Geet (cutely): padha tha na… but I didn’t believe them..

OMG… he stopped laughing and pulled her to him, hugging her as tight as possible, realizing the trust she had on him.

He gently lifted her up and lowered her on the bed, “sometimes I wonder if you are really that innocent or pretend to be one!

She pulled him hard…he lost his balance and fell on her. she whispered naughtily in his ears, “why…what do you think?

He kissed her right away, without wasting a second…paving their way to a long passionate night ahead!


As for Dan, it took him time to realize what he had done. In the process…Maan and geet stayed a b little away from him. He has found a girl of his choice and has been dating her since a year!!

And those who missed 90degree…lemme tell you..he wasn’t taken to India. He had found a girlfriend around that time and finally stayed back with her in MM’s place and now is busy taking care of his chunnu munnus—15degree, 30degree, 45degree, 60degree and so on….Wink


THANK YOU so much for being there with me throughout this journey! i can’t thank you enough..

1 year…3 months and 7 days…i still have a hard time believing that u all that that much patience to bear with me..


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5 responses to “Fairy…Tail????!!!!

  1. Maaneet Lover

    30/06/2012 at 15:41

    Hey ! So, 1st.. I just LOVED the epilogue… It was perfect ! For the last part, i was feeling a bit shy reading that… :S
    It ended ! 😦 noooo…. I loved this FF… It was such a gre

  2. Maaneet Lover

    30/06/2012 at 15:47

    *such a great story…. THANK YOUUUUU ! It kept Geet and Maan in my head after Geet Hui Sabse Parayee end…
    So…. Wanted to tell you… You’re great ! Thanks once again…. It was lovely ! Please keep writing some FF about Maaneet or even Arnav & Khushi (if you apreciate them lol)
    Thanks… It was just wonderful ❤

  3. trs1391

    01/07/2012 at 05:18

    superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb its wonderfulllllllllllll

  4. kshubhangi

    05/07/2016 at 22:14

    Wonderful story

    • ~Aishu~

      08/07/2016 at 08:56

      thank u


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